The Last Time

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From Behind

Her eyes stared at the ceiling. Or the blackness that was the ceiling. This nightly ritual of falling asleep alone was starting to fatigue her. The more she slept, the less rested she felt and it had been three days. Three days she had been alone.

She scratched the backs of her arms, crossing them over her chest and bedspread. She thought about him. It had been three days since they last spoke and more than that since they had… Well, counting made the throbbing too intense for sleep and the dreams she had after the waking memories were why she was exhausted. She had already thought about it though, and her mind couldn’t stop the replay. She had already thought about the last time they had made love. It was perfect.

They had fought because of the laundry. Three days ago she packed up all her clean clothes and left the damn laundry basket overflowing. It was too much. For such a sexy man, he had made their apartment; she shook her head, his apartment, a dump.

His deep brown eyes, like chocolates in the sun, and framed with the darkest thickest lashes she had ever seen on a man, flashed in the darkness of her ceiling. She wrapped her arms around her tighter, not letting them glide down her body to where she needed them most. She was hoping her mind wouldn’t torture her again, but the eyes left and she imagined his silky lips and how plump they felt pressed up to hers. It was the perfect balance of give and take with him. His kisses could be just on the lips, heartfelt with emotion as he softly caressed her face with one hand, or raw and unbridled with lust, causing the butterflies in her stomach to fly downwards and cause a pressure so intense that only he could release.

Her arms were wrapped tightly around her, and tears started to well up. If she wasn’t going to release the tension she carried, she would just cry it off. When they had gotten into the relationship, it was about puppy love and lust. When the love died off, the sex fueled them for a while, almost too long. The laundry pile saved her from becoming someone she would have hated; a woman locked in a relationship because she thought it was the best she would ever get.

The last time, the last time had started at her friend’s Farewell party. She was wearing her favorite red dress and black heels to celebrate. He had come up behind her and pulled the short skirt up to smooth his hands across the cleft of her ass. She had become breathless at the feel of his hands, her laughter cut off abruptly. Suddenly the laughter and nostalgia had faded to hunger. Thankfully no one noticed that the flush on her cheeks was not from the wine she had consumed, but the digits that ghosted gently over the puckered skin between two hills.

They left in a rush, she hugging her friend and promising to visit her new home, he grabbing their things for departure. Thankfully he drove, but she couldn’t keep her hands off of him specifically the tent that had formed in his dress slacks. He smirked when she unbuttoned the slacks, but inhaled sharply when she drew her fingers lightly from the base to the glistening tip. She would have laughed if not for the hunger he had started in her. They hadn’t even pulled out into traffic before she unbuckled her seatbelt to lower her mouth to his mushroom head. He groaned as she dragged the skin of her tongue from his shaven jewels to the crown and back again.

In a ragged voice she couldn’t resist he said, “Please suck it, baby.” She smiled around the head as he grabbed her shoulder with his hand and gripped while she bobbed the head back and forth into the opening of her throat, the rest of her mouth relaxed. He breathily chuckled at her feistiness, but the laugh caught in his throat when she pressed her tongue tightly against the shaft. When it went further and deeper into her mouth, the suction caused him to stop breathing; she didn’t stop until she felt the tightness and pressure of him in her throat, her nose brushing his pubic bone.

He began to breathe again with a moan as she pistoned her head back and forth, allowing the head to tickle her uvula at the back of her throat. He slapped her ass and let his fingers rest at the hole while she trembled and moaned.

“If you’re a good girl, Adana Escort I will go inside,” he said in a choked tone. She nodded, his member still in her throat. She let out another whimper as he slipped his fingers further down between her legs and lips of her cunt. She was so wet. He chuckled as she wiggled her ass up further for easier access. She had paused with her lips barely on the head, while he slowly sunk one finger in her tight wet center.

“Am I going to have to beg?” He asked, pumping his finger in and out, the natural lubrication making it slippery as he slid his hand back up to her ass. She trembled, but when he took his other hand and placed it on her neck, she pressed her lips further down until he had entered her throat completely.

Their breaths became short gasps now as she swallowed, moaned, and hummed around his cock. She slowly dragged her mouth up softly sucking with an upwards swipe of her tongue under the head then a quick downward thrust causing him to buck into her throat. His fingers probing at her back entrance causing her pace to falter as she moaned. His fingers scissored into her entrance, and when he pressed down towards her pussy, she started moaning in earnest. She pressed back into him while he began thrusting into her throat, garbling her moans into a syncopated rhythm of moan and hum. She saw stars, screaming and trembling increasing as she came. The movement and passion brought him to the brink, and with a groaned warning of, “Oh god. I’m about to…” he held her head in place as he thrust as far as he could, shooting his spunk deep down her throat.

To thank him for her orgasm, she took her time coming up from her position with his still hard cock in her throat. Making him tremble, she spent an extra second lightly caressing and surrounding his tip with her tongue and lips. “You just wait until we get home,” he said to her, gripping her legs as she sat back down in her seat. She licked her lips, “Bring it on,” she countered.

“Oh god,” she thought to herself, the blackness of the ceiling coming back into focus. She hadn’t thought about that night for at least a week. The crying and yelling of their last moments together had kept her from wanting him. Her body was starting to tingle and she tried desperately to cling to the room she was in, to not get drowned again in memories, delicious memories.

The rest of the ride was wrought with tension. She was still buzzing, but he kept playfully pushing her hands away saying, “Wait until we get there. I’ll make it worth your while.” but she was impatient. She started getting snappy, and her alcoholic buzz was just making her hornier. The radio wasn’t helping either. Every song was a song she wanted to grind on him to.

After a few honks from other cars he pushed forward, later they arrived home. She was in a better mood, but still frustrated. He had swerved intentionally to get her to pull her dress down after she flashed a car full of frat boys.

“It was just harmless fun,” she said to him, smiling as she gazed up at him. His smile was stiff; he hadn’t appreciated her delight at their calls.

“I’ll believe that when they see who you belong to,” he said to her, grabbing her to him by their front door, slamming it behind them. He pressed her up against the door the lone jacket hanging there was rubbing her back while he felt every inch of her front with his hands.

“I don’t belong to anyone,” she choked out as he ghosted his lips along her neck and licked under her ear. She could feel her face flushing and watched as his eyes started glazing over in lust as she mewed for him. He kissed her into the door, alternating between hard and soft, playing with her, battling back and forth with her lips until she was using him and the door as support. He only pressed into her more, sliding a leg in between hers and using the advantage to start kissing down her chest. Her heart was starting the thrum in a familiar melody as his hands slid up from her hips, taking her slinky red dress with it. He smiled when she meekly raised her arms, but the smile widened when he saw she was wearing his favorite black lace bra.

She was on fire, despite standing almost naked in their Adana Escort Bayan apartment, because his hands were all over her. Sliding his rough palms across her stomach, down her thighs and using the pads of his fingers to softly play with the lips of her opening; he was pushing her past her limits. She twitched into his fingers as he lightly ghosted his fingers around her clitoris, bumping his knuckle on the hood. It was swollen and quite wet, her thighs showing a gleaming testament to her orgasm earlier, and the knuckle was like pressing a button.

“Please,” she whimpered to him as he pressed his hand flat against her mons with his thigh.

“Please, what?” he murmured into her neck.

She pushed him away from her while breathing heavily. He looked like he was about to refuse, but no sound came out of his open mouth when she dropped to her knees and started unbuttoning his jeans. No more time for smiles as she let his pants drop to the floor. While looking up into his eyes, she let her hands glide up his legs, from foot to hip, alternating a waving pattern from inside his thighs to the outer sides. He grabbed her hands and yanked her up from the ground, throwing her into their kitchen. She laughed as she clumsily grabbed the counter to steady herself, looking back over her shoulder at him while she spread her legs.

He surged forward, the muscles on his chest twitched as he took off his shirt. She heard a rip when it got stuck, but didn’t say anything because he was standing right behind her. His member grazed her ass cheeks, tickling her with his warm presence. Her eyes lit up when he picked up the half full wine bottle next to her on the counter, thinking he was going to pour them a glass to share. Instead, he took a swig and then dragged the cold bottom of the bottle across her back, watching her shiver and throw her head back at the new sensation. He let it drag all the way down before pouring some down her back. She gasped then moaned when he started to lick the trail it had made down her back.

“Turn around,” he murmured to her, his breath smelling like wine and his musk.

She obeyed, leaning her back onto the cool counter. Her breath hitched when his hands gripped her hips and pulled them forward so her legs were splayed away from the counter. He dropped to his knees and she shut her eyes. It was all feelings; the cold counter, his hands on her legs, and his warm breath wafting on her pussy. She expected a warm tongue, a finger, two fingers, a dick, anything but the cold mouth of the bottle.

“Hey!” she said, trying to raise her head to see what he was doing, but his arm held her back onto the counter.

“Trust me, I just want to try this.” he told her, soothing her with soft touches with the bottle on her wet vaginal lips.

She relaxed into the cold counter. He took this as acceptance and started to softly squeeze the bottle into her opening. She tensed for a quick second, but the bottle was warmer from her skin and she relaxed momentarily. He slid it back out and in again. That time she felt as a hard liquid; it felt good in a new way. The next time, the ridged mouth passed through her opening and she gasped in ecstasy. That had felt really good. She could hear his breathing accelerate, but didn’t care as he pulled the mouth of the bottle out just enough to pass her opening before sliding it ever so slowly back in. The ridges kept catching on her sweet spot and he brought her to the brink. She was panting and trembling, so ready to cum, but felt feverish when he gently took the bottle out of her. Surprised, she felt the bottle at her lips, and could taste herself on the mouth as he poured some wine into her mouth. He stared at her in hunger; his pupils were so dilated that there was barely a ring of hazel brown around a sea of black.

“My turn.” he said in a low growl, walking forward and helping her sit on the counter while holding her legs. She wrapped them around him as he stepped forward. They couldn’t kiss, could only stare as he slowly pressed his thick rod into her wet little hole.

“Thank God!” she moaned as he slid all the way in, filling her and stretching her just the way she liked it. He groaned as she started Escort Adana feeling like she was going to cum. There were no more words, only animalistic groans and moans, punctuated by the slopping wet sounds of their bodies melding and separating. He never sped up for her, but evened out the thrusts and allowed himself to go deep and smooth; her screaming moan almost seemed out of place. Her moans had increased, so had the trembling from her clenching pussy. When she screamed, she tightened and relaxed so quickly it was starting.

“You alright?” he asked, slowing pulling out from her drenched cavern.

“That… was…amazing!” she whispered then whimpered when he jerkily thrust back in at her words. “Baby, fuck me and make me cum. And when you cum, make sure you let me drink it all up.” she moaned, looking him right in the eyes. He started pumping faster, his face a mask as he pulled her off the counter and turned her around to where her stomach was on the counter. She laid her hot face on the counter as he started sliding in and out of her, causing her to tingle and moan anew.

“That’s right, cum for me again.” he called to her, feeling her spike higher in pleasure as he rubbed her g-spot with his head on every thrust. The angle of penetration, his husky chuckles at her moans, and the rubbing of the counter on her nipples was too much. She barely got out, “Fuck,” before she saw stars and felt wetness cascade down her legs.

His chuckles cut off and she felt him speed up and grip her hips more tightly. “Oh fuck. I like when you cum so hard for me squirting all over my dick because you love it so much.” He grunted to her, smacking her ass when she moaned even harder and clenched her pussy even tighter around his dick. She was starting to see stars and he was going so fast; she didn’t think she could stop the flood of cum that was about to spurt from her. He started moaning with her as he jackhammered into her; both of them getting louder and faster. With a quake she felt her orgasm begin and she started screaming, “YES! Oh my fucking GOD YES!” as he started shaking convulsively with groans and grunts. She saw stars and the pleasure started from the fat cock deep inside her to her hips and stomach and through her body; waves of pleasure that had to escape, gushing from her as she felt him pour his seed inside her. It all came out in a wave on the floor, white spunk mixed with the clear liquid of her cum. He was twitching softly when her pussy sporadically clenched in a pleasure wave.

“Thank you, baby.” he said to her, brushing his sweat covered lips across her neck, causing her to shiver and clench around him in pleasure. He breathed in roughly as he slid his cock out of her pussy. She moved closer to the counter so she had less of her torso to hold up with her shaky legs. That’s when she saw the floor and his legs; covered in shiny cum.

“Let’s take a shower, yeah?” she said to him, a soft smile playing on her lips.

“Fuck,” she thought to herself. The memory of her orgasms weren’t enough tonight. The ceiling wasn’t getting any lighter, but she knew she needed to cum soon or tomorrow was going to be hell. With a heavy heart but eager hands, she tossed off her covers and slipped her pajama pants down her legs and with a few kicks off her legs. She spread her legs and tentatively stroked her labia. Wet. Drenched. Her excitement kicked up a notch as she circled the skin around her clit. Her breaths weren’t rhythmic, catching a breath when she wasn’t cycling the hood with her slippery fingers; it wasn’t very long before she started feeling like she had when she was remembering that night.

She started to play with her clit in earnest, her hips twitching forward as if reaching and opening for the dick she was craving. She had to start tossing her head back and forth and running her left hand up her stomach to her breast; so close. Almost there… breathing in, so fucking… Ugh. Yes. Yes. She was barely breathing now, her finger rocking back and forth at light speed. Yes. Yes. Oh god. She had to moan now. She had to say something. She had to breathe. She opened her mouth and breathed in. Yes. Oh god. “Fuck me, harder.” she said aloud, almost expecting a response.

Glorious! Her orgasm exploded in her next breath, spreading from her clit through her pussy to her fingertips and toes. She fell into the mattress breathing heavily as with every breath the tingles and shocks of her orgasm tickled through her clit. Yes. She could go to sleep, finally.

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