The Loanshark

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I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but when you’ve lived in a small New York apartment most of your life, you get desperate to have something better. My wife is a very beautiful, but somewhat aggressive woman, always asking for more things, always spending to the limit of my paychecks, so that I had to work two jobs to keep up. So, when a chance to make an investment that would bring me a lot of extra money came along, well, I took a chance. The banks aren’t going to lend you money for the stock market though, and hell, I had an inside edge: a person inside the company who knew about an upcoming merge and the fact that it would make their stock skyrocket.

So I went to Gino. Gino handled the numbers racket in our neighborhood; friendly little Gino, a nice guy, always a smile on his face, always paid up when you hit the weekly ticket. I figured $10,000 would be enough. Gino was more than friendly. He even asked me if it was enough, and offered to lend me more. I didn’t much pay attention to the interest he was going to charge, because I was going to pay it back within a week or two, and put the profits back into more stock. I could quadruple my investment in a few weeks, maybe less. Except, it didn’t turn out to be such a sure thing. The merge didn’t happen, the company went downhill like an Olympic downhill skier, and the investment turned colder than an ice cube. After a week, the merge was history, after two weeks the company was talking bankruptcy and I expected a visit from my friend Gino.

At first I didn’t tell Laura. It was supposed to be a wonderful surprise, all that extra money. But when I couldn’t pay it back on time, I had to open up to her because I didn’t know what would happen, and I wanted her to be on her toes in case Gino approached her. Of course she was angry and called me stupid for doing such a thing. She wanted to know what I was going to do now, and I didn’t have a good reply, except that Gino was always friendly, and that I was sure he would let me pay it back in installments. I couldn’t have been wronger!

It was a Tuesday night shortly after dinner. There was a loud knock on our apartment door. It was Gino and he had a friend with him, a big friend, a big ugly, muscular friend. A goon. Gino invited himself in. My wife was in the kitchen just putting the supper dishes away.

“Hi Gino.” Gino and his friend brushed right by me without a word and took a seat at the dining room table.

“Hello, Sam, I think we have some business to discuss. Is your wife home?” He didn’t seem so friendly.

“Laura? Yes, she’s in the kitchen.”

“Tell her to come in and sit down with us, Sam, I think this is a family problem. Does she know about the money you owe me?”

“Gino, I’m sure we can work something out.”

“Can you pay me now? Tonight?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Then we have a problem, Sam. Call her in here.”

I went to fetch Laura and brought her into the living room. She sat down at the end of the table, next to Gino.

“Hello, Mrs. Landers, You know about Sam’s financial problem?”

“Yes, Gino, he told me he borrowed some money thinking he could double or triple it real quick. But he’s had a problem.”

“That’s exactly right, Mrs. Landers, may I call you by your first name? You look like a pretty friendly woman.”

“Yes, Gino, of course, I’m Laura.”

“Well, Sam and Laura, do you have a solution to our problem? The interest on this loan is going to build fast and you’ll be indebted to me and my friends for life if you can’t pay.”

“Gino, I can make payments on it weekly.”

“How much, Sam?”

“How about $100 a week?” Actually, I couldn’t even afford that.

“That won’t do it, Sam. Have you got anything of value that you can sell right away?”

I looked around the apartment. There was nothing of any value. Even the TV was 5 years old. And living in the city, I didn’t own a car.

“Sam and Laura, I want to impress on you that this is a very serious matter. My friends expect to be paid back immediately and with interest. They get very angry when they don’t get paid, and they can be very nasty.”

I looked at Sam’s friend. I’d never seen him before, but I’m sure he was some kind of bodyguard or enforcer. He never once changed expression, but continually stared at me. After a very pregnant silence, Gino looked at me. “Sam and Laura, you have to pay this loan back and you have to pay it back quickly!” His voice was loud and demanding. The expression on his face showed intense anger. He wasn’t the friendly little Gino I had bought numbers tickets from.

My wife was terrified into silence. Her face was taut and rigid.

After a very tense silence, Gino spoke again. “I have a solution, if you’re willing to listen. It would involve both of you.”

“I’d appreciate anything we could do to pay this loan, Gino.”

“I have a friend that makes movies.”

Silence. Laura and I knew what he was talking about. I was sex hikaye devastated.

“Sam, you have a very voluptuous wife. I’m sure that my friends would love to give her a part in some of their movies. And I’m sure we could find something for you too. You’re both pretty young and in great condition.”

My wife was 5’ 2”, had a small waist and large breasts. She had short blonde hair that she combed into a Pixie type cut. It was a bit more sexy than I liked. I always got jealous when we walked down the street and other guys would ogle her. I was almost 6’ tall and kept in condition by eating right and working two manual jobs.

Neither one of us spoke.

“Well,” Gino said, “if you’re not willing, there are other solutions. My friends need an example to show others what happens when people don’t pay their debts.” He and the goon started to get up to leave.

Laura spoke up. Her voice was quavering. “What would we have to do, Gino?”

They sat back down. “That’s better, Laura, I was getting worried. I’m sure you have more sense than your husband. You and Sam are very nice people and we certainly don’t want either one of you to get hurt badly.”

After a momentary pause, he continued. “They’re not the kind of movies you rent in Blockbusters.”

Laura and I were silent, waiting for him to get to the obvious point.

“To put it frankly, they’re x-rated and you’d have to learn to be very compliant. Not only that, you’d have to be excited about it. There’s a lot of competition in the industry. There’s no going half-way with this.”

I was choking. I couldn’t believe it had come to this. “Gino, isn’t there some other way?”

Gino’s friend was staring me down waiting for me to make a move. And then Laura spoke up.

“How many of these would I have to participate in till the debt is paid.”

My legs were shaking and my heart was pounding against my chest. Laura was actually considering it?

Gino looked at my wife and I could see he was pleased. He had a wide smile on his face. “Well, we’d have to work it out, Laura, but I think two or three ought to do it. It really depends on how big a part you play and what you’re willing to do. And who knows, the money is good. You might want to do more. It would get you and Sam out of this stuffy little box you call a home.”

I couldn’t believe he said that. To imply that Laura would actually like being virtually raped was shocking to me.

“When, Gino?” Laura replied with a voice that was a bit stronger and more resolute.

“Stand up, Laura, I want to check something.”

My wife stood up, despite all her inner strength and resolution, tears were forming in her eyes. I think she knew what was coming.

Gino stood up and moved directly in front of her. He placed both his hands on her breasts and started massaging them. “Are these real, Laura?” He was looking into her eyes as he talked.

My wife’s voice was firm and calm as she stared into his eyes. “Yes, Gino, they’re all mine They’re all me.”

“Have you been cheating at all on Sam, Laura? You might as well tell us. It isn’t going to make any difference from now on. I want to know how experienced you are.” He continued to massage her breasts and then moved one hand to her ass and moved it up under her skirt. I started to get up, but the goon reached over and pushed me back down.

Laura was squirming a bit, but she didn’t try to prevent him. I think it actually turned him on. “Maybe once or twice, nothing serious,” she replied.

What? Was Laura trying to get back at me for getting her involved in this? I looked at her in awe. She stared back challenging me to say something.

Gino’s hand was up under her dress and was moving around her ass. I could sense his fingers probing inside her rear.

“Laura, you are one fine woman. Would you be willing to undress in front of all of us right now? I need to give you an audition. That is, if you and Sam don’t mind. We have to be sure of your willingness to go through with all of this. Otherwise, we’ll have to make other arrangements.”

Laura pulled Sam’s hands away and slowly unbuttoned her dress down the front. She had only a bra and panties on underneath. Gino, Carlos and I stared at her in awe and waited. Laura was staring at me to see what I would do. I lowered my eyes. Then I heard her unsnap her bra and take off her panties. She stood there in front of Gino totally naked, friendly little Gino, who now had an evil lascivious grin on his face. I looked up. Her breasts were large and the aureoles were big and round. Her nipples were taut and sticking out hard. It was obvious that she was aroused. Was she actually turned on by all this?

You’re going to have to shave, Laura. People nowadays want to see everything. You’re cunt will have to be bare and the lips exposed.” I think he used the c-word to see if she would be shocked. She wasn’t. He then took her hand and walked her toward the sofa and sat porno hikayeleri her down in front of him. Carlos, keep an eye on Sam for me. You wouldn’t do anything violent would you, Sam?”

I was silent. “That’s good, Sam. You can take off your clothes too.” That was a shock to me. Somehow I had assumed that Laura was the only one who would be violated. I hesitated. Gino’s friend spoke up. “You heard him, take off all your clothes.” I undressed.

“Sam, come over here and sit beside your wife.”

I got up and walked over to the sofa and sat beside my wife.

Gino unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out. It was thick, long and semi-erect.

“Sam, Get it up. Start whacking it. Now!” His voice was commanding and loud. I did as I was told, but was having a hard time getting it hard even though I could imagine what would happen if I didn’t.

As I started to slowly masturbate, he moved in front of my wife. His dick was close to her face. “You know what to do, don’t you Laura? I need to feel those lovely lips of yours. And remember, you’re auditioning for a part. You have to show me that you’re enjoying it. Take it in your hand first, get used to it, and then put it on your lips. Be aggressive. Smile a little bit” Tears were coming down my wife’s cheeks. She wiped them away. I could tell she was still scared to death, but she did as she was told.

“Do you give Sam blowjobs sometimes, Laura? Every wife should give her man blowjobs.” Laura didn’t answer because she had his rapidly expanding cock in her mouth and she was moving her head back and forth as she sucked on it. Every once in awhile she would take it out and look up at him and smile. I continued to stroke myself and my dick was getting hard. I couldn’t tell why, but somehow seeing my wife give another man a blowjob was arousing me.

“Come on, Laura, act like you’re enjoying it, like you’re loving it.” My wife started to suck more rapidly. I could see Gino was loving it.

“We’re going to have all kinds of men fucking your wife, Sam. It’s up to you if you want to watch or not, most husbands do. Some of them get turned on by it. After awhile they even like to join in. Would you like that Sam?”

“I’m not sure, Gino” I said hesitantly, hoping it wouldn’t get me beat up.

“Oh, Laura, your mouth is so fucking wonderful, I could let you suck on that all day. Are you jealous, Sam? Tell me you’re jealous.”

“Yes, Gino, I’m jealous”

“Now watch this, Sam. I know your wife would love to taste and swallow my cum, but I have something else I’d rather do. Can you guess what it is, Sam?”

“Yes, Gino, I think I know.”

With that, Gino pulled his dick away from my wife’s mouth and took her by the arm and turned her over on the sofa so that her hands were on the back and she was kneeling on the pillows. He was going to fuck her doggie-style.

“I have to fuck your wife in front of you, Sam. Do you understand why?”

“No, Gino.”

“It’s because you fucked me and my friends when you didn’t pay the loan on time.” When Laura was down in front of him, he said, “Spread your legs, Laura. I’m going to give you a nice surprise.” He grabbed her by the hips, spread her legs and entered her pussy in one big push. She gasped, but her pussy must have been wet for it to be able to go in that fast.

He kept talking to me while he was fucking my wife. “Sam, your wife has such a warm, lovely cunt. I think I’m going to give her the biggest load of my life. Would you like that? Tell me you would like that.”

“Yes, Gino, I would like that.”

He bent down over her and moved his hands to her tits and grabbed both of them and pulled her up straight while he pumped her hard and fast. He was moaning, indicating that he was about to cum.

“Thank you, Sam, I’m really enjoying fucking your lovely wife. I’m almost ready to blow.” He was moving in and out faster and faster, and then in one big push, he groaned loudly and came way up deep inside Laura’s pussy. And then while I continued to stroke my dick, I heard Laura moaning. She was actually having an orgasm with this monster. Gino held her hips tight and forced his dick deeper into her until her moaning stopped. She was panting loudly and sobbing. And then he slowly withdrew.

“Hey Sam, I think your wife enjoyed it as much as I did. She’s a wonderful fuck. She’s going to be great in the gang-bang scenes. Sam, I’m pulling out and I want you to watch, move over here between us and look at your wife’s pussy.” I stood up with my hand still on my dick and looked down. I could see his cum covered dick coming out and then a glob of sperm rolling out of my wife lips and coating her leg.

“See what you allowed me to do when you didn’t pay your debt, Sam.. This is all your fault, you know.”

My wife turned around and sat back on the sofa. Her head was down in her hands. She looked shamed.

“We’re not done, you know. First I want to see you cum. Keep whacking it, Sammie. erotik hikaye Whack it till it squirts all over you.”

I was getting soft again, but I kept stroking it till it got hard. Finally, I started to feel a climax coming. All of a sudden, I erupted and sperm came shooting out all over my fist. They were all watching me. I didn’t know how to make it less embarassing than it was.

And then Gino said, “Carlos, come on over here. Sam’s going to take care of you. Aren’t you, Sam? It’s Laura’s turn to watch.”

My wife’s head snapped up and looked over at Carlos who was getting up and walking over. I sat back down. I was horrified. I had never even come close to touching another man in my life.

And then Laura spoke up. “Isn’t that enough, Gino. I gave you a good time didn’t I? Isn’t that enough?” I couldn’t believe after all that, that my wife was trying to protect me. She should have taken joy in seeing me beat up for what I had made her go though.”

“No, Laura, Sam caused all this trouble. Sam’s going to have to learn to pay for it.”

In a moment, Carlos was in front of me and he lowered his zipper. He pulled his dick out and walked it close to my face. It wasn’t much of a decision for me. The thought of what Gino and his friends would do to me had me shaking. There were stories in the streets about guys who couldn’t pay back their debts. It wasn’t just a broken leg or arm these days, it was slow torture and maiming. And besides, Laura had done it, I guess I could show her that I was willing to take my punishment too. But somehow, what I was about to do seemed more shameful that what Laura had just gone through. At that had been between a man and a woman.

Laura groaned, :”Oh no, Sam, please don’t do this!” She put her hand on my shoulder. I turned my head towards Carlos and took his dick in my hand and gently pulled it to my lips. It was getting hard fast. He pushed it into my mouth.

Gino spoke up. “That’s good, Sam, I love the way you do that. I’ll bet you’re going to be a movie star. We’ll be giving you all kinds of interesting parts.” I was sucking Carlos’ dick and listening to him shame me again and again in front of my wife.

“There’s a big market for gay flicks these days, Sam. I’ll bet you turn out to be a flaming faggot. Keep sucking, Sam. Make Carlos cum in your mouth.”

Carlos was grunting. “Don’t bite me, asshole. Just the tongue and the lips.” I opened my mouth wider and pulled him in and out of me. I let my tongue pressure on the bottom of his dick. I tried sucking him harder, faster and wetter. I wanted to get this over with.

When I thought Carlos was almost ready to cum. He pulled his dick away from me and said, “Get up and turn around.” He had his fists clenched and a determined look on his face, so I know he meant business. Gradually, I got up and turned around, with my wife looking at me, and put my hands on the back of the sofa like she had just done.

“Spread ‘em, Sweetheart.”

I spread my legs on the pillows, and then I felt him behind me. His dick was moving up and down in my ass, probing and pushing. And then he found it. Little-by-little, he worked it in as I bit my lip and endured the pain. He gave one hard push and was all the way in. He started pumping in and out, and each time he was all the way up inside me, he gave it a little extra push.

Gino was enjoying it. “See Sam, it isn’t so hard is it. You’ll get used to it. This is only the beginning. Before you know it you’re going to love being fucked and you’ll want the dicks to be bigger and bigger.” Laura stared at me in shock and shame.

And then I heard Carlos grunt and felt his thick hot cream shooting inside me. He grabbed my hips and pushed and pushed and pushed. It seemed like he was going to cum forever. He pulled out slowly. I quickly turned around and sat down next to my wife. Carlos stuffed his wet dick back into his pants.

“You wouldn’t think a guy like Carlos would go for men, would you, Sam? Carlos spent a few years in Attica, you know. After awhile you get a taste for it.”

And then as Laura and I sat there naked on the sofa with Gino staring down at us, he said, “Sam and Laura, I think we can make a deal and get rid of this nasty debt that you so foolishly got yourselves into. I’ll be back tomorrow night with some friends and you two can sign a contract and ‘seal-the-deal’ as they say in Hollywood.. I think my friends are going to be very amenable that.”

With that, Gino and Carlos walked to the door and let themselves out. I could hear them talking and laughing as they walked to the stairs. I tried to put my arm around Laura but she threw it off. “This is all your fault. And now I don’t know what else I’ll have to do.” She was as angry as I’d ever seen her. “Did you enjoy seeing me suck his cock, Sam? Did you enjoy seeing me getting fucked. I saw you masturbating. I saw the look in your eyes. You liked all this didn’t you?”

“No, Laura, I…”

“Sam, I’m going to have to think this through. Maybe I’ll let them take it out on you. I’m not sure I can go through with all this.” She got up and walked to the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32