The Hush

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The hush was almost deafening. It has seemed so long since there has been such a pause to hustle and bustle of life. It made the quiet all that much more poignant. Sounds, slight, almost inaudible sounds were all that was. The soft ever present irregular tap, tap…tap of the wet snow on the windows, the small, from time to time crackle from the hearth, and the sound of his breathing, regular, quiet, comforting right next to you in the overdown bed.

It has been a good choice to come here. You had been worried about the accommodation, the area, but it had all worked out just fine. Three days, three whole days to do nothing. Just lay around, eat, sleep, read……..make love. It was good. It was very good. It had been bitter cold the day you had arrived. Tony had made the fire and you the mugs of tea, it had not taken long for the cabin to warm up to a cozy temperature. There was a very snug, homelike feeling to this place. It was almost as if you had put it together yourself. It often surprised you that a man, any man, could actually pick out something you like, much less something so very fitting. Tim was different. Still very much male with all their short comings but with some other qualities that set him apart. At least in your heart it feel so. You really don’t know why it feels so right to be close, you just know it does.

The morning sun was just peeking over the snow covered horizon. It lit the landscape even brighter as everywhere it struck it reflected back. The trees and hills had a warm glow as the sun inched a bit higher. Force of habit had awaken you. Acknowledging your surroundings you hugged him tighter as you lay your head back to his shoulder. His warmth and rhythmic breathing like a soothing consolation to your soul. Thought of last night saunter through you mind. He had been so attentive, so loving. His touches had made you forget all the encumbrances of the world. It had been just you and he together. Sharing one another, showing physically the love you both possess. It had been some time since you could remember feeling like this again. It was that most special of feelings that you once feared was never to return. It had taken some time but all was right now. It had been worth the wait.

It is amazing. You both want to please the other so much. He cooks, cleans, is wonderful with the children. He writes for you. He listens. His business has flourished in the past six months. And most important you are both well. Well with yourselves and well with each other. The councilor had said that two halves added together would never make a good whole. But now there are two wholes joined Edirne Escort together that make much more than any two single whole could ever be. Each one giving strength to the other, complementing one another in ways you never even thought of. Yes, it had been worth the struggles and the wait.

You feel him stir. He rolls and wraps his arms around you, holding you close. He sleeps but you can feel him growing hard against you. Yes, it would be good to make love again with the dawn then sleep in. You begin to touch his chest, kissing him lightly upon his breast. It’s so warm under the flannel sheets. As you touch him he begins to respond. Still asleep but he is now fully hard and throbbing against you. He stirs a bit more as you kiss his nipple. You run your hand down his body, feeling the contours as you go. He has also been taking better care of himself these past months. He says it to better please you, but you know it’s just as much for him as it is you. You grasp his hardness in your hand. It jumps upon your touches. Rotating your hips just a bit you lodge his stiff cock against your pussy lips. It feels hot against your sex. His breathing is changed. Is he still asleep? You rub your pussy against him lightly. He presses back against you. It’s doubtful that he sleeps any longer.

You feel his hands reaching for you with purpose now. He slowly, oh so slowly begins to saw his cock against your leaking pussy. It’s wet already. He always said he loved that about you. Ohhhh, it does feel good. He kisses your forehead as he holds you in a firm hug. No words are need. It is all understood. His hands are caressing you now. On your back, your shoulders, your ass, your thighs. His touch is so good. You too touch him, feeling this man. Your lover, your love. The urgency to feel his lips has become so strong. You lift your face to his. His eyes are open and so filled with desire, love, warmth for you.

You kiss him. You kiss him deeply. Truly a soul kiss, melted with desires. His tongue moving against your own. He is breathing your breath and you his. Uuuummmm, you hear from him as you kiss him still yet. His cock is now seeping, his wetness and yours are commingled. He has pressed his cock harder against your now slick sex. It feel so good as he moves against you, his lower body flexing back and forth as he reaches for your breast. His hand on your butt pull you tighter to him as his other hand kneads your breast. His touch is right. It is just right. You begin to kiss his face his neck, his chest. You are working you mouth lower. You want to suck on him for awhile.

His swollen cock is beautiful, Edirne Escort Bayan it is made for you to suck, to lick, to pull on. He lays back and allows you full access to his sex. His cock is so hard, swollen and throbbing. You pull on his balls as you lick up and down the shaft. Uuuhhh, uuuuhhh, you hear each time your tongue caresses him. As you continue to lick on him you feel his hands on your body. He is touching your ass. Slowly raking his nails across your cheeks and thighs. He reaches under and pulls on your nipple as you take the head of his dick in your mouth. Aaaaahhhhh, he moans. His cockhead is velvet smooth against your tongue. You suck more of him in. Taking him deeper and deeper each time you lower your head. His cock taste good. It feels so good to suck him. To make him crazy with passion. He is playing with your clit as you bob you head on his dick. It’s too much. You move your pussy out of his reach, you don’t wish to cum so quickly.

But for him, no mercy. You reach up and pull on his nipples as you move your head down to lick his balls. He has been shaving again. They are so smooth. He is going to cum soon. His balls tighten his cock grows even larger. You put his dick back in your mouth and suck him hard as you pull on his nipples. His hands go to your head. He begins to fuck your mouth. Here it comes, OOHhhhhhhh, Oooohhhh, aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh as he blasts jet after jet of cum into your hot mouth. Muuummm, as he continues to explode against your tongue. You drink him. You swallow load after load. His hands on your head, his cock deep in your mouth. His body flexing. He begins to calm down. He pulls you up to him and kisses you.

“You are so awesome, I love you.” you hear him say. He kisses you again and moves to your breasts. He kisses your neck, your breasts. His hand on your hip, reaching for your pussy. His mouth close to your breast, his warm breath against your skin. His mouth envelopes your nipple, a shiver runs the course of your body. His mouth feels good. He is touching your pussy. It is swollen with desire. Your breathing is already getting shallow as he makes love to you. He slips a finger inside your wetness. Uuuhhh, it feels good as you push against his hand. He bites on your nipple. Aaaaaahhh, as he finger fucks your pussy, now slipping tow fingers into the edge of you. Rubbing your clit as he fucks you.

He is moving down your body, yes, yes, you want him to taste you. You want him to suck on your pussy. His mouth kisses a trail down your tummy, over your mons and straight to your sex. He wastes no time, he immediately sticks his tongue as deep as Escort Edirne possible into your wet pussy. Uuuggghhhh, as you arch your body up to meet his face. He grips your thighs, spreads you open even more, and begins to eat your pussy. OOOhhhhh, as he grips you even tighter and sucks on your clit. Pressing it between his lips as he lashes it with his tongue. Then back to fucking your pussy with his mouth, tongue pushing, licking, inside your wet cunt. Reaching up with a hand he kneads your breast then pulls on your nipple. Still his mouth never leaves your sex. Aaaahhhh, it’s good.

But now you want him inside you. You want to feel his cock deep inside you. Nothing else will satisfy. You pull him away from your sex. He knows what you want. He climbs up between your thighs. You can see that his cock is again hard and swollen. He lays it against your open wet pussy. It feels so good against you but you need him inside you right now. You reach down and insert him as you do you move up against him in the same moment. He sinks to the hilt inside your hungry cunt. Uuggghhhhh, ooooohhhh, yyeeessss, your urgency is easily read. He begins to thrust into you. You push back against him every time. Ohhhh, it fits so well, it feels so good. He is thrusting into you over and over again. It’s hitting against you so well. His cock is beautiful inside you now. Ohhh, if it could only last forever. Yesss, you raise your hips allowing him to go even deeper now. Yes, deeper now. Pumping you, pumping you. Your hands on his ass pulling him against you. Mashing your sex against his with each thrust. Oooohhhh, he is building in tempo, getting faster and harder. Yes, this is the way you want him now, you want him to fuck you, yes you want him to fuck you. Ooohh it’s been too long. Fuck yes, fuck yes, Ooooh your now your going to cum so soon. he is push his cock into you so well. Over and over and over again. You tell him to cum inside you. You want to feel him cum inside you. Cum for me, cum for me you say again and again. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhh he begins to shoot off inside you. You are cumming with him. God, it is so sweet, so very, very sweet. Uuuuuhhhhhh, uuuuhhhh, uuuuhhh, as you both orgasm together. Ooohh it’s so good. You stay lodged together even after you both calm down a bit. It just feels good to be there with him still inside you. After a bit he tires and lays down next to you. He pulls you close, covers you with the blanket. Tells you how wonderful you are, kisses you many times, and holds you close wrapped in his arms. Together you relax and drift closer to sleep as the sun continues to rise and snow falls lighter. The last thing you think is “we still have another two days yet to go” I love you, you hear him say as he drifts off. I love you too you say softly……………….the hush again settles over cabin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32