The Interview

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He sat bored at his desk, damn being in early for interviews. He hated having to wear a tie, especially so early in the morning.

He picked up the resume and scanned it. This candidate was meeting most of what he needed and the phone interview was great, in fact the memory of her voice made him twinge a little in his suit pants, it had taken all of his concentration to keep that interview on track and the HR officer not being able to see his massive hard on.

Standing and putting on his jacket he checked his tie in his office window. His phone rang, so he pressed the speaker button, ‘Dom speaking.’

‘Dom your 8am is here’ purred Josie the receptionist. Cute enough, but only for a one time shag. She’d been on his case ever since last years Xmas party.

‘Thanks Josie I’ll be right there’ he replied and hung up.

He picked up the resume and looked at the candidates name, making sure he announced it right. He rounded the corner to reception and sitting elegantly in a charcoal grey suit with white shirt was his candidate. He stumbled for a minute, taking in how her lush curves filled the jacket, too and skirt. Her green eyes bright and seductive peered at him through some cute glasses.

‘Rachael?’ He asked holding out his hand?

‘Yes’ she replied taking his hand.

The instant their fingers touched he felt a crazy thrill of electricity. He imagined her soft skin of her hands pressing into his hips as he pushed deep and hard inside her. He imagined the firmness of her fingers sex hikayeleri clutching at his hair as he laved her clit and drank up her juices. He glanced up from their hands and saw that her cheeks had flushed and her eyes had dilated. If they weren’t at the office she’d be naked and on the floor.

He shook his head and brought himself back to the now ‘Shall we?’

She nodded, pulling her jacket across her breasts, trying to hide how erect her nipples were. He had to place his portfolio over his belt to hide the semi.

He led her into one of the interview rooms. And as he shut the door he knew that the space was too small. Her subtle perfume was driving him crazy. He pointed to a chair and sat in the one opposite. She placed her bag beside the chair and then crossed one leg over the other. As her legs crossed he caught sight of a suspender. He wasn’t able to contain his hiss of pleasure. His cock responded with a visible pulse. Her eyes flicked up wards and she bit her lip to contain the foxy little grin on her lips. He stared at the minx in the chair, torn on whether to continue with the interview or throw her legs over his shoulders and bury his face in her pussy.

He pictured his HR officer standing behind him and decided that the interview was more important. And so it began. He fired questions at her which she answered well, demonstrating her intelligence and quick thinking. As the session endured he noticed the hem on her skirt getting higher, her sikiş hikayeleri fingers tracing circles on her thigh. He noticed how her lips moved and imagined them sliding over his hard cock.

He wanted her, and not just for the role she clearly would be great for, he wanted to feel her legs wrapped around his waist as he slid in side her.

All too soon he ran out of questions to ask. The interview was done. The silence filled the room and again the sweet intensity of the promise of great sex stirred in the air. She cocked her head to once side and uncrossed her legs, giving him a glimpse of her light pink lace underwear and the dampness at the base of her crutch.

‘May I ask you a question’

‘Go on’

‘If you could have me, right now in this room, what would you do first?’

He didn’t answer, he stood in his chair and then immediately sank to his knees, parting her legs. He could smell her arousal, sweet and tangy. He pushed the rest of her skirt up high and ran his nose up her seam. Her fingers wound their way into his hair as he pulled her panties aside and dipped his tongue inside her lips and was greeted by beads of delicious juices. He lapped and laved, bring her close. Playing with her clit until it was a large swollen nub. She was doing her best to be quite, but her moans punctuated the air, making him so hard it hurt. She was as delicious as he imagined. Her calves moulded over his shoulders and held him in close. Strong legs that he now wanted sex hikaye around his waist.

He stood and stared down at her mused hair, flushed face. She looked up at him under her lashes. Her chest rising sharply against her shirt. He slowly undid the clasp of his belt, the button and then the fly on his pants. Going commando today had its advantage. He pulled his cock out and heard her moan at the sight of his length. He watched her stand. She pressed her self into him, a hand joining his and helped him stoke, the other wound fingers into his hair and pulled his face down to hers.

Her mouth was hungry, hot, moist. Her tongue toyed with his elegantly, matching him stroke for stroke.

He moaned into her mouth, she seemed to be made to fit him. Her breasts pressed firmly into his chest, her waist at the right height, her arse filled and overflowed his grasp.

She pulled away from his mouth and gave him a sultry smile. She grasped his tie and then said three words he’d wanted to hear since seeing her in reception ‘Fuck me now’

She turned and placed her hands on the arms of the chair, spreading her legs wide, baring her lush arse.

He didn’t wait for the second demand. Grasping her hips he plunged deep inside her. Her cry spurred him to withdraw and plunge deep again, filling and stretching her.

Her pussy was soaked and hot and he wanted to feel her come around him. He quickened his pace, he could feel her muscles tighten around his shaft. She came hard, a low moan and a rush of juices. He followed suit shortly after, filling her.

They both sank to the floor, legs trembling, chests heaving.

‘So, do I get the job?’ she asked

‘Oh, I think another interview is order don’t you?’ he replied fingers reaching for the buttons of her shirt.

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