The Joanne Saga – Deborah

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The next story in the Joanne saga! Send me an email or leave a comment with any suggestions.

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Joanne and I were prospering. We were having incredible sex constantly, always doing different fun things together, and truly just being happy. Weekend after weekend we enjoy our time. It was early September and our sophomore years were starting. Joanne had no job, but I continued to work at both the law firm (short shifts during the week) and the restaurant (whenever I could).

This Friday in our second week of class, I was able to get out of my shift at the law firm early. Joanne and I had already made plans for that afternoon at about 5 pm, because she had class before then. Her mother, Deborah, left the front door unlocked for me because I always get out a little before 5 pm. Today, however, I got out at 2 pm. I thought I’d head over regardless because I could just wait for her until then.

I sent Joanne a text message saying, “I just got out, I’m gonna head over to your house. Doors unlocked right?”

She sent back a couple minutes later, “Yes my mom left it for you. If she’s not home she will be at some point. I’ll be out at around 5, talk to you then.”

I headed over from the law firm to Joanne’s house and found her front door open for me. I got there at around 2:15, and I went to the couch and started to watch TV (I had brought a pair of gym shorts and a shirt that I changed into as well). I scrolled through the channels and found ESPN.

It was only a couple minutes of watching ESPN when I heard Joanne’s front door open. I could hear her mother, Deborah, walking into the kitchen. Now almost 2:20, it seemed to me that I was quite, quite early.

I turned my head to say hello to her mother, but what I saw prevented a word from coming out of my mouth.

Deborah strolled into the kitchen wearing a pair of black Nike running shoes that looked fresh out of the box. She was just over five feet but made up for her height in other areas.

My eyes followed up her body and it soon was apparent that she had an incredibly thick pair of legs. Her legs were covered by her tight yoga pants that hugged her legs greatly.

My eyes continued to scale up her body. As I moved up from her thick thighs, my eyes saw her largest asset. Deborah had an enormous ass, and it was an ass that perfectly complemented her thick thighs. Her cheeks jutted out greatly and could have anyone with eyes staring. They jiggled together as she made her way to the sink.

It was hard, but I continued up her body. Her yoga pants cut off right before her tight, muscular stomach which was extremely visible due to her only having a sports bra on. I moved up from her stomach and got a glance of her chest.

Deborah was a conservative woman, and that became clear to me once her enormous chest came into my eyesight. Joanne and I frequented her house, and I never once saw any cleavage or anything like that from her. But her tight sports bra kept her double D’s (or even larger) in place.

It was very difficult, but my eyes kept moving upwards. Finally, I arrived at her head. Her luscious and long blonde hair flowed down to her butt and her cute, mature face complimented it well.

After scaling her body quickly, I came to my senses Betturkey and said, “Hello Mrs. Jacobs! How was the gym?”

She continued to wash her hands and the dishes in the sink, and said, “Chris it was awesome!! I got a couple stares and weird compliments but I can handle those pretty well! You’re pretty early aren’t you!”

My now tingling dick influenced me to respond to her, “Well you have a lot to stare at!”

Deborah chucked, mostly because she knows her gym outfit reveals her assets incredibly well, and said, “I can’t help but to agree! How is school going for you!?”

I got up and walked over to her. I leaned on the counter behind her and said, “Oh just great! I’m enjoying it but I am extremely stressed!”

“Chris I wouldn’t worry. You’re a smart kid and college will get easier!”

I smiled and walked to Deborah, who was still doing dishes, and gave her a hug from behind. She was not expect my embrace, but seemed to appreciate it. She said, “Oh Chris you’re too nice to me!”

Our hug lasted a little longer than I expected (which wasn’t bad by any means), but I decided to end it and began to pull away to go sit down again.

As I was removing myself from her, she used her soapy hands to grab both of my hands before they left her stomach from our hug. Deborah guided my hands up to her extremely huge tits and said, “I’ve learned from experience that these babies relieve stress pretty well.” As soon as she finished that sentence, I went berserk on her chest. I used both of my hands to manhandle her huge tits.

Deborah’s head shot back and leaned onto me as I squeezed and fondled her big boobs. Not only was I enjoying this l, but my erotic massage of her big rack had Deborah in a daze. She kept her head back on me and closed her eyes to enjoy her titty massage even more.

As expected, my dick stiffened very quickly. I was in gym shorts as I said, so there was literally no restraint on my hardening dick. My dick hardened and rose right between Deborah’s bodacious butt cheeks. I did nothing to stop and allowed myself to continue poking her covered asscrack with more than half of my clothed dick.

I knew my eight inch member was not small by any means, so I tried to adjust myself so Deborah didn’t feel my erection so much. As I moved to reposition my dick (without removing my hands from her boobs), Deborah used her absolutely enormous butt cheeks to clench onto my member.

“You’re going to keep that right there,” she ordered, all the while having her eyes clothes, head back, and tits caressed by me.

As such, my dick remained and was nearly poking a hole in her yoga pants. I could tell that she was loving every minute of me squeezing and juggling her tits. I didn’t tweak them, but I felt Deborah’s hard, and surprising large, nipples trying to pierce the sexy sports bra she went to the gym in.

I stood in the kitchen, thinking to myself, how is this happening?

Not stopping the fondling of her tits or removing my dick from her tightly clenched buttcheeks, I whispered (barely), “Get that big ass to the couch.” She laughed and complied.

We were both incredibly aroused, and as her big buttcheeks plopped back and forth as she walked, my erection only seemed to stiffen.

Deborah Betturkey Giriş sat down on the leather couch in the family room, the one I was just on, and waited for me. My hard dick bounced up and down quite a bit, but I finally made it to the couch despite it.

She grabbed my throbbing cock over my shorts, and I responded by putting my hand on her pussy, which was still covered by her yoga pants. We both stared at each other, almost in disbelief, at how horny we both were. I removed my hand from her throbbing pussy and moved them back to her enormous chest. Her sports bra held her tits in check, so I used both hands to pull them out over her bra. Deborah’s boobs were some of the biggest natural ones I’ve ever seen, and her nipples were large, just how I like them.

I sucked both tits until both nipples pointed straight up to the sky. Throughout the entire time, Deborah moaned and moaned for more. I started to suck her neck and she whispered, “How about we go upstairs?”, while still clenching my dick with her hands. I was so aroused but was able to mutter, “Yes please.”

My response delighted her. Deborah removed herself from me, and began walking upstairs. I followed her with no hesitation. She didn’t bother putting her mammoth tits away as she knew I’d be having my way with them very soon. As she walked up the stairs, I watched as her giant asscheeks clapped against each other through her yoga pants.

We made it upstairs. I began to walk towards her and her husband’s bedroom, and she said, “Where do you think you’re going Chris?”

Her question caught me off guard, as I finally thought I was going to take control. I responded, “To your bed Ms. Jacobs…” As I finished my sentence I knew where she wanted to go, and my dick hardened as a result.

Deborah said no words and motioned me to go into her daughter’s, and my girlfriend’s, room. I followed the busty MILF into the room and sat next to her on a very familiar bed. I didn’t waste any time and took all of my clothes off, and Deborah was more than happy I finally took my cock out for her.

Since I got fully naked, Deborah followed my lead. She threw her sports bra and yoga pants to the side (revealing she also had went to the gym with no underwear or anything on) and joined me back on the bed.

Her assets were even bigger without clothes on, and I was looking forward to making her ass and tits my best friends for the next hour or so.

We began kissing furiously again, and it wasn’t long before Deborah hopped on top of me. We continued to kiss, but now we were grinding on each other as well.

Deborah stopped kissing me and commanded, “Lean back on the bed Chris.” I complied and leaned back on the bed. Within the next 5 seconds, I felt my incredibly hard member enter a warm, wet hole.

I glanced up and saw Deborah cupping my fat balls while throating my cock. I leaned back again and closed my eyes, as this blowjob was too incredible.

My head was spinning as she sucked my rock hard member. She removed my cock from her mouth and started sucking my big balls. I’ve never had a woman adore my cock and balls like Joanne’s mom was.

Deborah could tell I was in ecstasy from her mouth. She removed my cock from her mouth and commanded, “Leave the Betturkey Güncel Giriş room for a couple seconds.”

I was confused, but walked out of the room as she wished. I waited in the hall for Deborah, and my cock’s hardness did not waver. I saw the door open as Deborah peeked her head out. She said, “Come on in Chris.” I practically ran in to see what she was up to, and was more turned on than ever before by what she did.

I took one look at her and almost came on sight. Deborah was wearing some of Joanne’s clothes items, and they did not fit her, but in a good way. She was wearing Joanne’s favorite blue athletic sweatshirt, one that fit her well, but did not at all fit Deborah. Deborah’s tits were incredibly large, much much larger than her Joanne’s, so this sweatshirt hugged her rack incredibly tight.

The other article of clothing Deborah put on was Joanne’s favorite thong. Joanne’s ass was not large, but was not bad. However, her mother’s ass was a gift from heaven. Each asscheek of her’s is probably the size of Joanne’s head. So when she put on her petite daughter’s thong, her asscrack devoured it.

“What do you think Chris?”

I was speechless, honestly. I muttered, “Holy shit” and guided her to the bed. Her fat asscheeks smushed together as she got into position to be fucked from behind. Deborah was on all fours, and kept all of her clothes on. I approached her from behind, and pulled the struggling thong to the side. Her pussy was wet like a waterfall, and my thick, eight inch cock went in with ease.

I palmed her ass and used it as a handle so I could thrust harder. I reached forward and grabbed her beautiful, blonde hair and pulled it back. I was fucking Joanne’s mother like a dirty whore, and she was loving every second of it.

As my pelvis hit her ass, it made an incredible clapping noise. I couldn’t help myself and needed to show more dominance. I used my hand that wasn’t pulling her hair to land an abundance of thunderous smacks on both cheeks while continuing to go balls deep in her.

We were both loving the sex, and it wasn’t long before I needed to cum. I groaned, “I’m gonna cum, I love this fat ass!”

“Cum in me Christopher,” she commanded.

I only lasted a couple more pumps after she said that. I let out a loud groan and shot my hot load right in my girlfriend’s mother. I came incredibly hard, and the extraordinary feeling from my orgasm had my eyes crossed.

We laid on the bed for a little while, me tired, while Deborah had a pussy full of cum and an ass that was red like a cherry.

I heard Joanne enter the house, and I quickly got dressed and sprinted downstairs.

“Hey Chris! How’s it goin?” She asked me.

Not thinking about what I was saying, I responded, “Great! Your mom’s the best!”

She replied naively, “Oh I KNOW! She will do anything!”

I couldn’t help but crack a smile at what she said. We continued to chat and laugh, but were joined by Deborah minutes later. She came down in Joanne’s sweatshirt and a pair of jeans that looked like they were about to rip down her asscrack.

Deborah joined us on the couch, and sat next to me on the left, while Joanne sat on my right.

There I sat, my girlfriend to my right and her mom to my left, both of which have had my dick in them in the past day. I was in absolute heaven, a heaven that many men wish they could get to.

I turned to Deborah slightly, and we both smirked a little. A smirk that meant she knew this wouldn’t be the last time she’d be taking a pounding from me.

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