The Lake

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Big Dick

We stepped outside onto the deck behind the beautiful wooden cabin we borrowed from one of Paul’s friends for the weekend. It was the last free weekend he had before the band went on tour. I wasn’t coming with them, I had to work and stuff, Paul wanted to do something special with me away from everyone else before he left, it would be awhile before they had a break from touring. It had been awhile since we were alone too. There were always parties to go to, appearances to make, people to see. I love it all, I really did, I love being social and meeting new people, but I’m also a very private person and like having time to myself. If my head was spinning this much, I can only imagine what it was like for Paul. But he’s not like me, he loves being the center of attention sometimes, and I don’t think it got to him as much it did me. That was another reason I declined to go on tour with them.

The cabin was more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. Once I got there I didn’t want to leave. It was so serene, so quiet, and so peaceful. There was a small lake down behind the cabin, and on a night like this, it just took my breath away.

It wasn’t dark, the moon was out and reflected back from the water, making it seem all the more beautiful. I sat down on the deck swing and Paul came over and, not saying a word, sat down next to me. He grasped my hand, intertwining our fingers. We had just gotten done talking Bahçelievler Escort to Rob on the phone; last minute details of the tour were in the process of being figured out.

We just sat there, swinging back and forth softly, then I spoke up.

“Lets go skinny dipping!”

“What?” he asked, slightly amused.

“I want to go skinny dipping.” I repeated, standing up and starting to walk across the deck towards the stairs.

“You’re crazy!” He said, not moving from his spot on the swing. I knew he didn’t like water, but it didn’t matter to me, I loved it. “That water must be freezing”

I turned around to face him. “It’s a lovely night, Paul. It’s warm tonight, the water can’t be that cold. Are you joining me?” I said, then pulled my shirt off over my head and threw it at him “Or am I going to go all by myself?”

“Oh, now that should be considered bribery.” He said, putting my shirt in the swing and coming over towards me. “You know I can’t resist the woman I love taking her clothes off in front of me.”

“That was the idea.” I said, wrapping my harms around him, then kissing him on the lips. “It worked didn’t it?”

“Now don’t be so sure about that. I could still turn around and go inside”

“You’re going to go inside, knowing I’m out here in the lake, all by myself, naked, wet, and having a good time?”

“… Go inside and whack off to thoughts Escort Bayan of you in that lake…”

I laughed and pulled away from him, but held on to one hand to lead him towards the lake. Once we got to the edge of the water, I turned to face him again and, looking him in the eyes, unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off. He took me in his arms and kissed me again, then said “Are you sure nobody’s going to see us?”

“There’s nobody around here, we’re one of maybe 10 cabins on this entire lake, and if they do see us, who cares? They’re just perverts.”

He smiled, satisfied with my answer, then pulled his t-shirt over his head. I helped to unbutton his jeans, then took off my bra and panties as he removed his boxers. He was already… excited about our little adventure, that much was obvious.

I stepped slowly into the water, which was colder than I thought, but not completely freezing. I decided to just go for it, and went out far enough so the water was halfway up my chest. Being only 5’2, I didn’t have to go as far as I would have thought the ground sloped more than I had expected. Paul followed me out to where I was and said, “It’s not cold, huh?”
“Okay, so I was wrong about that, it’s not too bad though, is it?”

“No, it’s not. And I know how to make it even warmer” He said, pulling me towards him and into a deep kiss. He had other motives than just swimming for this excursion, istanbul Escort didn’t he? Not that I minded at all. He then started on my neck, kissing, nibbling, and licking. I threw my head back and moaned softly. We had been together for awhile, and he knew exactly where on my body to touch me that made me go crazy. His hands were exploring everywhere he could, stroking and caressing my breasts, then around my waist, then further down still. I kissed him on the lips softly, drawing his attention. “Make love to me Paul. Oh god, please, right now” I said, my breath heavy from his probing below my waist. As I kissed him, I moved my hand down and stroked him for a few seconds, then he took over and guided himself into me. Then his arms were on my waist and he held on to me, driving himself into me again and again as my knees threatened to give out. I called out his name as I let my whole body be aware of every moment. Then he couldn’t hold out any longer and drove himself far into me, crying out my name. I screamed in ecstasy, then kissed his neck as he came down from wherever he was and wrapped his arms around my back.

“Oh god, we really need to do that again sometime. ” I said after catching my breath. He chuckled slightly and smiled, kissing my cheek and leading me out of the water.

“Too bad we didn’t bring a blanket out here with us.” He said as we walked slowly back towards the cabin. We almost forgot to take our clothes with us. I wished we had thought to take a blanket with us out here. We could just lie there looking at the stars or something. But, this was kinda a spur of the moment thing, and there’s always next time.

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