The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 13

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 13

Ursula’s Tales — Part 1

Ursula Killibrew shared an office with two other members of the English Department. Unlike her fellow instructors, Ursula tried to keep her cubicle-encased area, which included her desk, a small side table, a bookcase, and an under-counter refrigerator, clean and tidy. Her companions in the office, Layna Tantalous and Glenda Van Winkle, rarely straightened up their areas at all. Ursula owed this to their relatively young ages, though both were in their mid-thirties. To Ursula, who was nearly ten years their senior, her office-mates seemed to act more like the students they taught than as mature individuals tasked with instructing the youth of today.

Although Ursula made every effort to get along with her two younger colleagues, she found that their interests just weren’t the same. Ursula enjoyed the classics, both in literature as well as in the arts. She would rather attend a symphony or play than go to a rock concert or movie. They rarely discussed anything outside of their work, either in the office or when they dined together in the faculty dining facility. Even then, Ursula was much more involved in the conversation than either Layna or Glenda.

Sitting at her desk, working through the class itinerary for her evening adult continuing education course, Ursula paid little attention to the conversation going on between the two other women. It was nearing five in the afternoon, and all of them had completed the last of their Wednesday afternoon classes. Of the three, Ursula was the only one who had added an adult course to her semester schedule. That class met at eight p.m. on Wednesdays. Most weeks Ursula would remain on campus during those hours between, having dinner in the student facility or at one of the near-by off-campus restaurants. For this evening, however, she had planned to run home for a couple of hours.

“I swear to God, Layna, if that girl dresses any more provocative, I’m going to have to pull her in here and give her tight little ass a good spanking!” Glenda’s booming voice brought Ursula out of her peaceful shell for a brief moment to listen.

“You wouldn’t!” Layna replied with a laugh. “What would Kelly say?”

“Kelly wouldn’t know about it,” Glenda replied, referring to her girl-friend. Glenda was a lesbian and proud of it. She was also rampant flirt and seemed to hit on any woman who gave her the slightest glance. Glenda was a tall, big-boned woman who looked strong because she was strong. Glenda had been a basketball star at Regal Bay University before joining the faculty. She was also the youngest daughter of Gloria Van Winkle, one of the leading ladies of the entire Regal Bay community, as well as a sitting member of the Board of Directors of the University. As it was, Glenda could just about get away with much of anything she wanted, even if that included sleeping with half of the female student body during her years on staff.

“Kelly and I have an understanding, Layna,” Glenda continued. “I do what I want with who I want, and she keeps me happy by taking care of my house and bills.”

“Someday, I hope to have a guy who will do that for me,” Layna replied. “I’m tired of dates not going anywhere. I’m tired of guys only wanting one thing, and that one thing being between my legs.”

“They are wonderfully long legs, Layna,” Glenda replied with a smirk. “You know, when you finally give up on the dick-meat wagon you can always come over to the softer side of life.”

“As if there is anything soft about you!” Layna replied to her flirty friend. Glenda was constantly hitting on Layna, who was an exotic Greek beauty, with olive skin and long, jet-black hair. She was equally as tall as Glenda, but much more feminine. She was the daughter of Xylina Tantalous, owner and manager of the Theros Greek Restaurant down town, as well as the several Gyros Huts dotting the area. Of the two, Ursula liked her the best, and wished that she could spend more time with her, without the boisterous Glenda to dominate the room.

Ursula logged out from her work station and gathered up her things. She stood up, though at just barely five feet tall her office-mates still didn’t notice her. In fact, it wasn’t until she stepped out and moved to the door did Glenda say, “Oh, Ursula! I didn’t know you were still here. You’re such a quiet little cuddle-bear!” Ursula grinned and waved off Glenda’s comment. Even she, a small, pudgy, middle-aged woman had to put up with the big lesbian’s flirtations. That was alright with Ursula however. At least it made her feel a bit part of the group at times. Not that she would ever consider it with Glenda.

No, Ursula had a big, strong lover of her own. Not that anyone knew about him. Not that she wanted anyone to ever know about him.

Ursula found her blue Prius in the lot and pulled out. It was just after five by the dashboard clock. She had plenty of time before her evening class.

Ursula Killibrew found escort hikayeleri her father’s pick-up truck parked at the curb in front of her house. She didn’t see her son’s car in the driveway, so she assumed that Freddy must not be home from his job at Home Depot yet, or possibly he was out with friends. As she parked her car in the driveway, she punched the button on the visor to lift the garage door. She left her car outside and as she went on in she checked her cell phone. No, her son had not left her a message, either. But that wasn’t out of the ordinary for him, either.

“Dad?” she called as she dropped her purse onto the kitchen counter.

“In here, Ursi,” her father’s deep voice called from the back of the house.

Ursula went through to find her father in her bedroom, laying stark naked in her bed. He was a massive bear of a man, with a thick head of black and grey hair, a bushy beard of equal color, and a thick covering of dark body hair that covered his torso from shoulders to thighs. His cock, standing thick and long out of the forest of his pubic hair, was in his fist and he was stroking it slowly. His huge scrotum, also covered in dark hair, hung between his slightly parted thighs. Ursula never failed to enjoy the sight of her father naked, even now on his 66th birthday.

“I’ve been waiting for you to get home, Panda-poo!” he told her, using one of the several pet names he had for his only child.

“Now, Daddy, I thought it was your birthday, and I’m supposed to be giving you a present.”

Reginald Killibrew grinned wide as he looked at his daughter, seeing her late mother in her features more as every day passed. Ursula, as her mother before her, never failed to make Reginald’s cock throb and mouth water.

“Dad, you know I’ve got a class tonight,” she informed her father. Even as she spoke, Ursula began to shed her clothing. “And Freddy didn’t leave me any messages about staying late at work, or hanging out with his friends tonight. Besides, don’t we have plans to go out to dinner Friday night?”

“Freddy was here when I pulled up,” her father informed her as he watched her pull off her suit jacket and hang it on the chair back. “He said he was going over the Tim’s house, and to let you know he’d be home later.” Tim was the son of one of Ursula’s friends, Annie Strauss. “And Friday is for all of us, Freddy included. Tonight is just for me!” He then wagged his cock in his daughter’s direction, with a big, wolfish grin on his face.

Ursula couldn’t resist looking at the familiar slab of man-meat her father possessed. She could already feel herself damping between the thighs in anticipation as she finished unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it off and tossed it across the seat of the small chair that sat in the corner of her bedroom. Her father’s clothes were already stacked there, neatly. She next unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it, and added it to the growing pile of discarded clothing. She now stood next to her bed, where her naked father continued to slowly stroke his cock. She gave him a quick appraisal, taking in every inch of his familiar, bearishly furry torso, and then told him, “I’ll be back in a moment, Dad. I’ve got to visit the bathroom. Don’t finish without me.”

“Don’t take too long, Honey-pie. Daddy needs some birthday sweets from his Panda-poo!” he called as he watched her full ass rock back and forth with her exit.

Ursula went down the hall to the bathroom, but hesitated outside of her son’s room. She opened the door and peaked inside, seeing it empty except for the usual assortment of discarded clothes scattered everywhere. She closed the door to Freddy’s room and entered the bathroom they shared. She slipped out of her panties and tossed them into the dirty clothes bin. A moment later she was standing under a warm shower spray.

Ursula had been sleeping with her father for all of her adult life. It had started just months after her mother had been killed in a traffic accident. Ursula had been only 20 at the time, and attending Indiana State University. With her mother’s death, she put off plans she had made to continue her studies at ISU and instead, after only completing her first year, she transferred and enrolled locally at Regal Bay University.

Ursula wanted to help her father get over his grief, which had visibly begun to take its toll on the once-strong and proud man. Her father was only 44 when her mother had been killed. Her mother, he had admitted to Ursula over a quiet dinner one evening, had been the love of his life, and the only woman he’d ever been with. That all changed when Ursula and her father spent an evening watching college football, eating chicken wings and drinking Jack Daniels and Coke.

Ursula was well aware that she resembled her mother at that age, she being just 21 then. She began to recognize during that first year that her father looked at her differently at times. She also knew that he gaziantep escort hikayeleri and her mother had had an active sex life. With her mother’s death, that had been taken away from him as well. Afterward, Ursula knew that it had been the whisky talking, but when she asked her father if she could help him, to take care of his sexual needs, it had come from her heart.

Ursula was a plump woman, and had been since childhood. Not fat, but big. She wasn’t very tall, only 5-foot-tall as a matter of fact. Her breasts were quite large, however, matching her large hips. She often looked a little like a beach ball, she thought, when she walked along the public beach in her one-piece. God forbid, she should ever get up the courage to pay a visit to the nude beach further south, near the golf club. Her breasts hadn’t stopped bulging out until she had reached a 37ee cup, when she was still a freshman in college. And that was an expensive, hard-to-find bra.

At first, Ursula imagined that the attention her father had been giving her was just an outflow of the attention he had been giving to her mother. With her gone, he needed someone to direct those feelings toward, and Ursula was there for him. That was fine with her. She enjoyed spending time with her Daddy-bear.

So it was that Ursula began to sleep with her father. For the next two years of her college career Ursula had moved back in with him. Although they did not share a bedroom, they often shared a bed. Ursula earned her degree in Social Studies and the Humanities, and while doing graduate work at Regal Bay University, she was offered an intern position that had unexpectedly become available. That same week, at the age of 24, Ursula discovered that she was pregnant.

There was some doubt in her mind about who her child’s father might be. Ursula had been seeing a couple of her classmates from time to time, and had slept with each on several occasions. Both young men were wonderful to her, but neither had any ambition to settle down so early in life. Nathan was a football player, but would be returning to his family’s ranch in Oklahoma after school. Garrett was a nice guy who wanted to be a Hollywood Stuntman, though he would eventually end up working as a lumberjack in Oregon and Washington. However, Ursula also felt that there was indeed a possibility that the father of her child was also her own father. None of the men she had ever slept with had used condoms, since she was on the pill. Somewhere along the line, Freddy was created.

Ursula didn’t tell her father that she was pregnant until she began to show. With her body type, she was three months along before anyone asked. To protect both herself and her father, who by that time had become a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Regal Bay, she insisted that the child belonged to one of the men she had dated. Unfortunately, she admitted to her friends and father, she had no idea which of the boys was the father. And with both young men already graduated and moved away from the area by the time Ursula announced her pregnancy, neither would ever know. Ursula got mixed reactions from her friends, but mostly support, when she announced that she would raise the child alone and not inform either of the men.

Ursula was a single mother of an infant child, and working part-time as an intern at the University to realize her dream of being a teacher. It was hard, but she managed, with the help of her father. For his part, Reginald remained loyal to his daughter and her son, always tending to their needs, and seeing to it that Ursula and young Freddy would never fall on hard times. For much of the next twenty years, Reginald took good care of his daughter, and Ursula took good care of her father.

Ursula finished her quick shower and stepped out to towel off. She looked in the mirror above the sink and saw her mother’s face. She was now the very age her mother had been when she was killed; 41. Her hair, still a very dark brown with little gray, was cut short in a bobby-style. Her blue eyes were still bright. And yes, she was still plump. She had been attempting to lose weight recently, however. She had joined the recently opened Bay Side Gym, as several of her colleagues had. Her belly flab was beginning to melt away, thanks to the new work-out regimen she had taken up. She smiled at her reflection, and then pulled the damp towel around her torso.

Ursula rejoined her father in her bedroom. He was still smiling, and still had his hard cock in hand. He was still a ruggedly handsome man, now 66 years old. He was on the Mayor’s Counsel as well as a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Reginald Killibrew was well-known publicly around Regal Bay. Had anyone known that he’d been sleeping with his now middle-aged daughter for nearly two decades, all of that might come into jeopardy. They had been careful, very careful, for so many years that their precautions had become second nature. Even Freddy, escort gaziantep hikayeleri a sexually active young man in his own right, had no idea that his mother and grand-father were having an affair. At least, that’s what Ursula believed.

“Damn, you’re beautiful, Panda-poo,” Reginald complimented his daughter as she closed the bedroom door behind her and locked it. She let the towel fall away seductively.

“You always say that, Daddy-bear,” she purred. Ursula climbed into the bed beside her father and went to her knees. She stroked his chest and belly, admiring the man whom she loved deeper than anyone, before she the threw one leg across his thighs and straddled him. “Am I only beautiful when I’m naked and horny?” she asked as she brushed his hand away from his rigid cock and wrapped her own around it. It was warm, slippery with his own saliva, and very hard. She began to stroke him slowly, with only a light grip, that made him sigh. He pulled his hands up and tucked them behind his head as he grinned up at her.

“You are always beautiful to me, Baby-girl, but especially when you’re naked and horny!”

Ursula gave her father’s cock a wiggle and then moved up his body to give him a warm kiss. Her father was such a big man that her hips now hovered above his belly. When she lifted her mouth from his, Reginald smiled up at her. “I love you, Baby-bear.”

“I love you, Daddy-bear,” She replied softly, before rolling her hips back. She sat up and with his manhood still in her grasp between her thighs, she lined herself up and pressed down onto his knob. A moment later, the bulb popped through her fur-lined opening and began to slip up into her vagina.

“Oooohhh, Daddy!” Ursula sighed as her pussy opened to let her father in. “Soooo good!” she added when she had settled her round buttocks onto his thighs. He was now fully inside her, and it felt wonderful to both of them. He fit so nicely inside her body, she thought, that it was only natural to be his lover.

Ursula pulled her knees forward and planted her feet alongside her father’s ribcage. She took hold of his arms and began to rock back and forth, forward and back, upon her father’s lap. His cock stirred within her, heating her up with every moment he remained inside her.

“That feels so good, Ursi,” he moaned. His hands stroked her thick calves and along her thighs as she rocked. This had long ago become Ursula’s favorite way to start sex. She was in control, and could get every sensitive spot high inside her touched and rubbed by his bulbous crown. Her nipples went rock hard atop her massive breasts, and her father reached up to take them between his thumbs and forefingers. He gently tugged and twisted them as Ursula rode his cock as if she were riding a rocking horse, making her moan happily.

Ursula rocked upon her father’s big cock for several wonderful minutes, until she began to feel her orgasm begin to build. Her clit rubbed along his hairy pubic bone, sending jolts of electric excitement up through her belly as she picked up her pace ever so slightly. She looked down into her father’s face and saw that he was enjoying himself as well. He grinned up into her face, a dreamy look in his eyes. She wondered if he was seeing her, or her mother in these moments. She didn’t care, as long as his cock was inside her.

“Oh, yes! Daddy, yes!” Ursula panted as her body began to climax upon her father’s tool. “Oooohhh, yes!” She tossed her head back and wiggled atop his lap as her body rolled through a much-needed orgasm. It had been too many days since he’d paid her a visit. She really needed her father at times, and this was one of them.

Beneath father and daughter, the bed was creaking as their motions grew more intense. Ursula was rocking hard and fast upon her father, and Reginald was now thrusting his hips upward, driving his cock up and into his daughter’s deepest depths. His knob banged and stroked across her cervix, which set Ursula off to an even greater orgasmic peak.

“Oooohhh, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy-bear! Fuck me!” Ursula fought to keep her voice down, should her son return home, but it was difficult. Her father was giving her one hell of an orgasm that evening and she just had to vocalize her lusts. “Oh, god, Daddy! Your cock feel so good inside me!”

After many minutes of panting and moaning, Ursula’s climax finally ebbed, and Reginald told her, “Roll over, Ursi. Let me fuck you right.”

Ursula followed her father’s orders and fell alongside him, resting her head upon her pillows. Her body was still trembling from her orgasm, and she was panting quite heavily. She sucked in a deep breath of air as her father rolled to his knees beside her, groaning with aged aches as he did. She laughed and patted his sweaty back. “Come on, Old Man!” she teased. “I’ve been doing all the work, here. Time for you to earn your keep!”

“Jeez, Ursi, you sound more and more like your mother every day,” he croaked. “Even when you’re cumming on my fat dick, you sound like your mom.”

“Does that get you off?” she asked. “Thinking about Mom while you’re fucking me?”

“Sometimes,” he answered. “Sometimes I worry about what we’ve been doing, all these years.” He looked into his daughter’s eyes then and said, “Do you realize that I’ve been fucking you for more years now than I ever fucked your mother?”

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