The Lake

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Once some friends of ours told us about this lake they knew about where people went to swim naked. It was in the country, on private property. They said that it was way out in the sticks, so only people who knew about it ever went there. Whoever owned the place either never went there or liked the nudity, because people were never hassled there. People even had sex on the beach and in the water. Our friends said that they had heard that sometimes there were skinny-dipping parties there that turned into naked sex orgies, with everybody fucking and sucking everyone else, outdoors, in public.

It sounded great to us, so we asked for directions, and the next Saturday morning we were on our way there, with towels, a blanket, a lunch, a cooler full of bottled water and wine, and no swimming suits. It was early spring; warm, but not hot. The trees were just budding out, and there would be no mosquitoes or gnats or biting flies as yet. The sky was clear and blue, with occasional puffy white clouds. It was a perfect day for a swim at a lake. A naked swim at a lake.

We followed our friends’ directions, and we never would have found the place without them. It really was in the middle of nowhere. We went up and down one dusty dirt road after another, and finally came to the old steel farm gate, set in a barbed wire fence, that our friends had told us about. A weather-worn sign on the gate said “Private Property No Tresspassing” . Another equally weathered sign said “No Hunting Fishing Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted”. It looked like the gate was locked, but on closer inspection the padlock on the latch turned out to be rusted open. We opened the gate, went through (closing the gate behind us), and up the steepest, rockiest stretch of dirt road we had yet encountered, then down a long gentle hill, to a very, very pretty little lake. The lake was small, maybe half the size of a football field. It was actually just a very wide, deep spot in a fast-running little river. It was clean, deep in the middle, and surrounded by pale green, newly budding trees. There was a little rock and sand beach on one side, and a grassy clearing at the end of the road with room for maybe two or three cars to park. One car, a Jeep, was already there. We parked beside it, took off our clothes, and went down to the beach.

There was another couple at the beach. We set up our blanket as far as we could from them, which wasn’t actually very far. I couldn’t see the guy’s face very well from where we were. His head was kind of hidden in a pile of towels he was using for a pillow. But I could see his body. He was lying naked on his back on a blanket. His girlfriend was in the lake swimming around. Most of the guy’s nude body was pretty tanned, but his groin and pubic area were quite white. He obviously didn’t lay out naked in the sun very much. His penis was semi-erect and lay kind of flopped over on his dark pubic hair. I don’t think he noticed that we were there, because as we watched, the guy began playing with himself. He pressed and fondled his prick, and it got thicker and stiffer, until it was laying fully erect against his stomach. I found myself staring at his erection. It was exciting to see a hard dick, right out in the open. I felt my penis begin to stiffen. My wife was looking at the guy’s cock too. Then she turned and looked at my crotch. She saw that my penis was getting erect, and she smiled at me.

We spread out our blanket and laid down. The warm sun felt good on my body, especially my groin and my genitals. My wife spread out luxuriously on the blanket, thoroughly enjoying her nudity. My wife is full figured and olive-skinned and beautiful. I looked at her big, full, luscious breasts and brown erect nipples, her gorgeous thighs and tummy and ass, and her moist pussy, naked in the open air. I could have fucked her right then and there. She laid on her side, watching the other people on the beach. I snuggled up behind her so she could feel my hardening penis against her ass.

The guy down the beach was still just laying there, his erect cock against his belly. His girlfriend was swimming into shore. Near the edge of the beach, she stood up and waded into shore, wringing the water out of her hair. Water was dripping off her naked body. She was slender and blonde, with perky, round little tits. Her nipples were very erect. They stuck out like little points.

“That water must be pretty cold,” murmured my wife. We laughed softly together.

The girl walked over to her boyfriend. He offered her a towel and she dried off, glancing at us from time to time. Then her boyfriend sat up and got out a tube of sunblock. She sat on the blanket in front of him, between his legs, and he began to rub the sunblock onto her; first onto her back and shoulders and neck, then, reaching around, onto her sides and tummy. Then he went to work on her breasts. First he was just spreading sunblock on them. Then he began playing with them, squeezing them and caressing and fondling her nipples. She arched her back to press dikmen escort her tits against his hands. Then he slid his hands down between her legs. She had been looking over at us, every now and then, as he caressed her. When he began fondling her pussy, she turned around, said something to him, and pushed him down on his back. His cock was sticking straight up. She took it in her hand and, holding it, reached over and kissed him, long and deep. Then she picked up the tube of sunblock, squeezed some out on her hand, rubbed it onto his penis, and began masturbating and caressing his hard cock with both hands. As she jacked him off, she looked up at us. Her eyes were half closed. Her mouth was half open. She looked utterly nasty, completely lascivious. She leaned over and, still looking at us with that look of sex, rubbed the round, red head of his dick against her nipples.

My wife and I were getting hotter and hotter as we watched all this. I was humping my cock against her ass-crack. I was trying to work it in between her ass cheeks so I could fuck her. My wife had the same idea; she was worming her buttocks against me, trying to position herself so that my penis would slip into her from behind. I pressed the head of my dick against her anus, and she moaned. Her vagina was wet all the way out to her asshole. I reached around her and felt her delicious, big, full tits. I stroked her breasts and squeezed her nipples. She moaned out loud.

I think the girl down the beach liked what we were doing, because she smiled. Then she leaned down and took the head of her boyfriend’s cock into her mouth. She kissed it and licked it and stroked it with her lips, looking at us the whole time. Then she straightened up. She was starting to pant softly. She rubbed and squeezed her breasts. Her boyfriend reached up and pulled on her nipples. Then she lifted her leg over her boyfriend to straddle him, and we caught a yummy glimpse of her wet, open pussy. For a moment she just sat on him, rubbing his erect penis and testicles against her vagina. She looked so pretty; completely naked; glistening with sexual sweat, totally ready to fuck. Then she took his cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy, and, with a little spasm and a moan, she slid her cunt down onto his penis and, looking over at us with her smoldering look of sexual heat, began to hump her wet vagina up and down on his cock.

It was incredibly arousing. It made me feel completely horny, completely abandoned. My wife was breathing hard, worming her anus against my cock. My testicles and penis were throbbing with sexual heat. I pushed and slid my erect penis against my wife’s ass cheeks. She whispered that she had to have me in her. I was so horny that I could have orgasmed right on her ass, but I wanted to fuck her. I wanted my cock in her pussy. I wanted to feel her buck and squirm and cum on my erect dick, like the girl who was fucking and moaning down the beach. My wife lifted her leg and arched her back to give me open access to her dripping, swollen vagina. I screwed my hips into position and pushed my penis hard against her moist, trembling, labia. Then the head of my cock kind of popped through her tight cunt lips, and my penis sank deep into her hot wetness.

My wife screamed with pleasure. I saw the naked girl down the beach gasp as she watched us. Panting, she worked her cunt up and down on her boyfriend’s stiff, throbbing dick. She fucked harder and harder, all the time looking at my penis sliding in and out of my wife’s wet vagina. We all fucked as we watched each other fuck. It was intensely nasty feeling, intensely sensual and exciting. I held my wife’s leg up so the girl could see my cock plunging in and out of my wife’s wet pussy. The girl gasped, then her eyes rolled up into her head and she let out a moan so sensual that it practically made me cum! She spasmed and shuddered with ecstasy, bucking and humping on her boyfriend’s erect dick, until she collapsed, convulsing softly with pleasure, onto her boyfriend’s chest.

My wife grabbed my hand and pulled it into her crotch. I knew what she wanted. I probed her dripping vulva with my fingers until I found her hard, electric little clitoris. I rubbed it and masturbated it in time with our fucking. My wife panted and moaned harder and harder until suddenly she screamed again and her vagina felt incredibly hot and wet and sexual on my cock. My penis and balls and asshole spasmed and throbbed with intense pleasure, and I squirted my sperm deep into her convulsing, orgasming cunt. As my prick emptied itself into her I squeezed and caressed her nipples and masturbated her clitoris and she came again and again on my throbbing, sensitive cock.

I always fall asleep after sex. I vaguely remember my wife rubbing sunblock all over me and kissing me, and that’s all I remember until I woke up. When I awoke I had a slight headache, I think from sleeping in the sun. I sat up. The guy from down the beach was elvankent escort sitting next to me. I hadn’t noticed until now that he had a mustache. He reminded me a little of Burt Reynolds. He was staring out at the lake.

“Hello,” he said. I grunted hello. He just kept looking out at the lake. I looked to see what he was looking at, and there were my wife and his girlfriend, standing about fifty feet offshore, up to their waists in water, kissing. They were kissing deeply and caressing each other’s bodies. His blond girlfriend was very white looking against my wife’s dark skin. The contrast was beautiful and exciting. Her slender, pale hands were squeezing and fondling my wife’s full brown tits and nipples. As we watched, she kissed down my wife’s neck to her breasts and began sucking her nipples, first one, then another. Her hand stroked down my wife’s belly and into the water. I couldn’t see her hand under the water, but it looked like she was masturbating my wife’s vagina and clitoris. My wife’s eyes were closed. She was stroking the other girl’s back and pale hair as the blonde sucked and pleasured her.

My wife told me later that she, too, had fallen asleep after we orgasmed, but only for a few minutes. When she woke up, the blond girl was sitting naked beside her.

“That was really beautiful,” the blonde said. My wife agreed. The girl looked at her, then ran her fingertips across my wife’s naked tits, softly touching the nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts,” she said. A thrill of sexual excitement throbbed inside my wife. The orgasms had left her feeling very sensual. The blonde laid her head on my wife’s shoulder. She rubbed her cheek against my wife, then softly kissed her rich brown skin.

“I’m always still horny after I have sex,” she whispered in my wife’s ear. “Me too,” said my wife. She turned to face the girl. They kissed, a soft, deep openmouthed kiss. They explored each other’s mouths and lips with their tongues.

“Let’s go swimming,” said the girl. They got up and walked hand in hand into the cold water. They swam together for a while, rubbing their bodies against each other as they swam, touching each others’ breasts and nipples and asses, occasionally stroking between each others’ legs, kissing each other and getting each other more and more excited, until they swam to where they could stand up and just kiss and fondle one another.

And that’s where they were when I woke up with the guy beside me.

I glanced over at the guy. His dick was completely erect. He was playing with it, pressing it and stroking it as he watched the girls make love. My penis was erect again, too. It was a weird situation, but really exciting. I had never had an erection near another man like this before. I watched the guy fondle his cock for a minute, kind of wondering what to do.

Then I thought “What the hell.” I took the tube of sunblock, squirted some on my erect prick, and began stroking myself. And I there sat, naked on a beach, a masturbating man beside me, and fondled my penis as I watched my wife having sex with another woman. It was incredibly erotic. Intense sexual thoughts poured through my mind. I thought of sucking the guy’s cock. I thought of fucking his girlfriend. I thought of watching him fuck my wife while his girlfriend licked my wife’s clitoris. I thought of fucking him in the asshole while he humped my wife’s wet cunt.

Just then my thoughts were interrupted by my wife’s voice from the lake. She was crying out in pleasure as the other girl masturbated her. The guy stood up to watch them. He was stroking himself off in the nastiest way, pumping his hips and fucking his hand like it was a vagina or an asshole. His big, red, erect penis was right at my eye level. I couldn’t help but stare at it. I thought again about sucking his cock, sucking his hard dick until he orgasmed in my mouth, then drinking his cum while the girls sucked and fondled my dick together until I squirted sperm into their mouths and asses and pussies. These thoughts just flowed up inside me; I felt so erotic, so nasty, so sexual. I stood up beside the guy, jutted my hips out, and stroked my erect penis. He looked at my cock as he jacked off. It excited me enormously. I felt like we were together in our masturbation. I felt like masturbating his dick and having him masturbate mine. I wanted us to do each other, like the girls were doing each other in the lake.

Then I guess the girls must have noticed us stroking our cocks, because they started laughing. They came out of the water together, holding hands. My wife came up to me and pressed herself against me. Her naked body was cold from the lake, and dripping wet. Her hard nipples brushed against my chest.

“Poor sweety,” she said, “Had to do it all by yourself?” She giggled. “Don’t you need some help with that?” She slid herself down my body, rubbing her erect nipples against me, until she was kneeling in front of me. She nuzzled emek escort her face against my erect penis and kissed my testicles. Tenderly, she took my penis between her lips and began sucking on its swollen head. Even in her mouth I could feel the electric sensuality of her sexual arousal. Her lips and tongue were hot and wet on my excited dick. It was such sweet feeling sex.

I glanced over at the guy. His girlfriend was standing facing away from him, rubbing her ass against his cock. He had her tits in his hands. She leaned forward to open her cunt to him from behind. She rubbed her ass against his cock until his hard dick slid deep up inside her. Her body jerked and she cried out in pleasure. My wife turned to watch them fuck. She took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it against her cheek, nuzzling it and occasionally licking it as she watched the other couple’s sex.

The guy was humping the naked blonde girl hard. Over and over, he pushed his erect penis in and out of his girlfriend’s cunt. She was gasping and panting. She began rubbing herself, squeezing and pulling on her tits with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. She was looking at us, her eyes half closed with ecstasy, her mouth open. She licked her lips. Then suddenly she screamed and her ass and thighs quivered and spasmed and she bucked and convulsed in orgasm on her boyfriend’s hard cock. She squirmed and writhed and moaned, then her legs gave way and she collapsed off his penis and fell on the blanket, twitching and masturbating in pleasure.

My wife dropped my cock, scuttled over to the naked blonde and embraced her. She rubbed her dark, sensuous body against the other girl’s pale, slender nakedness, lay on top of her and kissed her deeply and stroked her tits and ass and masturbated her as the girl orgasmed. Then she moved her legs over the other girl’s body to straddle the girl’s thigh. She began rubbing her clitoris against the blonde girl’s leg as they embraced. The blonde worked her hips and legs against my wife’s clit and pussy, masturbating her with her body. They looked so beautiful, the blonde’s pale nakedness squirming against my wife’s rich, brown skin. They writhed rhythmically against each other until the girl moaned and my wife cried out and shuddered in orgasm.

The guy and I were both standing, fondling our erections as we watched the naked, sexing girls. I think the guy was looking forward to some fucking, and I certainly was, but after my wife had her orgasm, the two women just kind of snuggled and kissed each other for a while, then fell asleep right there on the beach. I was disappointed, and didn’t know quite what to do. The guy was looking at the sleeping women, then at my erect penis. He was softly masturbating himself.

“Want to hit the lake?” he asked. I nodded, and we walked down into the water. It was nicely cold. As we waded in, the guy and I kept drifting into each other, bumping arms and shoulders. When it was deep enough, he dove in, and I followed. We swam across the lake, but the water was full of dead trees on the other side, so we swam back to the deep spot in the middle. The guy floated on his back for a while. Even though the water was cold, he still had an erection. The head of his penis stuck up above the water. I was treading water. Then the guy dove under the water. He swam against me, his body rubbing against mine as he slid across me under the water. I felt his erect penis brush against my hips and cock and testicles. He swam back, dove again, and swam across my ass, pressing his hard dick against my buttocks as he glided by. Then he swam between my legs. Halfway through my legs he turned onto his back so that as he passed under me his penis and testicles stroked against mine under the water.

This was getting me really, really horny. The guy had paused to rest and was treading water. I swam over to him, treaded water in front of him, and pushed my groin against his under the water. I felt the rough texture of his pubic hair on the cold sensitive head of my dick. His erect penis was warm and firm against mine. He moved his body against me, and I felt a thrill of excitement and pleasure as head of his erection pushed against my cock. I dove under the water to his groin. I put my face against his penis and tried to take it into my mouth, but I ran out of air and had to come up. Then we tried to embrace in the water, but we sank. I decided to swim closer to shore, where the lake was shallower.

As I was swimming in I noticed that the girls were awake. They had moved the picnic blankets together in a shady spot, and had brought down the cooler.The cooler was open, and it looked like the girls were drinking some wine. They waved to us. I swam to where the water was about thigh-deep and stood up. My cock was cold, but mostly erect. The guy swam over and stood up behind me, right against my back. His body was warm and hairy and wet. I could feel the hardness of his penis as he pushed his genitals against my ass. Then he reached around my body, took my cock in his hand, and began masturbating me. The girls were watching all this. My wife stood up and began walking down toward the water. The guy stroked my cock for a few moments, then pressed hard on my dick head. A throb of excitement and pleasure pulsed through my testicles and penis and asshole. Then he let go of me and began walking into shore.

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