The Making of a Mistress Ch. 04

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Reading notes:

1. The saga of Mistress-in-Training Marie and her sissy Charles has reached the point of their marriage. After the ceremony, Marie achieves her ambition and becomes a HotWife, making Charles a cuckold in the process.

2. This fictional series is written with the help of my sissy friend, Simon(e).

3. As in all my stories, every character is over the age of eighteen, and all sexual practices described are performed consensually.

Following their return home after the visit to Sara and Paula was cut short, both Marie and Charles were extremely busy, in preparation for their wedding. Three of the five weeks had raced by, and Marie was beginning to get very nervous.

Sara and Paula were due back in Wales this coming weekend after their trip abroad. Thankfully, they would both be present for the wedding, which was to be somewhat unorthodox, to say the least.

Marie had discussed the arrangements with her soon-to-be mother-in-law, before putting them to Sara, who had grinned and readily accepted the plans. Charles hadn’t been consulted at all, because, as Marie pointed out, he had agreed that he was entering a Female Led Marriage, and thus was expected to do as he was told.

When he was informed of the arrangements by Marie, Charles blushed, and surreptitiously touched his cock lock, which had suddenly become uncomfortably tight.

“That sounds perfect!” he squealed excitedly. “I’ll book a day off for the suit and dress fitting.”

Marie smiled.

“Theodora has invited us both down to her house tomorrow,” she said. “She’s arranged for us to meet the vicar and the costumer. By this time tomorrow night, we’ll both have our wedding outfits, and then it will just be a matter of arranging for the best man and the bridesmaid to be measured and fitted too.”

They set off for Charles’s mother’s beautiful Queen Anne cottage bright and early the next morning. Marie drove them in her new Land Rover Discovery, because Charles was still getting used to wearing the butt plug that Marie had started putting in him every morning, in preparation for his wedding night ‘de-flowering’, when she told him he was going to be pegged in front of a select group of friends.

They arrived in good time, and were greeted by Sebastian, the butler, who also did other household duties, including regularly fucking, Charles’s mother, Theodora.

“Mrs North-Thompkins is in the lounge,” Sebastian informed them. “She instructed me to tell you to join her there.”

Charles set off, leaving Marie to whisper to Sebastian,

“No groping today then?” (On her last visit, Sebastian had managed to rub his hand against Marie’s tit whilst helping her to take off her coat.)

“No Miss,” replied Sebastian, blushing, “and Mrs North-Thompkins has given me a final warning. Any more and I’ll be out!”

“You just be very careful around me, my husband and anyone I ever bring here in future,” Marie said in a very threatening voice.

“If I ever see you disrespecting any of my friends again, I’ll rip your balls off and feed them to the dogs. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly, Miss Marie,” he replied politely.

Satisfied that her message had been understood, Marie stalked off to the lounge, where Dora was sitting, sipping a glass of what looked like white wine.

“Darling,” she greeted Marie, standing up and opening her arms in welcome.

“How lovely to see you again. And such a happy occasion! The vicar will be here in about a quarter of an hour. Will you have a glass of wine?”

“Yes please,” answered Marie, embracing Theodora and kissing her cheek.

“Www,” she said, releasing the older woman and looking at her from arm’s length.

“Have you changed your perfume? You smell delicious.”

Theodora smiled, and reached for an ornate box that sat on the coffee table next to where she had been sitting.

“You’ve told me about some of your vices,” she said, “so I suppose it’s only fair that you know some of mine.”

She opened the box and Marie saw that it was a humidor, and it contained about a dozen or so very expensive looking cigars.

“I smoke these,” she confessed. “I have one at about this time every morning, usually after a bout of lovely fucking with Sebastian. But he’s been a naughty boy again, so he’s not getting any until I’ve forgiven him!”

Marie giggled.

“When will that be?” she asked.

“Well I’m gagging for some cock, so probably by about three o’clock this afternoon!” Theodora said with a wicked grin.

Charles, who had long known about his Mummy’s love of a good cigar, stayed silent. He had only recently learned that his father was an unfaithful husband, and that his darling Mummy was being fucked by the butler. He certainly had an opinion on these goings on, but he knew that as a submissive, he must keep his opinions to himself.

“My mentor, Dr Sara is a cigar smoker too,” Marie told Theodora. “I gave up cigarettes years ago, but when I met Sara recently, she gave me a puff or two of hers, and I must uşak seks hikayeleri say I enjoyed the taste.”

“Paula has a smoking fetish, so it’s a useful tool to torment her,” she continued, “so please feel free to smoke at the wedding. I know Sara will, and I certainly intend to.”

Marie missed the look of glee on Charles’s face, but Theodora certainly did not.

There was a knock on the door, and Sebastian came in.

“The Reverend and Mrs Repton are here, madam,” he announced, stepping aside to allow the visitors to enter.

Theodora stood up, and greeted her visitors, with a smile.

“Vicar, Gillian, welcome. Thank you for coming so promptly. And I see Gillian’s brought Cassius too. How lovely.”

Marie supposed that Cassius was the slobbering German Shepherd who seemed to have been aroused by something, as the very pink tip of his cock could be seen peeping out from between his hind legs.

“You know my sissy son, Charles, of course,” Theodora continued, “and may I introduce Marie, his bride to be and the lady who is going to be his HotWife and his Mistress Owner once they are married.”

Marie shook hands with the vicar, who muttered something about women getting above their station.

“We all have our little foibles,” he said, “my own wife included. But she knows her place, and if she steps out of line, she willingly accepts the consequences!”

“I was wicked this morning,” Gillian confessed, blushing deeply. “I burned Eustace’s toast. But I’ve been forgiven, because Eustace said that I took my punishment bravely. It was a severe tit beating.”

“Show Mrs North-Thompkins your chastised tits, my dear,” beamed the vicar, but Theodora intervened.

“I don’t think that will be necessary vicar,” she said firmly,” and please remember what the Good Book says when you criticise Marie and Charles’s chosen lifestyle. Am I correct when I quote ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’?”

“Don’t forget, I know your little foible too!”

Marie looked at Theodora, who winked and mouthed “Later!”

“You know this isn’t going to be a traditional wedding, don’t you?”

Marie had turned back to the vicar and was addressing him.

“My dear girl,” he said patronisingly, “I am an ordained priest, albeit without a parish at the moment. I consider it my duty to marry those the establishment consider ‘alternative’. I can assure you that your wedding will not contain anything that I haven’t seen before.”

Marie smirked and winked at him.

“Wanna bet?”

“I am not in the habit of making wagers,” he replied sniffily, “but I’ll humour you. Go on then. Try and shock me!”

Marie held up one finger.

“This is going to be a women and sissy guest only wedding.”

The vicar pretended to stifle a yawn.

Marie extended another finger.

“It’s going to be a ‘tits out’ wedding. All guests will have their tits out throughout the ceremony.”

He raised his eyebrows and conceded, “That’s interesting!”

A third finger joined the previous two.

“The bride will wear a strap-on and will peg the groom, not kiss him!”

Charles squeak of delight sounded at exactly the same time as the vicar’s murmur of approval.

“Fourthly, the groom will wear a corset, stockings and high heels. And a cock lock, obviously!”

“Obviously!” retorted the vicar in astonishment.

This bizarre exchange was interrupted by a disturbance in the corner of the room, and when Marie looked she was astounded to see Gillian slumped in her armchair, her frock raised and her legs apart. Cassius was licking her cunt enthusiastically, and she was obviously on the edge of a very powerful orgasm.

Neither her husband the vicar, nor Theodora or Charles seemed put out by this performance, and Marie realised that this must be one of Gillian’s ‘foibles’.

“To each her or his own,” she thought, and said nothing.

After the vicar and his wife had gone, leaving behind promises of the exact type of wedding that she wanted, Marie turned to her hostess and asked,

“Is this going to be a legal wedding? If not, I want to warn everyone that it’s off and Charles and I will have a proper wedding elsewhere!”

“Don’t panic, my dear,” Theodora reassured her. “As he said, Eustace is an ordained minister. He was a real high flyer until he got caught in the midst of performing one of his foibles.”

“Which is?” Marie asked, intrigued.

“Well, you saw Gillian getting licked out by Cassius” Theodora said with a grin, “he also fucks her. She and Eustace have a large bitch as well, and he likes to fuck that!”

Marie’s eyes widened in shock, and she put her hand up to her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

Theodora continued, “Eustace has got so much dirt on many of his fellow clergy that the bishop agreed that he wouldn’t be sacked, but that he’d go into retreat as they put it.”

“So now, he and Gillian live in a parish property which has a private chapel in the garden of the house. It’s what they call a ‘grace and favour’ residence. It’s actually at the back of my garden, and we can walk to the chapel on Saturday through the two gardens. They are completely private, so he can fuck his bitch and beat his wife, and she can be fucked and licked by Cassius and get her tits beaten black and blue. They don’t harm anyone else and they seem to enjoy it!”

Marie smiled uncertainly, looked at Charles and said,

“Do you have any objections?”

“As long as you are happy, Mistress, I am perfectly content,” he replied, and he topped both his mother and Marie’s wine glass up with a smile.

The costumer had arrived promptly, and turned out to be a cross-dressing transsexual who had been at school with Charles, who remembered him, and asked if he still called himself Michael.

It appeared not. Having established straight away that the preferred form of address was either Mitzi or they/them, the costumer showed no surprise at Marie’s choice of clothing.

They had a catalogue to show, and Marie chose a pink leather corset with black lacing for Charles to wear to his wedding. White lacy stockings went very well with the pink, and seven inch stiletto heels would ensure that Charles would need to be leaning forward to keep his balance.

“So when the time comes for you to peg him,” Mitzi said with a sly grin, “his arse will be in the perfect position for your strap-on, and your guests will be able to enjoy the show as well!”

Marie thanked them and chose a pair of black leather trousers for Sara, who was to be her “best woman.” She asked if Mitzi could provide a similar pair for her, but with a split crotch, so that she could peg Charles with a double headed dildo, and fuck herself at the same time.

“Nothing is impossible,” grinned Mitzi. “You leave it all to me and my team, and we’ll have the perfect creation for you to peg your sissy and get yourself off at the same time!”

Charles paid for everything up front, and Mitzi promised to have everything made up and delivered to Theodora during the week of the wedding.

Before they left, Mitzi asked about bridesmaids, and Marie assured them that Sara’s sissy husband Paula was going to be Charles’s bridesmaid, and that Sara already had chosen the outfit that Paula was going to be made to wear.

When they left, Theodora gave Charles a peck on the cheek, but she gave Marie a full blown tongues-and-all kiss on the lips. As they broke away, she winked at Marie.

“I can’t wait for this ‘tits out’ wedding!” she whispered with a grin.

Back home, there was lots still to organise and not a lot of time to do it. She texted Sara with a report on how the wedding planning meeting had gone, including what Sara was to wear.

The reply came back eventually, with Sara hinting that she had news for Marie. Could she and Paula call in to see Marie and Charles on their way back to Wales?

“Of course,” Marie texted back, and she instructed Charles to make sure that the guest bedroom was prepared for the weekend. If Sara and Paula decided to stay over, then Charles and Paula would need somewhere to sleep, as Marie would be fucking Sara in the master bedroom.

As it turned out, Sara didn’t have time to stay the weekend. She needed to get back home so that her daughter Mary and Mary’s wife Cee could return to the island to take charge of the medical centre there.

Sara had arrived with Paula, of course, but she also had two friends with her.

“Marie, this is Felicity, or to give her her full title, the Honourable Lady Felicity Coxe, and her husband Alan.”

Marie smiled and shook both of Sara’s friends’ hand.

“Any friend of Sara’s is welcome here ” she said.

“Thank you, my dear,” replied Felicity. “Actually, Sara has filled me in on how you intend to live after your wedding. May I be so inquisitive as to ask if you have booked a honeymoon yet?”

“We haven’t,” replied Marie. “I know Sara will be here for the wedding and then a week afterwards she returns to this island she talks about so much. I really wanted to spend as much time with her and Paula so that my sissy and I can learn as much as we can.”

“Well Sara isn’t due back on the island for a week after your wedding,” Felicity said. ” Would you mind if I made a suggestion?”

“Not at all,” replied Marie, who was intrigued to hear where this conversation was going.

“My proposition is this,” continued Felicity. “You marry Charles on the Saturday, spend the night doing what newly married HotWives do, and on the Sunday morning, you accompany Alan and myself back to the island for your honeymoon.”

“You’ll have a week to get to know Mary and Clarice, and you can also meet Debby and her partner, Stephanie. Then Sara and Paula will be back on the island for a month.”

“You can be mentored by Sara on the beach, in the play areas, you can eat, drink, swim and relax on my beautiful island, and start your life as a HotWife perfectly!”

“In all that list of things, you never once mentioned fucking or pegging!” Marie said with a grin.

“Oh there’s plenty of both of those things,” replied Felicity, ” and if you ever want to go down the ‘swinger’ route, you can peg Alan here, whilst I give your sissy a good arse fucking!”

“In that case,” replied Marie, “on behalf of my sissy and myself, I accept your very generous offer. What do you say to Lady Felicity, Cunt?”

“Thank you very much, your Ladyship,” replied Charles formally. None of the people present thought anything of Marie’s name for her sissy. They all knew that his full name was Charles Ulysses North-Thompkins, and that he was Marie’s C U N-T in both name and figuratively too.

When Sara and her sissy and their friends left, it was with Marie and Charles’s gratitude, together with their assurance that when they all met up again for the wedding, a good time for all was guaranteed.

Charles went into the bank most days during the next fortnight. He wanted to make sure that everything was running smoothly in his department before he went on honeymoon. He would be away, he told his father and the other bank directors, for five weeks, so he wanted everything to be spot-on before he left.

Sara was as good as her word. She kept in touch with Marie daily, and Marie was delighted to be told in the course of one telephone call that Sara had managed to ‘persuade’ her own long-time lover, Julian, to get in touch with the bride-to-be, with a view to helping her become a proper HotWife.

When Charles got home from the bank later that afternoon, Marie told him that she had some exciting news. She had started a daily routine whereby when Charles came home, she would undress him and allow him to suckle her whilst she sat on the settee and played with his cock and balls, which were, of course, securely locked up.

Charles lay down with his head in Marie’s lap. Deftly, she exposed a tit and thumbed her own nipple erect. When she gave him the go-ahead, Charles latched onto her and began to suckle. Marie cupped his balls in one hand and began to squeeze them.

Dr Sara phoned at dinner time,” Marie began, “and she told me that Julian, the hunk that I told you about, has expressed an interest in helping me develop as a HotWife. You don’t have any objections do you?”

Charles released Marie’s nipple with a faint plopping sound,

“Of course not, Mistress,” he replied eagerly. “You are going to need regular pleasuring after we are married, and I am well aware that my cock just isn’t up to the job.”

“If I am allowed to, I will continue to pleasure you with my tongue, but HotWives need regular fucking I know. It will be a pleasure to welcome your hunk into our lives, and I hope you’ll allow me to serve you both, as Paula does with Ms Sara and her lover.”

He paused, waiting for Marie’s response.

“I’ve given that prospect a good deal of thought this afternoon,” Marie said, stroking his head and guiding his mouth back onto her needy nipple.

“Julian can’t come to the wedding, as he’s playing rugby that afternoon, but he will be able to come to the party your mother has organised for the evening. I thought it would be fun if you got Julian nice and hard for me, and then you helped put his man sized cock in me so that he could be the first to fuck me as a married woman. How do you feel about that?”

“I’d be honoured, Mistress,” replied Charles enthusiastically. “I know Paula has been trained as a fluffer and she does clean up after Ms Sara has been fucked.”

“If you think I’m worth training, I’d love to please you by being your fluffer and your clean-up cuckold.”

Marie smiled and gave his balls a gentle squeeze.

“Of course I’ll train you to suck cock,” she smiled, “and you’ll learn to swallow too.”

Charles resumed his suckling with a soppy grin on his face, and Marie continued to torment his cock and balls.

“Oh look,” she cooed a couple of minutes later, “your little cocklet is starting to weep chastity tears!”

That was a term she’d picked up from Sara, and it referred to the pre-cum that signalled that a cock locked sissy was reaching the edge, and that further stimulation would inevitably result in an orgasm.

Marie let go of Charles’s balls and asked,

“How long is it now since you had your last sissygasm?”

Charles checked his watch.

“Four weeks, six days, two hours and twenty seconds,” he read dutifully from the chronometer on face of his very expensive watch.

Marie giggled.

“That’s such a handy gadget to have on your watch,” she said, “it reminds you every second of the day who actually owns your cock and balls!”

“Don’t worry, my darling cuckold-in-waiting. You shall have your sissygasm on Saturday in front of all of our guests. I hope you won’t let me down? I’m expecting a good glassful of cum for you to toast the HotWife and cuckold with!”

Marie was actually on the phone with Julian the next morning when her handset buzzed, indicating that she had another caller waiting. Explaining to her soon-to-be lover that it might be Theodora or Sara, she blew him a kiss down the phone, and promised to be warm, wet, willing and welcoming for him on the forthcoming Saturday evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32