The Ibiza Homewrecker Pt. 03

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Disclaimer: This story contains themes of homewrecking, cheating, public sex and more. Nothing is meant to cause offence or insult and this is just a fantasy with no basis in reality or connection to real people. Should you be concerned that this theme or content may not be to your liking please don’t read on. Sections are labelled with the name above to be from the perspective of that person. Sorry for spelling and grammatical errors.


The girls long ride home felt like minutes to Gabby. She’d already received a message from Matt asking if she’d had a nice lunch. Gabby knew he’d still be in the car with his wife (or at least near her having arrived back at their villa) so it was a huge turn on to Gabby that he was giving her his attention.

“I had the best lunch thank you. Bit full though…wonder why that is?” Gabby was happy to go straight in with sexting. All subtlety was out the window. “Matt’s married cum was definitely the best thing on the menu…” Gabby waited as Matt was typing. She had really taken the role of the Homewrecker to heart and her performance had become akin to method acting. She was a pro and she revelled in her performance.


Matt couldn’t believe he was going to message Gabby while sat next to his wife. He knew Hailey couldn’t see his phone as she was focused on driving but still. He was sinking to new lows and didn’t know where this was all going to stop. Matt sent a message just asking whether Gabby had a nice lunch. He wondered if he was nice and friendly with her whether he could just explain that they had to stop this and she would be respectful of his situation…even he couldn’t convince himself that was why he was messaging.

The replies from Gabby instantly took him to full hardness and he struggled to cover his clearly bulging trousers in the car. After a few messages back and forth Matt was again in his animalistic trance. It should have been concerning to him that Gabby had this control over him without even being near him.

Matt needed to release again and as they pulled up to the Villa he told Hailey he needed to rush to the loo as he still wasn’t feeling great from dinner.

He rushed to the bathroom, locked the door and pulled his cock out before propping his phone on the back of the toilet so he could read it and get himself off. A message from Gabby came through “It’s a shame though…I really wanted some dessert. Do you know somewhere I can get a creampie? Preferably one with lots of married cum”

Matt started furiously stroking. He wanted to cum and quick. He stopped only to quickly send Gabby a reply “Haven’t you had enough dessert already?” He placed his phone back and continued to stroke his cock. His heart was racing as “Gabby typing…” kept appearing on his screen. Then her message came through. A jolt of pleasure, an urge like a bolt of lightening shot through him. “No matter how much you fill me I’ll always have room for more”.

Matt was ready to unload. He could feel his load building…but then a voice note message appeared from Gabby. This was strange. He put his headphones in to listen.


Driving back to the Villa Hailey noticed Matt was really quiet and spending a lot of time on his phone. She had thought to herself that this was all still part of his winding down process. She mentioned to him about them putting their phones away when they got back but she appreciated that he’d spent most of his life responding to things 24/7 so it was always going to take a little time to adjust.

As they pulled up Matt mentioned that he had to rush to the bathroom and that he still wasn’t feeling great from earlier. A little sense of relief fell over Hailey, whilst she was still worried about Matt it was clear now that he really just wasn’t feeling great and Turangüneş Escort they weren’t slipping back into a disconnected relationship.

As she walked back into the villa, her expensive heels clicking on the expensive sounding floor with each step, Hailey went to say goodnight to her kids and relieve the babysitter of her duties. The kids were asleep and the babysitter was keen to get home so soon enough Hailey was by herself getting changed.

She had decided that she wasn’t going to give up on her and Matt reconnecting tonight so she slipped on her sexiest outfit. Matt had always loved roleplay and she knew this. One of their bedroom fantasies they played out was her as his naughty secretary. So, Hailey slipped on her tight black leather skirt and she tucked in her crisp white shirt leaving lots of buttons open to show off a decent amount of cleavage. She did her hair in a bun and put on her glasses. The final touch was some tacky pearl earrings and the look was complete.

Hailey was quite the sight. Matt was always told how lucky he was by friends and even by guys on the street who would ogle his wife. Hailey, in her 40s now, still rocked an incredible figure. She had long toned legs that went all the way down to the floor. Her boobs had remained relatively pert and her bum was the result of taking spinning classes on pretty much a daily basis since she was 20. Hailey certainly didn’t look like your average 40 something.

Her sun kissed blonde hair made Hailey look like an older version of Gabby. A comparison not lost on Matt. The difference was that everything on Gabby was just perfectly slutty and the way she carried herself drew attention to that perfection.

Hailey wandered over to the bathroom door “Hey darling, how are you feeling?”. Catching Matt a little off guard he blurted back “Oh…errr much better…sorry my darling I’ll be out soon.”

“That’s okay no rush…I just wanted to let you know that Hailey misplaced some files in your office and I think she needs to be punished”. Hailey knew Matt would understand what this meant.


Gabby was enjoying her sexting session with Matt but she wanted him to keep taking more and more risks. Gabby had returned now to her room at their hotel. She was on her bed in just her bra, sitting on her knees slowly rubbing her already wet pussy over these elicit messages with her married man.

Knowing she wanted more, Gabby decided to leave a voicenote, she purred as she spoke into the phone, moaning softly between words just to play with him that little bit further.

“Matt…Babe…I need to see your cock…show me…show me you stroking it babe”. The voicenote sent and there was a little pause in the flow of their interaction, but, sure enough, a video file came through and although only a few seconds it was Matt stroking his cock. He looked like he was in his bathroom Gabby presumed but she was distracted by how close he already seemed to finishing. Gabby didn’t want that to happen…not just yet anyway as a sick twisted idea had popped into her head. The type of idea that only a true homewrecker could come up with.

She carried on purring into her phone. “Babe…that’s so hot…I love that you’re so hard for me.” “What would your wife think about how hard that cock is for me?” More and more voicenotes like this we’re driving Matt to the edge and Gabby new it. “So, baby, would you do anything for me?” She seductively stated. A quick message reply came through from Matt “yes anything”. A smirk drew across Gabby’s face “Oh babe…do you know what I really want?”. “What? What is it?” came another rushed reply from Matt. “Well babe, I want to hear you fuck your wife!”


Matt was completely taken aback. She wanted Türbanlı Escort to hear him fuck his wife. “What? How? Why?” Matt mumbled to himself. At this very moment, Matt heard Hailey through the bathroom door asking if he was okay. He blurted something back to give himself more time but then she said “That’s okay no rush…I just wanted to let you know that Hailey misplaced some files in your office and I think she needs to be punished”.

His heart sank. Matt was in trouble now. He knew what this meant. His wife wanted sex and here he was getting himself off to this sluttier and younger version of her.

Matt quickly assembled a message to Gabby to get himself out of this situation. “Shit! My wife is outside and I need to go”. Gabby replied instantly “hold on”. Matt waited a short while before a voice note came through. “Babe tell her to get on all fours and put her face into the pillow. Tell ‘Hailey’ she’s about to get punished”.

‘What the hell is going on?’ Matt thought to himself. This was crazy. “What the fuck? Why?” Matt replied. Another voicenote and this time Gabby was angry “Just fucking do what I say! Or I’ll find her and tell her that her precious Matt likes to cum down the throat of 23 yr old sluts”

With no choice Matt called out to Hailey “So Hailey…errr you better get on all fours on the bed as err it’s time for you to be punished…put your face into the pillow”

“Now what?” Matt messaged Gabby. The next voicenote was one that would rock Matt’s world. Surely this was too far. Surely this was the line Matt had to draw. “Babe, you are going to keep your EarPods in and go out there and fuck your wife so I can hear…and who knows maybe I’ll give you some instructions”. He could hear Gabby giggle as the voicenote ended.

Matt was so confused. He was so hard and so horny right now but could he do this. Suddenly a picture came through in his messages of Gabby. She was holding a dildo between her ample cleavage and biting her lip. The message read “do it for me babe”.


Gabby rang Matt and took in a sharp intake of breath as he answered but she could hear nothing. She sat there quietly as she suddenly heard a door open and Matt interact with his wife. This was incredible!

“It’s time for your punishment Hailey” she heard Matt say. Gabby tried to contain her laughing before whispering into Matt’s ear “That’s it babe, make sure she doesn’t turn around and ask about your EarPods…Now! I want you to spank her”. Gabby heard a slap and she giggled again. “Good! One more” another spank filled her ears.

This was incredible. Gabby had imagined some fucked up scenarios in her time but here she was in the ears of a married man while he fucked his wife and the situation couldn’t be better.

“Oh Sir I’m sorry I misplaced those files” Gabby heard Hailey whimper in the background. “Grab her hair” Gabby ordered. “Tell her you’re going to cum in her so she knows better next time”. There was nothing, Gabby didn’t hear Matt say anything just the continued moaning as he was taking his wife from behind. “Matt if you don’t say it I will yell down the phone…now tell her you are going to cum in her”.

“Your punishment… is that …I’m going to cum in you” Gabby finally heard Matt utter her words with some levels of trepidation in his voice. Suddenly she heard a change of tone from Hailey too. “Darling! Wait! I…urgggh…I’m not on anything…urgggh…and we agreed we…we didn’t want more….ooooohhhh…urgggghhg”.

Gabby could tell Hailey was enjoying herself but the realisation had hit Gabby hard. Hailey and Matt had agreed they didn’t want anymore children but here Matt was saying he was going to cum in her and here was Hailey not on anything. Gabby bit her lip and Ukraynalı Escort smiled knowing she could know really fuck with Matt.

Gabby didn’t mind Matt getting his wife pregnant. Hell, that was her problem in Gabby’s mind. Matt would be hers soon enough and anything else was just Hailey’s problem. To Gabby it made it even hotter if Hailey was pregnant when Matt would eventually impregnate her.

“Tell her that her punishment is she gets a baby…TELL HER!” Gabby knew she would have to force Matt into saying this. Matt reluctantly barked at Hailey that he was going to give her a baby. Gabby could faintly hear Hailey in the background “But babe…I…ohhh…I never knew you wanted…oh….fuck…more…but…yes…give it to me.” She heard Hailey moan out!

“Now for the real fun” Gabby purred in his ears. “I want you to imagine it’s me you’re impregnating. Imagine it’s me your shooting your seed inside. I want to be the slut you think of when you impregnate your wife”.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum” Matt blurted out. Hailey panted back to him “Yes honey, yes I want another, I love you”.

These last three words nearly made Gabby cum there and then. “Say I love you! But say it to me” Gabby goaded Matt. “I love you” he spat out. Gabby revelled in knowing that Hailey would have thought he meant it for her. She began to rub her pussy faster.

“Now tell me you can’t wait to give me a baby” Gabby goaded him again. Matt repeated the words. Finally Gabby barked at him “NOW CUM!”.

She heard as Matt unloaded in his wife. The rutting and the panting all the evidence that Matt had done exactly what Gabby had asked and that she had controlled him cumming in his wife and made him pretend in his mind that it was her. “Oh Matt…what’s gotten into you? You always said you didn’t want a third” Gabby heard Hailey’s words like music to her ears and it was making her wetter than she’d ever been.


Matt double tapped his left earpod to end the call and then yanked out his EarPods before quickly placing them on the side so that his wife suspected nothing.

What had he done and how was he going to get this under control. He came out on this holiday a loving husband and family man. Now he was rapidly descending into something he didn’t recognise. In a twisted turn of events this slut might have just got him to impregnate his wife.


As Matt came out the bathroom she kept her face in the pillow. She knew that playing along with the roleplay is what would really drive Matt wild.

There was something different about Matt to her, she could just feel it without seeing him. The way he spanked her and pulled her hair, it felt more aggressive and dominant than ever before.

She was so happy they were finally connecting. Matt was really taking her from behind and she had been desperate for him to make love to her for a long time now. This was a little different to love making but a step in the right direction nonetheless.

Upon hearing Matt say that he was going to cum in her, Hailey had tried to turnaround and understand what had come over him but Matt held her in position as he pistoned in and out of her. They’d agreed not to have anymore children but that was more his decision than hers.

As she felt Matt build and knew he was going to unload inside her she thought about how great it was going to be to expand their family and how this was something she really wanted with the man she loved.

With a couple more grunts and aggressive hair pulls she felt his seed shoot inside her. “What a way to get pregnant” she thought to herself “dressed as a slutty secretary and I can’t even see my husbands face”. Hailey giggled to herself a little as she felt a bit used and a bit slutty.


Having just heard a married man possibly impregnate his wife Gabby had to get herself off. She used the dildo from the picture she’d sent to Matt to full effect and came hard.

Her fantasy was only just getting started and she couldn’t wait for the next step in Matt’s seduction. This next step…well…this would be the real homewrecker step.

To be continued…

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