The Initiates Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read the series simply titled “The Initiates” you may want to go back and read those two Chapters first in order to better understand the characters for this story series. It goes without saying you should read Chapter 1 of this series before proceeding with this Chapter. And remember the two rules: Please Vote and Please provide Feedback. I hope you enjoy the read…

Chapter 1 – The Post Game Celebration

Brenda woke with a start. Slightly disoriented it took her a few moments to get her bearings and realize where she was. She instantly realized that the naked male form beside her wasn’t Bill her husband. Then she remembered the events of the night and realized she was ensconced firmly in the arms of George, the husband of her new best friend.

The room was pitch black and it took her eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness. Slowly she began making out shapes in the room… the dresser, the French doors to the bathroom… the open door to the hallway. Brenda lay there for a few minutes; her mind replaying in starts and stops images from their early lovemaking – correction their earlier… what was it? It certainly wasn’t lovemaking. And it was more than just sex. Games. That was what Georgette and George had called it. That name certainly seemed to fit.

Brenda chuckled softly as she thought of the analogy to a game. There had certainly been a lot of ‘scoring’… even a penalty or two. Brenda almost laughed out loud with that comparison. There had even been snacks, thought Brenda. She smacked her lips a little at the salty/sweet flavor that lingered in her mouth. That was some ‘snack’ Brenda mused. Suddenly her eyes opened wide. What had she done? She had never, ever swallowed her husband’s cum. Then tonight she had not only swallowed, she had begged George to cum in her mouth. Guilt suddenly washed over her as she carefully extricated her body from George’s tight embrace.

George struggled slightly as Brenda got out of bed, but a slight pat to his shoulder caused him to simply roll over and drift right back to sleep. Brenda needed to find Bill. She needed to apologize to her husband. She wasn’t sure how… or even why, but she had to find him and apologize to him about what she had done. Quietly Brenda tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs.

Unlike the darkened ‘game room’ she had just left; the den where Bill and Georgette were lying was brightly lit. It looked as if every light and lamp in the room was turned on. Because of the brightness Brenda could clearly see Bill and Georgette’s naked bodies wrapped tightly around one another – half lying, half sitting on the sofa. Brenda thought she should be jealous seeing her husband tightly holding another woman. But actually she wasn’t jealous at all. Brenda stopped and looked at the naked bodies for a minute or two, admiring the physique of her husband. Shifting her gaze to Georgette for a few moments Brenda would have to admit that rather than being jealous she was actually getting slightly turned on. Turned on by her husband’s flaccid dick lying across his thigh. Brenda was embarrassed at the thought that she was getting turned on as she openly gazed at Georgette’s breasts. Her eyes drifted down between Georgette’s legs. In the position she was lying Brenda couldn’t see Georgette’s sexy snatch, but she could remember exactly what it looked like… what is tasted like.

A shudder went through Brenda’s body as she quickly drew her eyes up. There they focused on Georgette’s equally open eyes. She saw the smile on Georgette’s face as she realized that Georgette had caught her – caught her staring openly at Georgette’s naked body. Brenda started to speak before Georgette silenced her with a finger to her lips.

Carefully Georgette separated herself from Bill, rearranging him into a comfortable position on the sofa and then quietly padded across the room to where Brenda was still standing. She gave Brenda a brief hug and kissed her lightly on the lips, “Hey Sweetie. How are you doing?” The touch of their naked bodies actually sent shivers through both girls.

“I’m… I’m okay,” Brenda replied hesitantly.

“What is it Brenda? Did this ‘game’ bother you? Are you okay?” Georgette asked.

“No… no… I’m okay… well kind of… I… I think I need to talk to Bill. I need to confess something to him,” Brenda spoke softly.

“Brenda? Are you having regrets? Are you sorry that we decided to play like this?” Georgette continued.

“No… it’s not that really… it’s just… well I think I need to apologize to Bill about something George and I did.”

“Do you want me to wake Bill, or do you want to talk about it to me first?” Georgette questioned.

“Well… it’s just… can we sit down and talk a few minutes?” Brenda pled.

“Sure.” Georgette reassured as she took Brenda’s hand and led her out to the pool. “Want to get in and soak or just sit in a chair?”

“Let’s get in the water,” Brenda answered. “Soaking might help some of şişli escort my slightly sore body parts,” Brenda joked.

“George wasn’t too rough on you was he?” Georgette asked in a concerned tone.

“Oh no,” Brenda answered quickly. “He was rough… but not too rough… just right rough,” Brenda dreamily answered as the two girls held hands and walked down the steps into the pool.

“Okay, girl. Spill it. What’s got you all concerned that you think you should apologize to Bill about?” Georgette quizzed.

“Well… tonight with George… when we were playing our game… he refused to let me cum at first… he refused to let me have an orgasm until I swallowed his cum… so I did… not only did I swallow it I actually begged him to give it to me,” Brenda spilled out in one stuttering breath.

“And???” Georgette asked somewhat perplexed.

“Well you see Georgette… I’ve never swallowed Bill’s cum before… I was never able to swallow it before… I’ve fantasized about it… about being forced to swallow his cum… but I had never tasted cum before tonight. I had told George about my fantasies about being forced to swallow cum… and well…I guess he worked that into our little game…. and… Wow! It was scrumptious,” Brenda admitted with an embarrassed grin.

“So let me get this straight,” Georgette began. “You sometimes fantasize about being forced to swallow cum. And tonight George ‘forced’ you to swallow his cum. Now you feel like you need to apologize to Bill? You and Bill have never played these types of dominant games before. He’s never ‘forced’ you to do anything in your lovemaking before. And now you’re feeling guilty because you acted out that fantasy with George – before you did with Bill.”

“Yeah, I guess that about sums it up. I feel guilty that I did that with George tonight and I never did it with Bill before,” Brenda answered.

“Soooo… has Bill ever spanked you like he did me tonight?” Georgette asked.


“Has Bill ever smacked you in the face with his dick before – like he did with me,” Georgette continued.

“No, not really.”

“Has he ever put his dick in your mouth and made you swallow his pre-cum – like he did with me?” Georgette continued.

“Nooo,” Brenda dreamily replied. “At least not yet anyway,” Brenda smiled back with a twinkle.

“So should Bill apologize to you for doing any of those things with me?” Georgette queried.

“Certainly not… at least not as long as he’ll promise to do all of that and more with me sometime.” Brenda added with a long laugh as she finally let go of her pent up concerns.

The two girls drifted around in the pool for a few minutes in silence. They let the gentle lap of the water relax their slightly abused, but sated, bodies. Brenda dreamily thought back to the earlier scenes with George. A small shudder overtook her as she remembered being laid out on the bed. A vibrator in her ass. A vibrator in her pussy. A third one on her clit as she was ‘forced’ to suck George’s dick.

Georgette happened to be looking at Brenda when she saw her shudder. Georgette also noticed the immediate distention of Brenda’s nipples. She also noticed the dreamy faraway look that came into Brenda’s eyes.

“Spill it girl. What’s getting you so worked up over there?” Georgette teased.

A little uncomfortable Brenda responded, “Well… I… I was just drifting back to the wonderful time… the wonderful experience I had earlier tonight with George,” Brenda replied.

“And it’s getting you all worked up again?” Georgette taunted.

“Speaking of work…” George’s deep voice startled both women as he approached the pool. George was fully clothed in a pair of khakis and a light sweater shirt. “I just got a call from work. I have to go in and I probably will have to work all night. It may be lunch time before I get back home.”

Brenda immediately started climbing out of the pool, “Oh. Okay, I’ll wake Bill and we’ll head out.”

“What? Nonsense,” Bill retorted. “You two stay as long as you like. As a matter of fact… Georgette? Why don’t you come up here and let me make a suggestion to you.”

“Georgette quickly climbed out of the pool and walked over to George. Being careful not to get him wet the two whispered back and forth for a few minutes. Occasionally looking over at Brenda still standing in the pool and then at Bill, still asleep on the sofa.”

Georgette finally nodded her head up and down aggressively. Smiled really big at Brenda and then kissed her husband good bye. Georgette took two running steps across the deck of the pool and dove in, covering half the length of the pool under water before surfacing and wiping water from her eyes.

From half way across the pool Georgette looked directly into Brenda’s eyes with a twinkle and teased, “Soooo…. George tells me you like to start out at a 4 or a 5 when you get a spanking.”

If most of Brenda’s body suadiye escort had not been hidden by the water Georgette would have seen her blush from head to toe. As it was, Georgette could see a deep red hue spread over the visible parts. At the same time Brenda’s nipples unmistakably became erect.

“Well… I…. uhhh….” Brenda stuttered as she dropped her gaze to the pool.

“Relax, Sweetie, George was just giving me the Reader’s Digest version of earlier tonight,” Georgette explained as she swam toward Brenda. Maintaining eye contact she continued, “He also said that you took a vibrator on your clit, one in your pussy and a third one in your ass – all at the same time,” Georgette continued her teasing.

Drifting directly in front of Brenda, their mouths inches apart, Georgette continued, “He also said you liked to have your nipples pinched – hard.” With the last word Georgette reached out and firmly pinched both of Brenda’s nipples. Georgette was almost six inches taller than Brenda and practically towered over the petite brunette. The closeness coupled with the size difference immediately placed Brenda in somewhat of a subservient attitude toward the large breasted Georgette.

“And….” maintaining a firm hold on her nipples and forcing Brenda to make eye contact with her, “and… that you even liked him to use the quirt on your nipples and pussy,” Georgette breathed huskily.

“And you know what else he said,” Georgette asked as she moved her mouth within millimeters of Brenda’s lips. “He encouraged me to continue our little game with you and Bill,” Georgette kissed Brenda deeply, maintaining her grasp of the petite girl’s nipples, sharing their tongues in a deep soulful kiss. “Would you like that, Brenda? Would you like for you, me and your dear husband to continue playing tonight? Would you like to be the little slave girl for both Bill and me tonight?”

Brenda was unable to verbally respond and could only shake her head up and down as her eyes spoke a silent ‘Yes’.

Round Two – Georgette and Bill Make Brenda ‘Theirs’

Although George had tried to make very little noise as he left the house, Bill still awoke as George came through the den. George briefly explained to Bill that he had been called in to work and then cryptically told Bill that Georgette had a gift for him out in the pool.

Bill had just walked into the pool area in time to see Georgette and Brenda break their kiss. From where he had stopped in his tracks he couldn’t hear their exchange, but he could see Brenda slightly shaking her head up and down with a serious, somewhat sensuous look on her face. As he stepped closer he could also see that Georgette had each of Brenda’s nipples lightly pinched between her fingers.

Both girls saw Bill at the same time, “Hey, Tiger,” Georgette quickly spoke. “Brenda and I were just discussing what we were going to do for the rest of the night with George gone. George and I thought it would be a great idea for us to continue our little educational session. He thought you and I should practice dominating our little slave girl here. Isn’t that right Brenda? Wouldn’t you like both Bill and me to play some games with you?”

Brenda searched Bill’s eyes for confirmation and reassurance. Seeing nothing in his eyes she dropped her gaze below his waist. From his already expanding erection it was obvious that Bill was interested.

Looking back into his eyes Brenda answered a weak, “Yes.” Then taking a few cleansing breaths Brenda looked first at Bill then Georgette and responded with more assurance, “Sir… M’am. My body belongs to you. I exist tonight totally for your pleasure. Use me in any way that gives you pleasure.”

“Oh goodie. Play time,” Georgette squealed as she scampered out of the pool. Looking back into the pool Georgette spoke, “Brenda. Bill and I have a little planning to do. I want you to go gather up all of the toys in the den and then the ones upstairs in the bedroom where you and George were playing. Take them all into the bathroom up there and clean them. Then come back down here for further instructions.”

Brenda climbed out of the pool with a dreamy faraway expression on her face, “But Georgette, Bill… errr M’am, Sir…I need to take a bath before we start playing.”

“Silence!” Bill’s firm voice even startled Georgette as he spoke. “Brenda, slave girls do NOT tell their Masters what they need. Only the needs of the Master or Mistress are important. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, Brenda quickly responded.

This time it was Georgette that spoke, “Brenda! Stand where you are. Spread your legs shoulder width. Hands behind your head…. Good. Now stand there while Bill and I discuss the proper punishment for your lapse in judgment.”

Taking Bill by the hand she led him into the den out of earshot of Brenda. “Bill. George told me that Brenda likes it just a little more… shall we say intense… than I do. Are you taksim escort up to raising your game a little more with Brenda?”

Bill glanced back at his wife standing straight as Georgette had instructed. His cock pulsed into a full erection, “Oh I think I can manage raising the stakes a little higher with Brenda.” Bill chuckled at the thought of dominating his sexy little wife with the help of Georgette – the vixen.

“Good. We’ll talk later, but for now just follow my lead. You remember how I told you I like to start off with spankings around a 1. Well, according to George, Brenda likes to start off at a 4 or 5.” George’s dick pulsed as Georgette spoke. Partly because he was glancing at his wife standing with her legs spread, her back rigid and her hands clasped behind her head. It also didn’t hurt that Georgette also lightly grasped Bill by the dick as she whispered, “George gave me his okay to play with both of you while he’s at work.” With that Georgette released her light hold of Bill’s erection and continued, “Bill how do you want to play this? You can completely take control of both Brenda and me, or I can help you with your dominance over Brenda. We can both seek our pleasure with Brenda,” Georgette continued. It was obvious from her tone that Georgette was hoping for the latter.

“I think…” Bill pondered. “I think that we can share our little slave girl tonight.” He then took Georgette’s chin in his hand and turned her to face him. “As long as you understand that I am sharing my ‘number one’ slave… with my ‘number two’ slave.” As Bill finished the last sentence he lightly tweaked Georgette’s right nipple. “I’ll let you take the lead, as a learning adventure for me. But at any time be prepared for me to take control of both of you sexy little slaves.”

“Mmmmm…. sounds dreamy to me,” Georgette smiled back.

“Let’s go play with our little toy,” Georgette threw over her head as she almost skipped back to where Brenda was standing.

Taking the lead Georgette spoke, “Brenda. I want you to go back into the water again and come back out properly. Properly means without starting out telling us that you ‘need a shower. Do you understand?”

Brenda looked first at Bill and when he nodded his head she turned to Georgette, “Yes M’am.”

With that Brenda lowered her hands from behind her head and walked back into the pool. Turning to look first at Bill then at Georgette Brenda took a couple of breaths and started out of the water. As she exited the water Bill spoke up this time, “Brenda. Until I tell you differently Georgette is your Mistress. I am still your Master, but Georgette, your Mistress, may also give you instructions at any time. You are to obey any instruction she gives you as if it came directly from me. Understand?”

“Yes, sir. M’am. My body belongs to both of you. I exist tonight totally for your pleasure. Use me in any way that gives either of you pleasure,” Brenda stated as she stopped and stood silently in front of Bill and Georgette.

Moving behind Brenda, Georgette spoke, “Brenda a few minutes ago you were defiant to your Master and Mistress by telling them what you ‘needed’. For that you are to be punished. Now stand erect… hands behind your head… your feet spread shoulder width apart… wider. That’s it.” Brenda followed each of Georgette’s orders quickly and efficiently.

“Now Brenda. Do you know why I asked you to go back into the pool just now?” Georgette quizzed.

“Because I told you that I needed a shower when I came out. You wanted me to do it over again properly?” Brenda asked cautiously.

“Well that’s partially correct,” Georgette answered. “But that’s why you’re being punished not why I sent you back into the pool…. I sent you back into the pool…. because…. a… wet… ass… stings… so nicely.” With each word Georgette delivered a stinging blow to Brenda’s ass cheeks. Alternating from left to right with each swat.

Bill could see Brenda’s eyes open widely and her mouth open in a wide ‘O’, but no sound escaped her lips.

“That’s a good girl,” Georgette sweetly intoned. “You took your punishment quite well.” Georgette finished by rubbing and squeezing both of Brenda’s ass cheeks. “Now go gather all of the toys, take them upstairs and clean them as I told you earlier.” With the last word Georgette delivered one more burning slap to Brenda’s still wet ass.

“Hold it just a minute,” Bill interrupted. “Brenda come over to me… stand… back straight… hands behind your head… that’s right. Good girl, you spread your legs wide without even being told to. Before you go do what Georgette told you to do, I have a question for you.”

“Yes Sir,” Brenda asked as her eyes became even darker pools.

Never losing contact with Brenda’s eyes Bill reached between her legs and slid his fingers into her pussy. “My question is…” Bill strummed Brenda’s clit a few times before sliding two fingers inside her obviously drenched pussy. “Does thinking about being dominated make you wet, Brenda? Does thinking about being dominated by Georgette make you wet?”

Brenda shuddered involuntarily as Bill pulled his fingers away, “Yes, Sir. Thinking about Georgette telling me what to do is making me very wet.”

Turning to the other girl Bill continued, “Georgette. Come over here.”

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