The Long Weekend – Day 03

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Big Tits

I was woken up Sunday morning with a familiar pleasuring sensation that at first made me think I was dreaming it. As I started coming to my senses, the pleasure started intensifying rather than decreasing as it happens when one wakes from such wet dreams. Suddenly in an instant I realized what was happening, and opened my eyes. I looked down to see Sonia sucking my morning wood with vigor. Before the first moan escaped my lips, I realized the reality of the situation.

“Roommates?” I whispered.

“They’re out.” she winked and continued to suck my cock.

“Oh what a way to wake up.” I moaned. “Come on baby, let me not be too selfish.”

Sonia smiled and said. “See, that’s why I love you, you’re so giving”.

“Yea sure.” I quipped back and said crudely “Now hurry up and place that pussy on my face.”

Sonia was dressed in a long night shirt with panties. She immediately took the panties off, and pulled the t-shirt to her waist as she straddled my face and places a glistening pussy within my tongues reach. She leaned forward and went down on my wet cock again sucking the shaft up and down and massaging my balls with her fingers. I could see her dangling breasts insides her t-shirt ending in pointing nipples. Her breasts with covered with little love bites of the last two nights, reminding my how much fun this weekend has been so far.

I ran the tip of my tongue up and down her pussy, slowly collecting her tangy juices on my tongue. She was already wet and it was obvious she had woken up horny. Moving my tongue further up and slowly licked her recently fucked asshole thinking of how much I had enjoyed ramming my cock in and out of it just a few hours earlier. Remembering how Sonia’s body has withered in pleasure as her barely stifled moans escaped from her throat at every hump, and how she had milked my cock completely dry with her virgin ass causing my balls to ache with pleasure.

I moved my tongue down her slit and flicked the tip on my tongue on her clit. Sonia twitched her pussy and sucked me just a bit harder at that. I made my lips into an O and placed them over her clit. I started to suck on her clit and slicked my tongue on it in a circular motion around it. Sonia started to push her pussy into my face, so I started to rub my nose on her slit as I continued feasting on the slit. I was massaging her ass with my hands and rubbing my finger tips on her asshole. I knew she would still be sore so I gently rubbed without penetrating.

I let go of her slit and started to lap her pussy in earnest. Sonia was the tip on my sick while ribbing her hand up and down my shaft. She was alternating between licking my shaft and rubbing my head and vice versa. There break in the tempo was causing a surprising tease. I could feel my penis getting harder and thicker but I couldn’t feel the intensity in my ball. Sonia then closed her mouth and started to slide my dick between her teeth and the inside of her cheek. It was as if she was brushing her teeth with my cock and the sensation was unbelievable.

I stiffened my tongue and plunged it into her wet pussy as much as it would go. I brought my hand down and started to rub her clit with my thumb as I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I could feel the clit swelling and her lips were getting puffy. I brought my tongue back to her clit and slid finger into her pussy. I moved it in and out in short stroked and licked her clit with circular motions with my tongue. this started to get her close so Sonia just started sucking my dick and pumping the shaft faster. The intensity with which my balls started tightening was amazing and within a few minutes came in her mouth. I grunted and bucked my hips trying to push more of my dick in her mouth. Sonia held my dick firm, and sucked my off, swallowing every drop. Not to be out down, I continued the oral ravage on her pussy and a moment later Sonia too came. She pushed off from me dick and completely sat on my face as she came grinding her clit on my mouth. I held my breath for as long as I could, and as soon as she was done cumming, I move her off to gasp for breath.

“Wow!” I said, breathing hard. “Now that’s what I call refreshing.”

“You’re telling me.” Sonia replied. “I think I can skip breakfast after a load like that.” We both laughed.

“Thanks.” I said and meant it. “For this and for last night.” Sonia just placed her finger on my lips and said

“Shhhhhh. This weekend is not about sorry or thank you. It’s about us and how much we can enjoy with each other”. I just smiled “We better get cleaned up; Preeti is at the Temple and should be back soon. Neha hasn’t come in yet; she called and said will be back in an hour.”

“So you timed it perfectly, you naughty girl!” I teased.

“You’re not the only one with a devilish mind you know.” She said with a twinkle in her eyes, and then left for her room to get ready.

By the time I had showered and gotten ready, both Preeti and Neha were back. Since it was a Sunday I decided escort sitesi to be casual and dressed in a t shirt and loose sweat pants. We decided to spend the afternoon at home and then catch a movie later in the evening. Sonia had already gotten ready by then and taking the casual route as well was wearing a black t-shirt with a full length skirt. Neha was still in her shower and Preeti was dressed in a shalwar kameez and was reading a magazine on the couch. Neha joined some time later wearing an outfit similar to Sonia’s with the exception that she was wearing a shirt that was tied at her waist. Since we were spending the afternoon at home, Sonia and I decided to cook the lunch.

“I’m going to delight you guys with my culinary skills.” I said.

“You’re a man of many talents aren’t you?” Said Neha. “Last night it was dancing, today it’s cooking?”

“You liked the dance last night?” I said in a teasing tone. “Seems liked you really Enjoyed yourself.”

Neha went a bit red in the face but said “Yea, it was a fun night” and left it at that.

Not wanted to embarrass her and burn any potential future bridges. I let the matter go and Sonia and went back to cooking. Neha and Preeti were there too and we spent the entire time chatting about everything. I found out that Preeti was actually a religious person and went to the Temple every Sunday.

“That’s impressive” I said.

“Comes from my upbringing. My mom was very religious, and always took me to the temple. It just stayed with me when I moved on my own.” Preeti said.

“Well spirituality is very important in ones life, and if religion is your way to a spiritual health then there is nothing wrong with that.” I said.

Lunch was a success. All three girls enjoyed it and of course I was very happy about that. We spent the next hour or so chatting before heading out for a local movie theatre. The theatre was rather busy on a Sunday but we were able to find four seats together. The girls went in the row while I got the aisle seat with Sonia on my right side. The movie hadn’t started yet so Sonia decided to take a quick bathroom break and made it back just in time for the opening credits. The seat had adjustable arm rests and Sonia decided to move the arm rest between us up.

The movie started and about 15 minutes into it, when I guess everyone around us was comfortable settled into it, I felt Sonia’s hand reach across and hold mine. I smiled without turning my head and thought it was sweet. Then I felt her take my hand under her t-shirt. I was surprised by this and she placed the back of my hand on her flat stomach. Since she was on my side, there wasn’t any other way I could orient my hand. I turned my head slightly to see that Sonia was looking straight at the screen but she had raised her right leg up with her foot was resting on the seat and her knee pointing up.

I was thinking about it when Sonia raised my hand under her t- shirt touching the underside of her breast where I felt bare skin. Sonia wasn’t wearing a bra! Confused yet intrigued, I followed her lead. In this position I wasn’t able to do much, but I did gently cup her breast with the arch of my hand between my thumb and forefinger. I started to rub the underside of her breast nearer to me very slowly. I then belatedly understood that by raising the arm rest not only did Sonia make it easier for me to raise my hand and feel her breasts but the raised arm rest also prevented the people behind us from seen that my hand was on Sonia’s side. Smart.

Sonia took her free hand and placed it on her my thigh and again I belatedly realized that Sonia has raised her other leg up to present Neha and Preeti from seeing what we were doing. Very smart girl! A little more at ease, I starting rubbing her nipples with my finger tips. I could feel her nipples hardening slowly to my touch. I continuing to cup her breast as much as I could while I playing with her breasts gently and teasingly. I knew this must all be a tease since I could do nothing more to her breasts yet her nipples very hard. So I took her nipple between my thumb and finger gently pressed with my nails. Sonia twitched a little with a sly smile.

It was obvious that neither of us were going to watch this movie with any concentration. After what seems like 45 minutes of playing with her breasts, Sonia gently lowered my hand back to her tummy which I was a bit happy for as my arm had started to hurt. Then she really threw me for s spin when she slipped my hand under the elastic band of her skirt and placed it over her hairy mound. No panties! I finally got it that she must have taken them off when she went to the bathroom before the movie started. Very naughty girl!

This position was much more comfortable and I was able to rub my finger gently over her pussy hairs without any strain on my hand. This position was also very natural for both of us. I slowly inched my finger down to find a very wet pussy. Sonia was gaziantep escort sitesi horny and that started to make my dick get hard. I started to rub my middle finger up down her wet slit. Since her other leg was still raised, I had plenty of access. Her lips slowly parted to my touch. Her pussy hair was started to matt to her skin with her juices as I rubbed my fingertip over her opening. I trailed my wet finger and started to gently wet her clit. I made slow circular motions and I could feel Sonia start to take deep breaths.

Sonia slipped her hand under my sweat pants and boxers and was now holding my slowly hardening cock. She didn’t have the freedom to pump her hand so she kept squeezing it gently which was just as enjoyable for me. I alternated my finger from rubbing her clit to moving it up and down her slit. This break in rhythm was teasing Sonia more which was evident by her pussy getting even wetter. I reached down slightly more and gently inserted my finger as much as I could without being obvious. I was able to get half the finger in. Sonia slid down her seat a bit more to allow me more room. More of my finger went in and I started to finger fuck her pussy. Sonia was getting in the mood now. I could feel her pussy started to contract around my finger. I gently hooked my finger and started to apply pressure to her g-spot and Sonia responded my squeezing my now fully hard cock.

Finger fucking her pussy and pressing on her clit with the heel of my hand was causing having a seriously arousing affect on Sonia and I knew that if I kept it up, she would cum. This was a deliciously devilish idea for me to see how she would react while cumming.

As much as I could I picked up my finger fucking speed. I slipped in another finger and alternately massaged her spot with the fingers. Sonia was now pushing on my fingers in subtle movements and had started pulsing my cock faster. I was leaking precum and was glad I was wearing a dark colored sweat pants. Feeling the pre-cum on her hands Sonia rubbed it all over the cock head with her fingers and also a bit on the shaft. This gave her a little more mobility and she started moving her hand up and down in slow strokes. This was going to get very interesting as I too was getting very aroused.

Sensing Sonia getting close I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and placed them on her clit and began moving them in very short movements almost like a vibrator. I pinched her clit between my two finger tips. Sonia was not taking shallow breaths now and I the heat from her pussy had started making the inner thighs sweat. Sonia started to move her hand faster and whispered “Now!”

Sonia squeezed my hard cock as she came while the other hand gripped the top of her raised knee. I was amazed at her composure but she was cumming over my fingers. I placed my hand over her hole and could feel it contracting to my touch. As the wave of pleasure passed over her, Sonia breathe in a sigh on pleasure. I pulled my hand out and licked it clean. Sonia looked and smiled

“Your turn!” she whispered

“I’ll make a mess.” I replied back

“I don’t care.” she said. With that she turned her head back and started to move finger up and down my shaft again. I was rock hard and under normal circumstances would have cum already. But the short movements were more of a tease brining me to the brink but not quite there. I was release pre-cum almost continuously and by now Sonia’s fingers were covered along with my shaft with it. She was moved her fingers more, sliding them up to my cock head and half way down the shaft. Sensing my reactions, she focused her fingers right below the head and rubbing it in slowly twisting motions moving her hand to the top of my cock and back. I could now feel my balls started to hurt with the buildup and a moment later came in my boxers and on Sonia’s hand. I came in spurts and Sonia cupped her hand over my cock head trying to catch some of it. Once I was done cumming, she pulled her hand out, and just like I had done, licked her hand clean!

I was drained and I was also a mess. I tuned to Sonia looking flushed who didn’t turn her head but still had a sly smile. I excused my elf and went staring to the bathroom. In the light I could see that I had formed a wet stain near my crotch. I pulled my pants and boxers down and wiped as much as I could and then dried the outside in the air dryers. After washing my face to calm down, I went back to the screening room. We watched the rest of the movie and walked out of the theatre thirty minutes later.

“Well I had a nice time.” Sonia said.

“Really?” said Neha, “I didn’t like it much, was OK.”

“Yea, thought was kinda slow too.” Added Preeti. “What did you like about it” She asked Sonia.

“The climax.” she said smiling. I smiled too recognizing the double meaning.

We went home and had dinner with the leftovers from lunch. I had changed to a fresh pair of boxers as soon gaziantep escort bayan sitesi as I got home. The rest of the evening was pleasant with us chatting about our family with Neha and Preeti and getting to know more about them. Once again we chatted till past midnight, when it was time for bed.

“So you heading out again tonight?” Neha asked.

“Yea I’ll go out for a little bit. I’m noctournal. After all this is my last night here, have to make the most of it” I said. I had a feeling Neha would have liked a late night visit too after the enjoyment from the dance floor, but I wasn’t here for her and I didn’t want to add any complications between her and Sonia. If anything was to happen, I would have to talk to Sonia first and as Neha was Sonia’s friend first and a sizzlingly hot chick second!

Anyway, after the customary good nights the girls went back to their respectiveroom and I went to the bathroom to freshen-up and changed again for the night. Neha’s light was still on so I waited another half an hour watching TV. Finally after the light was off, I tip toed into Sonia’s room and locked her door. Sonia was waiting under the covers wearing a long t-shirt. Apparently she didn’t want to wait this long naked.

Not wanting to waist time, as soon as I locked the door, Sonia threw the covers off her and took off her t-shirt. Following her lead, I too got naked and literary jumped into the bed with her. Pulled her on top of me and hugged with and give her a very hot and passionate kiss.

“Hmmm, you’re certainly in the mood!” Sonia said.

“I still haven’t come down from the theatre high! How did you ever get that idea? And What planning, I’m seriously impressed here! Don’t get me wrong but you have bigger balls that I do. You roommates were right next to you!” I went on.

“I’ve always wanted to do something in public with you. This was such a turn on, I was surprised how turned on I was.” Sonia replied grinning.

“Well a little warning or heads-up would have been great. ” I said.

“What’s the fun in that? The look on your face was priceless.” she giggled.

“You are the best!” I said.

“Yea I know.” she smirked. “And I have one more surprise for you.”

“What?” I asked eagerly.

“You’ll know in due time, right now I want some loving.” she said invitingly.

I took Sonia in my arms again and kissed her lips. We both turned to our sides facing each other wrapped in a tight embraced. Out lips were locked and our tongues were moving in a frenzy. I could feel Sonia’s breast press on my chest as I ran my hand up and down her back. I caressed her butt and pull her leg over my rubbing my hand over her thigh. We continued to kiss as I reach down and gently ran my fingers over her pussy and asshole. It seemed that Sonia’s pussy was perpetually wet. I broke out kiss and moved down her body and took a nipple into my mouth and started to gently suckle like a nursing baby. Slow and gently sucks. Sonia ran her finger through my hair in a very slow loving manner. Her breathing slowed to a relaxing pace and she kissed to top of my head.

In the calm of the moment, I slide my entire middle finger into her wet pussy and opened my both and started to suck her breast hard. The sudden change made Sonia groan and pulled me in closer to her. My cock was started to get hard and in out position started touching her thigh. Sonia reached down and held and started stoking in. We were both a tangle of arms each pleasure the other. Sonia pussy was very wet and my finger was making sucking noises and it went in and out.

Sonia broke our embrace and turned on her back. “Fuck me! My pussy is aching for you.” I got up and reached for the condom. Sonia held my hand.

“Not tonight, I want you bare, hot and horny. That’s your surprise!”

“Are you sure, you’re not on pills” I said in a surprise.

“I start my period in a day or two, so I know I’m safe.” She said. “This is the best time. I want to feel your cock in me. No barrier, skin to skin! I want to feel the real you!”

Not believing my luck, I got between her legs, and place my cock on her entrance. I move my hips and rubbed the entire shaft up and down her slit. I gently tapped my cock on her clit as my move my clock up and down her clit. I pushed in just enough to part her pussy lips open and them moved up to her clit.

“Oh don’t tease me, just put it in. But glow slow, I want to savor every second.” She pleaded.

I aimed my cock to her now open pussy and gently slid the head in. I was in heaven. I gently slide a little more of my cock in. Her pussy felt like silk wrapped around my bare cock. The velvety wetness was arousing me even more, making me harder than I though possible. The more I went in the harder I got.

“Oh baby, that feel so good!” Sonia moaned.

“I love this.” I whispered. “I’m in heaven. Your pussy is making me go even crazier for you.”

I slide my cock all the way in and I lowered myself on Sonia. Neither of us moved for a while. Both just lost in the higher plane of lust we were both experiencing. This was sex! I slowly started moving my cock back and forth and each movement was sending sparks of pleasure in my groin. Sonia starting scratching my back with her nails.

“Fuck me baby, with that cock! Ram me like the animal you are!” She grunted.

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