The Life of Three – Sara Pt. 01

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It’s not that my night isn’t enjoyable, it’s that something is missing. Yes, my girlfriends were around me and we were having a great time going out. The moon was out, the sky cloudless, albeit a little cold. But I just needed something else. Things have been barren since I broke up with Kyle a few weeks back. I really need a good fuck.

“Sara, let’s go in here. It’s getting cold,” Mary says.

I stop in my tracks and look toward where she’s motioning for me. I see that I keep moving while she and Lucy were inside a jam-packed bar. I’m almost around the corner of the block and if it wasn’t for Mary I would have kept going. I lightly jog my way back and push my way into the bar. The heeled booties make it slightly difficult to get there in a reasonable time.

“Where were you, huh? It looked like you were somewhere up there,” Mary motions with her finger up to the sky.

Mary is wearing a leather jacket, tight black dress, and combat boots with bright pink laces. Her long blonde hair is in a tight bun on top of her head.

Another one of my friends, Lucy, comes over with a pink drink in her manicured hand. She’s in a hot getup consisting of a red lacy bralette, black jeans, and black stilettos. The stilettos at this current moment betray her since she almost trips over but a man with a hungry stare swings an arm out and wraps it around her shoulders to catch her.

“Woah there, honey. You almost took the whole bar down with ya,” he leers.

Lucy looks up at him with her piercing blue eyes and shoots daggers at him.

“I’m not your honey, and I didn’t ask for your help,” Lucy whips out.

She shakes off his arm from around her shoulder and then whips her long black hair against his face. By the time Lucy reunites with Mary and me, we’re both laughing hysterically at the look on the mans’ face.

“He looks like you just slapped him,” Mary says.

Lucy looks over her shoulder and sure enough, there is her knight in shining armor, still staring with his mouth open.

“Hey buddy, you okay?” I yell.

He scowls at us before stomping back into the crowd that is the bar. We all laugh at his back before focusing our attention on each other again.

“Sara, what’s wrong?” Lucy says.

I look at her dumbfounded and see that her eyes are piercing into my own.

“What? What do you mean?” I stammer out.

“You keep doing that thing where you sigh and look away dramatically. You only do that if you’re upset.”

“Yeah, you’re not really good at hiding your emotions, you know,” Mary interjects.

I can feel my face flush as I realize that I’ve been caught.

“Careful there firecracker, your face is matching your hair,” Lucy says.

I squint my eyes at Lucy in annoyance, “Fuck you.”

“You know, I have a feeling that this is what the problem is.”

“Ew, what, you? Never.”

I stick my tongue out and fake dry heave at the thought of having sex with my best friend.

“Okay, asshole. You know what I mean. Not that I would want to fuck you anyway. You’re not my type.”

I roll my eyes. “Okay, yeah, I know what you mean. You don’t have to make it so obvious though.”

But I really do want to get laid. And soon, I think to myself.

“Let’s find you a hot thing and send you home with him,” Mary says.

She gulps down her drink and slams the cup down onto the table. Without a single moment’s hesitation, she grabs my arm and drags me to the bar.

“Mary, this isn’t the way I was expecting to get this done tonight,” I whine.

I pull back a little to seem like I’m fighting back. Mary pulls me to the bar, motioning for the bartender.

“Pick one,” Mary says.

Lucy, on the other side of me says, “The one with brown hair.”

“Not you,” Mary says and rolls her eyes.

“Meh, too late. I choose him,” she looks over at the bartender and gives a quick order of two drinks. “The second one to the gentleman over there with brown hair if you will.”

The bartender readies her drinks and gives the second one to her new date. We can’t hear what the bartender is saying but he motions with one finger to us and Lucy wiggles her fingers in salutation and winks.

The man she chose is extremely attractive. Sharp jawline, high cheekbones, messy brown hair, bearded, and his green t-shirt straining against his rippling muscles. His brown eyes glint as he pulls on the arm of his friend to the right, and they walk on over to us.

“There’s only two,” kaçak iddaa I say and look over at Mary apologetically.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll make do with Mr. Jack and Mr. Coke here,” Mary says. She lifts her drink and smiles at us.

I give her a sheepish smile in appreciation and before I can say anything else the handsome duo arrives at our end of the bar. Lucy’s brown-haired choice is certainly attractive and the black-haired man next to him is equally attractive. Rather than muscly and messy his black hair is clean-cut, his face clean-shaven, and has gorgeous almond-colored eyes. Beneath his black shirt, I can see his lean runner’s frame.

“Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the drink. How did you know I liked gin and tonic?” the muscly man says.

“I just had a feeling,” Lucy purrs.

She twirls the lime in the drink with a single index finger before bringing it up to her mouth and giving it a light suck before popping it out loudly.

“Ah, well,” muscley man clears his throat. “My name is Liam, and this is my friend Oliver.”

“Hello, Liam and Oliver. Please, have a seat next to us. These are my friends Sara and Mary.”

Lucy motions over to the single chair open next to her. “Oh shoot, I didn’t notice that these people next to us took over already. Guess you’ll have to thank me with some riveting conversation, Liam.”

Liam chuckles throwing his hands up in the air in surrender. “It appears so. Make some room.”

Liam takes the seat next to Lucy and the two of them immediately appear to be engrossed in conversation.

Oliver walks over to Mary and me and gives us a glimmering smile.

“Would either of you want a drink? It appears that my company for the night will no longer be available,” Oliver says.

I giggle and Oliver’s warm brown eyes dart over to me. I catch them in my own hazelnut-colored eyes, and we hold them for just a moment.

“Uh, a drink would be nice,” I say.

I smile up at him and tuck a wandering strand of red hair behind my ear. I can feel myself blushing and I immediately regret exposing the hotness that is my ear at this moment.

Oliver gives me a warm smile back and he moves closer to the bar and brushes up against me. His cologne washes over my senses and I internally sigh. He orders us drinks and in no time the bartender slides them to us with coasters.

“So why are you here in this dingy little bar tonight?” Oliver says.

“Well, Lucy, the blonde girl who stole your friend, and Mary, my other friend–huh wait, Mary?” I look over Oliver’s shoulder and see that her seat is now empty.

I pull out my phone from my small purse around my shoulder and see that she texted the group chat saying that she wanted to leave the two of us to it. I smile at my phone and reply, “Okay, I love you.”

“Everything okay?” Oliver says.

I look up from my phone and see his eyes looking into mine, creasing in worry.

“Yeah, everything is totally okay. My friend, Mary, says she’s tired and wanted to go home instead.”

“Ah okay. Well, I guess that just leaves us two here tonight. So, tell me about yourself,” Oliver says.

We proceed to make small talk. What we do for work, our friends, why we’re here, etc. All of this while drinking our choice drinks and after some time we’re both tipsy and laughing easily. During a small break in our conversation, I take a drink and look at him over the rim through my eyelashes. He catches my glance and gives me a cocky grin.

“Sooo…” he trails off.

“You wanna go to my place tonight?” I say.

His smile widens and I can feel my face redden once again. This time I don’t care. It’s probably already flushed from the alcohol anyway.

“I would be honored,” he stands up and bows low.

I snort and almost spray my long island through my nose and onto the table. Oliver stands back up and snorts himself. His more dignified than my own.

“Oh my god, don’t do that!”

I grab a napkin and wipe my face while still giggling.

“That was great and adorable,” he says.

I roll my eyes at him and stand up from my stool. I gulp the last of my drink and pull out my wallet to pay. Just as the bartender comes over to take my card Oliver swoops in and hands him his instead.

“Wow, a true gentleman. Not just bowing to court me but also paying for my refreshments,” I say.

“Think of it as a thank you for the good company tonight. And–” he grabs my arm and pulls me in closer kaçak bahis to speak in my ear, “–even if nothing happens tonight, I can still say I had a wonderful time.”

He pulls away and a sheepish grin spreads across his face. I smile back at him.

“So,” he continues enthusiastically, “where are we off to? Where are the lady’s chambers?”

The bartender starts to laugh covering it with a cough. Olive gives him a wink. I roll my eyes.

“You really are something, aren’t you? You’re making me rethink this whole offer with how awkward you’re being.”

“What can I say? I like seeing beautiful women smile,” he says.

I didn’t say anything but instead smile and turn towards the door. He follows close behind and we go out into the parking lot. The crisp air immediately makes me shiver and I hold myself. The light bomber jacket I’m wearing acts more as a paper sheet against the slight breeze.

“Cold?” Oliver says.

I nod and give a small shiver.

“Come here.”

He pulls me in close and wraps his arm around my shoulder. The heat from his body seeps into my own and his scent wafts into my nose. I bite my lip.

“So, where’s your place?”

“Are you okay enough to drive?” I say.

“Absolutely,” he says.

He walks me over to his car, opens the door for me, and bows low. After all the eye-rolling I’ve done tonight I feel like my eyeballs will be permanently skewed but I still laugh nonetheless.

“See you there,” I say.

I get into my car and look in my rearview mirror to see him walk away. His hands in his pockets and his back straight. I look at his ass and confirm that it’s a nice one, athletic and lean.

On the drive home, my mind races with what we’re going to do tonight. Yes, sex is on the table but damn is it nerve-wracking. It’s been so long but I want it so bad. I’m starting to ache.

I get home and I see that Oliver isn’t there yet. I rush inside and look around my apartment to see if there’s anything that needs to be spruced up really quick. Nothing. Good. I rush to the bathroom to freshen up. Can’t be smelling weird on a night like this.

After I’m done, I go into the living room and put on some smooth jazz, and break open a bottle of merlot wine. Now that I’m fully sober, I’ll need some more liquid courage to keep my spirits up. My phone buzzes.

“Hey, gorgeous, I’m downstairs. Mind walking me up?” Oliver’s raspy voice says on the other end.

I reply and practically jump down the stairs. I stumble on the last step and Oliver catches me with one arm. He pulls me in closer and looks into my eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” he says after a moment.

I lean in and we exchange an exciting and electrifying kiss. Our lips meld together, and I slip my tongue lightly into his mouth and he meets it halfway with his own. A car door slams nearby, and we break apart.

“We should uh go upstairs,” I say.

He nods excitedly and we walk up to the second floor where my apartment is. We step inside and Oliver lightly closes the door behind him. I walk into the kitchen and grab two wine glasses and the bottle of merlot that’s waiting on the countertop.

“A glass of wine sir?” I say.

Oliver chuckles lightly and grabs both wine glasses from my hands. He places them gently onto the countertop and cups my chin with his hand and leans in.

“I have a better idea,” he whispers.

He leans in close and our lips meet. His are incredibly soft and warm. He parts my lips with his own and reaches his hand behind my back and pulls me in closer. While my hand moves to the back of his neck and starts twirling his hair around my pointer finger. He moans slightly into my mouth, and I reciprocate. I slip my tongue gently into his mouth. Our tongues blend like a dance. I feel his fingers that are around my back turn into claws, and he digs them in. I sigh deeply into his mouth and grab a handful of his hair in my hand pushing him even closer to me. Our lips pull apart for a moment and I hear him chuckle. I open my eyes and I see his once warm and inviting eyes have turned mischievous.

“Where’s the bedroom?” he whispers.

I giggle nervously and I motion with my head to the last door in the hallway. He glances over to where I point, and he pulls away slipping the hand that was on my waist into my hand. He gently pulls me into my bedroom. My bed is made perfectly, just as I wanted it.

Oliver sits down on the edge of the bed and pulls me in close. My knees illegal bahis hit the edge and my bodyweight gently sends us flat to the purple bedspread. I scoot up to get eye level with him and I sit on his lap. My heat immediately feels his engorged member and I involuntarily dig myself into him. His eyes dart down and a gruff moan escapes his throat.

“Come here,” he says gruffly.

He pulls me in again and our passionate makeout session continues. This time as our lips mesh together and attempt to create one his hips are lightly bucking into mine in a rhythmic manner. I’m moaning into his mouth as his crotch bumps into mine and I can feel myself getting wetter by the second. I line up my clit with where I think his tip is and I meet him halfway. I feel his mouth pull away for a second and his teeth lightly nibble on my lip. I gasp loudly into his mouth in pleasure.

He growls heavily and twists his hips out from under me and I fall to my side with a slight squeal. I look up and he’s on top of me now, between my legs. I feel a light shiver move through my body as I look down and see his cock straining against his jeans.

I bite my lip as I look back at him. I hungrily reach beneath his shirt and feel his lean muscular body beneath my fingertips. I run them down the lines of his back before I grab the edges of his shirt and flip it over his head. When his head reemerges, a wicked smile is spread across his lips. He leans down and grabs the edge of my shirt, pulling it off. He takes a moment to look and says, “Wow, you’re beautiful.”

I blush and rather than say something I pull him in closer to me. His head moves down to my chest where he kisses the edges of my tits. One hand reaches beneath my back and in one skillful movement unclasps my bra. He hungrily moves in closer and moves my bra out of the way. His hungry greedy mouth finds my hard nipples and he starts to lightly lick them in circular motions. I moan lightly at his wet tongue, and I run my hand through his hair. One hand reaches from the side and clasps around my mouth. I moan heavily into this, and he leans in close and whispers in my ear.

“Will you be mine tonight?”

He moves his hand away from my mouth and I let out a breathless, “Yes.”

“Just let me know if you need me to stop,” he says gently. He moves in closer to my lips again and gives me one passionate kiss before moving down my body. He makes a trail of kisses down the middle of my tits, down my stomach, and stops for a moment at the edge of my pants. His hands quickly undo them and before I know it my jeans are off. He groans before diving headfirst between my legs. He begins by lightly pecking around the edges of my panties. I respond in breathless whimpers as he continues to tease me.

“Please, just fuck me,” I sigh out.

He laughs into the inside of my thigh and says, “If you wish.”

I look down and see him undoing his pants. As he does so I reach over to my nightstand and grab a condom. I look over at him and his penis is at full attention. I stop for a moment to admire it before moving in close and taking his full size inside my mouth before coming back out. He groans in reciprocation and takes the condom from my hand and slips it down the length of his shaft.

He positions himself between my legs and I meet his eyes. I feel his hand go to the back of my head and pull on my hair.

“I want to watch as I enter you,” he says.

As soon as he says that I feel his dick slide into my hungry pussy and I gasp in response. I moan as he lightly starts to dig himself into me and I feel the hand on my hair tighten. My hands reach in front of me, and I touch the muscles of his chest.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

He continues to fuck me and he picks up his rhythm. Both of us moaning and gasping for air. I can feel his rock-hard cock pushing against my folds and hitting my g-spot. I moan heavily and as I feel the swell of an orgasm start to rise I breathlessly say, “I’m gonna cum.”

The hand that was pulling my hair moves to my mouth and this sends me over the edge. I look into his eyes as a wave of pleasure overwhelms my body. His groans quickly become guttural and he says, “Fuck, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

As he does so he begins slamming into me at a quicker pace and both of our sounds of ecstasy overwhelm the room.

Just as my wave comes down he slows down and pulls out. I look down and the tip of the condom is filled with his jizz. Breathlessly he pulls the condom off, ties it off, and throws it into the trash can next to my bed. He slams down onto the pillow next to me and I angle myself to look at him.

“Wow,” he says.

“Wow yourself,” I say.

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