The Lascivious Church Lady

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Ted was a very religious boy. He went to church twice on Sunday and once in the middle of the week. He was a teenager at the time he met Phyllis, but meeting her changed his life forever. He lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the home of Harvard, MIT, and a few other colleges.

One Sunday night the service was different. The visiting preacher was yapping about what you’re going to do in life (besides masturbate). Then he produced a violin and told the small group he was going to play The City of God. Funny, Ted never forgot the name of that song, after thirty five years. The accompanist, the pianist, was a very attractive brunette wearing a knee length skirt. But when she sat on the piano stool, the skirt rode half way up her thighs. Ted stared, transfixed, at her thighs. Every time she tapped the tone pedals the skirt would move up a bit more.

She must have noticed Ted staring at her, because when the short service was over she came over to Ted, and introduced herself. Her smile hit Ted between the legs and his cock began to rise. “I am Phyllis,” she said. “And you are – “

“Ted,” he mumbled. “It’s actually Theodore, but you can call me Ted ..”

“Can we sit down, Ted?” she asked. She led Ted to the corner of the room where there were folding chairs along the wall. She took his hand in hers. “Do you love Jesus?” As she sat, Her dress was way up her thighs and Ted could see the top of her stockings where her legs were bare. Her skin was a creamy white.

“Yeah, I guess …”Ted mumbled.

His cock was getting longer, elevating his trouser leg.

“How old are you?” she asked. She had beautiful teeth and wore red lipstick.

“Eighteen,” Ted mumbled. He was almost 19. Her legs were gorgeous. He didn’t know how long he could last before he creamed his jeans.

“Will you pray with me?” she asked.

Ted nodded. He prayed for temporary relief.

She prayed out loud, something about Ted giving his life to Christ, and maybe cutting back on masturbation. To Ted, it sounded like that. At least that was the focus of his life these days. What she said after that was a total blur. But she did ask for his address. They talked for a while, her eyes on the lump between his legs. She wanted to ‘keep in touch’ with Ted. She lived in Rockport, an upscale harbor town 40 miles northeast of Boston. Ted did not get her address because he was clueless when it came to women.

Ted was Italian and his mother was very strict about his dating. Ted didn’t own a car, but in Boston the transit system is pretty good. You really don’t need a car unless you want to take a girl parking. Or to a drive-in. His mother expected Ted to go to college, probably Tufts or MIT. Tufts has a great medical school. His mother came from Italy as a young girl and had only a 6th grade education. She was determined that Ted would go to college.

A letter from Phyllis arrived two weeks after he met her. It had a slight scent of cologne. Ted’s mother was immediately suspicious and opened the letter. She read the letter. There surely must have been something in there about Jesus, but there was meaning between the lines. If you were a code breaker, the intent would be obvious. Phyllis wanted Ted to have a hard-on for Jesus. More to the point, for her.

“You write to that woman, right away, and tell her you’re too young for this kind of stuff,” his mother huffed.

What kind of stuff? Ted wondered. He had Phyllis’ thighs imprinted in his brain. Ted composed a letter, thanking Phyllis for writing, but told her he was busy with studying (and masturbation) and maybe they could meet somewhere, sometimes, and discuss alternatives. The interpretation was: I need Alanya Escort escort to meet you so you can suck my cock.

Two days later Ted received a letter from Phyllis. She would drive down from Rockport, she wrote, and pick him up. She suggested a movie, or driving out to Ipswich Beach. Ted was dumbfounded, because this woman was close to 30 years old. He was only 18. Didn’t she have a boyfriend? Was she married? She included her phone number in the letter.

Ted called her, and he spoke briefly to her, while he was fingering his cock. Her aura was incredible, distance made no difference. His erection was attempting to emancipate itself from his jeans. She would come down on Saturday, at noon. Saturday finally came. She arrived, driving a Toyota Camry, and the car looked new.

As she drove, she told him that during the week she worked for a PR firm on Newbury Street. In Boston.

She knew he was looking at her legs, so she wore a skirt which exposed her thighs.

Most of her clients were politicians running for office in the Boston area. She laughed. “We get some weird clients,” she said. “Most of our clients are politicians. Politicians are so phony. During a campaign we insist on getting paid up front. Otherwise we never get paid. We usually hire a photographer to follow the guy around , you know, for campaign literature …

“We had a guy running for the mayor of Salem. He was not married so his campaign manager had to create an image that he was married.” She went on, “We rented an empty home that was for sale. A new home. We filled the closets with women’s dresses, all new of course. We put in some used furniture. Then we had a woman say she was his wife. The photographer was pretty sharp; he looked at the dresses and told us the price tags were still on the dresses.

“Of course the guy lost the election – a complete phony. Voters are not stupid. He’d have the photographer shoot him talking to a senior citizen, about health care; the lady must have been 90 years old. As soon as the photographer said ‘Done …’, this bozo would walk off, leaving the old lady in mid-sentence …”

As they drove into Boston, Phyllis suggested they have lunch at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Ted said OK. Ted tried to strike up a conversation, so he would sound like a man of the world. In reality he was very naïve. Moreover, he was a virgin.

They did have lunch in the Ritz dining room. Ted was trying not to stare at her boobs. This may sound overworked, but Ted did drop his spoon twice so he could crawl under the table and look up her dress. He could see almost to her crotch, especially with her legs spread apart.

“Ted, the waiter can get you another spoon. You don’t have to do that …”

Lunch went by fast, and Phyllis suggested a ride on the Swan Boats. The hotel was right across the street from the Public Gardens which hosted the Swan Boats. Were her boobs getting bigger or was it Ted’s imagination? Her nipples were very prominent.

“Oh, I have a better idea,” she said. “Why don’t we get a room, so we can get to know each other. I have to get out of these shoes. “

Ted agreed. He had never been in a hotel room before. The Ritz is a 5-star hotel with awesome service and amenities. Phyllis ordered a bottle of 2015 Chateau Garraud Bordeau which would normally cost her about $30 in a liquor store. The Ritz billed her $155.

“Tell me about you.” Ted was very curious. “Are you married?”

“Not any more. I was married to a family practice attorney for two years. He was physically repulsive”, she shuddered.

“I had a girlfriend while I was married to the lawyer. She was the lawyer’s sister. Alanya Escort bayan A very sexy and beautiful woman. And very creative. She played a lot of tennis, and had fantastic legs. She was a computer geek and knew more ways to eat pussy than anybody I’ve ever known. She would lick my clit with a butterfly action. You know what edging is?” Ted couldn’t believe what she was telling him. He was only a kid. “You’re at the edge of an orgasm,” she elucidated. “Very, very close. But then when you come, blam! It’s very intense …”

Ted gulped the Bordeau. He was hoping something would save him from this woman.

“She would have two, sometimes three fingers up my pussy and be sucking my clit like she thought it was a 3-inch cock.” She thought about it, then added, “Yeah, my clit is big. I tried sticking it up my girl friend’s ass.”

Ted wasn’t about to ask her if she was successful.

“I also had an affair with a transgender girl. She was a beautiful woman and I loved her cock. I would suck her cock for hours. A thick cock with lots of foreskin. But I couldn’t see myself marrying her. I could never have children.”

He wondered what happened to Jesus.

Ted was getting numb absorbing all this information. Was there a ‘need to know’? Phyllis clearly had been around. He had been nowhere.

“So why do you like me? Ted asked her.

“I saw you staring at my legs at the service. I saw your hard-on. Pretty impressive. I asked the Lord to send me a young guy with a big cock. The Lord answered my prayer,” she said.

“Can I look at your cock? You don’t mind my using that word? Penis is so sterile.”

Ted was terrified. Look at his cock? His hands were shaking as he unzipped his pants; his cock popped out. It had been stiff all through lunch. It was dripped precum. He was a bit embarrassed. She held it between two fingers and gently squeezed it. A bit of juice squirted out the slot. “Nice …” she said. He was circumcised so the purple knob was much larger than the stalk. She rolled her tongue over her lips to make them wet and smooth , and then she moved her head forward to take the knob into her mouth.

He was big. She had to stretch her lips as wide as possible to get him in. He had a luscious, meaty swollen cock and the way it filled her mouth was delicious. She knew no one had sucked his cock before because he was trembling. He didn’t groan or moan like a porn star. He just stopped breathing. She wasn’t ready to have him cum yet. After a few minutes, she said, “I’m being greedy. I haven’t shown you myself.” She was going to say pussy but she didn’t want to scare him too much. He was shell shocked as it was. She slipped out of her skirt. She was wearing panty hose. She rolled those down over her legs, leaving just her panties. They were wet. She took her cotton panties off, exposing her pubic region. She was very hairy.

Ted stared at her hairy cunt. He’d never seen so much hair on a woman before.

“I don’t think there is anything more lovely than a hairy cunt”, she told Ted. ” I have read Victorian novels and every one of those randy women has a beautiful hairy cunt. None of this bald stuff you see in porn today. That’s a travesty.”

She put her fingers into her wet gash, and pulled the thick lips open. “Nice, huh? What do you think?”

Ted had not reached the point in his life where he was a connoisseur of pussies. He stared at it in awe and just licked his lips. His mouth was dry.

“Now I will show you my boobs … Do you want to feel them? “

She teased him by doing nothing for a full minute. Then she suddenly unsnapped her bra and slipped it off. Her tits appeared, full Escort alanya and free and startlingly white. They were firm, pointed high and slightly to the sides. The reddish-brown nipples were long and hard and excited. When she cupped her hands under her tits and raised them, she heard him gasp.

“Go ahead, touch them …”

Virgin or not a virgin, he had a marvelous touch. He ran his fingertips over the heaving globe of her tit, and then zeroed in on the swollen nipple to pull it and gently scratch the tip. Then he opened his hand, turned it, dug his fingers under her boob and raised it.

The weight of her breasts lifted from underneath always drove her wild.

“Suck it!” she gasped. “You’re driving me crazy!”

When he hesitated, she took hold of his ear and pulled his face forward until his mouth covered the long nipple. As soon as she felt he had a hold on her, she released his ear and used the same hand to lift her tit and push her flesh into his mouth.

“Maybe we can go to Symphony sometimes. It’s only about 5 minutes from here.” She informed him, as he sucked her nipples. She didn’t mention she’d whack him off during the performance. He didn’t understand a woman’s mind, how she could change the subject so fast.

“Ted, are you a virgin?” she asked. “With your mom being so strict …”

“Yeah …” he admitted.

“Does your mom masturbate?”

He could not imagine his mother masturbating. That was creepy.

“No. I don’t think so …”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. Let’s change the subject.” The thought of his mother masturbating gave him stomach cramps.

“Do you have a sister?”

“Yeah … she probably does, but we never discuss stuff like that.”

“Wow. Your family is really up tight, Ted.”

“Probably. We’re Italian.”

“So what? I knew a lovely Italian girl. She had four vibrators and a dildo.”

“Good for her …” Ted was hoping the ceiling would cave in.

“OK, I guess I should get you home. It’s almost 7 o’clock. Your mother is probably worried. “

“Yeah …”

“Let me suck your cock before we go …”

“OK,” he said weakly. This was the final frontier.

She moved down to where he was sitting. His cock was flaccid because she was scaring the crap out of him. She spit on it, to lubricate it a bit, and then softly massaged it. It began to grow. Ted stared at it, seeing it had a mind of its own. She stroked it. She snaked out her tongue, to lick the swelling knob. She lowered her head, swallowing more of the thick meat. “I love the way it gets fat,” she said.

She continued sucking, her cheeks hollowed. Her tongue lapped around the perimeter. As he was almost about to cum, Ted put his heads on her head. She didn’t intend to stop, she was sucking to drain him. He was only a kid. He had lots to unload.

She rolled her tongue under the shaft, her lips stretched wide. The warm fleshy feel of his cock in her mouth was marvelous. Her mouth flooded with saliva, and whenever she swallowed, she had the full delicious taste of it.

Soon she was slurping up and down the entire length of his cock, taking it into her throat as far as possible, thrilling to the feel of his hard cock sliding in and out of her curled, clinging lips. Her tongue swirled and stroked. Finally he came.

He shot three thick loads down her throat. She swallowed it and kept sucking. Was Jesus watching this? He hoped not.

Later, she drove him back to Cambridge. His mother didn’t know Phyllis had picked him up. She never asked him if he had a good time, or where he went. All she said was, “Your father will be home soon. Go wash your hands …”

Phyllis never called him again. But she thought about Ted often. As for Ted, when he went to church next Sunday night, the preacher talked about being ‘saved’. Ted smiled when he heard that. Ted knew he had been saved from growing up too fast. He wanted to remain as he was – a clueless virgin.

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