The Journey

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The sound of trickling water meets your ears just as the subtle scents of pine and mint meet your nose. You feel a finger trail down the side of your face gently pushing a few loose hairs off to the side. The finger continues down your cheek, down your neck and past your collar giving it a gentle tug before continuing down across the expanse of your naked flesh. An electric reaction of sensation and memory ripples across your skin in response to the fingers playful path. As your toes uncurl and you catch your breath your eyes open for the first time that morning to behold your Master. Upon seeing him memories of the past night race through your mind sending small aftershocks across your body, even your kitten quivers in its own way. Love, trust, admiration, longing, loyalty… obedience. In your mind and your heart you give yourself to him now as you had the previous night and many more before that; longing only that he asks you for your body so you can give it to him to do with as he wishes.

“Good morning Princess.” His deep voice rumbles. “Last night I was very pleased with you. I’m sure today you will be just as good a girl.” It wasn’t a question but your smile reflects the affirmation in your heart. You love nothing more then making your master happy. His smile always warms your heart. You look over his naked body above yours, his chest, his arms, his manhood; His entire body is, in a, word delicious. The sight of his body, the scent of him, the sound of his voice, the feel of him against you and inside you, even the taste of him inside your mouth; you nibble your lip. Your mind lingers on his taste and your eyes fixate on his manhood, your mouth begins to water slightly. Rising to a kneeling position he looks to Escort İstanbul the tent opening as wind causes it to flap. “It’s starting to get light, we wont need an early start though. Don’t have all that much planned for today but I do want to reach the base of the cliff by night.”

His manhood was only a few inches from you face now, the smell intoxicating and you can’t resist any longer. Leaning forward your eyes close as you take him into your mouth. You let out a soft moan as the familiar texture ripples across your tongue and his taste washes away the world. Your hands come up to caress his length while you taste of him. You can still taste yourself on it from the previous night. A thought in the back of your mind nags at you but you ignore it until after what seems like hours, but was in truth only moments, that same nagging thought pushes itself to the surface. You acted without permission; you didn’t ask to take him into your mouth. Nervously you release him and sliding back you let him fall from your mouth, it’s agony to loose the sensation of him filling your mouth. With a fear of displeasing him hanging heavy on your heart you open your eyes and look up nervously into his.

“It’s ok Princess you were a good girl yesterday, enjoy your toy.” He says as he lies down next to you. He always calls it that, calls it your toy. It is after all, even if you have to share it occasionally. In your heart you know Master loves you because he never lets anyone touch your toy, even those you share it with, without asking you first. You maybe his willing slave but you’re his princess.

With gleeful butterflies fluttering through your chest you throw yourself upon him enveloping him in your mouth. You İstanbul Escort Bayan moan with the renewed taste of him. One hand caressing his heavy sac the other stroking his length; your eyes close in the familiar pleasure of his manhood caressing your tongue. The world fades away and all that is left is you and your toy, then only your toy. Seconds pass like hours, minutes pass like days; pre-cum drips onto your tongue occasionally sending powerful spasms from your kitten. A sound in the background catches your attention distracting you; at first it’s annoying, pulling you away from your trance. But when you realize how large and throbbing your toy has become you know what the sound is, and what it means.

Planets collide smashing your helpless body between love and ecstasy as he erupts into your mouth. Your entire body trembles and shakes in an orgasm that is a match for his as you drink deeply of his love. Once the torrent begins to slow you continue to suckle him like an infant with a pacifier, laying your head across his stomach. His hand pets your hair gently as his rumbling voice lightly whispers sweet nothings to you. Your body slowly gliding down from the incredible orgasm catches new wind as he continues to leak small amounts of his love into your mouth. You relax and fall into that timeless place you do whenever he feeds you his love.

You come to yourself, your lips rebelling as he is pulled from them. “Princess we need to go if we want to make those cliffs by night.” Looking up at him you cross your arms under your breasts and pout. It only lasts a moment though, knowing what is to come at the end of your journey with him you lean forward kissing the head of your toy and climb to Anadolu Yakası Escort your feet. “I love you so much” he says with a smile on his face as he pulls on his swim trunks.

Still naked and with joy singing in your heart you help him pack away the tent and the lone sleeping bag. You carry the canteen of water slung over a shoulder and across your body, it’s sash nestled between your naked breasts where it has an annoying habit of catching your collar when you turn your head too far to the side. The solid metal ring around your neck was a gift from your Master; in your heart you know it to be akin to a wedding ring. Your knee-length special made hiking boots are the only other thing you wear, those too were a gift, he gave them to you so that you would not have to make this trip barefoot. Master didn’t want you to wear anything else because the two of you are going out into deep forest in a very little known place in its off season. Here there would be no one but you and your master to see you. At home your always naked and you have come to love it. When you were on the plane, going through the airport and the cities you had to wear that sundress for modesties sake but you hated it.

Ahead of you Master picked a path through the trees, the tent, sleeping bag and the rest of the camping supplies strapped to his bareback. Looking up into the morning sky you breathe deep the smell of the out doors as the wind caresses your naked body and pulling your nipples to full stiffness. It was a bit chilly here in the winter but Master decided now would be the best time to make the trip because there would be no insects or other people this early in the year. He has always been a Mosquito magnet you reflect with a giggle.

Hurrying to catch up you leap from stone to stone crossing the brook quickly. “Princess, where’d you go?” he chuckles as his arm encircles you. He places a kiss on your lips as you move off hands now held together pulling you along behind him as the forest swallows you both.

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