The Makings of a Triad

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I would just like to thank s0rethr0at for editing this piece and thank you all for reading! – SensualSorcery

I’ve been planning this surprise for a bit now. I’ve always had this fantasy, but I’ve never had the guts to go through with it. Today that changes. I’m currently absolutely nude, baking some sugar cookies in the kitchen, waiting for my husband to get home. He should be here any minute. I’ve always wanted to do something domestic like this. Completely exposed for him to stumble upon after a long day’s work. For some reason, it’s such a turn-on.

I pull the hot tray of cookies out and accidentally bump it against the oven, making it ricochet back onto my naked stomach. Fuck, that burned. I open the bottom drawer to the right of the oven and pull out an apron and tie it around my waist to protect myself from any more mishaps.

It’s a cute apron, plain black with white ruffles, giving it that traditional French maids look. I picked it up from a garage sale once when my fantasies were running rampant. I take a peek at myself in the mirror above the oven. Oh, I should have thought of this sooner; I think it’s even sexier being nude with just an apron on baking cookies. When he walks in and sees my plump ass sticking out, he’ll have a riot.

Just then, the front door opens, and I hear voices talking in the front room. Fuck. My husband brought someone home with him… and I’m in the kitchen naked. There’s no chance I’ll be able to make my way back to the bedroom without them getting an eye-full.

I’ll turn the oven off, then I can make a run for it anyway, I decide. The guys have another idea, though, because both men enter the kitchen. I can see them behind me through the mirror hanging above the oven. My ass is sticking out of the apron, and they don’t fail to notice. Both men stop in their tracks, and their jaws drop. I slowly turn back around to face them. Luckily, the apron covers everything on my front half except for some side boob and lots of leg.

My husband is one of the sexiest men I’ve ever laid eyes on. I always said I won the jackpot with him. He’s about 6’3″ with black hair and stunning blue eyes. His lashes are the type that every woman is jealous of, so long and thick, and his lips are shaped in a perfect heart, ready to be kissed. In addition to those gorgeous features, he has a stomach of rippling muscle with perfect washboard abs and a bubble butt that makes my mouth water.

Porter’s dick is just as gorgeous as he is. It’s about 8 inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter, making it the perfect cock to take up your ass. Nate looks similar to my husband in stature. But where Porter has an Italian heritage with dark features, Nate has the whole surfer vibe going on. Long blonde locks pulled into a low man bun, and tanned, freckled skin covers him. Both men are eyeing me like I’m some kind of prize they’ve just won.

“Fuck, babe. I’m sorry I didn’t know anybody was coming over.”

He closes his mouth and gives me a heated glare.

“I texted that Nate was coming over, Hayden.”

“Sorry, I left my phone in the room.” I gesture toward my outfit or lack thereof. “No pockets.”

Nate lets out the biggest laugh, and my husband, Porter, even cracks a smile.

“Yea, honey. I can see that.” He winks.

I make my way towards them, so I can slip past and head to the bedroom. Just as I pass them, Porter grabs my arm gently to stop me. He looks up and has an unspoken conversation with Nate, then looks back to me.

“I’m sorry, honey, but before you can put some clothes on, you’re going to have to be punished for flashing the goods to my friend.”

Porter and I have talked about threesomes before. We’ve always agreed that if there was ever an opportunity, we were both okay with it. So far, the opportunity has never come. But if the predatory look in Nate’s eyes is any indication, the opportunity has finally arisen.

“What do you have in mind?” I question.

“Take the apron off and go to the living room and wait for us.” He glares at me, challenging me to disobey.

I turn around, so my ass is facing Nate, and my front is facing my husband. Then very slowly, I reach behind me and pull the string that is holding my apron together. The ties fall away. Lifting the apron off of my neck, I ball it up and toss it behind me at Nate. Turning, I strut past the men, who are both searing my flesh with their hot gazes on my backside. Well, this is off to a fun start already. Who knew my little plan to get Porter to join me in a night of fun would end like this?

I make it to the living room and sit my happy ass down. I wonder what they’re talking about in there. I bet they’re planning on what to do with me. Just then, both men make their way into the living room. Porter sits on the couch beside yours truly, and Nate sits on the couch opposite of us. They glance at each other again, and both seem to come to a decision.

They both start stripping from their shirts and taking Escort their belts off. I guess they want to be comfortable for my punishment. I grin and take my time checking both of them out. Porter’s abs are so yummy I could lick them, so I do just that. He groans and wraps his fist in my hair and pulls me up from his stomach.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Did I say you could touch me, honey?” He whispers in a sultry voice right against my ear.

What is it about whispering in my eye and ear kisses that sends a jolt straight to my core and floods my pussy? I look up to see Nate’s abs tighten when he notices how wet that one action made me.

“Straddle my lap facing me, honey.” I do what Porter says, and I don’t question him. Straddling his lap, I sit down and can feel his hard length rubbing against my exposed cunt. Mmm, that feels good. He roughly takes me by the shoulders and throws my upper body to the left of him but keeps my center pressed against his long erection. Gently, he pushes my core down till I’m straddling his left knee with my clit rubbing against his kneecap and my ass in the air. I try to resist the urge to rock my hips, so his knee could rub against my clit. In this position, I am fully exposed to Nate, who is sitting across from us. I look over my shoulder to see him rubbing his hard-on through his pants with his eyes locked on my bare ass and pussy lips.

Just then, Porter’s hand comes down hard on my right cheek. It fucking stings at first, then the burn travels straight to my clit, and I feel a gush of wetness flow through me. He spanks me again, and I’m moaning.

“Mm yea, spank my naughty ass.”

I hear Nate say a soft “fuck” under his breath, then Porter rains hell down on my cheeks over and over. Each spank has my pussy clenching making me wet as hell. I know that Nate can see my pussy dripping juices from Porter’s punishment, and knowing that he can, makes me squirm on Porter’s knee. Which makes a thrill of pleasure jolt through me when that action applies pressure to my needy clit.

“Fuck yes, turn my ass red. It’s making my pussy drip, baby.” I breathe.

Right after I say that Porter is yanking me up and turning me around to where my back is to his front. He puts a hand on each thigh and spreads me open so that my dripping soaked pussy is facing Nate. He has his massive cock out. He’s stroking it while watching me. By massive cock, I mean about 9 inches long and several inches around in diameter; that thing is a monster.

My mouth is watering. I want to taste him so bad. A drop of precum makes it’s way up, and Nate uses his thumb to rub it around his soft cock head. Then slowly, so my eyes can follow his movements, he lifts his hand and sucks on the thumb that was just playing in his precum.

“What do you say, Nate? Is her punishment over, or does she deserve more?”

Nate palms his cock while he says, “The little naughty slut enjoyed her spanking, so I’m not sure it was much of a punishment. Maybe you should try disciplining her another way.” He has a wicked grin on his face like this was their plan all along.

“You have a point there Nate, maybe my little whore of a wife likes spankings on her plump ass, but can she stand getting spanked somewhere else?”

Before I can think about what he means, a hard smack comes right between my legs onto my wet pussy lips. It stings so bad, but underneath the pain is a level of pleasure I’ve never felt before.

“Ohh…mmmm…yes, please spank me again!” I moan.

I’m rocking my hips, trying to find anything that will press up against me to relieve that need for touch, but Porter has his hands back on my thighs and won’t let me move very far. I reach down to rub my clit, fuck that feels so good. The fact that they are watching me brings me even closer to a climax. While I’m pleasuring myself, Nate stands up and makes his way over to us, holding his discarded belt in one hand.

“May I?” He asks my husband.

“Of course, have at her.” Porter spreads my legs wider, and Nate knocks my hand aside so I’m no longer rubbing my clit. He then gathers both of my hands, pushes them behind me, and expertly wraps the belt around my wrists till I can no longer move them apart.

“You are not allowed to play with yourself or cum until we say you can, you little whore.”

Fuck, I’m sitting spread wide on my husband’s lap, and his friend just bound my hands behind my back. They are in complete control, and I think that turns me on even more.

Nate has one hand on his cock, while he lifts his other hand and spanks my clit so hard I see stars. My legs shake while the pleasure underneath the pain bursts through me. I come right in front of both of them from a spanking on my clit. Nate doesn’t give me a moment to come down front the high before he starts landing blow after blow on my lips until I’m screaming.

“I told you, little whore, that you weren’t allowed to cum until we told you so,” Nate says threw gritted teeth while Escort Bayan landing another smack on my abused cunt.

Porter stretches me further and bites my ear while whispering to me.

“I guess that means we’re going to have to add another punishment to the list then… hmm?”

The sly fuckers wanted me to cum. I don’t even have time to be mad at them because Nate’s hand has not stopped spanking my cunt. What is it about these two? They aren’t even giving me time to recover. Tears are running down my face, and I can’t do anything but take shallow breaths in. I look down to see my cunt red and puffy beneath his hand, his cock is dripping a good amount of precum now, and the sight of it makes me cum again on Nate’s hand. He rests it on my pussy until the shock waves cease their rippling through my body. His hand feels soothing and warm on my swollen lips.

“A puffy red pussy is my favorite sight to see.” Nate moans. He gets down on his knees and shoves his face right between my legs. He doesn’t open his mouth. Just breaths on my lips till they’re trembling under the warm gust of air. Then he uses his hand and spreads my puffy lips open. He starts to gently kiss my battered clit. The feelings of his mouth on me are so intense. The pussy spanking I just received left me so sensitive. Now, everything feels so much more powerful.

“How did that feel, slut?” Porter asks me.

“It felt so intense, my cunt is so sensitive, everything you do feels so much better than it did. Please touch me, please, I want to come again!” I’m begging, and I don’t even mind that they’ve driven me to this already.

Porter stands up with me in his arms and lays me down onto the cold, hard coffee table. He stands near my face and positions me, so my head hangs off the end of the table, then holds my calves, so my ass and lower back are lifted from the surface.

“Nate, put a pillow under her back to prop her ass up.”

Nate does as he is told and props my ass up so he can get a clear view of my inflamed, red pussy and ass that still has handprints on it from Porter’s spanking. Porter keeps ahold of my calves so I can’t let my legs down and uses his hips to guide his hard dick onto my face. I know what he wants, so I open my mouth and start lapping at his cock. He lets out a long moan when I make contact.

Releasing a calf, he uses his free hand to stuff my face full of his hard cock. I twirl my tongue around his head and start humming. Another moan leaves him as he shoves his hips forward and pokes the back of my throat. With my hands bound, I have no way to stop him.

“You’ve now come twice when we told you that you weren’t allowed to come, you little slut. You’ve only been punished for one of those. And now it’s time to be punished for the other.” Nate states.

Oh, fuck. I forgot that I had to be punished for a third time. True to form, they don’t make me wait long to figure out what that punishment is going to be. Nate’s hand comes down and tans my tight little asshole. I jerk up and choke on Porter’s cock that’s still in my mouth. I let out a little scream. He still has ahold of my legs, so I can’t move very far away from Nate’s hand as I get another spank on my hole. This time I don’t just choke on Porter’s cock; my scream opens my throat, and he sinks his length down and deep throats me while I’m squirming, trying to save my little asshole from the pain.

“What’s the matter, Hayden? I thought you were a little whore who loved to be touched on your ass. You can’t tell me you don’t enjoy this; your cunt says otherwise. I can see that sweet cream drip out of you.”

He was right. Just like the spanking on my ass and pussy, the asshole spanking sent a shiver all the way through my body like an electric jolt. The biggest problem was that it made me very aware of how empty I felt. My pussy was clenching, begging for a cock to stuff me full.

“Lean over and look at your wife’s pussy twitch for us, Porter. She’s such a needy little slut, isn’t she?”

“She’s the biggest hussy I know. That’s one of the reasons why I married her. Our sex lives will never be boring if it’s up to this slut.” Porter replied.

Yea, ok. I have the sex drive of nightmares. Anything would turn me on.

Sometimes I even had to leave my cart at the grocery store and run to the bathroom for a quick release in a stall just so I could focus on what to get for dinner. I just started exploring my fetishes and fantasies when I married Porter about 2 years ago, so I haven’t tried everything that has interested me. As far as I can tell, though, pussy spanking and threesomes have definitely made it onto my list of likes. Asshole spanking is still to be determined, though.

Instead of pounding on my backdoor as they did with my other two spankings, they went slow and took breaks between the blows.

This was the actual punishment. The rest was just build-up. Nate started rubbing my stinging hole in slow sensual movements Bayan Escort that had me squirming. He moved up and began to play in my swollen pussy to get some juices on his fingers before moving back down to probe my now needy hole.

I love having anal sex with Porter. He had the perfect dick for it, so he fucked me in the ass every other day. My hole immediately opened for the exploration of Nate’s fingers. He just inserted one, much to my disappointment, and started rubbing my warm walls. God, I loved this part. They say women don’t get much pleasure from anal because they don’t have a prostate to hit as men do. But fuck whoever says that because I get immense pleasure from what this man is doing between my cheeks.

During this, I had let Porter’s dick drop from my mouth so I could watch what Nate was doing, but my husband has had enough of that and wanted his little slut back on his cock to service him. Which I gladly complied with.

Porter was getting his dick sucked in my warm moist mouth and was playing with my nipples, squeezing, and flicking them, while Nate was finger fucking my tight little ass. Just then, Porter wrapped his fist in my hair and plunged his dick deep down my throat. This made my body bare down to try and stop the intrusion. When I bared down, my ass relaxed and spread wide for Nate. He took the opportunity to sink a total of three fingers into my hole by the time Porter was done fucking my throat. As I came down from that high, Porter leaned forward and started working his mouth over my round DD tits. He even sucked on them a bit, leaving his mark in the form of hickeys right beside both of my nipples. It felt just as good as getting my ass played with.

My pussy was still begging for something to fill it and leaking so much cum from my last two orgasms. Nate was in clear view of it and had had enough. He bent down and started licking me clean of my juices flowing from me while still finger fucking my ass. Once he was done, he abruptly pulled his face and hand away from me. Leaving me groaning with displeasure at the loss.

Another spank came down on my little asshole, but after the fingering, it didn’t hurt as bad. He kept going, leaving a total of 5 smacks on my hole before he stopped. Porter moved his hand back in my hair and was face fucking me through it all. Each spanking that Nate left relaxed my muscles more and more and heated my body up so much that by the time he was done, I was rocking my hips, begging for a hard cock in my ass. I pulled back swiftly and popped Porter’s cock from my mouth. I took a deep breath, trying to fill my lungs and keep from coming again. The longer I prolonged it, the better it would be.

“Please.” I breathed. “Please fuck me. I can’t take this teasing anymore. I have to have cocks in me.”

That seemed to be the final straw for them. Because before I knew what was happening, Porter was on the coffee table underneath me and laying me down. I was on top of him, and he moved to adjust me, so our centers lined up. Then he grabbed both of my thighs again and spread me open. Nate moved up close between mine and Porter’s legs, fisting his monster cock while taking me in. Laid out in front of him. He spanked my pussy a few times, which had me writhing even more on Porter.

“Can’t let that abused pussy go down. I want to see it swollen and red while I fuck you.”

He really did have a thing for red swollen pussies, but who was I to judge? I would graciously lend my pussy out to be abused again if he needed a volunteer. I’m sure Porter wouldn’t mind.

Nate looked above my head to where Porter’s was, and the men had another one of those silent conversations that I couldn’t decipher. The last one ended in me getting a threesome, so I wasn’t about to make a fuss about what they were talking about. They would just punish me for it, and I was done with punishments for right now. I wanted the reward of their cocks buried deep in me for being a good little slut.

“You better lean up and watch, little whore. I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy this next part the most.” Porter breathed in my hair then nibbled on my ear lobe. Fuck, that’s so hot, I swear. I didn’t ask questions though. I just leaned forward, so I could clearly see my own center spread wide for Nate as he stood there still fisting his cock. Porter’s cock was bobbing between my legs, slowly pulsing and ready for a hot tunnel to sink into and milk his cum from him.

Nate sent me a wicked smirk and watched me as his hand, the one that had been on his own cock, reached out and took Porter’s dick in his tight fist.

“Fuck, man.” Porter gasped behind me.

Ho-ly fuck. Nate was fisting Porter right between my legs while watching me come undone from the sight. I have always had MM fantasies; what can I say; I love cock. When I watch porn, I always watch gay porn.

There’s just something about seeing so many cocks on the screen. You also see the big domineering man take on even bigger prey as they make the strong man bow to his every need. Men, who you would never think would let people control them completely, let loose, and become so vulnerable as they take a cock up their tight asses and let the others fuck them silly into the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32