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    The Joy of Cocksucking Part 5    
          by Bill Beaumonte hoo)  

This work contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.  

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Author’s note:
As an aging cocksucker I”ve reflected upon the many wonderful experiences and gallons of cum I”ve swallowed. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.

    I “ve been married for nearly 50 years and my wife has no idea that I”m a cocksucker. I”m sure that she would never kiss me again if she knew the thousands of cocks that had passed between my lips or the gallons of cum that I”ve swallowed!

The key has been to not vary substantially from my usual routine. My work involved a lot of travel, which was perfect for cocksucking. Whenever I got an assignment that took me to a new city I immediately began posting, with titles such as “Visiting Cocksucker Seeking Regulars to Drain.” I would begin a couple weeks before arrival and book appointments for them to come to my hotel room. I”d send them all an email upon arrival with my hotel address, room number and room phone number, then wait for their arrival. Some didn”t show, but most did, and many became regulars.

I usually scheduled blowjobs between 6pm and 9pm evenings. I”d get back to my room from work in time to strip down so I could answer the door naked. This would often catch my guys by surprise the first time, but most welcomed it. I told them I would do any position they wanted. I know that being a cocksucker is considered submissive, but these guys were fulfilling a need I could satisfy no other way, and I wanted to be the best I could for them.

Some would just whip out their cocks right away and I”d suck them just inside the door (after it was close, of course). Some preferred to sit in a chair or lay on the bed. Others would lead me tuzla escort to the full-length mirror, where we could both get a clear view of all the action.

I often had a digital camera with me and would take closeup pictures of their cocks. I enjoyed having a gallery of pictures of guys I”d sucked. Sometimes the guys wanted pictures of me sucking them, but I always refused � there was no way I wanted pics of me sucking to end up on the internet for all to see!

I remained “camera shy” for many years until one event changed all that. I was working in a suburb of Chicago and had a comfortable number of regulars. I call them regulars because I suck each more than once � preferably several times a visit. Most come to my hotel room, which is very convenient for them. I rarely had every time slot between 6pm and 9pm booked, but sometimes did. The half hour intevals worked out well, allowing for variation in actual arrival times. It rarely took more than ten minutes for a guy to cum, but many were not particularly punctual. I just patiently waited and played with myself as I did.

Some guys preferred me to come to their place, and as a serious cocksucker, of course I made house calls. Mike was a middle aged guy whose infirmed mother lived upstairs. I would meet him and he would take me to his basement recreation room where I would strip down and blow him. I”m sure it would have really freaked out his mother if she had any idea what was going on downstairs. I blew Mike several times a week and he began to invite friends for me to blow, which I certainly appreciated.

One day I met Lou in Mike”s basement. Lou was a tall, well-built guy with an enormous cock at least nine inches long and very thick. There was no way I could take it all into my mouth, but I did the best I could. As I sucked Lou, I heard a “click”, and was horrified to find that Mike had just taken my picture sucking Lou! It was an old-style Polaroid camera, so at least there were no negatives for me to worry about.

tuzla escort bayan Just the same, I immediately objected, and Mike tried to calm me by telling me that nobody else would see. I was in the middle of sucking Lou and couldn”t take the time to argue while Lou was in need, so I resumed sucking. Lou gave me his load, which I eagerly swallowed. While I was upset about Mike taking the picture, I was indebted to him for providing so many friends to suck, many of whom became regulars, since Mike always gave them my contact information. Lou became one of my regulars who would visit me several times on my weekly visits.

The next morning I checked my emails, wanting to confirm any appointments for the evening, and was shocked to find that Mike had scanned the picture of me sucking Lou and emailed it to me. I thought I was safe because it was a Polaroid picture, with no negatives, but now that it was digitized it could be posted on the internet for anyone to see. I couldn”t get it off my mind, and worried that I”d be exposed to the world.

Don”t get me wrong � I like being a cocksucker and am quite proud of the work I do, but society is a harsh judge, and I certainly didn”t want friends, family, co-workers and church members to know my secret! That evening when I got to my room I looked at the picture of me sucking Lou. I recalled how he filled my mouth, yet the picture clearly showed about half of his cock still outside my mouth! Seeing that was very arousing and I couldn”t help but jack-off. I often jacked-off remembering blowjobs, but this was even more vivid and I came strongly. After I came I continued to worry about others seeing the picture.

I considered deleting it, but instead saved it in a secure location on my laptop computer. I jacked-off to the picture often, and eventually craved other such explicit pictures. I asked some of my regulars to take pictures of me sucking them, and soon had a collection of pictures of cocks in my mouth. I continue to seek pictures escort tuzla today, and when I get a particularly good one, I add the caption “Bill, at your service” along with my email address and phone number. I send it to the guy I sucked, so he would always have my contact information. I tell him it”s fine to show his friends to prove that I was his personal cocksucker, and some did, leading to even more guys for me to suck.

After a while I realized that if my pictures did get out on the internet, the only ones likely to see them were guys I wanted to see them anyway, and I grew bolder. I was on Fetlife, which allowed users to post pictures. I met a couple of other Fetlife members and they took pictures of me sucking them. As agreed, they posted them, specifically naming me (via my Fetlife ID). I attached a message to the picture affirming that I was indeed the cocksucker.

As luck would have it, this moment, as I write, I received a text message from John, a local guy wanting a blowjob. Now that I don”t travel much, I”ve developed a number regulars near me who text me as needed. I really do like being their “on-call cocksucker.” The last time I was with John I asked him to take pictures as I sucked him. He did, but they came out very blurry. It”s difficult to take such pictures without a third party. My best pictures happened when a third guy was taking them � they can get the angles just right, and they get their turn in my mouth too!

This time we did a different position � my favorite. My most common blowjob position is kneeling, but the one I like the very best is laying on my back with the guy kneeling over my face, ass on my chest with his cock in my mouth. That gives him a very clear shot of my face with his cock in my mouth. John took a number of pictures, all of which were blurry, but one was usable. I made up a special “at your service” picture for John, and emailed it to him. A usual I encouraged him to show it to others and give them my contact information if they are interested, or for that matter, just give them a copy of the picture.

  To be continued . . .

Feel free to contact me with your comments or requests.
    �Bill Beaumonte hoo)

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