The Job Interview

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The advertisement was deceptively simple. It stated “Wanted: Private Secretary — multi-tasking required. Excellent benefits. Forward resume to Day Box 69.”

I could ace this job. I had been an executive secretary for many years, but since my boss retired and his job function dissolved, there was no need for me any longer. And I was not about to jump into the typing pool. I remember presenting the CEO with my resignation, effective immediately. He was stunned, and it gave me satisfaction when he pleaded with me to stay and train the new hires. I gave him one week then left. No one new came in, and it was time for me to go. But this ad sounded perfect. I faxed a copy of my resume to the newspaper and referenced the Box number. And waited.

Two days later, the phone rang and a female voice with a distinctive British accent, asked if she could schedule me for an interview at 1:30 the following day. I quickly agreed, almost missing her next request.

“Excuse me?” I asked

“Mr. Sebastian has requested all female applicants wear a simple blue dress and low heeled shoes.”

“Really?” I said dryly

“Yes, Mr. Sebastian is very particular.” she replied

“That should be no problem. May I ask you a question?” I inquired


“Are you the secretary that is leaving?”

“Yes I am.”

“May I ask why?”

“Of course. I have decided to travel. I have worked hard all my life, and it is time for me to experience the things that I have always dreamed of. In this job, you will encounter a lot of cultural diversity. Mr. Sebastian travels extensively, and you will be called upon to keep the office running smoothly while he is gone. The stress level can be excruciatingly high. “

“Thank you, this job sounds perfect for me.”

“When I received your resume, I thought you would fit very well here. You have all the necessary skills and experience. Mr. Sebastian is very organized and needs someone even more so to simplify his life.”

“Thank you. May I ask your name?”

“My name is Jael.”

“That is a beautiful and unusual name.”

“Thank you. I am sorry but I must make more calls. You will be prompt?”

“I have never been late in my life.”

Jael laughs. “You are so very much like me that it is eerie. The interview will be relatively brief. Mr. Sebastian relies on me to make most of the personnel decisions.”

“Thank you Jael, I will see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, you will…goodbye.”

The Interview:

I checked myself out in the mirror one last time before leaving. Dark blue silk dress, a matching jacket, stockings, low heeled sensible pumps. I had twisted my long blonde hair up into bun and added my sapphire hair pin. Smart and classy, yet understated. Just the look I was going for.

At 1:15, I stood in front of the door. The gold script lettering simply stated “Mr. Daniel Sebastian, Import/Export”. I took a deep breath, smoothed down the front of my dress, turned the door handle and entered. Immediately, all other eyes were upon me, checking me over, then dismissing me. I heard a buzzing of voices as I strode towards the oversized mahogany desk that was centered between two doors.

“Hello Jael, I am Johanna Caspar.” I said

Her eyes roam over me, taking in everything in a split second.

“Hello Johanna, it is nice to finally meet someone who listens.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Look around you. Tell me, are any of these candidates fit for this position?”

I glance around. Shades of blue were intermingled with red, pink and green accessories, spiked heels and piercings in places I could see and probably could not see. I shuddered at one applicant who was picking at something inside her thigh.

Jael gave me a wry smile and motioned me to one of the many luxurious chairs provided for waiting. I settled back into the chair and waited for his imminent arrival.

“Excuse me, may I have your attention.” she spoke softly, yet all eyes immediately focused on her.

“Will you all please stand up?”

I stood immediately, arms at my side. Glancing quickly out of the corner of my eye, I could see most were a bit uncomfortable at the scrutiny that she was giving. Two that I could see were chewing gum, a couple had their arms crossed, and one looked slightly pissed. I heard a faint buzzer, and one of the doors opened. There stood the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. I sized him up quickly. Six-foot or so, 180-185 pounds, short cropped black hair, well-trimmed moustache, immaculately tailored suit that fit like a glove. He walked into the room like a panther-like grace. His eyes flickered briefly over the candidates, most of who did not look at him and came to rest on me. I met his gaze directly, showing as little emotion as possible, while staring into the most piercing hazel eyes I have ever seen. His lips quirked into a small smile as he inventoried my attire.

“What is your name?” he asked. His voice, though quiet, seemingly echoed through the room.

“Johanna Caspar, Mr. Adana Escort Sebastian.” I spoke softly.

His hand flicked out towards Jael as she handed him my resume. He glanced at it quickly. Not more than a minute had gone by when he handed it back to Jael.

“Any others of interest, Jael?”

“No, sir, well except perhaps Mr. Baker.”

Her voice lowered as she said “But I do not believe he is right for the job, Mr. Sebastian.”

“You are probably right, but I will see him also.”

“Very well, Mr. Sebastian.”

“Mr. Baker, Ms. Caspar, please stay. All others may leave.”

Grumbling is heard among those who were not selected. Jael’s voice rings out, “Perhaps if you listened to the instructions more carefully, you would not be dismissed, ladies. Thank you for your time.”

As the last dismissed candidate closes the door, Mr. Sebastian beckons Mr. Baker and myself into the inner office. WOW, what an impressive office. Tapestries from the far east adorn the walls, beautiful old pottery chards are in a glass case to discourage handling, a Ming vase rests in a shadowbox inlaid in the wall. I scan the framed pictures on the wall and note a couple of excellent copies among the originals. I note that there is a door in the center of one wall, floor to ceiling glass windows that are darkened, creating the illusion of dusk. The office itself is lighted by crisscrossed track lighting that is imbedded in the ceiling.

Mr. Sebastian sits behind his desk as Mr. Baker sits in the only chair in the office.

“I am sorry, Mr. Sebastian, I was just admiring your collections.” I hurry to sit, noting the only places left are the love seat and a long couch. Moving to the couch, I turn towards Mr. Sebastian and seat myself on the edge, my stockings whisper against each other as I cross my legs.

“Thank you both for applying for this job. As I am sure that Jael told you, I am very busy but very organized and I need someone who is more so to run my day to day affairs. Tell me why you feel you are qualified for this position. Ms. Caspar?”

“Mr. Sebastian, excuse me sir, but Mr. Baker was here before me, so it is only right that he goes first.”

“That may be true, Ms. Caspar, but ladies should go first.” Mr. Baker replies.

“Ahh yes, in many things, Mr. Baker, thank you, but not business. Gender should never be a factor. Please proceed.”

Mr. Sebastian smiles at this exchange and turns his attention towards Mr. Baker, who starts reciting his resume. He is well qualified for any job having a variety of experience but the job will be mine, I am sure of that. It is a bit stuffy in the office, so as quietly as possible, I slip off my jacket. There is a rack with a few hangers on it, and I take this opportunity to get up and cross the room to hang it up. I hear Mr. Baker’s voice falter as the back of my dress is revealed. A high-necked halter top that rings my neck like a collar but reveals a back that is naked. I smile to myself as I know exactly what they are thinking. I stride back towards the couch but notice a Limoges coffee cup next to a pot. Glancing over at Mr. Sebastian’s desk, not seeing a cup, I briefly stop and fill the cup. The absence of a spoon indicates he likes his coffee black, and I walk back to his desk, placing it in front of him. He takes a sip and acknowledges his approval with a slight nod. Mr. Baker, cute as he is, is droning on, but Mr. Sebastian has lost interest. Mr. Baker pauses to take a breath.

“Thank you, Mr. Baker” Mr. Sebastian says, without taking his eyes of me.

“Ms. Caspar?”

“Well, frankly, Mr. Sebastian, my resume speaks for itself. If I must sum it up, my boss is the center of my world. Anything and everything I do will be for him. I am fiercely loyal and trustworthy. I expect to work closely with him and have him rely on me for all his needs. You will never have to tell me anything twice and, over time, I will learn to anticipate your desires. I am not afraid of new challenges and I look forward to having you teach me.”

“I don’t need any more time to make my decision. Mr. Baker, thank you for coming in. You are a well-qualified candidate but you are not exactly what I am looking for. There is another position that will be opening up here soon, and I would like you to consider it.”

Mr. Sebastian presses a buzzer, and Jael knocks and opens the door.

“Yes, sir?”

“Jael, please give Mr. Baker the application and specifics on the security position.”

“Yes, sir. Mr. Baker, this way please?”

He stands and offers his hand to Mr. Sebastian who shakes it and follows Jael out the door, closing it behind him. Mr. Sebastian stands and walks to the front of the desk and leans against it.

“Ms. Caspar …I am very satisfied with your response to my inquiries. I would be extremely pleased if you would accept this position.”

I stand up and walk towards him, my hand outstretched as I prepare to shake his hand.

“It would be my pleasure to work for you, Mr. Adana Escort Bayan Sebastian” I say as he grasps my hand. A tiny shiver goes up my spine as his warm hand slides in mine.

“We do have a dilemma though” he says as his thumb caresses my palm.

“And what may that be” I inquire softly.

“I never hire anyone that I am having a liaison with; it just gets too complicated”.

“Yes I can see where that could be difficult.”

“Cold?” he murmurs as his eyes roam over my dress, my nipples puckering at his attention.

“Excited..” I murmur back. His eyebrows shoot up as he ponders my response.

“About the job?”


“And the rest? What else has excited you?”

I let my eyes roam over the office and they settle on him. He is worldly, successful and very sexy. He must have women falling all over him.

“All of this has excited me, the job, my surroundings, even you.”

I look at those gorgeous hazel eyes.

“I may have a solution to our dilemma though. Since you don’t hire lovers,” my voice lowers “How about if I work for free…..and you pay me to be your lover?”

He leans down and whispers “My lover or my slut?” I shiver as his fingers trace the pulse that is pounding wildly in my neck. His tongue flicks out and traces my ear. I visibly shiver as he pulls me towards him.

“Either, both, whatever you want to call it.”

“I think we can come to a mutual agreement about the financial arrangement and your title.” His large hands span my waist, and he holds me against him. I feel his arousal, hot and throbbing against the cool silk of my dress.

“I think we can too. Oh, I do have a little surprise for you?”

He leans back and smiles broadly… “A surprise? For me? What is it?”

I pull his head down and whisper in his ear “I wanted to be a little naughty today, so all I have on under this dress is the stockings.”


“Mmmmmmm, see for yourself.” I grab his hand and place it on the inside of my thigh. He moves to the couch and sits down, spinning me around to face him. He pulls me forward, positioning my legs on either side of his. I am wet and dripping and, god, I need a good fuck. Judging by the bulge in his trousers, he is more than adequately up for the task.

I feel his fingers creeping up my legs, my dress bunching on his arms as he slowly reveals my creamy white thighs. The stockings are thigh-high and I shiver as his fingers touch my hot skin. He inches the dress up and up and up until his eyes are level with my uncovered dripping pussy.

“Take down your hair” he commands as his fingers brush my wet cunt. My hands reach up and unfasten the hair clip. My hair cascades down my body as his knees press outwards. “Unfasten your top, I want to see your tits.” As I reach up to unfasten the top, his fingers dip into my pussy, and he starts to strum my clit. I groan as I feel light feathery strokes when I need a hard cock.

“Oh God, please….” I moan

“Please what….tell me what you want”

“Your cock, I want your cock inside of me. Jesus, I want you to fuck me.”

He releases me saying “Quickly, take off your dress – leave the stockings and shoes on”. I unfasten the top and the dress slithers down my body, a puddle of blue at my feet.

“Now, bend over and release my cock.”

I bend at the waist and fumble with his belt, whimpering with need. His hand starts to play with my ass, squeezing, probing. The belt undone, I unfasten the button and unzip him, his hard throbbing cock springing free of its confines. The dark purple mushroom shaped head is wet with pre-cum, and I lean down to give it a quick kiss and lick to clean it off.

His hand squeezes my ass hard as I hear him mutter “Nice, very nice but I want to fuck that sweet cunt of yours.”

I stand up and kick my dress to the side. “Then fuck me!”

He stands and shoves his slacks down, kicking off his shoes and slacks. His cock, standing at attention, is pulsing wildly, and my hand drifts down to stroke it. I can feel the heat emanating from it long before my hand touches it. It is hard yet silky smooth. I stroke the thick shaft as I wait for my next instruction. He does not disappoint me.

“Lay down, spread your legs for me. Show me what I am paying for!”

I lay down, one knee crooked and raised, the other on the floor. He slides his hands under my ass and lifts me to his mouth. His tongue drills into me like a cock, in and out and in and out as his moustache rubs against my clit. Fast hard deep tongue strokes, intermixed with quick little licks to my clit, have me panting and cooing.

“Oh God, please please fuck me. I want to feel that cock of yours filling me up. Ohhhh that feels good when you do that. Ohhhhhhhhhhh God I’m, ohhhhhh.”

He takes his mouth off me and plunges his throbbing cock into my pussy. My pussy contracts violently around his cock, milking, squeezing, massaging. He fucks me hard and fast, never slowing down, as one orgasm, Escort Adana then two, rocket through me. Beads of sweat begin to form on his brow. A warmth spreads through my body as I begin to tremble with the force of my third orgasm.

“You ready, my slut? You ready to have my cum fill your cunt?”


“Here it is, slut, here it comes, slut, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK” he bellows as he explodes inside of me, cum spraying the walls of my pussy. I grab his ass and pull him inside deeper, as my cunt greedily sucks his cock. His cock strains as he shoots a few microbursts of cum. My cunt is filled with cum, his, mine, ours as his cock quivers once more and rests, still nestled inside of me.

He shudders as his weight drops down onto me. My hands stroke his back, feeling his heart beating wildly. My hands roam down his back and I squeeze his ass gently. A small moan comes from his throat as I feel his cock twitch inside of me.

“You like that, handsome? You like that I touch your ass?” I whisper to him. I move my leg slightly and dip my fingers into the cum that is running out of me. I move my hand back and trace down his ass, probing for his opening. I press gingerly and feel his cock swell inside of me. I chuckle to myself as I whisper in his ear “You want me to fuck you in the ass, handsome?”

He opens his eyes and looks down at me “Jael will do that later.”

“Mmmmmm really? I want to watch. After all, if this is going to be my job, I want to learn from the best.”

He reaches up and presses a discrete buzzer that is set into the arm of the couch. Two short buzzes, one long. “That the code for come fuck me?” I ask as I nip at his throat with my teeth. I hear a quiet click as Jael enters the room. I look at her as a woman for the first time and realize how handsome she is. Dark wavy hair, chocolate colored eyes, an olive complexion, her face is almost heart shaped. I see her lick her lips as she spies us on the couch. She seems particularly interested in me, although maybe it is just because she has not seen me naked. Mr. Sebastian props himself up rolling his upper body off me but leaving his cock inside of me.

“So bossman, do you like who I picked for you?” she asks coyly. She moves to the side of the couch, standing between us and begins to stroke his ass. Mr. Sebastian takes her free hand and places it on my tit, squeezing her fingers together around the nipple. I look at him as he smiles at me. “My secretary and I share everything” he states.

“I think I will love working here.” I murmur as she rolls my nipple around.

Jael moves her leg and stands with her legs spread. I place my fingers under her skirt above her knee, and I feel moisture. My hand travels up her leg and, hmmmmmm, what is that? She is wearing a strap-on dildo. Ohhhhh baby, I glance up, and she grins at me. Without warning, she strokes his ass and plunges her finger into his anus. His cock swells, almost to the bursting point, as she starts to finger fuck him. She moves swiftly around back of him and lifts her skirt. This strap-on is about 8 inches long and thin, a wee bit thicker than a Cuban cigar. She dips her fingers down into my pussy, wetting them, then rubs the moisture over the strap-on.

“Ready bossman?” she asks as she positions herself at his ass, her hands reaching down and squeezing his balls. She leans into him, and, inch by inch, this fake cock goes inside him. His cock is pulsing inside of me as I watch fascinated as she fucks him while he fucks me. She pulls back while he pushes forward, and he pushes back while she pushes forward. I hear his ass slapping against her thighs and can feel his balls slapping against me. I see a grimace of pain/pleasure on his face as she fucks him hard. I grab his head and guide his mouth to my nipple. He chews gently on it, then licks around it. He pays homage to the other in the same way.

My orgasm is quickly coming to a head, and I start to whimper. I need more, I need to have him deeper inside of me. I circle my legs around his waist and shift so he slides in a little more. Jael grabs my legs and pushing them past his shoulders in timing with her thrusting.

“Oh God, yesssssssssssssss” I cry, as his cock slams into me.

“AAAARRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” He hollers as she gives one last deep thrust, pulls out, leans down and pushes her tongue inside of him. His cock jerks hard and floods me with hot thick cum, triggering my own orgasm, bathing his cock in a warm whirlpool of honey.

He leans down and gives me a kiss, a deep, tongue kiss. He rests his forehead against mine as I feel the couch move a bit, indicating Jael is off the couch. My arms wrap around this gorgeous man as my pussy spasms one last time.

Jael walks to the windowed wall and through the door. “What is in there?” I ask, panting, still trying to catch my breath.

“I have private living quarters there in case I stay the night. When you start here, I expect you to leave a couple of changes of clothing and whatever essentials you need in case we spend the night. And there will be times when we stay the night. I entertain quite a bit while I am in town, and I expect you to hostess for me also. If we decide to take others into our bedroom, it will be a mutual decision. Satisfactory so far?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32