The Itch

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I know you have an itch deep inside that only a man can scratch. We have crossed paths for a reason.

I will give you the story you need.

We are together in the future. Soulmates. We are going for a walk along the beach.

I see a man pickup a backpack from the beach and run frantically. I ask you to wait and I begin to pursue. You can see my lower back moving like two great pillars pulsing in and out of existence. Each stride like a great leap. You watch as my glutes and legs absorb each great stride and provide the next. It is not long before I catch the man. Your itch was starting to come back before now it is much stronger. As the man sees me get close he drops the backpack which I return and he goes on his way.

You know what you want and you know how to tell me. You lean down in front of me and I see right down your silk shirt. Then you stand up slow, running your hands down the front of your body, tilt your head to the left and run your finger across you lips. I hover my hand gently and yet with purpose against your lower back and begin to guide you back to the car. You can see a lump in my board shorts that means I have fully understood what you are telling me. As I open the car door for you I slide the other hand down on your butt and give it a little squeeze.

On the ride home I begin to make little circles ever so gently against your inner thigh. You run your finger ever so gently across my shoulder and back feeling each and every lump. You pause Escort İstanbul on an artery near the surface and enjoy the slow powerful pulses and my massive heart keeps my body fueled and ready. Your passion for me begins to grow like a volcano. You can’t sit still and you start gently moving your leg against my finger. You feel a little moist already. You can’t wait for us to arrive home.

When we reach the house I open the door for you and scoop you up in my arms. I carry you with ease. You feel as though your physical presence has just evaporated replaced by a deep sense of security, warmth and your own sexiness. You know that I can’t control myself around you flirting with me.

I place you gently down on the bed and begin to kiss your lips gentle pecks at first on the outside. The gentle smell of lavender is in the air and soft happy music comes on automatically. I then run my tongue across your lips. Then my tongue slides its way inside your mouth and against the tip of your tongue. We both close our eyes in unison. We both feel tingles like lighting radiating out from our mouths to our whole bodies. I lower my body gently on top of yours as we continue kissing. You begin to grind you waist on mine to let me know you are ready for more. I nestle my right quadricept muscle against your crotch then I slowly bring those muscles to full flex. Tingles and pleasure shoot throughout your whole body. I flex the muscles again slowly and again… again.. again. İstanbul Escort Bayan You start to grind against my powerful thigh hard. I flex those powerful muscles again and again. You’ve never been happier I’m a cyclist.

You feel it rising in your body could this be happening you going to climax with your clothes still on. Your throw your head back and grab the sheets hard. Letting out a moan we are both fairly sure the neighbors would have heard. It feels amazing tingles through every inch of your body.

You wonder if we have finished. I answer your unspoken question by kissing you inch by inch down you neck and finally to your nipple. You realize this would feel a lot better without your sun dress on so you lift it up over you head like lighting and whip off your bra throwing them both on the floor. You slide off your panties too you seem a little embarrassed they are sopping so I put some of the fluid on my finger, take off my shorts and rub your tingle juice on my penis. I return to your nipple. Then the other nipple then inch by inch down to your belly button. In your heightened state when I kiss your belly button it tickles so bad you squeal and thrash. I continue inch by inch down to your clitoris.

I gently lick the area until your clit emerges from it’s sheath. Then a bit faster. Once your hips start to move on their own I slide my finger against your G-spot and start making little circles around and around. Your hips are thrashing against Anadolu Yakası Escort my tongue now. My head stays on just the right spot regardless. My second finger inside. Then I give you a clitoral kiss sucking your slit and surrounds inside my mouth and licking it with my tongue in there. I see you head arc back and immediately stop. The rising climax falls away. “What happened” “What’s wrong” “Don’t stop”. I smile quietly. I know if I stop your climax form completing and then give you another one it will be even more powerful.

I lie beside you and just quietly hold your hand and gazing deeply in to your eyes for a minute or two. Then I sit back up gently spread your legs apart. I hold my penis in one hand. The tip already glistening with fluid. Your never quite sure how all that fits inside you. But sure enough it slides right in there slowly a perfect fit. You feel the tip touching your cervix. I smile and your fluids feel so good against me and make me tingle. Slowly in… slowly out… Using the muscles of the penis to pull it up against your G-spot on the way out. Slowly in grind against you and out. Faster and grind. Then faster and faster. Your hips start to move two. Your head slides to the right and you start to moan. I start to thrust hard enough to shake your whole body. Slow and hard. Then faster. It feels like a steam train of pleasure is entering your legs. You start to shake all over. A wave of pleasure erupts across your body then as it reaches you head nothing.

As you lie there unconscious with a massive smile on your face and looking just a little bit tired. You’ve never looked more beautiful. I whisper in your ear that I love you, cover you with a sheet, lie beside you, put my arm around you and then fall asleep myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32