The Long Walk to Work Ch. 01

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New to the site. First story too. I would appreciate any comments.


It wasn’t unusual for Max to see some people he knew on his walk to work; more often than not he would also stop to talk. This seemed to help him get going for the day, which spent at work a lot of time talking in meetings. What was unusual about this particular morning was that he stopped to talk and was now sitting at his desk in a state most definitely not ready for work. His body and mind were still on that walk.

It was early that Friday morning and he just turned the corner to his favorite block. He lived in a very busy neighborhood of Boston, and on weekday mornings the street was filled with young professionals, like him, all walking in the same direction towards downtown. He loved the feel of this usually busy neighborhood street, still a little sleepy from the night before, starting to get active again with all these people walking with purpose. More importantly, he loved checking out the girls, young and beautiful and wearing their most professional outfits, which only seemed to make him crave their hidden, or sometimes not so hidden, bodies underneath even more. It made walking to work a pleasure, and he felt confident, as he knew girls sometimes checked him out too. At 6’1″, a muscular 195 lbs in dark suits, brown curly hair and with big blues eyes that girls loved, he actually didn’t have many girls not look.

Steps in front of him he saw Samantha step out on to the sidewalk from her building and turn his way. In a way she stood out this morning because she wasn’t dressed for work. Instead she was dressed in a lazy Sunday sort of outfit. She had on a soft pink cotton t-shirt that hugged her small frame well. She looked shorter, maybe 5’4″, that when he saw her last weekend in heels. She had on red tights and some furry brown boots. Her long brown hair was pulled back and her cute face looked very natural without makeup. Perhaps her face looked a little tired this morning. She must have had a late night.

“Hey Sam! You look like you had a fun night” Max blurted out in a lighthearted but slightly flirtatious tone.

“Hi Max,” she greeted him with a level of energy he didn’t expect. “I was out laaaate last night, but it was so fun. We went to a house party at one of Jenn’s co-workers place and then did a little bar hopping. We all ended up here last night. I came down to get some coffee for us.”

Her recount was full of cheerfulness, but ended with a split second look into his eyes that he hadn’t seen before.

“I met someone who knows you.” She stated.

“Really?” Max replied. He was very interested, both because the thought of Samantha being slightly hung-over, and therefore probably slightly horny, made him horny, and also because of that leading look. He wanted to take her upstairs, get back into bed with her, and run his hands all over her body.

“Amber. She said you guys knew each other pretty well a couple months Kurtköy Escort ago.” Sam winked when she said this. “She said you guys did it in the bathroom at a party. Her BROTHER’s party!” Sam almost shouted this with a laugh.

Max laughed in mock humiliation. “Why did she tell you that?”

“I don’t know.” Amber grinned back, shaking her head. She looked like she new a lot more.

Max remembered some of that party very well. He wasn’t dating Amber. In fact she had a boyfriend who wasn’t at the party, which Max at first thought was too bad because her boyfriend was a pretty funny guy. Amber’s brother had a big party going, an almost frat party, and Max was talking to Amber in the kitchen while his buddy talked to one of her friends. Amber was a cute blond. She was about 5’8 and very slender. Not drop dead gorgeous, but she was pretty enough and had a really friendly personality. She was considered a cool girl and because of that she drew lots of attention. He could also tell that she liked him tonight. She was staring into his eyes, and touching his arm when she laughed at his jokes. A couple of times she let her hand rest a little too long on his forearm or hold onto his bicep. Max enjoyed the attention — she was bubbly tonight – but figured it was just flirting since it was still early and she had a boyfriend. Both moved on to other conversations, but then the party got late, partygoers got more spread out, the lights dimmed in corners, and everyone was getting nicely drunk. Max walked down a dark bedroom hall to find his buddy and Amber turned a corner towards him. She smiled at him in that same way as before, but with a little more drunk and devilishness.

“Hey. I was hoping to find you again” Max advanced suggestively, in an almost a hushed tone.

“Hi” she said quietly, standing much closer to him than before, and still smiling. By all accounts, she was looking for someone like Max too. Max knew this was only going in one direction.

“Come in here with me” Max said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the washroom. She eagerly followed. Once inside he turned towards her. She stared at him seductively.

“Hi” she said again. He brought his right hand to her face and brought his lips to hers. The kiss erupted further into sounds of sucking and air swirling. She leaned back against the door and grabbed at his muscular sides. He reached his left hand down to grab her small waist. Their kiss picked up intensity and he went further without pausing. He reached under her polo shirt and squeezed her breast roughly then went right down and put his hand underneath her jean skirt and up to her panties.

“You’re wet” he said, pausing from her lips. “Uh huh” she responded after a slight moan.

He slid underneath her panties and cupped his hand on her pussy, pressing evenly and firmly. She pushed her hips back into his hand while reaching between the two bodies to undo his jeans. She moved Pendik Escort quickly and reached into his boxers to grab his cock. She liked what she felt.

“This is bad” she said with pure lust and guilt. “You’re bad” she added in a pant as she gripped his thick dick, feeling it to be fatter and little longer than her boyfriend’s.

“This is just between us” Max winked at her while easily sliding his middle finger up into her.

“You’re naughty” She panted again.

“Oh yeah” Max confirmed, knowing this was an opportunity to be a little more kinky than usual with this blond princess. “Get on your knees.”

Amber paused to look at him with all seriousness, then dropped to her knees and hungrily put his cock into her mouth. She slid her tongue all around the head then wrapped her lips around, sliding down while holding onto the base. She closed her eyes and began to bob on his cock.

Max watched their reflection with appreciation in the bathroom mirror. Hot, he thought. He looked down to see her hand moving between her legs. She needed some attention.

“Get up” he asked a little more gently. She stopped and stood up, submissively looking up into his eyes. Max kissed her while lifting her up onto the bathroom counter. He reached down to where her hand was, inserting his middle finger again, and withdrew it. He brought his wet finger to his mouth and tasted it. She stared with lust. While bending down between her legs he put the same finger to her mouth to let her suck on it. She grabbed his hand and sucked hard, letting out a little moan. The tip of his tongue had also just pressed against the wet spot on her panties. He licked her panties from bottom to top, then pushed her panties aside. His other hand went right to her pussy lips, spreading them apart and pushing his fingertips inside. His tongue was now flicking her little pink clit.

“Oh fuck” Amber moaned. “That feels so go…” her words dropping off to a heavy breath.

Max was able to keep her hips from bucking too much by keeping his heavy forearm over top. His hand also had to reach around to keep her panties open. Max started finger fucking her while putting pressure on her clit with his lips and swirling tongue. He had two fingers inside of her, one rubbing near her G-spot. His fingers were thick, like his cock, Amber thought.

“Oh. Ohhh I’m going to cum.” Amber declared. She was holding herself up on the bathroom counter with one hand and had the other on his head, grabbing at his hair.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum all over your face Max. Ohhhh.” She bucked wildly as Max went to sucking on her clit.

Max let this moment last only as a second as he withdrew himself and reached down for his dick.

“Ohh” Amber continued while starting to open her eyes. “Do you want to fuck me?” she said in her most innocent voice.

Max just nodded and reached inside his left pocket for a condom. She just stared, her head blurry Mutlukent Escort with hormones, as he got ready and thrust inside of her, snapping out of it for only a second to quickly pull off her panties.

“Oh fuck me” Amber begged as she grabbed onto his back and started to wrap her legs around him. Max pumped into her and felt her wetness drip to around the base of his cock.

His balls slapped into her ass and the repetitive sound resonated in the bathroom. As he got into a rhythm, the situation became a little more realized to him. He was fucking some guy’s girlfriend in her brother’s bathroom. They could get caught at any second. He wasn’t sure how much longer they could go without someone knocking on the door. Maybe another girl would come to the door and want to watch us? His mind was racing.

He pulled out and looked down at her. “Turn around” he ordered, motioning with his head. She hopped off the counter and pulled her polo off, then reached around and unhooked her bra. Amazing that he hadn’t seen her tits yet, he thought. The looked bigger than what he guessed when he felt earlier, maybe C-cups, but perfectly shaped and with little pink nipples. This girl is a sex kitten, Max thought, what a shame she is with someone else. Would he get to do this with her again? He would accept any arrangement.

Bending her down onto the counter, he looked down and pulled her skirt up to see himself guide his cock in gently. He then went more roughly, pounding into her with all the force his body would allow. Her shapely ass below him was willing him for more, he thought. By her moans, he knew she could take it. The sight of her face in the mirror reflection, eyes closed and mouth open, and tits swaying with each thrust, drove him closer.

She caught him looking at her in the reflection and looked back at him through the mirror, “Want to fuck me in the ass?” she asked wantonly.

“Fuck!” Max exclaimed. Those words coming out of her mouth were so perfectly dirty that they were pushing him over the edge.

She looked back over her shoulder at him. “Yeah?” she asked again. She reached back to pull her ass cheek open as more of an offering to her little pink hole.

Max was too overwhelmed by this sight and he started pumping into her pussy frantically.

“Ahhh” was all he could muster as he locked in to shoot his cum into her. Amber responded by pushing back into him, a smile coming across her face.

That was Amber.

The rest of the night was a blur. They snuck out of the bathroom uncaught, but didn’t go home together. In the weeks that followed, Max was pretty sure she broke up with her boyfriend. He just missed her at party a couple weeks later, he heard, and then again at a bar the following week. He didn’t call her because, well, he wasn’t too sure why. He definitely wanted to see her again, if only to give her what she asked for before, but couldn’t deliver.

Samantha was still staring up at him on the street, hoping to get some details of this story from Max.

“Anyway,” Amber interrupted, “it sounded interesting.”

“It was a fun time” Max responded jokingly.

“She’s upstairs in my bed right now.” Amber remarked.

To be continued…

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