The Lodge Pt. 03

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Busy day at The Lodge, our second week opened. Today we opened for day passes, allowing 100 individuals over 18 to come in for the day, 9 am — 10 pm. As exciting as this is, today is also the day our three sisters come to spend the week from Boston. They are older than my twin Brian and I and are not sure how they feel about our venture. We know they dated guys in high school and college so assume they are no prudes, in about an hour we will find out as the plane we chartered for them is about to land.

Our driver called to say they were on their way. I told him when they got to the elevator call, and I would send it down as the third floor was our living quarters and business suites.

“Send her down,” our driver told us.

Brian and I stood at the door to greet them when they came up. At The Lodge clothing is optional, we both wore red jockstraps, our typical attire each day. Identical twins, our six pack abs, and trim body made it impossible to tell us apart. The only difference was a slight one when we spoke. Over the years our sisters learned and could tell us apart when we spoke.

Growing up, we were intimate with each other but not our sisters. Not that we did not want to, they were hot but didn’t know how they felt about incestuous relationships. We were looking forward to finding out.

“Welcome,” we said as the elevator door opened and they walked out, our driver with a cart holding their luggage. All three had their eyes scanning our bodies, especially the red pouch which I could see was causing quite a stir.

Giving them a hug as they came in, I let them know our plans for the afternoon. “Brian and I have business we need to tend to until dinner, then our schedule is free for the evening. Put these gold bands on your wrists, it will open the elevator. It also has our credit card loaded on it, so you are welcome to visit the gift shop and buy what you like. Our assistant will be downstairs at the check-in and will give you a guided tour of the property is about half an hour.”

Brian went on further, “Enjoy your week. Clothing is optional, so wear as much or as little as you like. Guests come here to hook up, and you are our guests, so if want to get together with anyone here and everyone is agreeable, have a good time. Mark and I usually play with ourselves but the first week we did have a good time with some others. If you do, condoms are advised unless you are on the pill. Everyone has been screened within the last week, as you were. It is a Lodge policy. Mark and I are both looking forward to dinner and catching up. So, let’s show you your rooms.”

We showed Ashley, our oldest, Nancy, the middle sister, and Sue to their rooms and headed back to our offices. We watched them head out to the elevator, each wearing matching black bras and laced black underwear. Didim Escort I have to admit, my cock hardened, and I wanted to strip away the clothing and pleasure them. We would find out this week if that was a happening thing.

A bit before 5 the elevator bell dinged and they three walked out, shopping bags in hand and headed for their rooms. Wonder what they bought?

We knocked on their doors and invited them to join us for dinner, leading them to our dining room where our Lodge chef had prepared a special meal as a welcome.

“How was the tour?” Mark asked.

“Different,” Ashley commented to them, her face turning red as she spoke. “So many naked people. I think most of your guests hate clothed,” she smiled and laughed.

“We thought we were overdressed, and look at us, almost naked ourselves.” Sue added. “Thanks for letting us use your card to shop. We hope we didn’t spend too much.”

Appetizers were served, we all began to eat. They brought us up to date on life in Boston. Dad had passed while we were in college and Mom was still living in the same home, we grew up in.

“We invited her to visit. She isn’t ready, she told us. We had a house built for her in town, a nice three bedroom, we want to take care of her in retirement.” I let them know.

Our server cleaned the plates from the table and brought salad out as our conversation continued.

“Not only do we want Mom to move out, but we also have a proposition for you.: Brian told them.

“What, you want us to go to bed with you,” Nancy said with a smile.

“Gosh Nancy, where is your mind at?” I chuckled. “That is optional, but not what we want to talk about. Finish the salad and when the main course arrived, we will share our idea.”

We continued to eat and talk about the Lodge, its concept and design. The funding from the billions we got for selling our gaming business and how profitable things are. Salad plates were cleared, and dinner was served, steak and lobster along with rice and broccoli.

“So, what is your idea?” Nancy asked.

“We want you to move here and work for us.” Brian said.

“And what would we be doing; it looks like you have a smooth operation already. Where would we fit in?” Ashley asked.

“Here is the plan,” I responded. You Ashley work in the hospitality industry as a general manager for a hotel chain. We want you to come and oversee our cabins, lodge, yurts and hotel and motels.”

“I didn’t see all that, just the lodge, cabins and yurts.” she replied.

“We have a hotel and several motels in town. Each has a manager; we want an executive to oversee all of the managers and their staffs.”

“You have an investment in town?” she asked

Brian laughed. “The town was depressed; the mining industry was gone along with the business. We bought Didim Escort Bayan the three running businesses, a mini-mart, café and bar. Main Street is 3 blocks. We have torn in down and are in the process of building a Western theme. With our day passes, we needed a place for those who came overnight to get a start. We will show you our plans and what we have done already. We own the town and all the adjutant acreage. We voted to become part of the town as we are located two miles outside the city limits. Mark is the Mayor.”

“You don’t have to call me Mr. Mayor,” is joked. “Nancy, we want to hire you to oversee our food and beverage operation, here and in town with your background, and Sue, we know you lost your job when the brick n mortal chain your were in upper management with closed everything but the internet. We have internet sales with our retail, and we have outlets here, as you all shopped at, and also in town with more on the way. We will double your current salary, we have built three houses next to ours and Mom’s on the backside of town which are yours to live in at no charge, our employees all live in an apartment complex we build for them, and everyone gets free breakfast and dinner, also all the guests get the free meals except for the day pass people. They have to pay.”

“We’re not looking for an answer right now. Think about it, let us know what you decide. We think this is a win-win for all of us as a family.”

We answered some more questions they had, finished dinner, took a walk around the property, two of our sisters went to the sauna and Sue went for a swim before we retired for the night to our rooms.

Brian and I climbed into bed, naked, settling in for the night.

“What do you think? Will they come to work for us?”

“I don’t know, hope so,” I responded, reaching under the covers to fondle his cock and balls.

As we played with each other, making out then beginning to 69, a knock came to our door. We straighten out, pulled the sheet up and said in unison, “Yes, come in.”

“Can I talk with you both? Sue asked.

She walked over to the bed, still in her bra and panties. “How do you guys work here and not have a bed full of people each night? I mean, I have just arrived, and I am so horny looking at everyone, and well, you too are so hot. Were you serious at dinner?”

“About what, the job? I asked.

“Well, that. My answer is yes, I will move out. But more so, would you sleep with your sisters?”

“We are serious, you girls are so hot, we have wanted to play naked with you since we were kids.” Brian told her.

“Can I get in your bed and cuddle?”

I pulled back the sheet, and told her to climb in. She saw we were naked, our cocks hard. She slipped out of her clothes, rolled over me, and got in the middle.

“You Escort Didim on the pill if we go there?” I asked. We are not looking to become dads.

“Have been since high school. You are both gay?”

“No, we consider ourselves bi-sexual, we just love each other and our bodies so we get enough sex without a bed full of people.” I let her know.

We took turns kissing her, intimate, tongues tangling while she played with our cocks.

Pulling back the sheets, we admired her body. At 5’6″ her body was well proportioned. Sue’s breasts were nice with a dark circle and her tits were hard and erect. Brain and I went down and began to suckle them, we each had one in our mouths. We could hear her moaning with pleasure.

“I want to take a good look at her vagina.” I said sliding further down the bed. She had nice folds which I parted to take a better look. She was definitely horny, moist and some running down her leg. I slid my finger in, then took it to my mouth. What a wonderful taste. Brian played with her tits. I climbed between her legs, kissing up both sides of her thighs then my tongue lapped away at her juices. “Oh my god, you guys make me feel so good,” she said.

I found her sweet spot and she began to squirm as I licked away. She whimpered. Then begged me to continue as she squirted in my mouth.

“Brian, take a turn down here,” I told him.

Sue had me kneel by her head while Brian enjoyed the taste of her hot cunt. She took me in her mouth and started to administer oral sex, fucking my cock with her mouth.

While she was blowing me, Brian slipped his cock deep in her. She could only mumble as my cock pumped into her mouth. Her tongue gliding down my shaft, circling my mushroomed head, and then licking my slit from the cum oozing out.

“I could never imagine,” she grunted…”oh fuck…”

I had reached the point of no return and shot my load down her throat which she swallowed. Brian was not far behind when I heard him moaning as he filled her cunt with his load.

Sue had several orgasms while we played with her.

“That was fun, can we do it again and again other nights?” Sue asked.

“As much as you like,” we replied. She went to her room and showered and went to bed.

“I didn’t expect that the first night,” I said to Brian. “A decision on working for us, and a nice time making love to our sister.”

The next morning, we had breakfast served upstairs instead of going down.

“Sounds like you had a guest last night or was that just you to going at it. We both could hear you in our rooms.” Ashley commented.

“Just a fun night at The Lodge,” I said to Ashley and Nancy. “By the way, Sue let us know she is going to join us. We will be moving her stuff to the house in town next week. Tomorrow we will go to town and look at your new home and our town plans. Today, your again on your own till dinner.”

They looked over at her and said, “It was you with them last night, wasn’t it?”

“Well, I think I passed the job interview,” Sue laughed, smiling, her face turning red again.

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