The Knife Edge Ch. 01

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Susan had been taking it slow with me — we’d gone out a half dozen times over the first four weeks, but hadn’t yet gone beyond the making out stage.

I had seen enough and felt enough to know that the high beams atop her perfect little breasts turned on with very little provocation and that her muscular legs and ample rear were as tight and muscular as a ballet dancer’s. Her hair was a flying cloud of red, with strands so fine they looked like a child’s. The flame colored mane went well with her freckled skin, but unlike many redheads she tanned to a golden bronze. I wanted to see and explore more!

Although I’m a fairly outdoorsy guy, Susan was into more extreme mountain climbing than a simple day hike. So when she told me, “Climb a mountain with me and I’ll fuck you for the first time”, I couldn’t resist.

We chose Mount Katahdin in Maine for our adventure — and embarked on the chimney trail that entails some direct climbing, using handholds but no climbing ropes or pitons. Although it was early in the season the day was warm, and I was turned on by the thought of Susan’s very brief khaki hiking shorts (sort of a granola-eating Daisy Duke) and the simple white tank top that allowed her Size A Breasts and Size DD Nipples to swing with each motion. I couldn’t wait to return to the base camp and devour her.

As the more experienced climber, she took the lead, and my juices began to flow as I looked up at her strong legs Adana Escort disappearing into those shorts and then bulging out into a full but firm ass. I forgot about any acrophobic feelings as I worked my way up the crevice, observing her shorts disappearing into a crevice of their own with each step.

By the time we’d gone twenty feet up the chute, Susan’s shorts were riding tightly on her crotch and matching tufts of flaming red pubic hair was bursting out of each leg.

She grinned down at me, “I don’t shave, you know, didn’t know I was going to be giving you such a show… I hope you don’t mind!”

No, I didn’t mind, nor did I mind when she pulled me up to share a canteen with her breasts rubbing against my chest. My penis was as hard as the rock we were climbing.

“Let’s take off our shirts,” I said, “it’s getting awfully hot and there’s nobody on the mountain. I’m working up quite a sweat watching you.”

“Oh,” Susan laughed as she removed her tank, “you haven’t seen anything yet!”

As we climbed on I began to notice a new sensation, as Susan began to perspire as hard as I was. The tangles of golden hair coming out of each pant leg seemed to exude rivulets of sweat, tinged with the musky scent coming from the deepest point between her thighs. The sensation of this gorgeous, sexy woman’s sweat and juices dripping onto me as she flashed me with each step was almost more than I could bear.

When Adana Escort Bayan we reached the summit, she said, “It’s time for a little reward” and without further ado dropped to her knees and dropped my hiking shorts.

Splashing the cold canteen water over my engorged cock, she took me in her mouth and swirled her tongue over the head and glans, taking me deeply into her mouth and extending her tongue all the way to my balls, then withdrawing it slowly up my shaft, licking me while she still held most of me inside her mouth and throat. I was sure I would come, until she pulled me out of her mouth and doused me with the rest of the cold water.

“Down Climber Boy! If you want to get to the gold you’re going to have to do a little more than that!”

We both stepped out of our shorts, and looked at each other fully naked for the first time. Susan’s skin was the color of polished bronze, the freckles standing out as tiny speckles of tarnished copper. Her bush was the most magnificent thing I’d ever seen between a woman’s legs — a golden cloud that looked as though I could blow it away like milkweed seed from the white triangle of her bikini line. Hard dark nipples were now fully engorged, riding puffy aureoles above those perfect A-cup breasts.

“Ohmigod — I want to fuck you more than I’ve ever wanted another woman!”

“Then come with me,” she said, pulling me out onto the beginning Escort Adana of another trail.

Well, it was sort of a trail. It’s called the “Knife Edge” and it runs between the upper and lower summits, with a width varying between three and six feet and a sheer drop on either side. Susan sort of danced her way about thirty feet onto it, laughing as the wind fluffed her hair. “Come and get me!” she called.

My acrophobia in full tilt now, I crouched against the wind as I walked toward her, but I needn’t have bothered. Before I reached her, Susan had brought me down with a tackle, and mounted herself just below my throbbing penis. A little more licking and laughing, then she turned and brought her ass down on my face.

The 80 foot drops on either side faded from my consciousness as my world constricted to the tanned thighs and silky cloud atop my face. Gently, I licked her bush aside, rediscovering the full, round pubis that I know is often the harbinger of a woman who truly loves sex. I pulled each of her labia away from her wet opening and fondled them between my lips before gently inserting my tongue and stroking it outward along her g-spot.

Susan shuddered with pleasure at each stroke of her ass and tongue across her g-spot, but then my world opened out into a new one as she bent down and took me in her mouth.

We sixty nined like that for what seemed like hours, rocking gently back and forth with the wind seeming to keep the rhythm. It might have been her orgasm or just thunder over the lake, but she sucked every drop from me before she turned round and set that pillow of red hair on my arm.

“Let me get you hard again,” she said. “You’ve never fucked on top of a mountain have you?”

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