The International Incident

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The night train was to depart at eleven. Mary could not afford a private sleeping car, and so purchased a ticket for a shared car. It was difficult negotiating the transaction—Todd was the one who knew French, and she had come to count on him. Never mind. She would do fine.

Mary & Todd had had a great time in London, but things got a little complicated in Dublin. He’d wanted to spend all day in the pubs watching soccer matches on TV, she wanted to go to museums and the homes of famous writers. In Spain, they fought some more but patched things up in time for the trip to Paris. There, they fought more than ever, and Todd stalked off one night leaving her alone at the little hotel near the train station. Mary felt sad but defiant. She decided she would leave that very night for Rome.

She lugged her heavy backpack down the platform and boarded the train. She showed her ticket to the porter, who directed her to her sleeping car. There was a bunk bed on the left, and a single bed on the right. Between them was a large window looking out onto the platform. She threw her backpack on the top bunk and lay down on the lower bunk. It was narrow but cozy enough. From outside she could hear the air brakes hissing and people talking as they passed. She missed Todd. In Spain he had out of the blue expressed his desire to have anal sex, and it had caught her off guard. She’d said no. He was a little drunk on sangria and said cruel things about her. Later he apologized, but in Paris he brought it up again and again she said no to his request. She was afraid, yes, but she also considered it pretentious. The guy’s in Europe all of two weeks and all of a sudden he wants to buttfuck her. He called her frigid and packed his things and left. Maybe she should have said yes to him. She worried that she was small-minded and provincial.

She heard laughter from down the narrow hall. A woman and a man, speaking in rapid French. They paused outside the door, checked their tickets, then entered. The room suddenly seemed very small.

The woman was tall and dark and gorgeous. In between her green gingham top and short, low-riding denim skirt was a wide strip of exposed skin. Her eyes were large and bright green, her dark hair long and thick. The man was an inch or two shorter in denim slacks and a blue polo shirt, but he had the wide shoulders and square-jawed face of a male model.

They giggled and said hello to her in French. Then they said a few more things Mary did not understand. She shook her head and said, “No parlez…” They giggled some more and shrugged, then threw their shared bag on the single bunk.

Mary was disappointed. She’d hoped she would have the car to herself. From the looks of it, these two were wired. Plus they were so damned glamorous. Among the horrible things Todd had said was that Mary was drab and dull and unadventurous. The awful part of it was that it was all true. At 32, she felt old and dried up, especially compared to her sleeping car companions.

A few moments later, the train jerked and slowly pulled out of the station. Through the window Mary caught glimpses of dark streets and buildings beneath pale streetlamps.

The man pulled from their bag a bottle of red wine and a corkscrew. He expertly uncorked rus escort the bottle and poured some into two plastic cups. The woman pulled out a third cup and offered it to Mary.

She had wanted to get some rest, but she could see now that wasn’t going to happen. What the hell, she thought, and accepted the cup.

“Merci,” she said.

The man poured her some wine and the three of them held their cups aloft. The man said something, the woman giggled, then they drank. It was a dry wine, rich and flavorful. Mary hadn’t eaten much all day, she was so upset, and could almost sense the alcohol loosening her up already.

“Pascal,” the man said, pointing to himself. The woman raised her cup and said, “Lucia.” Loo-chee-ah, like music, Mary thought. She must be Italian.

“I’m Mary,” she said, somewhat embarrassed by her boring name. They smiled and poured more wine.

Soon the bottle was empty. Pascal turned it upside down and frowned, Lucia groaned.

“Boo,” Mary said, now feeling pretty drunk.

But Pascal reached into the bag and pulled out another bottle.

“Yea!” all three yelled.

As they continued drinking, Pascal kept putting his hands all over Lucia, touching her face, her knees, her thighs. Once in a while, she would kiss him, and Mary could see their tongues tap against each other before they separated. They spoke in rapid French, then rapid Italian, but Mary didn’t feel left out. The wine made her feel warm and she was now happy that these two were here with her.

When they’d finished the second bottle, Lucia stood up and shut the door leading to the hall. She asked something of Pascal, who answered briefly. Then she shut out the light. The room was dark, but the light of a nearly full moon gave everything a silvery glow, and there was the occasional flash of light from streetlamps as they passed by. Mary was not quite ready to go to sleep, and would have preferred they leave the light on for a while, but she was not prepared to argue about it. She lay down on the bunk and shut her eyes.

It had been a while since she’d been this drunk. With her eyes closed like this she felt as though the train were running upside down, so she opened them and looked over at the others. They were on the bunk making out. Pascal had a hand on Lucia’s breast. She moaned. Mary felt a tingle between her legs as she watched. She wondered if she should leave, but they didn’t seem to mind her being there.

Lucia removed her top, and Pascal plunged his face toward her pert little nipples. He tongued them while running a hand underneath Lucia’s skirt. Meanwhile, Lucia grabbed at his trouser front, rubbing the lump there. Mary’s breath quickened. She was embarrassed to be seeing this, but couldn’t look away as Lucia lay back on the bunk and Pascal pushed up her skirt and yanked down her panties. He licked her thighs, slowly moving up toward her totally shaved pussy. Lucia said something in Italian and grabbed Pascal’s hair. At one point she looked over at Mary and smiled.

By now Mary could feel her panties getting wet. She pushed her hand down into her jeans and touched herself. If only Todd were here, she thought, he could do to her what sıhhiye escort Pascal was doing to Lucia.


She looked over to see Pascal, his pants off now, sitting on the edge of the bunk.

“Yes?” Mary replied, trying not to look at his erect cock.

Pascal shrugged, looking somewhat sheepish. Lucia was more direct: she gestured with her finger for Mary to come over there and join them.

“What?” Mary wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t even know these people! Then she thought of Todd and all he had said. Was she old and dull and unadventurous? Was she a fuddy duddy?

She stood up and tore off her jeans and blouse. In five seconds flat she was totally naked. Grinning, Pascal lay back on the bunk and Lucia took his cock in her hands. Mary hesitated, then sat next to them. Pascal touched her hand. She reached out and fingered his balls. She realized then that his sack was shaved. The skin felt strange, slightly wrinkled and yet smooth. Pascal moaned. Lucia bent down and took him in her mouth while Mary continued to caress his balls. Lucia moved her head up and down, running her lips over the full length of his shaft. Feeling the wine course through her veins straight to her pussy, Mary shivered as she leaned down to lick Pascal’s sack. It tasted of sweat and soap. She felt Lucia’s hair fall on her while she continued to work on Pascal’s cock. Then Pascal put his hand on Mary’s cunt and she nearly jumped off the bunk. He stroked her wet lips, tapped at her clit, stuck a finger inside her. She groaned loudly and raised her ass into the air.

Pascal grabbed her by the hips and positioned her so that her ass was directly above his head while Lucia sat up and lowered herself onto his cock. Mary, on her knees with her dripping pussy over Pascal’s mouth, faced Lucia. She was the most beautiful girl Mary had ever seen. As Pascal expertly licked at her clit, Mary touched Lucia’s smooth cheek. Lucia smiled and reached over and took Mary’s left breast in her hand. She squeezed lightly and took the erect nipple between her long fingers. Mary quaked deep inside. Looking down, she watched as Lucia raised her hips, then lowered them, over and over, slow and steady. Pascal’s fat cock glistened in the moonlight, disappeared, glistened, disappeared.

Lucia leaned forward and pressed her lips to Mary’s. Mary opened her mouth and their tongues touched. Mary couldn’t believe this was happening. She never knew she could feel so many fires inside her body at the same time. Her mouth. Her breast, which Lucia continued to caress. Her pussy.

Before she knew what was happening, Pascal was up on his knees, and Lucia lay down on the bunk. Pascal grabbed Mary roughly and pushed her onto her hands and knees between Lucia’s legs. Lucia looked up at her imploringly. Mary had never had sex with a woman before. Lucia’s bare pussy was rubbed raw, the thick lips pink and wet. Mary didn’t know if she could do this.

Then Pascal pulled her ass back toward him and she felt his cock like a hot spear plunge deep inside her. An electric pulse shot out from her pussy to the rest of her body. Lucia took Mary’s face in her hands and pulled her head down. Mary didn’t care anymore. sincan escort Pascal was slamming against her, his balls slapping at the back of her thighs. She licked at Lucia’s pussy lips, felt her thick clit beneath her tongue, sucked at it. Lucia writhed.

All of a sudden, Mary felt Pascal pull out. Her breathing stopped, as if the room had lost its oxygen. Then she felt something pushing against her ass, something hard and wet at the entrance of her anus. Oh my God, she thought. She tried to raise her head, to look back at Pascal to tell him no, but Lucia had her by the hair now and was rubbing her pussy in Mary’s face. Mary could feel the juices flowing out of Lucia onto her tongue, her chin. Mary groaned as Pascal slowly pushed himself deeper, one half inch at a time. She could hear his heavy breathing somewhere behind her, seemingly a mile away. He was gentle, stroking her lower back with his hand. In a moment, he was far inside her, and while it hurt, it also felt good somehow, like nothing else she’d ever felt.

Lucia let go of Mary’s hair and turned around on the bunk, positioning herself directly beneath Mary but with her face beneath Mary’s pussy, her own pussy directly below Mary’s mouth. Sixty-nine. As Pascal started moving more quickly, Lucia reached her tongue up and licked at Mary’s throbbing clit. Mary lowered her face to Lucia’s pussy and took her lips in her mouth and sucked hard. Her mind was blank now. Sensation was all. Lucia was moving two fingers inside her pussy while Pascal pounded at her ass. Lucia’s pussy gushed with juice. The three of them moved with the train’s rhythm. The whistle blew as they passed the clanging bells of an intersection.

Her orgasm came upon her quickly. It started somewhere between her anus and her pussy, ricocheted back and forth between the two openings, building rapidly, much like she always imagined atoms as they vibrated toward a nuclear explosion, until she could no longer hold off. She opened her mouth and cried out, saliva dripping down onto Lucia’s belly. Her lower body moved of its own accord, as if separate from her brain, gyrating wildly. At the same time, she felt Lucia’s body tensing like a rubber band pulled to its limit, then let go. Lucia raised her pussy to Mary’s face and ground against her, the juices flowing like a waterfall down her thighs.

Before she could recover, as the aftershocks still made their way through her body, Mary sensed that Pascal was close. His cock stiffened inside her. He moved quicker, his breath came in gusts. Then, as if trying to push his cock and balls both into her, he plunged one last time, and Mary could feel the hot cum gushing inside her. Pascal withdrew himself immediately and Lucia grabbed his cock and pulled at it as the remaining jiz poured onto her face. Soon her lips, her cheeks, her nose and forehead were covered with cum.

The three of them did not move for a long time. Mary wasn’t sure she could walk again. Her legs quaked. Warm cum dripped out her ass and down her thighs. Pascal rubbed her buttocks and sighed loudly.

When she was finally able to climb off, Mary collapsed onto her own bunk. A moment later, she was asleep.

When she woke up, light poured in through the window. She blinked her eyes. Sitting up, she saw that the other bunk was empty. No Pascal, no Lucia, no bag. Outside, green fields rolled by, hills in the distance.

Had she dreamed it? She swung her feet onto the floor. There, against the wall, were two empty wine bottles. Mary smiled. Then she got dressed, and waited for the train to pull into Rome.

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