The Loving Husband Ch. 13

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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, Ann had a surprise for me with Sandra on her wedding day. She was quite the little schemer that day and arranged for me to fuck Sandra before she got married and in the honeymoon suite at that hotel that night. She and Sandra’s husband, Mark, had worked out a very interesting scenario.

The next few days after the rendezvous with Sandra and Mark on their wedding day, Ann was insatiable. She had really been turned on by the whole idea of setting me up with that. I had fucked Sandra at her home just before she put on her wedding dress so that she could walk down the aisle with a pussy full of cum. Then, Ann had arranged it so that we met Sandra and Mark at the hotel where they were staying for the night before departing on their honeymoon. Ann handcuffed Mark to a chair and I again fucked Sandra, being the first one to fill her married pussy with cum. I wondered about this entire thing, but as it turned out Mark was in on the whole thing and he and Ann had cooked up the scenario from start to finish.

On Wednesday, Ann took the kids over to a friend’s house and she and several other women all had the kids playing together. It was a big group event for the little ones. Jo stayed home with me and wanted to have sex. I had a discussion with her about her depending on me for sex versus moving on with her life. She was not happy with the dating scene, but I tried to make her see that she had to at least put herself out there. She couldn’t depend on me forever. But I did have sex with her. She knelt down at my feet in the den where we were watching TV and proceeded to pull out my cock and suck me hard. I mean I wanted her to move on with her life, but really, turn down a blow job? I don’t think so.

She sucked me for a while, just keeping me hard and interested, and then stripped off all her clothes, got on her knees, bent over with her ass in the air, and pleaded with me to fuck her hard. I couldn’t leave her like that, right? I mean she needed a good, hard fucking and I had to make sure she wasn’t too frustrated. I was just taking care of her needs.

All kidding aside, I loved having a second pussy around. What guy wouldn’t? I just wondered how long this could go on. Ann and I were not getting any younger and the kids were growing up. At some point the kids would wonder about certain things and we had to be careful.

I came home on Friday to find Jo and the kids gone. She had taken them to one of the new animated movies. Ann was waiting in our bedroom and had cued up the movie taken by Carrie when I fucked Sandra on the night of her wedding. She was naked and waiting for me. She grinned when she saw my face.

“I want to see this movie again.” And with that she started it.

I got undressed while it ran and when it got to the part where Ann shoved Sandra’s dirty panties into Mark’s mouth, she moaned and ran her fingers over her tits. Her nipples were bullets and I slowly crawled onto the bed next to her.

“Let me get under you and you can fuck me reverse cowgirl and watch the movie.”

Ann scrambled to do so and impaled herself on my cock. She was lightly bouncing up and down as she watched me fuck Sandra. By the time Sandra came, Ann was cumming, too. She then stopped the movie.

“Stand over here.” Ann indicated a place directly in front of the TV. She knelt in front of me and positioned me so that she could suck my cock and watch Sandra do it on the TV.

Ann restarted the movie and I turned my head so that I could watch, too. Ann was a very good cock-sucker, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. I let myself get really into it as I watched Sandra suck my cock and Ann did it in real time. Finally, I knew I was close and managed to hold off until the video captured me spurting into Sandra’s slutty little mouth. Ann was no longer blowing me, but was staring at the TV and I noticed she was also furiously rubbing her pussy.

“Fuck, cumming.” I announced it just as Carrie captured me on film cumming in Sandra’s mouth. After my first spurt on screen, Ann started cumming, too, and couldn’t maintain her Adana Escort position. She had a big spasm, groaned, and doubled over as she came really hard. I grabbed my cock since I was in the middle of cumming and pumped and pumped as I covered Ann’s back in cum.

We both finished about the same time. Ann rose up and looked at me. “Wow, I can feel cum all over my back.”

“Bend back over and don’t move.” I was afraid it was going to drip all over everything, so I rushed into the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel. I wiped Ann off and then she rose up again.

“Whew! I really needed that. I loved watching you fuck and then fill Sandra’s mouth with cum while I teased and then jacked Mark off. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Hotter than the scene at Maria’s?”

“Maybe.” Then Ann reached up and grabbed my cock. She sucked any remaining cum on the head and looked up at me. “Did I tell you that Maria is back in town? We’ll have to see if we can arrange something soon”

“That sounds good to me.”

We got dressed and had a pretty nice evening.

I decided to take charge again, and not let Ann call the shots. I called Carrie when I got the chance and made some arrangements. I was going to call the shots and push Ann this time.

Saturday dawned bright, with the sun showing signs of warming the place up nicely. That was good. I told Ann that I was taking the kids to their grandparents for a few hours and that I had a special event for her. She just grinned, tried guessing a few times, but I put her off. I finally left at about 11 am and took our two to the grandparents. Jo and her two were heading out somewhere else.

When I returned it was 12:30 and I suggested we have some lunch. We made some sandwiches and at exactly 1pm, the doorbell rang. I grinned at Ann and went to the door, knowing that it was time for Carrie to show up.

It was Carrie and I let her in. She knew what I had planned.

Carrie went into the kitchen and she and Ann caught up on a few things while I retrieved a nice dining room chair and placed it in the middle of the den. I went upstairs and retrieved the handcuffs and a blindfold from Ann’s little bag of tricks. I was ready.

I went into the kitchen and told them I was ready. Carrie grinned and looked at Ann and Ann eyed the two of us suspiciously. “What have you two cooked up?”

“You’ll see.” I put out my hand and Ann took it. I led her into the den where the chair was in the middle of the room with mink handcuffs dangling from the arms.

Ann hesitated for a moment and then let me lead her to the chair. “Strip.” She seemed a little surprised and nervous at that, but she did it. I sat her down and she let me cuff her hot lithe body to the chair. “Relax. It will be fun.” She started to relax, but got nervous again when I put the blindfold on her. I kissed her and whispered again to relax.

I then narrated the events for Ann so that she could aurally participate.

“Carrie and I are getting undressed. Carrie has such great tits and a nice round ass. I love fucking the shit out of this bitch.” We both finished undressing, Carrie displaying her soft voluptuous body. “I’m now standing next to you, right by your left arm.” Ann moved her arm to the limit of the cuff and could feel my leg. “Carrie is kneeling in front of me and she is going to suck my cock while you listen.” Carrie then did just that. “She is licking my balls first. Very nice. Now she is moving up my shaft, which is pretty hard already, and going to suck on the head.”

Carrie pulled back for a second. “Can I please have your cum, sir?”

“You’ll get my cum eventually, my little cock-sucker.” I grinned and pointed back to my cock.

Carrie went back to work licking and when she got to the head, she started bobbing up and down and making loud sucking noises for Ann’s benefit. “Can you hear her sucking my cock? Your husband’s cock? The cock that has the cum she just begged for?” Ann just nodded and tried hard to listen to what was going on. “She is sucking my cock hard now, alternating between bobbing on it and licking around the head and down to my balls.” Ann started breathing harder while still trying to listen to everything that was happening. She also started rubbing her thighs together.

I pulled out of Carrie’s mouth and put out my hand. “I’m now going to have Carrie get on all fours and scoot under the front of your chair, so put your legs as far apart as you can.”

I moved Carrie there and told her to get on the floor. She did. I pushed on her back. “Put your face on the floor and under the chair. Move up as close as you can to the chair.” She did so and Ann was impatiently waiting for the next step. I moved behind Ann and removed her blindfold.

Ann blinked a few times to get used to the brightness and then looked down. From her vantage point all she could see was from the middle of Carrie’s back to her nice round ass. Carrie had her face on the floor under Ann’s chair Adana Escort Bayan and her ass was sticking up beautifully, pointing away from Ann. I looked at it and whispered in her ear, “Now watch closely while I fuck her.”

I moved back around behind Carrie, my hard cock sticking up. Ann stared at it so I waggled it a little. I then leaned over Carrie and lined my cock up with her pussy. She moaned as I slowly stuck it in. Ann watched. I reached up and released her hands from the handcuffs. “Bend over and watch this.” Ann leaned forward and stared at where I was penetrating Carrie. I fucked her with a few hard thrusts. “Put your hands on her ass and spread her cheeks open so you can get a better view.” Ann did just that, spreading Ann’s cheeks so that we could both see her little pink asshole and my cock sawing in out out.

I started thrusting harder and my hips slapped up against Carrie as Ann stared raptly. My cock was going in and out quickly and the slapping sound reverberated around the room. I then saw Ann remove one hand and reach up and stroke her pussy.

“Ann?” Ann looked up at me. “Lean back and play with your pretty little pussy for me.”

Ann leant back and put her legs up over the arms of the chair. She spread wide and then reached down and started stroking herself. She ran her fingers over her pussy and then started tickling her clit. She was fucking hot! She moaned and I was getting close. I could feel Carrie rubbing her own clit as I fucked her.

Suddenly, Carrie started groaning and came. She started shaking and quaking underneath me and I fucked her through her orgasm. I was getting close, too. I stared at Ann, who was closely watching as Carrie came on my cock. She didn’t even look up at me.

I decided that I had to cum in Ann. As soon as I felt the orgasm cumming, I yanked my cock out of Carrie and shuffled over her, straddling her body as I buried my cock into Ann. Ann watched with wide eyes and scooted her hips further forward toward the edge of the chair to get me in. As soon as I entered her, I came hard. I couldn’t stop thrusting as I kept pumping cum into her. Ann didn’t cum but she moaned and stared at me as I did.

When I was done, I backed away. Ann looked a mess. Her hair was disheveled, she had a light sheen of sweat on her body, and her pussy was positively awash with my cum. As I stood up, Carrie pulled out from under the chair and sat back on her heels. She stared at Ann.

“I thought I was going to get your cum? I wanted it.” She sounded like a small child who had missed out on ice cream. I chuckled.

But when I looked up at Ann she was smirking and staring at Carrie. “You little fucking cum slut. You wanted my husband’s cum all to yourself.” Carrie looked up at me and then at Ann. She nodded. “Lay flat on the floor slut.” Carrie lay back.

Was Ann thinking what I was thinking? Was she going to sit on Carrie’s face?

“You want my husband’s cum, then you can get it.” Ann stood up and squatted over Carrie. She started pushing the cum out of her pussy and getting it to drip on Carrie’s face and into her mouth. Carrie managed to catch a couple of the drips, but was impatient. She reached up and put her hands on Ann’s hips giving a slight pull on them. She knew that Ann had never participated in girl-girl action, but she wanted it. Ann looked up at me and then suddenly let her pussy drop directly onto Carrie’s mouth. Carrie started licking and sucking, cleaning out Ann’s pussy, but also driving her towards an orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! Suck my pussy you cum slut!” Ann exclaimed only a few seconds after Carrie started eating her out. She bucked and jerked her hips through an orgasm. Finally, she stopped and rolled over to the side.

I looked down at Carrie and her face was glazed over with our combined cum, a cat-ate-the-canary look on her face. I looked at Ann and she was breathing hard and trying to recover both physically and probably mentally.

I moved over and lay on the floor with Ann. I cuddled her and held her. She finally opened her eyes and stared up at me.

“I really liked that.”

I grinned. Good. She was okay. “That’s fine.”

“I don’t want to do that, but I didn’t mind having a slut do that to me.”

Carrie sat up. “Well, thanks.”

Ann looked at her sheepishly. “You know what I mean.”

Carrie grinned at her “Yeah, I know. I like being slutty for some people and you and your husband are two of them.”

“That’s good.”

We finally got up and dressed. Carrie left after thanking us for a little fun and we went on with our day. I was still amazed by Ann’s first time having a woman eat her pussy.

Finally, in mid-afternoon we discussed it and Ann had been surprised that she let it happen, but was so into the sex and so worked up that she just dropped her pussy on Carrie’s face. Once she was there, she said that Carrie was very good at eating pussy, but she still didn’t want to do that to another woman. I told her Escort Adana again that whatever she did was up to her.

About 5pm, we were retrieving the kids when the grandparents got a call that one of Ann’s cousins, Virginia, was moving into the area and wanted some help. Ann volunteered me and I reluctantly agreed. Great! Another weekend ruined.

When we got home, Ann waited until the kids were in bed to tell me something interesting. Evidently, Virginia, or Ginny as they called her, was rumored to be quite wild. When Ann last spent any time with her, she was a little shocked, but now kind of interested. She told me that Ginny was very, very sexual and had big tits. She told me that because she knew that I didn’t have that at home.

“So you want me to fuck her?”

Ann looked at me thoughtfully. “I want you to try. But I don’t want to know any specifics, just if you have success. I want you to play this like an affair and I want her to think that it is an affair until I say otherwise. It will be more interesting that way, and it will be more like a cuckquean lifestyle. You can call me and just say that you will be out fucking her and I can imagine all the things that you are doing to her.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. I want to see how it plays out. This is the next step. I know you didn’t want me to pursue some of the things we did last weekend. You don’t have to tell me. And I want to be a good cuckquean, so I agree to let you do this. Oh, and at some point, maybe I can get some video.”

Now this was an idea I could get behind.

Finally, the weekend rolled around and I drove to Ginny’s new house. She had rented a small house in a half-way decent neighborhood. Two of her friends from where she was living before, about 300 miles away, had helped her load a U-Haul. Ginny drove it out, but her two friends, a couple she lived near, couldn’t come until next weekend because they both worked. One would drive her car up and the other would follow in their car to deliver her car and a few last things she had in it.

I arrived about 9am and she greeted me. I was not disappointed. She looked a lot like my wife except for the d-cup tits that stood proud on her chest. She was dressed in nice tight jeans that showed off her beautiful ass, and a light blue t-shirt with a black bra that showed through just a little. We said hello and had some small talk and then got to work. She had two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room’s worth of items and as we unloaded it started to get warm. Finally, about 2pm, we had everything in the house. We decided to start with the bedroom and put the bed together so that she would have someplace to sleep that night. Then we would start with the boxes.

When we went to get started in the bedroom, Ginny went into the bathroom and changed. When she came out she was in pair of skin-tight white short-shorts that showed just a little of the bottom of her ass cheeks and the same t-shirt, without the bra. She came out of the bathroom and said that she was stiff and too hot to stay in jeans. She stretched straight up, pushing her hands up toward the ceiling, which highlighted her braless tits and the hard nipples and also allowed me to see the camel-toe that she was sporting.

When she was done, she looked at me. “Wow, I really needed that. All that packing and loading made me stiff and then when you add the unloading, it has made my entire body is sore. I guess I’m not in very good shape.”

I grinned. “Well, you may not be in good shape for working as a mover, but from what I can see your shape is excellent. If you want a massage, just let me know.”

Ginny smiled and gave me a friendly punch on the shoulder. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were openly flirting with your wife’s cousin.”

“Hey, I’m a guy. I’d have to be dead not to notice your shape. And my wife would, too.”

Ginny liked that. “Well, thanks.”

So we started to put the bed together. As we moved around, she would bend over and the t-shirt, which had a round collar, was just big enough for me to see some cleavage. But not her tits. Her ass, however, was making more and more of an appearance as the shorts rode up.

Finally, as she was finishing putting the quilt on the bed, she bent over directly in front of me and showed me that half her ass was showing in those shorts. I admired it for a second and then gave the right cheek a nice slap.

“Hey!” Ginny stood up and turned to me. “What was that for?”

I grinned. “I just couldn’t help but give that gorgeous ass a little slap after you shook it in my face.”

She hesitated, but appeared to be looking at me playfully. “I did not shake it in your face.”

“Liar.” I moved close to her and grabbed her by her ass and pulled her to me. “Ever since we came inside and you put on those shorts and removed your bra, you’ve been teasing me.”

Ginny finally broke into a smile, put her hands on my chest and tried to push me away. “Well, maybe a little.”

I didn’t let go. I just squeezed that beautiful ass in my hands. “And I am collecting my reward for your bad behavior now.”

Ginny pushed harder. “Okay, fun is fun, but you are my cousin’s husband.”

“Yeah, and her libido is set on once every two weeks like clockwork.”

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