The Love Of Peggy

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Big Lips

Peggy was 19 when she got her first big break and now had been living in California for about 6 months. She had written my sister and it was agreed that she would visit us for the summer to get away from all the work, press and public. So far she had been in 3 movies, one of which made her a name similar to what “Wild Thing” did for Denise Richards. Peggy now has a major contract for 3 more movies and a fairly large part in one of America’s best comic shows on TV.

Peggy is very down to earth and her success so far had not gone to her head at all. The last time I saw her she had long wavy brown hair and bright clear brown eyes. Her lips are full and somewhat thick and she stands about 5’9” weighting about 110-115 lbs. Her skin is smooth and clear and she has a beautiful smile that lights up her entire face as well as any room. When she walks into a room she would turn any head of any male and some females. But, the best and most wonderful thing about my cousin Peggy is the fact that she was half tomboy and half sex symbol. She was the type of girl that looked good in rag old jeans cleaning the attic or in a beautiful dress going to some big affair.

She has large breasts for a tall thin girl; I would guess maybe 36C. Her waste was as small as her tits were large and her stomach was completely flat with only the smallest little rise where her Venus mound started just above her pussy. Her hips were small but very shapely and her ass, WOW!! Her ass was so round and sat so high out from her hips, making every guy dream and know she would be one fantastic fuck! With legs that are very, very long, they made your mouth water when you saw her as she stood in her tiny bikini bathing suit. She always wore the ones that rode high up the thigh showing as much skin as possible. On a few trips to the beach I have seen her in a thong! God I would just watch her lay there with that ass forming a small mountain and dream of her on top of me fucking me to death! I formed a small mountain of my own as I watched her! I’m telling you her body was spectacular and words can’t properly describe her except to say it was and is every guy’s dream to have a woman like Peggy in their bed making love to them at least once in their lives.

Many nights I have sat in my bed thinking about that nude scene in her movie that made her so popular. In the scene, she had gotten completely nude and as her love pressed her against the wall she lifted her body up and wrapped her long legs around him as he move into her. He carried her around the room and then to the bed. He made love to her tits and body leaving little to the imagination.

There were two scenes in that movie that left little to your imagination and showed the world what a great body Peggy has! She told my sister that there were no body doubles since the movie was on a very tight budget! That was she on the screen making love to her co-star! She told my sister it was so hot and sexy she almost had a real orgasm before the shot was finished. Her tits and especially her nipples were red and hurt from all the sucking and squeezing!

Every time I saw or remembered what her tits and ass looked like, it made my cock so hard I would cum all over my hands, body and the bed as I jerked of thinking of her or watching her. This was happening every night. I had seen the movie twice and I purchased the video the first day it was available. I would watch that scene of her and her boyfriend making love over and over again in my room as I worked on my cock and balls to the point of no return. Then I would run it in slow motion and cum a gallon! I was starting to lose weight! I would even dream that it was me taking her blouse off and cupping those wonderful fucking full solid tits as my mouth went down over the long hard nipples. It was me who had her legs wrapped around me and it was my cock pumping in and out of her bring her to a huge orgasm!

Just like the guy in the movie had done I would close my eyes and slowly slide my hand up and down my hard thick cock as I dreamed of her riding me to fulfillment! In the movie she rode on top of her lover’s cock bouncing up and down as they fucked hard and long. While no picture of her pussy was visible, the shots were very detailed showing her breasts, nipples thighs ass and stomach. I guess the only thing that they didn’t show was her pussy! That one scene had made her a new and up and coming female starlet!

The part I really liked the best was when she tossed her head back moaned as if she was having an orgasm I would shot cum 3 or 4 feet in the air grunting and moaning her name. I was becoming processed with her and had to see her nude every day. Now she was coming to my house and would be sleeping in the room next to me. I had to see her nude for real! Not in a picture or movie but in real life! I had a few weeks before she arrived and so I began to work on my idea and prepare her room. I could only work on it when the family wasn’t around but since everyone worked all day that wasn’t much of a problem for me once technical sex hikayeleri school end. And now as I sat there watching her undress, the first part of my dream was becoming true. I was going to see her body and with some luck would know what her pussy looked like up close and personal. She had no idea that in my room on the other side of her wall had a view of her. I had spent a lot of time and a great deal of money installing an 8×10 two-way window behind the very large dresser mirror on her wall in her room. I had also placed a 5×7 two-way mirror behind her bathroom mirror too! I had planned this for a long time and actually started working on the idea a few days after I hear my beautiful movie star cousin was coming to visit! I planned to take video and pictures of her in different stages of dress. If I were lucky, I would see her washing and drying and perhaps over the summer see her shave her pussy. God I might even see her masturbate! Things like that! Now I’m not really a real pervert but if you saw Peggy you would do the same thing if you had the chance. God her body guys, I wanted her so bad! So bad! But, what really happened during that summer of 2000, was a real sex and love story.

I couldn’t get anyone to believe me when I tell this story so I’m telling it here for the readers. Peggy arrived on June 17 and was just as beautiful in person if not more so. I couldn’t help staring at her. She caught me doing that, a million times over the first few days! She must have had that a lot when she was out and didn’t have a big problem with it. Finally she pulled me aside and told me it was not polite to stare at people. I blushed and she laughed! She kissed me lightly on the lips and then just walked away shaking that beautiful ass. The family took vacation and we all enjoyed our time together.

Finally my folks went back to work and my sister was working 3 days a week in the summer gaining points with her professors. I found I was along with Peggy and enjoyed out talks and walks and going to the beach. As days went by we all fell into a routine. Each day I would set my alarm and be up waiting for her to get up. She slept in most of the days until 9 or 9:30AM. Her routine was mostly the same every day and it pleased me greatly! Peggy would lay in bed and as she woke, she would stretch her arms way over here head and arch her back high up off the bed lifting that beautiful upper body and those full tits up off the bed! It would make her nipples press tightly against the tank top, tee shirt she wore every night to bed. She would them stretch her lower body and most of the time as she did, her feet would pull her sheet down off her legs. Her ass would come up off the bed and she would hold it up off the bed for a few seconds as she stretched. This would make her pussy pressed against the very small bikini panties she had on. She had a bunch of different color ones but the sheer ones showed me she had very little hair around her cunt. All the panties showed the outline of her slit when she lifted to stretch or stood in front of the mirror in her room! While she didn’t open her legs wide that much in bed as she stretched, her body pressed her wonderful pussy tight against the fabric of the panties and right in the direction of the mirror. Her nipples seemed to be semi-hard or hard all the time. She would always offer me a great view of the out line of her breasts and nipples against that tee shirt. Most days she would stretch a great deal before getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed. She even touched herself a little from time to time! Not masturbating but touching herself like a normal person does sometimes in the morning! You know, like running her hand and arm down between her thighs and over her pussy a few times as she stretched again! Or she would squeeze her breasts a couple of times with her hands rubbing them! Sometimes she would lift her tee shirt and scratch her flat stomach. It made my cock so hard it hurt! Then she would sit up on the edge of the bed and stretch again raising her hands high over her head as she thrust her tits out against that lucky fucking tee shirt again and again. When she stood up the first day in those small bikini panties and I saw how shapely, toned and long her legs were. I couldn’t help but pump my cum all over my hand as I sat there in my closet watching her.

She worked her back and legs stretching for a good 5 or 10 minutes each morning. I didn’t last long any day that week. But the first day I was gone in a few minutes! I didn’t even last until she took her top off! I was thinking: “It was going to be a good summer!”

As she woke up more and more, she would take her tee shirt off and dropped or toss it on the bed as she bent and moved her body limbering it up. She then walked to the bathroom, her ass swinging from side to side as her tits swung the other way! God she was built! As she closed the bathroom door, I moved out of the closet and over to my dresser. Behind my dresser I had installed the other smaller mirror, the 5×7 one. Both mirrors were in sex hikayeleri my room and I could watch her now as she prepared her shower. As I watched her prepare a bath or shower, she would turn the water on and then slowly slide those tiny panties down over her long beautiful hips and over her round full ass. I could have screamed with passion as she bent down to work those panties down her shapely legs and over her feet! Her full breasts would swing from side to side or back and forth as she lifted each foot. Stepping out of them one foot at a time I could now see her ass and pussy indention without any clothes covering them, she was trimmed very close! I moaned, sometimes too loud! I would think: “You dumb ass, you better be quiet or this will be all over!” Peggy leaned in to feel the temperature of the water and sometimes when she did her left foot would come off the floor as she bent to the right. Every once in awhile I would get a great shot of her sweet pussy and her ass from under that leg if she bent real far over into the tub to pick up a bar of soap or something! GOD! That was a sight I will never forget seeing her pussy from under her leg. Then when she closed the shower curtain I realized I should have figured out some way to see her wash her body behind that damn shower curtain. So while she washed, I would dream about how she looked with her breasts and pussy all wet as the water ran down her body. I was sure the water made her nipples harder and longer. Sometimes I would think about how the water would look as it ran down between her legs and I would see it dripping off her pussy all soapy as she washed that hard wonderful sweet body. I would see her ass wiggle as she moved around in the shower and how shapely her legs were as she washed each one. I could imagine seeing her put one foot on the edge of the bathtub and then the other one as she lifted it to wash her feet. Her ass would look so wonderful as she was bent over at the waste washing her legs. I often dreamed of being behind her and kneeling there looking directly between her legs at her ass and seeing that puffy pussy gleaming wet smiling at me. I would think about how it would feel as I ran a finger up and down the slit and it opened to my touch! I could hear her moan as I rubbed it and as I inserted that finger into her tight hole I could feel her tighten her lips around it as I moved it further inside her body! And I could imagine putting my mouth over her sex and sucking until she screamed with desire and climaxed on my face!

Oh god I wanted to fuck her, no I wanted to make love to her, so damn bad my entire body ached! I wondered if she played with her pussy like I played with my cock as I washed it. I would play with myself making my cock as hard and long as it could get while I waited for that curtain to open and see her step out of the shower completely nude and wet! The first time I saw her body wet I moaned again and shot cum all over the wall behind my dresser. I watched as she dried her body rubbing all those parts I would have loved to lick dry with my tongue. Then just as I hoped she would do, Peggy place one foot on the top of the toilet seat facing the mirror and wiped her pussy moving the towel up between her thighs. Between rubs I got a very nice view of her entire pussy, the slit, the lips and as she rubbed I actually saw her wipe the inside of the walls of her pussy lips. She put a finger in it and then brought it up to her face and inhaled her own odor! I almost passed out the first time I saw her do that from the thrill and excitement of it all! I was seeing all of my very beautiful cousin’s body and loving every second of it. My cock was so fucking hard when she looked up directly into the mirror. She squeezed her cunt with her hand around the towel and sighed a little sigh! Again cum shot 3 feet out of my cock and hit the wall! After she left the room wrapped in the towel and another one around her hair, I would hurry back into my closet and watch her dress! I loved the fact that she almost never put on a bra. Her panties were small and most of them rode high up her thigh. Her pussy was fat and you could always see the outline of her slit and the lips sticking out from under her as she stood there in front of the mirror combing her hair. My beautiful cousin was standing there with no bra on and just the smallest pair of bikini panties while combing her hair, right in front of the mirror just as I hoped she would. I was a lucky son-of a bitch! I sat there for the entire time watching her and that spectacular body of hers!

At night I would be in my room and as soon as I heard her door close I would go into the closet and watch her undress! That was much better than watching her dress in the morning! I would slowly stroke my cock up and down as she took off each piece of clothing! Since most of the time she only had on 3 pieces of clothing, shorts, blouse and panties, it never took long for her to be semi-nude or completely nude! When she got to her panties each night I would always prey she would drop them in sikiş hikayeleri front of the big mirror and play with herself. One night about 2 weeks after she had arrived, she did just that. I was home alone when I heard her come in. My family was all out and I’m pretty sure she knew I was home since my car was in the driveway. She went into her room carrying a glass of wine. She stripped fast and when she was completely nude she reached into her dresser and OMG she took out this big fat pink vibrator. My cock jumped as I saw her move to the bed. Was I going to get a show? A show I had been wanting begging for since I saw her. Was she really going to fuck herself with that vibrator? Oh god I hope so because she was laying with her feet facing the mirror and her head against the backboard of the bed. I was going to be able to see her open her legs and put that 8-inch vibrator into her pussy. I was going to see Peggy fuck herself! This was better than I had ever hopped for! She started by playing with her unbelievable tits. She ran her hand over them and then used the vibrator to stiffen the nipples. She would roll the nipple around in her fingers and she was able to lift her tits and suck on her nipples. She took a drink if the wine and let it run over her tit. Then she would lick it off. I was stroking my cock at full speed. But I didn’t want to cum too soon! I wanted to wait until she arched her ass up off the bed and climaxed and then I would do the same. She worked on her body and I worked on my body! I had to stop a few times so I could hold off cumming!

My cock was throbbing! I was in dire need of cumming! My cock hurt and I was saying come on Peggy fuck yourself baby! Stick that big vibrator into that sweet pussy of yours and let me cum! Oh god!! Come of baby! Just put it in! Peggy was rubbing that big thing all around her thighs and stomach. And then she rubbed it over her pussy and arched for the first time! I pumped my cock! She slowly ran it up and down the slit! Her pussy and the vibrator were all wet and shinning with her juices! I pumped my cock faster! Finally I saw her rub her clit with it and she arched her back up off the bed moaning loudly! I pumped my cock harder! There was a small pool of pre-cum on the closet floor from my cock and another poll under her ass on the bed from her pussy. Peggy closed her eyes and slowly, very slowly moved the head of the big vibrator down her slit to her pussy hole. My hand was flying back and forth on my cock shaft! She lifted her ass up a little and the head of the vibrator moved into it spreading her pussy lips as it went! Oh god she was going to fuck herself and I was going to see it. Peggy moved another inch or two of the vibrator into her body and began humping her pussy on it! I saw her adjust the knob at the end of the shaft and figured she was turning it up! She was sliding the shaft in and out of her cunt a little faster mow and lifting her ass up to meet it as it went in. With each movement in she took a little more of the 3 or 4 inch round and 8 inch long shaft! She had managed to get about 6 inches inside her and was moving it faster and faster as she pumped that vibrator into her body! Faster and faster I pumped my cock with my hand! I saw her arch again this time lifting all of her body except her feet, shoulders and head off the bed! Her mouth was open, her eyes closed and her hips were rocking and pumping as the vibrator disappeared almost completely inside her as she fucked her body wildly on that machine. As cum began to fly out of my cock I moaned very loud and began to orgasm! The last thing I saw before I almost fell off the chair was Peggy arching her body up off the bed, thrusting her pussy higher and higher and harder and harder! As she took all of the 8 inches and fucked on it for a full minute or two! I heard her cried out: “OH YES!! OH FUCK! OH YES! OH GOD BUD!! OH GOD BUD FUCK ME!YES!! OH GOD!! I’m CUMMING BABY!!! YES BABY! YES!! YES!! YES!! AHHHHHHHHH!!”

As my senses began to come back to me from my own very hard orgasm and I steadied myself on the chair, and said: “Oh Bud! Oh Bud fuck me!” Did I hear her correctly? Or, was I hearing things, dreaming things, wishing for things? Had she moaned my name as she climaxed? I watched and listen but didn’t hear any more.

She was still slowly moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy leaving a nice round hole for me to see. She finally let her body fall back on to the bed and when she pulled the vibrator completely out of her pussy she took it and sucked and licked the end of it, cleaning off her cum! She was unbelievable so sexy, so beautiful, I was like in a hypnotic stage as I sat there watching her come down from her climax and begin to relax. Finally, she sat up and I watched her breasts rise and fall as her breathing was still hard. I wondered if I had heard her cry correctly? Had she called my name as she reached her big orgasm? I didn’t know for sure. I decided to wait until the next time she masturbated and see if I had dreamed it or if she really did moan my name. I cleaned myself up and the mess I made on the floor. I took one last look and saw Peggy lying in her bed sleeping. I decide I would do the same. The next day I would ask her if she called me last night and see what happens!

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