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By Pink Panther

Hi everybody! I”ve just disclaimed again, not that I really need to, but you understand how it is.

I have to say I”m a bit disappointed. Is anyone out there still reading this? Chapter 18 was quite low-key, so I didn”t expect much feedback. But chapter 19 was pretty hot, or at least I thought it was, but it produced no feedback at all! So if you”re still following this story, please send an email ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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April 1960

It was Monday morning. The day before, Michael had met Jez, as arranged. They”d gone to the toilet block in the park and done exactly as they had the previous afternoon. For both of them, it had been wonderfully exciting, as though they”d just found a new toy to play with. They”d had no hesitation in arranging to meet again.

Later in the day, Michael had visited his Uncle Jack. He”d enjoyed it. His Uncle Jack took an interest in everything he did, encouraging him to work hard and make the best of this talents. And at the end of it all, he”d enjoyed the sex. He still loved being fucked, even if his uncle”s performance had become somewhat routine.

One thing he hadn”t done was to mention his adventures of the previous twenty-four hours. Jack would have been quite happy for him to have found a boyfriend from among his fellow pupils at the grammar school. He”d tell him about Chris when the time came. But on this occasion, he”d picked up a tough looking boy from a council estate and had sex with him in a public toilet. Jack would not have approved of that!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After locking up his bike, Michael waited anxiously outside the swimming pool. Today he and Jez would do something different, or at least he hoped they would. Within a couple of minutes he saw the young teen striding towards him. After a cursory greeting, they crossed the road and made their way into the park.

“You know you asked if I”d got anywhere to go,” Michael said quietly. “I will have tomorrow, when Mum and Dad go back to work.”

“You an only child then?”

“Yeah. We can meet here, go back to mine. Have you got a bike?”


“Doesn”t matter, we”ll get the bus.”

They reached the toilet block, making their way to the furthest stall. A minute later, Michael was sitting on the toilet sucking Jez”s cock. This, he decided, was it. He pulled away.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he mouthed, looking up.

Jez grinned and nodded. Michael retrieved a small tin of Brilliantine from the pocket of his shorts. After smearing some over his new friend”s penis, he put the tin back in his pocket and stood up.

“When you”ve got it in,” he whispered, “play with my cock.”

He turned to face the toilet, bending over to rest his hands on the seat. Almost immediately he felt the older boy”s hard prong probing his bum-hole. He relaxed, allowing it to slide into him. After a moment”s pause, Jez began to fuck him, the lad”s long scrawny fingers wrapped around his dick.

The fact that Jez was a novice made it even more exciting. The thirteen-year old was going wild, fucking him as though his life depended on it. Soon, Michael felt his muscles go into spasm. As he held onto the toilet seat, his penis sprang into life, his cum spurting onto the back wall. Moments later, Jez”s cock jerked deep within him, several volleys of teen spunk flooding into his bum. Finally, the boy”s invading penis withdrew. They dressed quickly and headed out into the sunshine.

“Wow!” Jez breathed as they made their way back towards the swimming pool. “That was unbelievable! You spunked while I was bumming you!”

“Yeah, it was super! I loved it!”

“Have you taken it before? You have, haven”t you?”


“Thought so! Was it that pervy teacher? I bet it was!”

“That”s for me to know and you to wonder about,” Michael said, grinning. “So are you going to meet me tomorrow?”

“You bet! Same time?”

“Sure! I”ll be here.”

Michael unlocked his bike and headed for home, feeling very pleased with himself. When he got back he changed his underpants. In the afternoon, he”d make another visit to his Uncle Jack. As the man had fucked him only the day before, he”d think any reddening around his (Michael”s) bum-hole was his doing. He wouldn”t suspect a thing.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After alighting from the bus, Michael and Jez walked purposefully along the road. There was no conversation. Away from his home area, Jez seemed much less sure of himself, Michael noted. They reached the house. Michael unlocked the front door and led the way inside.

“This is posh,” Jez commented.

“Not really,” Michael countered.

“It is compared to where we live,” Jez retorted.

“D”you want a drink?” Michael asked, changing the subject.

“No thanks, I”m fine.”

“Okay, let”s go up to my room.”

Michael led the way up the stairs and into his bedroom.

“You”ve got this place all to yourself?” Jez queried, looking around. “Lucky sod!”

“Yeah, I am pretty lucky that way.”

“What does your dad do?”

“Works for the council. He”s deputy Town Clerk.”

“No wonder you”ve got a nice house! My dad”s a tool setter; works in a factory.”

“Oh, I see. D”you get on with your dad?”

“Okay. Don”t see much of him. Either he”s working or he”s down the pub with his mates, playing darts, mainly. In the summer he plays cricket. He took me with him a couple of times, but I got bored.”

“Sounds like my dad; he treats me like I”m not there. He never wanted kids. Mum thought he”d take to the idea once they actually had one, but he didn”t.”

“So what”s your mum like?”

“Oh, she”s wonderful! She doesn”t let me get away with anything, but she”s always there, helping me, encouraging me, you know?”

“Yeah, that”s how my mum is. She”d kill me if she knew what we”ve been getting up to.”

“Same here!”

“Which school are you at?”

“Woodchurch. Chris and I are in the same form.”

“Clever clogs! Is that where you met the pervy teacher?”

“Yeah, he”s our form master; teaches us maths. He only started last term. He”s the best teacher I”ve ever had. He makes things seem really easy.”

“Yeah, well I reckon it”s not just maths he”s teaching.”

“Maybe, but we didn”t come here to talk about him.”

“Okay. Are we going to strip off?”


Michael closed the curtains. Their clothes were quickly discarded. They got onto the bed, lying face to face, their hard cocks rubbing together. Michael knew instinctively that Jez wouldn”t kiss. He didn”t even try it.

“D”you do sixty-nines?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Jez responded, grinning. “Wanna do it?”

“Sure! Move down the bed.”

As Jez moved into position, Michael snaked around so that he was facing the other way. They fitted together perfectly. They went straight to it. After a few moments, Michael felt the older boy”s finger tickling his bum-hole. Pausing for a moment, he retrieved the tin of Brilliantine and handed it over. As he got back to sucking the young teen”s cock, the lad”s long, well-lubed finger pushed into his bum. Seconds later he was being steadily finger-fucked.

“Can I fuck you again?” Jez asked.


They disengaged. After dipping his fingers in Brilliantine, Michael expertly coated the thirteen-year old”s penis, just as he had the day before.

“How are we doing it?” Jez asked.

“Like this,” Michael said.

Pulling escort kocaeli the pillow into the middle of the bed, Michael picked up his underpants, placing them on top. He lay face down, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Jez quickly lowered himself into position, guiding his cock onto Michael”s anus. He pushed hard.

“Oh yeah!” Michael breathed as the lad”s hard prong speared into him. “Now fuck me!”

Jez needed no second invitation. Within seconds he was fucking remorselessly, pounding the twelve-year old”s arse as though the world were about to end. Michael could hardly believe it. The teen”s hot musky breath was filling his nostrils, the lad”s fingers digging into his upper arms. The other boys who”d fucked him just didn”t compare. The tingling in his penis built inexorably, his orgasm approaching like an impending train crash.

“Oh!” he gasped. “Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!!”

He shuddered violently, his bum flaring and tightening around Jez”s cock. His balls churned into action. Spunk surged through his spasming penis and spurted into his underpants.

“Fuck!” Jez swore. “You”ve spunked! Oh fuck! Nng! Nnng! Nnnnnng!!”

His cock jerked deep inside Michael”s bum, depositing copious amounts of creamy teen spunk in the twelve-year old”s rectum. After a few seconds, he pulled out.

“Fucking . . . un . . . believable!” he panted.

Michael got off the bed. His bum was sore, as were his arms where Jaz had been holding him. He didn”t care. It had been an incredible fuck. He picked up his cum-soaked underpants.

“I can see why you put them there,” Jez said.

“I”ll have to change them,” Michael said casually. “I”ll rinse these out and put them in the wash. It”s okay. Mum won”t notice. She”s too busy.”

“Right! You really liked that then?”

“Yeah!” Have you ever been fucked?”

“Nah! Glen keeps asking if he can do it, but I”ve said no. I don”t want it.”

Michael was disappointed. Jez had made it sound so final.

“You don”t know what you”re missing,” he said, hoping that one day soon the lad would change his mind.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex listened intently as Whitney recounted his exploits of the previous few days. The boy, it seemed, was more adventurous than he”d thought. He was very turned on.

“Well,” he teased, “You have been busy! With both myself and Newton out of the way, you took the opportunity to have sex with this council estate ruffian. I didn”t know you had it in you!”

“I wasn”t looking for it, sir,” Michael protested. “It just happened!”

“I”ll believe you,” Alex countered. “Thousands wouldn”t.”

“You like him though, don”t you sir?”

“Well, I guess I wouldn”t say no, if the opportunity arose.”

“His cock”s amazing! It”s nearly as big as my uncle”s.”

“Not much smaller than mine then. That”s impressive. Now let”s get this right. Since Saturday, you”ve been with him every day.”

“Yes sir.”

“And over the last couple of days you”ve been fucked four times, twice by your uncle and twice by him.”

“Yes sir.”

“That”s very naughty of you. Did you tell your uncle about it?”

“No sir. He”d have told me I shouldn”t.”

“Yes. He wants you all to himself, of course.”

“I don”t think he”d mind me having a boyfriend at school, but he wouldn”t like me going with someone like Jez, or doing it in the public toilets.”

“No, I don”t suppose he would. Did Jez mention me at all?”

“Yes, he calls you the pervy teacher.”

“So he”s noticed me looking at them. I thought he might have. How did he know I was a teacher?”

“Because when Newton and I were there, we called you sir.”

“Oh, he”s not stupid then. Did he make those marks on your arms?”

“Yes, that was this morning. He was holding on while he fucked me.”

“Well, you”d better keep them covered. You don”t want people asking stupid questions. And make sure he doesn”t do it again.”

“Yes sir. I”m sure he didn”t mean to hurt me. It”s just that he was fucking me so hard.”

“Yes, I can understand that. Did he tell you whether he”s been fucked?”

“Yes sir. I asked him and he said he hadn”t.”

“D”you think he”s open to the idea?”

“Not really, sir. He said his brother”s asked him several times and he”s said no.”

“That”s a shame! I take it you”d like to fuck him?”

“Oh, yes sir!”

“Then keep working on it. He may change his mind.”

“You”d like to fuck him, wouldn”t you, sir?”

“Definitely! He”s got a cute little bottom.”

“I”d love to watch you.”

“That”s very naughty too. Have you heard from Holdsworth?”

“Yes, he called yesterday. He said he could come over tomorrow or Thursday. He asked when I was seeing you. I said Thursday. He said he”d come over then so we could come here.”

“Excellent! I shall look forward to that. Are you thinking of introducing him to your new friend?”

“I don”t know sir. D”you think I should?”

“Well, it could be interesting. He won”t say no. And I can”t imagine that Jez will object.”

“No sir.”

“So what d”you want now?”

“You know, sir, what I always want.”

“You”re a very naughty boy, aren”t you? You”ve been fucked four times in two days and you still want more. Well, who am I to object?”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Is it okay if we just sixty-nine today?” Michael said quietly. “My bum”s still sore.”

“Yeah, that”s fine,” Jez responded. “It”s my fault. Yesterday I just went mad. Sorry I bruised your arms like that. I”d no idea I was holding you that tight.”

“It”s okay,” Michael told him. “It was a super fuck.”

They settled into an extended sixty-nine, Michael using all his experience to give his new friend the best experience possible. The intensity built slowly but inexorably. Michael was the first to reach orgasm, his sticky boy-cum squirting powerfully onto Jez”s tongue. The thirteen-year old was just a few seconds behind, volley after volley of his creamy spunk flooding into Michael”s eager mouth. After each of them had gulped down the other”s offering, they pulled away.

“Fuck!” Jez whispered. “That was the best blow-job I ever had! You do it loads better than Glen does.”

“Thanks!” Michael acknowledged. “Yours was good too. Tomorrow, a friend”s coming to see me. He”s at boarding school, very nice looking, and loves sex. I wondered if you”d like to meet him.”

“Yeah, sounds wonderful. How old is he?”

“He was twelve a couple of weeks ago.”

“Can he cum?”

“I don”t think so. He couldn”t the last time I saw him.”

“What does he like doing?”


“Does he take it up the bum?”

“Yeah! He loves it!”

“Have you fucked him then?”

“Yeah, several times actually.”

“Fuck! You”re not bullshitting me, are you?”

“Of course not!”

“Wow! I”d love to meet him. Are you sure he”ll be okay with it?”

“Oh, he”ll be fine. I wouldn”t have asked you otherwise. He”s coming on the train. Meet me at the station at ten past eleven, okay?”

“Yeah! I”ll be there! I”m not going to miss this!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael reached the station, even more excited than usual. He spotted Jez immediately.

“Hi” he said quietly. “The train”s due in ten minutes.”

They waited silently, nagging doubts creeping into Michael”s head. Surely this couldn”t be the day when something went wrong and Holdsworth didn”t show up? Finally, the train arrived at the far platform. Michael was more nervous than ever. If Holdsworth didn”t appear, it wouldn”t just be a disappointment. Jez might never believe another word he said. Suddenly, he saw the blond boy sauntering towards them.

kocaeli anal yapan escort “Hello, Whitney,” he greeted. “Who”s this?”

“Er, this is Jez,” Michael said, suddenly realising that he didn”t know his new friend”s surname.

“Hi!” Jez said, grinning. “We”re not at school now. We don”t use surnames. I”m Jez; this is Mike. So who are you?”

“Simon,” Holdsworth answered. “Pleased to meet you. But just so I know, what is your surname?”

“Taylor,” Jez told him.

“You know how it is,” the younger boy said, smiling at Michael. “When I get back to school, a certain person”s bound to ask. Are we going to yours?”

“Yeah,” Michael said, “Come on!”

They strolled out into the April sunshine. Fifteen minutes later, they arrived in Michael”s bedroom.

“I”m just going to the bog,” Simon announced, promptly disappearing.

“He”s very posh, isn”t he?” Jez whispered, frowning.

“Oh, don”t let that fool you,” Michael answered. “He”s as sexy as hell.”

“Oh yeah! Lovely little arse; I can”t wait to fuck him.”

They sat on the bed, waiting expectantly. After a few moments, Holdsworth was back.

“Okay!” he instructed. “Let”s strip down to our underpants.”

They quickly pulled off their clothes. Michael and Simon were soon down to their underwear, their penises sticking up obscenely. Jez, however, still had his jeans on.

“You”re not shy, are you?” Simon asked, eying him suspiciously.

“He doesn”t wear underpants,” Michael informed him.

“Really?” the blond boy queried, seating himself on the bed. “Come here then!”

Jez stood in front of him, his arms hanging limply by his side. Simon quickly unbuttoned the scrawny lad”s jeans, unceremoniously pulling them down.

“Bloody hell!” he exploded, his eyes widening. “That”s a monster!”

“I told you he was big,” Michael said, grinning.

“I didn”t know you meant that big!” Simon countered.

“Stand up!” Jez ordered, “I want to see what you”ve got.”

Holdsworth got to his feet. Kneeling in front of him, Jez pulled down his underpants. He was entranced. The small, blond kid looked so much younger than either him or Michael. He fancied a couple of the younger boys he went to the pool with, but had never dared try anything. Now here he was, with a lad who was far cuter than they were.

“Nice!” he breathed.

Placing his hands around Holdsworth”s thighs, his lips closed over the boy”s slim, four-inch penis, so smooth and straight, and uncut like his and Michael”s. He sucked it right down to the root, his tongue flicking out to slash at the kid”s firm, marble-sized balls.

“Let”s get on the bed!” Michael urged, discarding his underpants.

Simon lay on his right side, his left leg cocked, his steel-hard spike once again engulfed by Jez”s sucking mouth. Squeezing himself in at the top of the bed, Michael aimed his stiff cock at the blond boy”s lips. Simon didn”t hesitate, eagerly plunging down on it.

Michael was ecstatic. His only previous threesome had been with Holdsworth and Mr Faulkner, or Mr White as he”d had to call him. This was far better, far more exciting.

“Mike says you like it up the bum.” Jez growled, his index finger locating Simon”s rosebud.

“There”s no rush,” Michael cautioned. “Let”s swap over.”

The boys changed places. Jez sat up at the top of the bed, his back resting against the headboard, his legs apart. Simon knelt between them, leaning forwards to take hold of the young teen”s cock.

“Time I sucked this!” he said, smirking at Jez.

Dropping onto all fours, he plunged down on it, sucking hungrily, taking it deeper with every stroke until it was right down his throat.

“Oh fuck!” Jez groaned. “Oh, yeah!”

With no access to his blond friend”s penis, Michael got down behind. Simon”s hole was completely exposed. It almost looked as though it was winking at him. Michael pushed out his tongue, lapping eagerly at it.

“Oh!” Jez protested. “That is gross!”

“No it”s not!” Simon contradicted, pulling away. “It”s perfectly clean. I just washed it.”

He resumed sucking. At the other end of the bed, Michael inserted a well-lubed finger into Holdsworth”s anus. Jez could hardly believe what was happening. He ran his fingers through the boy”s silky blond hair, revelling in the wonderful sensations the lad was giving him.

“You”d better stop,” he warned. “I don”t want to cum yet.”

Simon let him go. He licked his lips expectantly.

“Mike says you like taking it up your bum,” Jez suggested.

“Yes,” Simon agreed, “but he”s got to go first because he”s smaller than you.”

“Okay, move out of the way,” Michael said, grinning at Jez. “We”re going to show you something else.”

As soon as Jez got off the bed, Simon flipped onto his back, pulling his legs up so that his knees were almost touching his shoulders. Kneeling behind him, Michael shuffled forwards, his thighs either side of the blond boy”s hips. Very carefully, he guided his cock onto its target. With one thrust he was in.

Bending from the waist, Michael lowered himself between the smaller boy”s legs, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Jez was flabbergasted. He”s never expected them to do it like that! After a moment”s pause, Michael began to fuck. He expected Jez to watch, eagerly waiting his turn, just as he would have done.

Jez, however, had other ideas. As Michael pulled back, the young teen”s well-slicked cock forced its way into his bum. The effect was electrifying. As Michael continued to fuck, the additional stimulation provided by Jez”s penis massaging his prostate took him to heights he”d never even dreamed of. Within just a few seconds, everything exploded, Michael”s boy-cum spurting over and over into Holdsworth”s rectum.

Jez could have carried on, but that, he decided would be a waste. He could fuck Michael any time. For several weeks, getting his cock up the bum of one of his younger friends had been his main wank fantasy. Fucking this cute, sexy blond kid was an opportunity he wasn”t going to miss. He eased his way out, allowing the other two to disentangle themselves.

“My turn now!” Jez announced, looking straight at Holdsworth.

Immediately, Michael lay on his back, his head down at the foot of the bed.

“Kneel over me!” he instructed.

“Shall I suck your cock?” Simon asked, getting into position.

“You”re crazy!” Michael responded. “I”ve only just fucked you! Don”t even touch it!”

Jez sauntered around behind. He”d have rather had the kid on his tummy, but he wasn”t going to argue. He looked at the blond lad”s exposed bum-hole, already red from the fucking Michael had just given it. He lined up his cock. After a moment to steady himself, he thrust it in.

“Oh, wow!” Simon gasped.

Michael watched, transfixed, as Jez”s hard teen cock slowly disappeared into Holdsworth”s bottom. After a short pause, it reappeared, sliding back out until only the head was left inside. A moment later, it went back in again.

“Come on!” Simon urged. “I want your spunk!”

Very steadily, Jez began to fuck, savouring the tight, velvety sheath that was gripping his cock. Thrust by thrust, the pace increased, in, out, harder, faster, until he was giving it everything he”d got. Simon moaned and whimpered, almost begging for more.

Michael”s eyes were still glued to the action, Jez”s cock thrusting back and forth like a piston. Watching it like that, it seemed amazing that Holdsworth”s anus could stretch so readily. But it obviously could, just as his own did. He reached up, wrapping izmit yabancı escort his fingers around his younger friend”s throbbing penis.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhh” Simon gasped, his cock swelling and pulsing between Michael”s fingers.

“Oh fuck!” Jez groaned. “I”m gonna spunk!”

Tightening his grip on Holdsworth”s thighs, he slammed right in, depositing volley after volley of teen spunk in the blond kid”s bottom. Suddenly, it was over. For several seconds, he stood where he was as though frozen in time before allowing his penis to slide out.

“Stay where you are!” Michael ordered, sliding out from beneath the kneeling Holdsworth. As Jez moved out of the way, he knelt at the foot of the bed, licking up the spunk as it trickled from the younger boy”s anus.

“Fuck!” Jez protested. “I never thought you”d do that! Doesn”t it taste of shit?”

“No,” Michael said, looking up. “Just your spunk.”

He went back to licking, but after a few seconds, the flow stopped.

“I need the bog,” Simon announced, getting off the bed.

Rather awkwardly, he made his way out of the room.

“Did you enjoy yourself then?” Michael asked, turning to Jez.

“Fuckin” incredible!” the older lad responded. “Lovely tight little arse! I”d have loved to have him on his tummy though.”

“I wouldn”t have got to see much if you”d done it like that. He”d have probably found it quite painful too. You fucked him senseless as it was.”

“Sure! I”m not complaining,” Jez said, grinning. “How did you meet him?”

“Don”t ask silly questions!” Michael admonished. “You don”t need to know, okay?”

“Sure!” Jez agreed. “If you can get him here, I”ll fuck him any way you want.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Are you ready for something to eat?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, I”m starving!” Simon replied, grinning. “What time are we meeting Mr White?”

“Two o”clock, the same as last time. Cheese on toast alright?”

“Fine, thanks!”

“And we”ve got apple pie for afters. Mum made it. It”s yummy!”


A few minutes later, they sat at the table and began munching their way through generous helpings of cheese on toast.

“Does Taylor go to your school?” Simon asked.

“No,” Michael admitted.

“I didn”t think so. He”s a bit rough, isn”t he?”

“He”s okay.”

“How did you meet him?”

“You”re as bad as he is! He asked me the same question about you.”

“So what did you say?”

“I told him not to ask silly questions! It”s better if he doesn”t know.”

“Is it better if I don”t know?”

“I”m not sure. I”ll tell you if you want. But you”ve got to promise not to say anything, you know, to Southcott or anyone.”

“Oh, I won”t do that! This is strictly between you and me.”

“Okay then,” Michael agreed.

In hushed tones, he carefully recounted his meeting with Jez the previous Saturday.

“That must have been so exciting!” Simon responded, licking his lips. “I guess you arranged to meet him again.”

Michael grinned and nodded. “With Chris away and Mr White staying with his parents, I didn”t have anything better to do. You didn”t mind me bringing him along today, did you?”

“No, of course not! It was fun, and he”s got a beautiful cock. It”s funny, isn”t it? He”s really skinny except for his dick.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Good to see you again!” Alex greeted as the boys piled into the car. “Have you had a good morning?”

“Yes, thanks sir,” Holdsworth responded.

“Mr Smith tells me you”ve found some new friends.”

“Oh, yes sir, Johnstone and Marchant. They”re nice! Mr Smith lets them come over to Purcell House to see me.”

“So I understand. Have they got big cocks?”

“Johnstone”s is about the same size as Maitland”s. He makes more spunk than Maitland though. Marchant”s more like Whitney”s size. He”s really nice though, and very clever. He”s got a scholarship to Winchester.”

“So what have you been up to this morning?”

“Well, Whitney brought this boy Taylor along. We went back to Whitney”s house, got undressed. I couldn”t believe it when I saw Taylor”s cock! It”s huge! I mean, it”s not as big as yours, sir, but it”s not far off.”

“Oh, I see. You know a boy called Pickford, don”t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hasn”t he got a big cock?”

“Well he has, sort of. It”s probably about the same size as Maitland”s. It”s nothing like Taylor”s size. It looks big because he”s not much taller than I am.”

“Oh, right! Sorry, I interrupted. Please carry on!”

“Well, we started off with me being piggy in the middle, like I was when Whitney and I came to yours, Taylor sucking mine, me sucking Whitney. Then we swapped round. Taylor sat up at the top of the bed, I was down on all fours sucking him while Whitney licked my bum. After a bit, Taylor asked if he could fuck me. I said yes, but Whitney had to do it first because he was smaller.”

“Sounds reasonable,” Alex opined. “So what happened?”

“Well, I was lying on my back with my legs up. Whitney was kneeling on the bed, fucking and kissing me at the same time. Suddenly, Taylor went round behind and stuck his cock up Whitney”s bum.”

“I thought he was just going to watch,” Michael interjected.

“Hmmm! So what was it like?”

“Like he”d just plugged me into the electric! I only lasted a few seconds. I came loads more than I usually do.”

“So did Taylor cum inside you?”

“No, he took it out. He wanted to fuck Holdsworth. I knew he would. You know when you fuck King? Mr Brown likes to lie underneath so he can watch. Well, that”s what I did.”

“Oh, I see,” Alex said, visualising the set-up perfectly. “You got a really good view then?”

“Oh, yes sir! I”ve never seen it that close up before. It was unbelievable! Taylor fucked him into the middle of next week!”

“And did you clean him up afterwards?”

“Yes sir!”

“I only leaked a bit, sir,” Holdsworth explained. “Nothing like as much as when you fuck me.”

“Well, you”ve been very naughty boys, the pair of you!” Alex said, grinning. “In the nicest possible way, of course!”

They arrived at the flat and made their way inside. After listening to the story of the boys” morning adventures, Alex was already very turned-on, his cock throbbing in his underpants. In less than a minute, all three of them were naked.

They began as they had on Holdsworth”s previous visit. Alex was getting hornier by the second. The temptation to rush things was almost irresistible. With a supreme effort of will, he allowed matters to take their course. Finally, the moment arrived to move things along.

“So what would you like to do now?” he asked, almost whispering in Holdsworth”s ear.

“I”d like to do what we did this morning,” the blond lad told him, “with you where Taylor was.”

It was music to Alex”s ears. “Sounds good to me,” he said quietly.

“I”ll be able to suck your cock this time, won”t I?” Holdsworth asked, smiling at Whitney.

“Of course!” Michael assured him, grinning back.

The boys got into position. Alex licked his lips. A more beautiful sight would have been difficult to imagine. He smeared K-Y over his penis. If Whitney had had a good view earlier in the day, he was about to get an even better one.

He moved in close. Holdsworth”s anus was already red and angry-looking following the pounding Whitney and Taylor had given him. But it wasn”t a problem. The boy had asked to be fucked, and that”s what he was going to get.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They dropped Holdsworth at the station a little before half past three. Alex felt as though he was floating on air. The blond lad”s visit had made his week. And his day might not be over yet. Engaging first gear, he drove away.

“Would you like to come back to mine?” he asked quietly, placing his hand on Whitney”s thigh.

“Yes, please sir,” Michael answered, opening his legs a little wider. “I was hoping you”d ask.”

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