The Lonely Salesman

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I started working part time at Andover men’s shoes when I was in high school. When I graduated, I moved up to full time and after several years was promoted to store manager. Andover shoes is a small retail chain operation catering to upscale business men. I’ve sold my share of wing tips over the years. The staff consists of a manager, his assistant and a couple part timers for the busy seasons. When you work at Andover, you get used to being alone and lonely.

Andover shoes has a small sales floor with very comfortable seats and a bigger stock room behind a false wall. It’s a traditional shoe store in that regard. Over the years I’ve made many friends in the mall. The ladies would stop by when I was working alone in the store and ask if they could bring me a coffee or something else to drink.

When you work in a big mall people come and go on a regular basis. Some you remember some you forget as soon as they leave. Connie and I met a few weeks ago. She works at Elegant Touch, a fashionable ladies clothing store toward the other end of the mall, accepting a transfer from another store to become the assistant manager at this location. We were introduced by Marsha who is the store manager. I was instantly attracted to Connie by her warm smile and friendly attitude. Connie is a year or two older than me and has long auburn hair, which is always impeccable, and dark sensual eyes. Her full pouting lips match her figure perfectly. Her breasts are a full 36-D and she has the classic Victorian hourglass figure. I’m 5’10” and I’d guess Connie is about 5’6″ but always wears three-inch heels so she’s almost the same height as me. Having worked for Elegant Touch for nearly two years Connie has acquired a rather sizable wardrobe of really good looking clothing. Since the day we met I’ve taken every opportunity to compliment her on how sexy she looks and flirt with her as often as I can.

Since we met Connie stops by regularly offering to bring me a coffee and then sits with me for a while to chat during her breaks. I took that as a sign she was attracted and interested in me also.

This morning I had opened the store at 9:30 AM and was scheduled to work until 5:30 PM alone. About 10:30 in the morning I was standing in the lobby looking for someone to grab me a cup of coffee when I notice Connie strolling down the mall. She smiled broadly at me when she saw me standing out front.

“Want a cup Philly?” she asked as she approached. She calls me Philly. My given name is Phillip, but I was born and raised in Philadelphia so hence the nickname Philly.

My instant reply was, “You’re a life saver Connie, I was hoping someone would stop by and offer to bring me a cup,” Handing her a five I said, “I’m buying if you want a tea.”

“Thanks, Philly, I’ll be back in a few,” She replied as she took the bill and headed off in the direction of the coffee kiosk.

I watched Connie walk away from me; she instinctively knows how to walk in heels and reminds me of a runway model when she walks only better since her hips are fuller than any model I’ve ever seen. She looked just as good from behind as she did from the front. I’m sure she’s heard all the cliché comments about fries with that shake many times. She was wearing a pair of slinky dark brown slacks and a cream colored silk blouse. The lack of panty lines told me she was wearing a thong or just panty hose. Her pumps matched the color of her slacks. Her long wavy auburn locks flowed midway down her back and I imagined how nice it would be to run my fingers through her long flowing tresses.

A few minutes passed and I was distracted by a customer who was obviously window shopping when Connie rounded the corner of the store and strolled in. She was carrying a drink tray holding two cups. I smiled and said, “Great you got a tea also, we can chat a little.”

Connie replied, “Yep Philly, things are under control at ET” Connie refers to her store as ET, “so I can chat with you for a little while.” After adding some sweet n low to her tea and squeezing out the tea bag Connie took a seat in one of the customer chairs and crossed her legs. She smiled at me as I sat on the arm of another chair a couple of seats from where she was seated.

Our conversation started out about how slow the mall had been. We agreed that the approaching holiday season would remedy that problem soon enough. I wanted to try and direct our conversation to something a little more personal so I tried flirting with Connie.

“You’re looking exceptionally elegant today Connie,” I said. “I love the silk blouse!”

She smiled and said, “I’m glad you notice things like that Philly. Did you watch me walking toward the coffee kiosk like you usually do?”

I must have blushed realizing she knew I enjoyed watching her ass when she was walking away. I said, “Why yes Connie I did watch, how did you know?”

She replied, “I noticed a couple days ago that you always stand out front when I go for coffee Philly. Hope you like Adana Escort what you see?” Connie smiled widely as she asked the question she already knew the answer to.

“Connie I like what I see whether you’re coming or going,” I replied.

Connie took a sip of her tea and turning a little toward me she asked, “Philly I have a question for you? We’ve known each other for about two months, right? How is it you haven’t asked me for a date?”

I thought for a moment, kind of grinned at her and replied, “You know Connie, I really don’t know; I think your very attractive and we certainly enjoy being around one another. I really can’t say.”

Connie interrupted me, “You think I’m attractive Philly; that makes me wonder even more why you haven’t asked me to go out on a date.”

I continued saying, “I suppose it’s because we both work here in the mall, and we’ve developed a nice friendship. I guess I thought you’d want to keep it platonic between you and me.”

Connie turned even more to face me and with by expression on her face said, “Well guess again Philly!” The serious expression instantly turned to a broad smile. And silly me, I noticed a sparkle in her eye for the very first time that I’m sure was there before.

Her smile and that sparkle in her eye seemed to be asking me to guess again so I did saying, “Well Connie how about you and I have a drink after we get off tonight?”

Connie instantly smiled again and said, “My my Philly I thought you’d never ask! I’d love to have a drink with you tonight.”

I wanted to keep the conversation on this personal side so I continued saying, “You know Connie my social life has been somewhat dull lately it’ll be nice to go out with someone as sexy and vibrant as you for a change.”

“So I’m sexy and vibrant am I?” she replied, “My goodness Philly I had no idea you could use such interesting adjectives.” Connie stood up and walked over to where I was sitting and leaning close to my ear said, “I’m going to be wondering all afternoon what other interesting things you might have up your sleeve Philly.”

I grinned a devilish grin and said, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes at me as she said, “Sounds like we may be having some fun later, but for now I better get back to ET.” “I’ll check in on you later to see if you need anything, ok?”

I thanked her in advance and watched as she turned to leave. Connie made sure I was paying attention as she flipped her hair around and over one shoulder and strolled toward the front of my store. Her hips moved gently from side to side and she walked with a purpose. I knew what that purpose was to and welcomed the idea it brought to mind. As she rounded the corner of Andover’s display window she looked over her shoulder and waved goodbye with that same smile and sparkling eyes I had seen earlier.

I thought to myself, this could be the start of a very exciting romance. Connie obviously was also attracted to me and enjoyed having me look at her. I wondered if she enjoyed the same thing in the bedroom. I couldn’t wait to find out.

I spend the rest of the morning studying the plans corporate had sent me for our holiday display windows and making sure my stock was full on the featured shoe styles. But my mind wasn’t in it because it kept flashing back to my coffee break with Connie and where I imagined that whole conversation might just lead.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon I was in the stock room sneaking a quick smoke when the entry alert buzzer sounded letting me know someone had entered the store. I dropped my cigarette in the toilet and flushed the evidence, grabbed a breath mint and made my way to the doorway from the stock room to the sales floor. When I turned the corner my eyes almost popped out of their sockets and I had to side step my jaw, which had hit the floor between my feet.

Connie was standing in the middle of the store. She smiled and said, “What do you think of this dress Philly?”

She had changed into a burgundy wrap around dress that tied at the waist. The material clung to her breasts very seductively and formed a perfect V into her luscious cleavage. She took several steps toward me and as she did the dress opened at the knees in front giving me a quick glimpse of her legs. The dress was very sexy and Connie looked fabulous in it.

I searched for the right word to use to describe what I thought of the dress but before I could respond Connie again said, “Philly do you like the dress?”

I could only muster one word, “Incredible!” She smiled happily that I approved. I was already imagining what she’d look like if I pulled the belt that tied the dress in front.

Connie said, “We got a shipment in today and I just had to try this little number when I did I wanted to see if it’s something you’d enjoy also.”

I assured Connie that I was enjoying it immensely saying, “Enjoy is putting it mildly.”

She grinned and did a pirouette, Adana Escort Bayan which made the hem kind of fly away from her legs. Connie has great legs and I was going to enjoy looking at them more all the time. She walked the rest of the way to where I was frozen to the floor gave me a quick hug and said, “Well I think I’ll buy it then if you like it that much.”

Did she actually say she would buy it because I liked the way she looked in it? I wasn’t sure because my mind was still trying to react to the quick hug. That was the first time we’d actually touched in that way and my senses were reeling not only at the feel of her body against mine, but the smell of her perfume wafting into my nostrils.

Before I could say a word Connie said, “Well Philly I better get back,” She asked, “What time do you get off this afternoon?”

I responded, “I’m outta here at 5:30.”

Connie said, “Great I get off at six why don’t you stop by ET when you get off and we’ll figure out where we want to go for that drink then.”

“Great,” I replied, “I’ll see you then.”

She turned and slowly walked toward the front of the store and I watched her movements intently trying my best to allow the image to burn into my memory.

I tried my best to stay focused on the task at hand the rest of the afternoon, but my mind kept wandering to the images of Connie I’d committed to memory earlier. I wondered just where she expected our date for drinks after work would wind up, and I fantasized where I hoped they would. She is an intriguing woman and very sexy indeed; as the afternoon wore on I was able to get my plans for our store’s display change straightened out in my mind. The company dictated what shoes would be displayed where in the windows, but left it up individually to the store’s staff to fill in between with holiday decorations of their own choosing. My plans for that included having some trains running through the window and perhaps even some shoes displayed on flat cars in the train. That change over was scheduled to happen the following week so I had time to consider my options before I went to work on getting my store ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

As five o’clock approached I began to think more and more of Connie and that sexy burgundy dress she had modeled earlier in the afternoon. I wondered if she had changed back into the slacks and silk blouse she wore that morning when we shared our coffee break, I hoped she kept the dress on. A little after five my assistant manager showed up for work. It was his short day. He would work till closing at 9:30 PM and then open the next day, I was off till three the next afternoon. He and I went over the details of what I wanted him to accomplish the next morning and made a sale just before I was to get off.

At five thirty I was ready to get out of there; Wednesdays are a long day and I was ready to relax and enjoy an evening off and hopefully with the company of one very sexy lady. I grabbed my black leather coat from the stock room and asked my assistant Ken if he needed anything before I headed out.

He said, “Naw, I’m good Phil. Have a good evening and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

I didn’t mention to him that I had a date with Connie. I left saying, “Have a good one.” and waved as I turned the corner to walk down the mall to Elegant Touch.

Not wanting to appear over anxious I took my time walking the length of the mall stopping to chat briefly with some of the other store managers I ran into on my way. I figured that if I got to Connie’s store by 5:50 PM she’d be just about ready to leave and I wouldn’t have to endure making idle chit chat with her staff of part timers who were coming in at six.

As I turned the corner into Elegant Touch I could see Connie standing with her back to the front of the shop behind a display rack that obscured my view of what she was wearing. Walking slowly through the maze of clothing racks I approached a part time employee named Judy.

She smiled broadly at me and said, “Hi Philly,” yes they all call me Philly at ET, “How’s your day been?”

I grinned and said, “Well Judy, it was slower than molasses but I expect it’ll pick up in a little while.”

Connie heard my voice and turned toward me. She said, “Well Philly, I thought for a minute you had forgotten me.”

“Forget you, Connie,” I replied, “how could I forget you?” She stepped from behind the display and my eyes popped again. Connie was still wearing the burgundy dress she had modeled for me that afternoon. I smiled and said, “I see you decided to buy the dress.”

Judy chimed in, “Yeah she always gets first crack at the really nice stuff. Now none of us will be able to buy it.”

I grinned at Judy and replied, “The perks of management Judy.”

She giggled and said, “For sure, but none of us would look near as hot as Connie does in that little number.”

“I couldn’t agree more with you,” Was my response as I turned Escort Adana my attention to Connie, her sparkling eyes and incredible figure. “You about ready to get out of this hall.” using the mall employee slang term to describe the long mall.

Connie said, “I sure am, it’s been a long day. Let me grab my coat and purse and we’ll take off.”

A minute later I was walking down the mall to the center exit where Connie and I had parked our cars early this morning. We talked about business and even stopped to say hi to a few other store employees who had to endure a long night in the empty mall.

As we approached the exit I asked her, “So Connie where would you like to go?”

Connie suggested, “How about the Lancer Pub at the Holiday Inn. I’m a little hungry and they have a free buffet during happy hour.”

Since I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast some food sounded good to me too and I agreed that would be great. When we walked through the doors it felt cool and was quite breezy. I took her jacket and helped her slip it on.

“Where did you parked?” I asked.

“I’m over there somewhere,” She replied pointing in the opposite direction from where I was parked. Connie suggested we take one car and I offered to drive. As we stepped off the curb I offered Connie my arm and she slipped hers into the bend of my elbow and snuggled into my side to ward off the cool breeze.

“Its chilly tonight.” she said as we walked through the lot.

I escorted her to the passenger door, pushed the unlock button on my key and opened the door.

“What a gentleman you are,” she said as I stepped aside to let her slip into the leather bucket seat. As she did the split in the front of her dress opened revealing her thigh and to my amazement the top of a thigh high stocking. Connie was becoming more and more vibrant by the minute. I didn’t react to what was showing and simply closed the car door once she lifted her right foot inside.

I slid into the driver’s seat and glanced over at Connie. She was smiling as she crossed her legs and let the material of her dress fall to either side of her thigh. She made no effort to cover her exposed leg and I took that as a sign that she was inviting me to look, which I happily did. As I started the car and reached for the shift lever between the seats her hand slid over onto mine. I didn’t move the shifter, but instead looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Connie are you flirting with me?”

She giggled and said, “So you do notice those things.”

I responded, “It’s hard not to notice such a sexy looking thigh.”

Connie giggled again and turned slightly toward me causing her dress to slip open just a little more. I slid my hand out from under hers and turned on the radio and flipped the seat heaters on. Her hand was still resting on the shift lever; actually, her hand was massaging the top of the lever. I placed my hand over hers and pushed in the clutch as we shifted into reverse together. As I backed out of the parking space Connie slid her hand over to the top of her leg smoothing out the material of her dress that still covered the top of her thigh. She looked so sexy sitting there and I fought to keep my concentration on driving. As I glided the car out of the parking lot and onto Route 12 toward the Holiday Inn Connie began feeling her seat warming.

She said, “Oh Philly these seats feel so nice, I love the warmth I’m feeling.”

I finally had a reason to be thankful that I’d opted for the seat warmers when I ordered my car.

It was a short drive of maybe 10 minutes or so to Lancer’s Pub at the Holiday Inn and Connie used every minute to flirt with me as often as she could. While we were stopped at a red light she again slid her hand over on top of the shift lever and slowly stroked it as if it were an erect cock. Sliding her hand down the metal shaft to the leather boot that covered the base and then back up again to run her hand over the knob at the top. She smiled at me and said, “I love the feel of your big shifter.”

I figured I’d follow her lead and said, “Well Connie if you keep that up it’s going to need servicing very soon.” I wondered if she had noticed the other big shifter between my legs that had begun to grow yet.

As we pulled into the lot at the Holiday Inn Connie said, “We’re going to have such a good time tonight; I’m really enjoying your company so far.”

I pulled into a space at the far end of the lot thinking maybe later we’d want the privacy of not being in the middle of the lot. Jumping out of the car I hurried around so I could open her door. I wanted to get another good look at her legs as she got out of my car and I wasn’t disappointed. As I took her hand she slid one leg out and let her dress open even further in the front. The creamy skin above her stocking was exposed and she again made no effort to cover her leg to my view.

As Connie stood up she leaned close to me and said, “My butt is so warm I love those heated seats.”

I jumped at the chance to get a verbal flirt in on this sexy lady and said, “Connie your butt is beyond warm, it’s downright hot.”

She giggled and gave me a quick hug saying, “So Philly, let me see you think I’m vibrant, exciting and I have a hot ass too?”

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