The Instructor

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It is finally Friday afternoon and I am ready for this week to end. Work has been a little difficult this week, because I had been given an additional class to instruct, due to an illness. So I have been doing about twice as much teaching as I normally do.

I had been selected, not only because of my knowledge of the subject, but also because I was pretty popular with the students. I made an extra effort with my students to try and always relate to them on their age level, both in just talking to them and in my instruction. At break times, I usually had two or three students hang out in the classroom just to chat with “the old man” as some of them liked to call me. I was, after all, about the age of their Fathers. So I didn’t mind the nick name.

Today was no different; I had three hanging around till all the other students had left the classroom. We talked for a few minutes and then one of them asked me to meet them later in town for a beer. The four of us had one big thing in common—we all rode motorcycles. I agreed, although it is technically a no-no for an instructor to go out drinking with his students. But I felt like I could trust these guys, they seemed to be pretty level-headed. So we selected a spot to meet and parted. I rode on home and changed clothes and talked to the wife a few minutes before taking off to the bar.

When I arrived at the bar a few minutes late, but I saw their bikes were still there, so I went in. The guys were there alright, and they had four –count them, four –women with them! I can see right away that this is going to get interesting. I recognized 2 of the girls as students at the school, but not in any of my classes. I recognized them probably because they were so darned pretty and sexy!! I wondered what the game plan was for tonight.

We sat and drank two or three beers and the girls wanted to go for a ride on the bikes. So we paid up and got on our bikes and hit the road. We rode around for a while, mainly on the city streets, letting the girls see what was downtown and then we hit the highway. The young lady riding with me had been holding on with both hands on my waist. As soon as we hit the highway, her right hand dropped down and cupped my crotch! Her left hand went up and was rubbing my left nipple! My mind went nuts—I haven’t had anyone do that to me before!! I just turned my head to the side so she could see part of my face—of course with a big smile on it! I had to let her know that I was enjoying this, didn’t I?

Anyway, we rode around for a while and then stopped at a convenience store. The guys wanted to pick up a couple of six-packs of beer, and then go on to their motel. We rode over to the motel and one of the guys went to check in. When he came back, they surprised me again: they had only one double room reserved!! Basically, that was for three of them. I gave them a little funny look, and Jayson explained that the motel was bringing a roll-a-way bed over later. OK, so that is ok now.

We all got in the room and were sitting on the beds, channel surfing on the TV for something everyone could agree on to watch. Darlene (the one who had been riding with me) announced that she had to pee, and off to the bathroom she went. After just two, maybe three minutes, Debbie comes around the bed and took my hand and started pulling me with her—to the bathroom! I looked around and everyone is just grinning!!

“I’ve been set up!” I thought. So I just played along and see where it went. When we entered the bathroom, Darlene was still sitting on the toilet, and she just smiled when we came in. She immediately reached out and took my hand and pulled me over in front of her.

She looked up into my face and said “You have a problem with a blow job from a student?” as she reached for the cebeci escort zipper in my pants.

“Of course not, honey, as long as the administration doesn’t know about it!” I laughed.

“I don’t think we are going to go rat on you, after this night is over!” she answered.

I could see this night was going to get interesting! I just stood there as Darlene unzipped my pants, reached in and got hold of my now half-hard cock, and pulled it out. She was just sitting, looking at it like she was admiring it, as it grew.

As she watched it grow, Debbie leaned over between us and kissed Darlene full on the mouth! (I thought she was going for my cock)! Then they both start licking all over my cock like it is some great big lollipop!

“Oh yes! This is going to be really interesting!” I thought to myself. I moaned as the feeling of two hot wet tongues dance all over my rock hard cock. The two of them were really getting into this thing, as I watched them meet at the head of my cock and with it partially in both their mouths, try to kiss each other. This was driving me nuts!

I guess they realized this, as Darlene stood up and turned around, leaned over and reached to the toilet tank for support. “Don’t make me wait too long honey!” She said as she arched her back down and her ass up in the air.

“Oh, I have no intentions of making you wait after you have played with me all evening baby!” I answered as I moved into position to slide my hot hard thing into that wet pussy. Debbie reached out and took hold of it and was guiding it in to Darlene’s waiting pussy. Of course she had to stroke it a few times as she guided it in. Darlene was so hot and wet! I just slipped in all the way to the hilt, even though she was quite tight, she was so wet it didn’t matter. She let out a good long moan as I slipped in and she pushed back against me. This young lady was some kinda hot!!!

I stroked in and out of Darlene a few times and then Debbie reached under Darlene and started rubbing her clit. Darlene started moaning louder and Debbie switched hands, so she could use her left one on Darlene’s clit and her right hand she slipped in front of me and started working a finger into Darlene’s asshole. Now Darlene was really getting loud and humping back and forth against me.

I guess between my cock and Debbie’s fingers working both ends, it was more than she could stand for very long. Darlene started yelling “Oh shit—I’m cumming, Oh Debbie..yes god you two are killing me.. oh yes…don’t stop moving, keep pounding me oh ohhhhhhhh!” Then her knees buckled and hit the toilet, before I could grab her and hold her up. She eased off me and turned around and sat down on the toilet.

Debbie quickly jerked her jeans and panties off since I still had a raging hard on going. She dashed over to the bathtub and braced herself on the edge of the tub. She looked back and said “Well, what are you waiting on man, shove that thing in me before I go nuts here too! Fuck, I’m hot, and I need fucked good too!”

Never one to disappoint a lady, I turned and stepped up behind her and she grabbed my cock and guided it in as I pushed forward, she pushed back onto it.

Darlene was recovering enough to reach out and grab one of Debbie’s tits and start working on it and Debbie started moaning. The more she moaned, the harder I slammed into her. I had been close when Darlene went into her orgasm. Now I wanted to get back to that point.

Darlene, finally moving again, got up and got into the tub and jerked her shirt and her bra off, and kneeled down in front of Debbie and fed her tits to Debbie. Then both of them started moaning again. I was grunting, trying to drive my cock all the way to her çukurambar escort throat, thru her belly!!!

Debbie yells at me “Don’t cum in my pussy, please pump your cum into my ass, I love it there! Please fuck my asshole honey, Please!” Again, I try never to disappoint a lady and I backed out and Darlene grabbed it and put it on Debbie”s asshole and I pushed forward. There was a little resistance, but I had enough juices on my cock till it slid right on in.

Debbie yelled “Yes fuck that thing in me, I’m ready to cum. Fuck me hard and deep…oh baby…harder!”

Darlene had turned back around and sat down in the tub and leaned back and got Debbie’s titties out and started sucking and pinching them. Every now and then she would reach back and rub Debbie’s clit.

Debbie yelled out “Here it is. Now fuck me like you mean it! I’m cumming…oh I’m cumming, oh Dar’ .. .. suck my tits. Oh shit NOW!!!!!!!”

At the same time I started pumping the biggest load I have ever had into her hot asshole. I had her hips and was jerking her back against me as I shoved into her ass. Damn this girl had a hot ass and I loved fucking into that thing!!

My very first anal, and it was undoubtedly the best “piece of ass” I’ll have in a long time. These girls were terrific and they loved fucking!!

As my poor old cock went soft, it just plopped out of Debbie’s ass. I sure didn’t want to leave that spot. It was so nice and hot inside, and the muscle spasms she was having really felt great!

Darlene helped her stand up and steady her, and then Darlene reached and got a washcloth and wet it with some warm water and they washed each other’s pussy and ass with it, and then they turned they’re attention to me. They came over and washed my cock off and stroked it a few more times. Then each one had to suck it just once more while it was soft before they quit.

I didn’t mind a bit.

We all got dressed and went back into the room.

As I entered the room, Dave said “Damn man, we thought you’d never finish in there!” And then to no one in particular, he said “OK ladies, who’s with me?” as he got up and headed for the bathroom.

I’ll be damned if Darlene didn’t turn back around and go back with him, along with Frankie. I’m thought this was going to be one hell of a weekend for these guys and girls! I was pretty much whipped, so I sat down on the edge of one of the beds and was handed a beer. I looked around at the other bed and there was Debbie and Susan, kissing each other very passionately! “All four of these girls are Bi!” I thought to myself. As they were kissing, they were pawing at each other’s clothes and undressing each other. Of course the guys were encouraging this very loudly! In just a minute, they were both naked and locked together on the bed, humping against each other and hugging and kissing.

“Whitey” and “Little John” were rubbing their cocks thru their pants till the girls got naked, then they undressed. When they were both naked, they reached and got the girls by the ankles and pulled them apart and to opposite sides of the bed. Little John (big as a bear) had Debbie’s ankles and he raised them up to his head and then got her by the hips and just drove his cock into her hot pussy. She just squeeled as he slammed all the way into her!

Whitey had Susan’s ankles and he pulled her to him, raised her legs up and spread them and laid forward to her and guided his cock into her. She had to be pretty wet too, cause he slipped all the way home in her! She just let out a loud moan as he went in.

The girls were lying side by side, in opposite directions, but they managed to get twisted around so that they could reach each other’s tits and demetevler escort lips. Now they were really having a good time playing with each other while the guys fucked the hell out of them!

Little John pulled out and Debbie yelled out “What the hell…?” But Little John was on his knees and had her legs over his shoulders and dived into Debbie’s pussy! “Yes..Yes…Eat me baby eat that pussy..Make me cum in your mouth.. Ohhhh!” she squeeled. And then she was back sucking on Susan’s tongue again.

Dave, Frankie, and Darlene came dragging out of the bathroom just as I was finishing my beer. I stood up and took Frankie by the arm and turned her around and kissed her hard and started shoving my tongue into her mouth. Watching these other guys had gotten me so hot that I needed some relief again! Frankie gave as good as she got. She was trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth by its roots!!

Soon enough, we were naked on the bed, with Dave and Darlene sitting on the other side of it. Frankie turned herself around and started sucking on my cock, so I dived right into her pussy. And Wow—It was shaved bald as a baby’s butt! I love shaved pussies, so I started giving her all I had! I was sucking on the lips, thrashing my tongue around inside her, sucking and nibbling on her clit. She was trying to suck my insides out thru my cock! This girl had more suction than a vacuum pump!! And she could take it right on down her throat. Damn, I love the feeling of the head of my cock going down someone’s throat. It is just fantastic! I noticed that I got a really hard bump from her ass every time I bit down on her clit so I bit it a couple of times a little harder than before.

She slammed her ass into my face and came off my cock and squeeled, ”Yes, you pussy licking bastard, make me cum on you face! I’m gonna drown your ass with my cum! Now eat me hard and rough!!” And she was back down on my cock again.

I could feel my balls getting tight again and I knew it would be just seconds till I pumped her throat full of cum. I started really shoving it into her throat and she grabbed my balls and started squeezing them gently, almost milking them I let loose a torrent of cum into her throat and mouth as she swallowed and swallowed to get it all in.

Just as about my third shot of cum hit her mouth, she started bucking and cumming and her juices was just running out of her pussy. She tasted so very good. I just lapped it up like a thirsty dog. I couldn’t get enough of her juices. Then, too soon, it was over. We both just fell back, exhausted, content.

I looked over at Dave as I was trying to get some normal breath back, and he and Darlene were naked again, and Darlene was sitting in his lap. Humping on him like she was wild! I finally saw why, he was in her ass! I made myself move and went round the bed and got on my knees in front of Darlene, bent down and pushed her back a little so I could get to her clit with my mouth. When I clamped down on it with my lips she went berserk! That was all it took and she was cumming! Her sweet juices were running out faster than I could lick them up.

The extra action got Dave slamming into her in the throes of his orgasm! He just fell backwards on the bed. His cock still in her ass. I stood up and she grabbed my cock and slammed her face down on my cock. “Great!!! Suck me baby!!!” I said.

I was still exhausted, so I pulled out and turned around and sat down on the bed. Frankie saw that Darlene was still going on Dave, so she went around and started sucking on Darlene’s pussy.

Now everyone was engaged except me. I got up, got dressed, and looked around me. “What I wouldn’t give for my video camera right now!” I thought. That was the wildest sex party I had ever seen, even in the porn flicks I’d seen!!

The seven of them were going at it pretty hard, so I just eased my way out the door. It was almost midnight and I really needed to get my ass home. My one main thought was that I sure hoped my wife wasn’t horney tonight! I’d never make it thru the night if she was!!

As I rode home, I wondered, “Reckon they’ll be in class on time Monday morning?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32