The Inquiry

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Sergeant First Class Helen Walters stood in front of the colonel’s desk, rigidly at attention and holding her perfect salute until the older man finally acknowledged her presence with a quick snap of his elbow.

“Stand easy, Sergeant,” he barked. “If you’ve got questions, hold them until after this inquiry. I think these things go best when they go fast. Wouldn’t you agree, Sergeant?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I will not insult you by asking you any stupid questions, Sergeant. In return you will not give me any bullshit. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’ve got two things on my desk, Sergeant. One is a personnel file I’d be proud to call my own and the other is a report from the Provost Marshal about an incident night before last. He claims you busted up three of his MP’s, two of them bad enough they couldn’t pull their duty the next day.”

The colonel had walked behind SFC Walters during his little speech, but now he returned to his seat and sighed as he sat down heavily, feeling every year of his age before he continued.

“Normally, I wouldn’t bother with anything other than signing the papers to take one, or maybe two, of those stripes and call it a day. The reason I’m not doing just that, is that other thing on my desk I talked about earlier.

“You’ve earned almost every medal or commendation the Army has to give, along with two from the Air Force and one from the Navy. Add to that the yearly evaluation reports are all marked outstanding, of course, plus the fact that you’ve never failed a PT test in your entire military career. Truth is, Sergeant, you are one outstanding soldier.”

Waving her to silence, the Colonel sighed again and gave her a long, hard look. She knew what he saw: a woman just an inch under 6 feet, weighed almost 150 pounds and it was plain it was all solid muscle. Dark brown hair cut two inches off her shoulders and pinned up tight, eyes an even darker brown with some saying they were all black. Her breasts were a compact 36C and even these baggy uniforms couldn’t hide her feminine curves and charms.

“I want you to tell me exactly what happened, Sergeant.”

“Sir, may I speak candidly?”

“Sergeant, let me say this about that. I want the fucking truth and I want you to fucking tell me every motherfucking thing. I’m not a fucking child; I’m an old infantry officer. You cannot shock me, you cannot embarrass me, you probably cannot tell me anything I haven’t either A: Done, B: Seen, C: Heard or D: All of the above. What you can do, is piss me the fuck off! Do you get what I am trying to say to you Sergeant?”

“Yes, Sir, and let me say I respect that and I want to thank you in advance for hearing my side before passing judgment, so I’ll try and explain as best I can.”

Helen took a cab to her friend’s house because she lived so close and so if she decided to drink a little, then she’d not have to worry about driving back. A little drink wasn’t worth her career and getting picked up for a DUI as an upper-rank was a one-way ticket to a general discharge and she could kiss her pension good-bye.

By the time she got there, the party was in full swing and she was quickly on her third beer and second shot of Jack. That’s when her friend introduced her to Bill; he was charming, smooth and handsome with dark hair and an easy smile. One thing led to another and soon, Helen found herself outside, alone there in the dark with a man she’d just met, but somehow it seemed perfect.

“I’m glad we came outside,” she sighed. “Aren’t you?”

Bill answered her with a kiss and Helen found his mouth warm, tasting slightly of whisky, his chin rough against her face. Slipping her tongue deeper inside his mouth, she relaxed into his arms. Helen knew he felt her hard nipples pressed against his chest from the way his cock started growing against her thighs and stomach.

Helen slowly slipped to her knees as she pushed him back to lean against the house and fumbled with his jeans until she had his hard, thick cock free from their denim prison. With a sigh, she slowly slipped the head in her mouth. She could taste topkapı escort the pre-cum leaking from the head of his cock along with the sweet, salty taste of a man. She continued to slowly force more and more of his cock down her throat until she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose, then just as slowly, she eased him from her mouth and leaned back on her heels.

“Let’s go somewhere we can fuck,” she whispered as she gazed into his eyes for a long moment before she resumed her slow, steady assault on his hard cock with her lips, teeth and tongue.

Every third stroke, she’d slowly force every inch of his hard, throbbing cock all the way down her throat, but just for that one stroke. She continued to tease him unmercifully until Bill sighed lustily and forced her to release him from her greedy mouth. With one last kiss on the swollen tip, Helen smiled as he helped her to her feet.

“Get your car, I’ll meet you out front,” she whispered as she started to turn to go back inside. “I’ll just go tell Marcie that I had a great time but I’m going to call it an early night.”

“That’ll be a problem,” Bill sighed as he fumbled with his jeans, trying to get everything tucked back in. “I rode with a friend, my car is at the shop.”

“Ever have a threesome?” Helen whispered as she slipped her hand down in the front of his jeans, grabbing his hard cock and giving it a squeeze. “We could do that tonight if you’d like, or we can call a cab. The choice is yours, but I’m going to get laid tonight one way or the other.”

“If you don’t stop that,” Bill sighed as she continued to stroke his hard cock, “I’m going to cum in your hand right here!”

“And we don’t want that, do we?” she teased as she released him and allowed him to finish getting himself presentable. “Now, let’s go police up your friend and get the fuck out of here,” she added as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the back door.

Bill led her through the crowd and left her to say good night to their host, saying he’d get Kevin and they’d be out front in the red F150.

“Looks like you two hit it off,” Marcie said as she watched Helen watching Bill’s ass as he made his way back through the people milling around.

“Don’t be getting any ideas,” laughed Helen. “I just want laid, I still don’t want married.”

“You’d be a great wife for some lucky man,” her friend replied and Helen smiled. Her friend was always the matchmaker, trying to get her married, or at the least, engaged.

“Fine and dandy and maybe someday, cool, but not tonight. Tonight it’s all about the cock,” chuckled Helen as she leaned in and gave Marcie a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for inviting me and I’ll call you tomorrow morning.”

“You’d better!” Marcie laughed in reply. “So take good notes and let me know how good Bill is in the sack!”

Walking her friend to the door, they quickly kissed good night again and Marcie watched as Bill opened the door and Helen climbed inside the truck idling at the curb.

Bill introduced them as Helen settled in between the two men, and after a brief “Hello” Kevin put the big truck in gear and eased into traffic. By the time they arrived back at Bill’s place, they were all chatting like old friends and many a ribald comment had passed between them all.

Helen grabbed their hands as they quickly walked up the sidewalk and she allowed Kevin to grab a quick kiss while Bill fumbled with his keys to unlock the door. Finally he opened it and ushered them inside, flicking on the lights Bill offered to fix them all a drink as he headed into the kitchen.

Helen tugged on Kevin’s hand, pulling him down to sit on the couch beside her. He was well over 6 feet and probably close to 180 or maybe 200, but it was all muscle and it was plain to see he kept himself in excellent shape. With his blonde hair clipped into a neat high-and-tight, blue eyes and smile anyone would envy, she was even hornier now than before and she decided not to waste any more time.

Slipping over the tall young man like a snake, she kissed her ümraniye escort way into his lap until she had one arm around his neck as he clutched her around the waist. Helen could feel his cock pressing into her hip and she took silent delight in how it got harder as they continued to kiss. Then she felt Kevin slide one of his hands down over her hips, across one thigh and onto the other, gently insisting she spread her legs and she didn’t disappoint her lover.

That’s how Bill found them when he got back from the kitchen, Helen sitting in Kevin’s lap, his fingers busy exploring her pussy while they kissed passionately. Sitting the glasses down on the small table, he dropped to his knees beside them and quickly licked his way up one of Helen’s shapely thighs.

Meanwhile, Kevin had moved his hand up and had unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse to free her firm breasts from her bra. Helen’s nipples were hard and tingled under his calloused touch, her skin covered by a thin sheet of sweat that glistened in the dim lights.

Helen felt the first tickle of an orgasm as Bill found her clit with his eager mouth and sucked the small nub hard between his teeth. Kevin pinched her nipple until she gasped, and that opened the flood gates and she erupted under their combined touch. The two men continued to tease her and torture her, making her cum until she was completely drained and limp as a rag doll. Finally Bill released her tender clit and allowed Helen to slip off Kevin’s lap and the two men quickly stripped as she slipped out of the clothes she had left.

Helen watched as Bill and Kevin kicked their jeans into the corner and turned to face her as she sat on the couch. Bill’s cock was an impressive eight inches and his friend’s was almost the same length, but it was much thicker and bigger around with a huge, mushroom shaped head. Helen quickly slipped off the couch and knelt on the floor, wiggling her ass in the air as she looked over one shoulder at her two eager companions.

Nothing was said, the two men knew exactly what the tall sergeant wanted and Bill moved over to sit on the couch even as Kevin positioned himself behind her firm hips. Helen eagerly attacked the hard cock Bill thrust in her face as she felt Kevin’s huge cock touch her tender pussy. Helen could feel the wetness running down her thighs from where she’d already came, but it barely helped when Kevin slipped his cock into her folds. Goddamn! But he was hung like a horse! She thought as he forced his entire cock into her quivery cunt, but it also felt so fucking wonderful and she couldn’t help but push back against him, impaling herself completely in one long thrust.

Helen moaned around Bill’s cock, which was lodges firmly in her throat, when Kevin’s balls slapped her clit. Helen continued to rock back and forth, controlling the tempo and speed of the two cocks fucking her from either end. When she felt Bill’s cock grow harder in her mouth, she knew he was seconds from exploding and she quickly moved her head, slipping his throbbing cock from her mouth even as she eased forward off of Kevin’s pounding rod.

Pulling Bill off the couch and over her, guiding him into her pussy as her back hit the carpeted floor, Helen wrapped her legs over his hips and forced him deep inside her. Bill exploded in her tight pussy almost as soon as his balls touched her upturned ass cheeks, and he only managed a few strokes before he sighed and rolled off her.

Helen could feel Bill’s hot, sticky cum running from her pussy as Kevin quickly took his friend’s place, and it was much easier to take his thick cock this time, although it still made Helen gasp when he first entered her. Hooking her legs over his arms and rolling her ass up off the floor, Kevin started to fuck her hard and fast. After a few strokes, he moaned loudly and added his cum to Bill’s, filling her tender pussy to overflowing with their combined juices.

The two men might have been satisfied, but Helen certainly wasn’t. Easing from under Kevin’s weight, she crawled over üsküdar escort and nestled between Bill’s legs, quickly capturing his half-hard cock. Holding him firmly with both her hands, Helen ducked her head and slipped him into her mouth. She loved how his cock tasted so much like his cum, but yet, she could still taste her own juices mixed with his.

She continued to torture his cock with her hands and mouth, enjoying his every twitch and squirm, and when Kevin stirred, she made him sit on the couch beside his companion. Even when Helen switched to sucking Kevin’s cock, she kept one hand wrapped firmly around Bill’s shaft. Alternating her mouth with either of her hands, she soon had both men fully erect and was really getting into sucking so much hard, beautiful cock until suddenly there was a gasp from the just opened front door.

“Wha…? Who’s having a party without inviting me? After all, I do live here, for crying out loud!”

“You gonna stand there bellyaching,” said Helen as she slipped Bill’s cock out of her mouth. “Or are you gonna get naked and get over here and get your cock sucked?”

Not waiting for an answer, she leaned over and quickly took Kevin’s cock into her eager mouth. Stroking his hard shaft in rhythm to the bobbing of her head, she soon had the young man moaning but she rapidly switched back to Bill before Kevin could cum.

By now, Bill’s roommate had joined them and Helen wasn’t too surprised when she felt the head of his cock touch her thighs, so she spread her legs to allow him full access to her drenched folds. She sighed as he slowly slipped the head of his rock-hard cock into her pussy. He continued to shove his cock into her wet little pussy until she gave a sigh of relief when his balls finally slapped her clit. A sigh that soon turned to a moan when he started slowly fucking her, almost slipping every beautiful inch of that cock out of her pussy before he would change direction and thrust back against her.

Helen felt Bill grab her hair and she knew he was almost ready to explode, so she allowed him to guide her head until he flooded her mouth with his salty-sweet cum. She swallowed every drop she managed to suck from his twitching cock, only releasing him when she was sure he was completely drained.

Just as she was swallowing the last sticky drop of Bill’s recent load, Kevin exploded all over her hand as she continued to pump his hard shaft. Helen slowly licked up all his cum from her fingers as well as his twitching shaft, torturing the head of his cock just to keep him jumping. Payback was a Medi-vac they always said and she was remembering how the two men had teased her earlier, so she took her time over Kevin’s cock. Finally satisfied, she slipped out of the three men’s grasp and turned to face the latest arrival.

She didn’t hesitate in pushing him back onto the carpet, grabbing his hard cock even as his broad shoulders hit the floor. Helen could taste her juices on his hard shaft, her juices mixed with the taste of the two men as well as the new flavor of Bobby’s cock all together and she came as she forced him all the way down her throat. With a moan of pure passion, the tall sergeant rapidly jerked his cock from her throat until just the head stayed in her mouth as she started stroking his shaft as she sucked hard on the tip. It didn’t take much of this to make the young man cum in her eager mouth and Helen came again when she felt his huge load hit the back of her throat. Helen swallowed as much as she could, but a few drops ran down his shaft and over her hand. She gripped the hard, jerking cock even tighter and drained every drop of cum from his aching balls before she sucked him all the way back down her throat.

Helen finally took pity on the poor man when he begged her to stop and she sat back on her heels and looked at all three of her lovers with a contented smile. If they thought for a minute they were finished, she’d soon show them different. It wasn’t even midnight yet and she didn’t have to back at base until 0500, so she figured she had another two hours before she just had to call it a night. So, with a mischievous smile, Helen crawled over to Bill and slowly started kissing the tip of his half-hard cock as she teased his balls with her fingers.

“There you have it, sir,” said SFC Walters as she finished her story. “I didn’t exactly fight them, sir. It’s more like I fucked them and I guess I just did it too good, sir.”

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