The Making of a Flower

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As Ann bit into the strong shoulders that had engulfed her while her nails dug into muscled back that her arms had wrapped around, she suddenly felt a tremendous release accompanied by a sudden jolt of pain and she cried…because she now really was a woman.

Ann is your typical Midwestern next-door 18-year-old girl. Pretty, petite, athletic, and very blonde. She is on the dance squad at her HS and will go to college in the fall, which has her all excited and dreamy eyed. At last she will leave the shackles of a conservative home and a pastor father. Not that she doesn’t like him, she even has a crush on her ex-marine dad but he has just been so protective of her.

To add to that the all girls school where she has spent the last 12 years of her life have left her craving desperately to know what a boy’s touch really feels like. All Ann has done is let the occasional lucky guy steal a quick kiss or have a grope at a party when Dad wasn’t looking.

The summer before she joins college has now changed all of that. Ann till now would spend time exchanging glances and smiles with cute guys at the mall and thinking what they think of her. Her dad made her feel good. Always complimenting her about how good and pretty she looked and that meant something to Ann because her father was the fantasy of all her friends. Tall, very well built and an ex-marine, he was a dreamboat.

How jealous Ann used to get of her mom when on the rare occasion she could take advantage of her parents carelessness and peek through an open door at her mom and dad make mad passionate love. How she adored his body and longed to run her slender fingers down his bare chest gleaming in his sweat as he ravaged her mom.

As the summer rolled and Mom had to go on a charity mission to Africa for 6 weeks, she told Ann to take special care of dad while she was away and told dad that little Ann is going to be mom and he better listen to her. This was to be Ann’s test on responsibility and prepare her to live by herself when at college. Ann had no clue at that time about how much she would be filling in her mom’s shoes while she was away.

Ann had no idea where the first 3 weeks went. She was having surprisingly the best summer of her life. With Mom gone Ann and her Dad got even closer. Her Dad made more time to spend with her because his baby would be gone for college in a few months. They spent their time doing crazy things from when Ann was a kid – tickle fights, wrestling, fooling around in the pool.

What Ann really liked was when Dad would massage lotion into her skin when she escort bostancı soaked herself in the sun. It made her feel all tingly. Ann found that she had started dressing a little more provocatively in front of Dad and was pleasantly surprised that he actually was complimenting her about how her legs looked in that short skirt or shorts and how cute her belly looked peeking under her tight tanks.

As the third week rolled by there was a visible sexual tension between them. Then on a lazy Saturday morning Ann walked out of the shower having taken a bath wrapped in a towel. She picked a moisturizer tube and suddenly looked down the hall and saw her Dad in his bedroom with the door opened doing push-ups in his boxers. She just started in awe at the beautiful sight of the well-defined male form.

She just walked straight into his room and threw herself on his bed and tapped him on his back with her dainty feet.

“Hey Dad…”

“45…46…47…whatsup buttercup?”

“Hey Dad can you rub some of the moisturizer on me?”

“Sure thing honey.” As he stood up he suddenly became very quiet and stared at the sight in front of him. He suddenly felt his knees go a little weak. A beautiful girl lay on his bed clad in nothing but a purposefully short towel that did little to hide much of her sensuous and very desirable young body still wet from the bath. He adored the sight in front of him and suddenly got back to reality as he felt her soft soles padding on his thighs.

“Earth to Dad, Earth to Dad…hey Dad you there?!”

“Oh sorry honey. I just got lost in my thoughts.”

“Well I don’t know what your thoughts were Dad but the way you were looking at me I sure know now what Mom meant when she talks about how girls used to just melt under your gaze. Look how you made me blush.”

“Honey, you must have that effect on all the young guys around.” He opened the tube and sat on the corner of the bed placing her feet in his lap as he started applying the cream to his hands. ” Just look at how divine you look.”

“Aww Dad, you are making me blush again.” Ann suddenly had a little shiver run down her body as her Dad gently started massaging her feet and she realized that they were resting on his crotch and it was very hard. She looked at her Dad’s face and eyes and had only seen a glimpse of that look a few times before when she saw him make love to Mom.

Slowly her body started quivering, as his fingers started moving between her toes and soles. While he worked one foot, she let her other foot rub against his crotch ümraniye escort trying to “innocently” curl her toes around it and feel it throb under her soles.

“Do you like this honey?”

“Yes Daddy. Do it all over because my skin has dried spending all the time in the sun.” “So Ann…I never asked you but honey do you have a ummm…you know a boyfriend?”

“No Daddy. How can I? You would have shot him….STOP THAT!” Ann giggled as her Dad tickled her feet.

“Good. That’s my girl!” He kissed her toes, as his hand started moving up her feet to her ankles. Massaging and caressing every inch of her flesh along the way, torturing her as his fingers traced the curves of her shapely calves and moved up while his tongue licked at her soles.

Ann was biting her lips as her muscles started tightening. She felt his fingertips move up her thighs and caresses and then kneed the lotion into her inner thighs. Her eyes closed as she felt him turn her over onto her stomach and then removing her towel. Ann’s heart was beating incredibly fast as she dug her red face into the sheets unable to face her father.

Ann’s dad just marveled at the beauty in front of him. The sheer sight of her beautiful naked body seemed to block out any sense of morality or guilt he might have had. He squeezed more lotion out and began massaging her down her spine sending tingles down her body. As he started massing her cute buns he could hear her whimper.

He slowly turned her over again. Her eyes squeezed tight shut and her cheeks bright red. Her hands moved involuntarily trying to hide her breasts and her vagina. He slowly moved her hands and started caressing and kneading her chest, gently cupping and massaging her B cup breasts and admiring her little, erect pinkish/purple nipples. His fingers fondling them, teasing them and her moans sounding like music in his ears.

His hands moved down her beautiful belly, which looked like a valley of milk as her chest heaved up sucking in her stomach. His hands traced their way down to her navel running circles over her belly with his fingertips. She dared not open her eyes as he slowly moved further down and she felt his warm breath between her thighs.

Ann’s Dad reveled in the smell of her virgin youth. He parted her thighs and gently planted a kiss on her nether lips. Ann’s body convulsed as her hips gently rocked up to meet his kiss. Her dad slowly started devouring her alternating his tongue from teasing her clit to licking her vagina. As he tried to insert a finger he was met with a yelp from Ann. Her Dad smiled. kartal escort bayan He moved back up staring at her face. Ann’s eyes opened wide and stared back seeming to beg him not to stop.

“Is this right Daddy?” she whispered barely able to speak as her bare chest heaved.

” Its too late to think about that now honey,” he whispered back as he brought his lips next to hers. Their breaths mixing with one another as their lips grazed each other and opened to kiss and let their tongues tango. His fingers caressing the soft folds of her vagina and playing with her clit as Ann moaned with a pleasure she had never even dreamed off but only seen in her mother’s eyes.

Ann and her father lay entwined like creepers coiled around one another. Ann was savoring every moment as every touch brought a new amazing sensation. Ann’s father kissed, nibbled and licked his baby from head to toe and slowly encouraged her to do the same to her.

For Ann it was like being in a dream. Her fingers ran across his muscular chest. She felt like she was worshiping a Greek God that she had always adored from a distance. She ran her tongue down his chest, her hair tickling him as she stopped to nibble on his nipples and then continued her journey down his belly. Her fingers grasped the elastic of his boxers as she looked at his face and started sliding them down as he smiled back at her.

His hard throbbing penis sprang forth as the boxers slid off. Ann started at it and instinctively started caressing it with such reverence as if she were the high priestess of a phallic worshipping cult.

“Kiss it baby,” said her Dad as he nudged her head forward towards it.

She stuck her tongue out and teased the tip of his penis with the tip of her tongue. She nibbled on the head ever so gently and then started licking it like the chocolate fudge ice cream she loved. His penis was drenched with her saliva as he got even more drugged on her beauty. He then pulled her up to him kissing her long and deep as they rolled around. Her tiny white body wrapped in his toned and tanned muscles.

He then moved on top of her between her thighs. As he started into her eyes he felt her fingers caress his chest as he brought his penis to her tight young opening. He looked at her eyes once again and she opened and closed them gently letting him know that she was ready. His head slowly started to move past the outer folds of her pussy and was poised for its final plunge.

All her muscles tightened in anticipation. And then it came. Her Dad lunged forward into her. As Ann bit into the strong shoulders that had engulfed her while her nails dug into his muscled back that her arms had wrapped around, she suddenly felt a tremendous release accompanied by a sudden jolt of pain and she cried in pleasure…because she now really was a woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32