The Last Shot

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The old man lay helpless on his bed. The doctors were not enthusiastic about his survival, so they let him go home. He was tired, weary of life and pain and crumbling joints. His teeth had all been pulled twenty years before. His hair had been thinning since he was in his late teens and now had deserted him completely. He coughed, gasping for air. His heart was done, his lungs were done. Most of his bodily functions had fled.

A light tapping on his door captured his attention. “Come on in,” he croaked.

“Hi grandpa, how are you doing today?” his oldest granddaughter greeted him.

She had been the sunshine of his life in these, his waning years. “Hi yourself Sharon.” He returned.

She came to his bedside and sat down quietly. “Can I get anything for you?” she inquired.

“No just your being here is enough for me.”

Sharon was a bright young lady, a college graduate with a degree in electrical engineering. She wasn’t a raving beauty but she was pretty in a country girl sort of way. She held his hand. She could feel him trembling. She knew it was part of his physical condition that caused him to shake sometimes. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. escort reklamları

“This may be it baby girl. I’m feeling really bad today and I just don’t want to go on.”

“Now grandpa, don’t talk that way. Is there anything I can do for you?” Her soft hands caressed his arms and chest. Tears filled her eyes and dripped onto his chest. She got up and moved to the foot of the bed and started massaging his feet. “Your feet are cold grandpa,” she remarked.

“Your hands feel so good on them. Could you rub my legs too?”

Sharon started rubbing his legs. She could feel his bones through the sheets and she knew he was nude underneath. She saw him smile, just a little smile, but a welcome change from his usual dour countenance.

She pulled the sheet down from his chest to his waist and rubbed his torso. She kissed his nipples and grinned as they stood up. Her kisses rained down on his entire upper body. His arms embraced her and held her to him. She felt so good! He knew he would probably die today, but he didn’t care as long as his baby girl was in his arms, he would die happy.

Sharon stood up and gaziantep escort reklamları watched him, wept for him. She also suspected that her grandpa wouldn’t make it through the day.

She pulled the sheet from him and looked at his war-torn body. He had numerous scars from war wounds and surgical procedures. She bent and kissed all of them. She kissed and licked his lips, her tears still falling on him.

He looked down and saw his cock start to rise. He couldn’t believe it! He hadn’t had an erection in two years.

Sharon looked at his hardening member. She gently cupped his balls and tenderly squeezed them. “What do you want me to do grandpa?” she sniffled.

“This will be my last time. You know what to do.”

Her fingers curled around his hard cock and she slowly jacked it eliciting a groan from him. She looked at the cock that had sired her lineage. It wasn’t as hard as it used to get, she was sure. But it was hard enough for one last fling. She kissed it on the end and ran her tongue into the hole on the end.

Her grandpa moaned and his old hips thrusted up a little. It was all gaziantep escort bayan reklamları he could muster. He watched as her tender young lips engulfed his manhood generating sensations he had thought he would never experience again.

Sharon sucked his cock as deeply into her throat as she could. She felt his old member twitch as she tried to swallow him. She gently squeezed his balls and felt them move in the sack. Her grandpa was watching her. He smiled at her and so she continued to suck on him. Her head bobbed up and down, attempting to force the semen from his aged body.

“Oh baby girl, that is so good!” he moaned.

She felt his tired body stiffen as his climax approached. She just sucked a little harder and bobbed a little faster. His nuts were trying to retract. She triumphantly sucked the juice out of him and swallowed all of it. She continued sucking until his erection wilted away. She got a wash rag from the bathroom and washed and dried his genitals. She covered him with the sheet.

He had a big smile on his face. “Baby girl that was the best I ever had. Thank you for helping me out this way.”

“I love you grandpa. I would do anything for you.”

“Just sit with me. The end is near. I want you with me when I pass.”

“Yes grandpa.” Half an hour later, Sharon felt him twitch and heard the air go out of his lungs. She called her mother and told her it was over. Then she sat by her grandpa. A smile crossed her lips as she cried because she knew she would keep her secret forever. She had taken his last shot.

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