The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 66

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Ursula’s Tales – Part 4

Ursula was dreaming…

She was lying in bed, alongside her father. She wore a long-sleeved t-shirt. A Regal Bay University sports team shirt with the team logo on the chest and blue and grey horizontal stripes. It was the only thing she had on. Beside her, her father was completely naked, his broad chest and round belly covered in the thick fur she’d grown to know well in the past few years.

Ursula was only 23 years old. She was a single mother. Freddy, her son, was sleeping in his crib, just a few feet away from where Ursula and her father lay. The television was on and Johnny Carson was talking, though Ursula wasn’t paying attention. Not after her father had asked her to do something for him.

Ursula rolled to her hip and leaned across her father’s belly. His cock, thick and flaccid, lay in the forest of pubic hair between his thighs. Obediently, Ursula took her father’s manhood in hand and began to work some life into it. As it began to stiffen, she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the golf-ball-like knob.

Her father moaned his appreciation and began to play with her long brown hair. She began to bob, working her way down his ever-lengthening shaft, until it filled her mouth. She tasted a saltiness on his knob. She knew that he’d went to the bathroom a few minutes before and wondered if it was pee or pre-cum. It didn’t matter. She liked having her father’s dick in her mouth. It gave her so much pleasure to give him pleasure, since her mother had died.

For fifteen or twenty minutes Ursula worked on her father’s cock. Very quickly, he was rock-hard, long and thick, and she had trouble taking much more than half his full manhood in her mouth. She gave his shaft a tongue bath now and then, when she needed to catch her breath. She scooped up his heavy balls and sucked on each large orb in turn, as she could never take both at the same time into her mouth. They were that big when full of cum. And she knew that her father’s balls were full of cum since he hadn’t asked her to his bed for several nights.

Her father took hold of her hair and pulled her away from his cock. She looked at him and knew from his eyes what he wanted. She went to her hands and knees beside him as he went to his knees behind her. She noticed that The Tonight Show had gone to a commercial break as her father grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him.

Ursula always groaned loud when her father penetrated her, and this time was no different. She looked over to her baby, who was asleep soundly in the crib. Her father’s cock filled her painfully, as it always did. She rocked back into him, taking him fully inside her vaginal grip, before he pushed her away. Her heavy tits, full of milk for Freddy, swung beneath her, still hidden within the large t-shirt. She ached to have her nipples pulled and twisted. She ached for them to be sucked on. Now in her father’s grip and under his complete control, Ursula relaxed and allowed her body to be pounded by his wonderful manhood, as she had for many years now. She loved her father, and loved his cock just as much.

Her father didn’t move behind her, it was she moving along his length under his strong hold. He used her like a jack-off machine, working her along his dick. Ursula didn’t mind. Her father had been the best lover she’d ever had, and knew how to use her for his needs. Her needs were taken care of along the way.

Fifteen minutes passed again. Her father’s attention was on Carson, though his cock was in her. She climaxed twice on his powerful cock in that time, as she always did. Her tits hurt from hanging below her and she dropped onto the pillow to give them some relief. Her father maintained his steady, deep thrusting right up to the end of The Tonight Show. When the closing music began, her father stopped pulling and pushing on her hips and let her roll onto the bed.

The Late Show with David Letterman music began as her father took hold of her legs and twisted until she was lying full on her back. She looked up into his bearded, masculine face as he spread her knees wide. He was grinning like a wolf, or a bear, she thought, ready to devour her. She came a little in that moment in anticipation of her father taking her. His cock waved from his dark crotch, the massive pink knob aimed into her valley. Her own dark forest showed a long pink slit, and as she watched, her father lowered himself to her. She couldn’t see the penetration, but indeed felt it, as her father’s manhood once again plowed deep into her welcoming womanhood.

Her father didn’t like David Letterman much and as the comedian delivered his monologue in the background, Ursula’s father delivered his own brand of monologue, with a cock as thick and hard as a log, she mused. She panted and purred as her father fucked her deep into the mattress. Above her, he was grunting like the wild bear she always saw in him. His hips rose and fell steadily. Their flesh slapped together loudly. His sweat began to drip illegal bahis into her face and Ursula moaned louder and louder as her next orgasm began to rapidly build within her core.

She was beginning to cum when the crying started. Beside her, Freddy had awakened and was crying in his crib. She needed to go to him, to comfort her son, and yet the needs of her father as well as the nearness of her orgasm fought with the needs of being a mother. She wanted to cum, she wanted her father to cum, and she wanted to hold her son.

Ursula was cumming. Her father was cumming. Her son was cumming. They were all groaning, moaning, and roaring. They were cumming together, as a family.

“Mom! Wake up, Mom!”

Ursula awoke to find herself being shaken in the darkness. She was lying in a bed, her head on a pillow. Her knees were parted, but there was nobody between them. Someone lay beside her. It was this person who was shaking her awake.

“Mom! Are you awake now?”

“Freddy?” she croaked. She turned and saw her son, now a 21-year-old man, in the dim light of her bedroom. It was morning.

“You were groaning in your sleep. Were you having a nightmare?”

Ursula pushed up and scooted back to lean against the headboard of her bed. The sheet slipped down and exposed her heavy breasts. She was naked beneath the sheet, she recognized. So was Freddy.

It came rushing back to her even as she realized that she had a slight hangover. It had been Freddy’s birthday and they had gone out to celebrate his turning 21, and being of legal age, they had enjoyed an evening in the casino as well and dinner and drinks at the Prime Cut steak house. They had enjoyed the evening, and upon their return home, they continued to enjoy it. Ursula had a couple of bottles of liquor, vodka and tequila, and she and Freddy enjoyed a few shots of each.

Eventually, and not surprisingly, Freddy became frisky. She and her son had only engaged in love-making a few times since their first encounter, and still she felt as if she were doing something so very sinful. Yet she allowed her son to kiss her, to remove her clothing, and after carrying her into her bedroom, she allowed Freddy to make love to her. He was passionate and forceful, everything she enjoyed in a man. Many times, Freddy did or said things that reminded her so much of her father, especially when he rolled her to her hands and knees and took her from behind, the way her father always enjoyed taking her. Without seeing his face, Ursula could imagine it was either her father or son making love to her. The only difference was the fact that her father’s cock was so much thicker than her sons was. If only Freddy would have been gifted with his grand-father’s manhood, she often dreamed.

“Are you okay, Mom?” Freddy again asked her. Ursula shook her head in an attempt to clear it. Freddy took it to mean that she wasn’t okay.

“Do you need something?” he asked with concern. “Do you want me to leave?”

Ursula lay her hand on her son’s arm. “No. I’m sorry, it’s nothing, really. I’m just a little groggy still, is all. I think I need to get something on my stomach, after all the alcohol we drank last night, though.”

She started to climb from the bed, but Freddy insisted, “I’ll go get us some orange juice,” and jumped out. As he went, Ursula watched his naked ass go. Her heart fluttered a little in her chest, both enjoying the idea of bedding such a young, passionate man, and regretting the fact that it was her own son that was her young lover.

Freddy returned with two tall glasses full of orange juice, still naked, and returned to her side. She had sat up and was leaning into the head board, her large breasts exposed. As she drank a deep, healthy swallow of the juice, she noticed her son’s eyes all but locked onto her mammaries. She giggled. “What are you looking at?”

“Uh, well,” he stammered. “I guess I got a little carried away.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, and then followed his eyes. She lifted her left breast and saw a bruise just to the inside of her nipple. “Oh, my god!” she moaned. “You gave me a hickey! On my tit!”

“Damn, I’m sorry!” Freddy chuckled. “Lucky it was there, right? No one will see a hickey on your tit but me.” He was grinning, but Ursula didn’t find her son’s response encouraging. After all, he wasn’t the only one who would be seeing her naked tits. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to explain it away, either. It was obvious what it was, given the noticeable teeth marks Freddy had left.

“Here, let me make it feel better, Mom!” Freddy insisted, and then leaned in to give the bruised spot a kiss.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage, Freddy?” she resisted, pushing her son’s mouth away from her tit before he could fully latch onto her nipple, as he had attempted.

Her son laughed in response. “Not really. I could have left one on each tit!” He started down towards her right breast, and again Ursula pushed him back. Freddy illegal bahis siteleri was more insistent, however, and pushed his mother gently onto her back.

“Freddy, please! I’ve got to get up and get dressed,” she insisted, but her resistance began to ebb quickly, especially with her son’s thick cock pressed into her thigh. His mouth captured her right nipple while his hands took firm grip of her fleshy orbs. She stroked the back of his head while her body began to respond beneath him. From the feel of his hardness against her thigh, it wouldn’t be long before his manhood would be seeking a warmer, snugger place.

“If we’re going to do this,” Ursula said a moment later, “let’s get to it. I’ve got work to get to, remember? And don’t you have class in a few hours?”

Freddy lifted away from his mother’s nipple and replied, “I think maybe you should call off, and let one of your grad students take your classes. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the day in bed!” As he made his suggestion, Freddy moved between his mother’s legs as they parted, welcoming him back.

“I can’t do that, not today,” she replied. “Oooohhh,” she added as her son’s cock head slid along her damp slit. He was grinning down into her face, teasing her she realized. “Keep it up and I’ll go shower now.”

Relenting, Freddy positioned himself and began to push into his mother’s vagina. “I guess I’d better take it when I can get it,” he growled and then began to push deep in.

“So, this is what goes on around here when I’m out of town!”

Ursula shoved her son up and away, and sat bolt upright at the sound of her father’s deep, angry voice. “Daddy!” she cried out as she took in the hulking form standing in the doorway of her bedroom. Beside her, Freddy also jumped at the sound of his grand-father’s voice, and stood beside the bed, the sheet wrapped around his naked body. His mother was left naked and exposed to her father’s angry glare.

Reginald gave his grand-son a hard look and then turned away from them. He moved like the bear he was down the hallway, towards the front of the house. “Daddy!” Ursula again cried out. She grabbed up her robe and ran after her father. “Daddy, wait! Please!”

Reginald turned and blocked the hallway. “Why? So you can tell me that it’s not what it looks like? Well, little missy, it damn sure looked to me like you were in bed with your own son. And since you were both naked, and the smell of sex filled that room, I guess I can be pretty sure that you and Freddy were fucking! Have I got that about right, Ursula?”

Ursula stood before her father trembling. She shook her head, knowing that she had no response that could make things better in that moment. She was at a loss to explain the situation any other way. Her father was dead on. He just didn’t know how it came to be. Ursula wasn’t so sure that he wanted to hear it, either.

“I’d better be going,” Reginald growled. He paused long enough to look past his daughter to see Freddy standing in the bedroom doorway, still wrapped in a bed sheet. His grand-son looked absolutely terrified, and rightfully so. Reginald barged through the front door a moment later, and the roar of his big pick-up echoed through the neighborhood as he raced away.

“Oh, what have I done?” she moaned into her hands as the tears began. Freddy came up behind her and placed his hands on her naked shoulders. She twisted away and rushed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. “Go away, Freddy!” she shouted before he could say anything at all. “Just…go away. Go to school, go anywhere! I don’t care, just go away! I can’t see you right now, not now.”

Crushed, Freddy retreated to his own bedroom, where he quickly dressed. “I’m leaving, Mom,” he called as he went past the bathroom door. “Call me when I can come home again.” He banged through the front door, echoing his grand-father just minutes before.

When Ursula had finished crying, seated on the toilet, she climbed into the shower and stood beneath the spray for a long time. Eventually, the water cooled as the hot water ran out, and she climbed out. Seemingly in a daze, she dressed for the day in a gray pants suit that reflected her mood, and headed for the RBU campus.

Ursula couldn’t get her mind into her work, and after her first lecture, she called on one of her graduate students to take her remaining classes for the day. She escaped to her office to try and come to grips with the awful turn of events her life had taken that morning. One of the two office-mates that she shared the space with was in. Layna usually kept to herself, unless goaded on by Glenda Van Winkle. This afternoon, Layna could tell that Ursula was troubled, and not being the sort to dive into other people’s affairs unasked, Layne soon left Ursula alone. Twice, Ursula picked up her cell phone and dialed her father’s number. He didn’t answer either time, not unexpectedly. He would normally be working, she knew. He wouldn’t want to discuss their morning encounter canlı bahis siteleri over the phone, either, she also knew. He wouldn’t want to talk to her until he was ready, and he wouldn’t be answering any of her calls until then. Ursula needed to talk to somebody, and very nearly called Freddy. She resisted that urge, however, and settled for loosing herself in one of the many cell-phone app games she had downloaded.

By the time she felt relaxed enough to return home, it was already getting quite dark. She had stayed well beyond the normal work hours, and a glance at the time told her that it was nearly eight o’clock. She’d been lost in her own world, in her third of an office, for nearly eight hours. As she headed for her car, she felt the ache of sitting for so long in her hips and butt. It was cold outside, and she hadn’t brought a jacket to work. The bite gave her chills, but also made her thick nipples pop prominently on her chest she noticed as she climbed behind the wheel. As the car warmed up, she pushed the heat up as well as fired up the seat warmers. After a few minutes, she pulled the Prius out of the faculty lot and headed for the campus entrance. At the traffic light, she paused a moment. After contemplating both directions, when the light turned green, she turned right, heading in the direction of her father’s house.

For the owner of one of the largest lumber companies in the Pacific Northwest, Cascade Lumber, Reginald Killibrew lived in a very modest ranch-style home on the far north side of town. The property was well manicured, at least in the front, and sat on a little less than four acres. Ursula had grown up in the house, with her mother and father, and still her father lived in the house. The driveway was occupied by a small SUV, a silver Kia, that Ursula didn’t recognize. Her father’s truck, if he was home at all, would be in the attached garage. He had cared for his pick-up trucks through the years more than he cared for his home. And every spring, Reginald Killibrew took his pick-up truck in to trade it in for the latest and greatest, no matter what the make. That year, he was driving a green RAM Longhorn. Ursula liked it, but in a few short months it would be replaced.

Pushing thoughts of her father’s truck aside, Ursula pulled her Prius to a stop alongside the Kia. The porch light was on, and a light shown in the living room. Ursula had a key, but paused to ring the doorbell. She didn’t. Instead, she tried the door, and finding it unlocked, she entered her father’s home quietly.

Inside the entry, it wasn’t quiet. From somewhere in the house, there was music playing, as well as some deep grunting, growling, and laughing. Ursula again paused, knowing the sounds very well from her own visits to her fathers, and yet it wasn’t her making them now. She recognized her father’s growl, and even some of his works as he instructed whomever he was with. Ursula was hurt, and angered as well. Even as she walked with a purpose through the living room where the old Kenwood stereo played and towards her father’s bedroom door, the irony of the situation was not lost on her.

At the door, Ursula again paused. She listened for just a moment to the grunting, gasping, laughing, and the rhythmic squeaking of her father’s ancient bed. Unable to stop herself further, she twisted the door knob and pushed it open.

On the big bed her father had once shared with her mother, and often shared with his daughter, Ursula saw a young, huge-breasted black girl astride her father’s massive form. He lay on his back, his head buried in the pillows and his hands holding tight to the massive globes of chocolate-colored flesh the girl was gifted with. Her legs seemed long, though they were bent double alongside her father’s hips. The muscles in the thighs rippled as she rose and fell upon her father’s manhood. From the side, Ursula couldn’t see her father’s cock, but could imagine it was upright and glistening as the black girl’s pussy raced up and down its length. The girl was grunting loudly and had her head tossed back as she bounced atop her father. She had long, wavy blue-black hair that hung nearly to her father’s thighs, that Ursula thought was very beautiful.

“Yeah! Ride that fat dick!” Ursula’s father growled. “You like that, don’t you, bitch? You like that fat cock ripping your tight cunt open wide, don’t you?”

“Daddy?” Ursula suddenly cried out.

Reginald Killibrew, her bear of a father, roared, “Ursula! What the fuck are you doing here!” As he growled, he tossed the black girl from his waist as if she weighed little to nothing and jumped out of the bed. The girl landed on her side, yelping with her own surprise, while her legs flailed to keep her from falling off the bed. Ursula caught a flash of bright pink vagina as the big-breasted girl landed, such a contrast to her dark flesh and even darker pubic hair triangle.

Ursula backed quickly from her father’s bedroom door and stumbled across the living room until she dropped into his sofa. The very sofa where she’d allowed him to take her on so many occasions, not the least was little less than a month ago. Her father barged into the living room, still completely naked, with his raging hard cock leading the way.

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