The House

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The light from the streetlights just turned on. He know it was getting late, but not this late. Val walked up to the door of his house, takes out his keys. He fumbles to find his house key as he does every time. As he find it, he stops, takes a deep breath and looks around. “Something doesn’t feel right.” He thinks to himself. Before he can get his key into the door handle, he hears something coming from inside. He pauses for a moment to think what it could be. He steeps back and serves the house. Checking out all the windows on the top floor. He notices a light on in the room he calls his bedroom. “The doors are still looked, but I know I didn’t leave any lights on.” He thinks to himself again. “I wonder..” He says out loud. He takes out his phone and makes his way to his text messages. He thinks for a moment and begins to type a message to Requiem.

“Are you in side the house?”

He hit send and waits for her to reply. While he waits, he walks around to the back, just to check the other doors. The same as the front, locked. As he makes his way around to the front, his phone vibrates. He reaches into his pocket and takes out his phone.

“Yes, I am. If you are here, you may come up, but..”

The messages ends there, but he knows what she would say next. She is with someone else, in his house.

Unlike most, this isn’t a surprise, but more of a excitement. This wont be the first time, nor the last, that this will happen.

He know when he started this relationship , he wouldn’t be able to fulfill all her..”needs”. At first it caused a lot of fights, then as they grew as a couple, he know it was just in her nature and he began to enjoy it. They had a understanding. She was his, for now and always, and she knew this and loved it and him for it.

He smirked as he read the message again and put the phone back into his pocket. He took a few deep breaths and takes his keys back out and finds the one for his door. He puts the key into the keyhole and turns the handle.

As he walks into the house, her sent fills his nose. He looks around to see if he can get any clues to who might be with her tonight. Its never the same person, so he would have to figure out if it was a male or female. This was always a fun part, trying to playing detective.He noticed a very nice jacket next to one of his the banister of the stairs. Looks like its a guy tonight. This could turn into a long night for everyone.

Val looks around a bit more before he decided to make his way up to his room, but before he did, he took out his phone and decided to send Requiem another message. He began to smile as he typed it out.

“I’m on my way up, but don’t stop. Let me just watch”

With the send button pressed, he made his way up the stairs, as quite as he could.

He stopped outside the door and leaned in to listen. At first, he couldn’t hear anything. He started to think they were in one of the other rooms. He started to move away from the door, then he heard something. He leaned in again to get a better listen. It was the sound of Requiem sucking on the strangers cock. The slurping sound echoed out the room and down the hallway. Val put his back on the doorframe and slid down and sat in front of the door.

He began to picture her in his head. Her mouth moving up and down on the mans cock. Her black and green hair falling in front of her face, brushing against his member as she moved. The stranger grabbing the back of her head, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Valdemar got up, and put his hand on the door to the room. He turned the handle slowly, opening it just enough to some of what was taking place.

It was almost the way he pictured it just a moment before. Requiem was on her knees in front of the strange man. He still had his pants on, but his cock was pulled out from the opening in front. His shirt was another story. It must of been removed in the heat of the moment when they came in. It tandoğan escort was tossed to the wall, along with hers.

She was completely topless. He breast slowly bouncing as she moved back and forth. She had one hand around his leg, while the other was clenched onto his member, moving it in time with her mouth.

His hands started out on his lower back, arching forward, trying to force more of himself into her mouth. Then he moved them to the sides of her head, taking hold of her hair.

She opened her eyes for a moment to look up at him and glanced over to the door. She knew Val was watching. She gave a wink in the direction of the door and went back to taking care of her guest.

Her hand moved from his leg onto her bare chest, where she began to rub her breast, pulling at her nipples slightly. She keep one hand on his member, felling as he pulsed from the pleasure of her mouth. The hand on her breast wondered around down to her stomach and into the tiny skirt she still had on.

As her finger tips slid down the front of her panties, she could feel them getting wet the farther she went south. The tip of her middle finger found her clit and stayed focused there while she keep her guest pleased.

She removed her hand from his member and found the bottom of her skirt. With some skill and the help of her other hand, she removed her panties and wrapped them around his cock.

Her guest looked down at the panties and grinned at her. “Get up and on your knees on the bed, your ass facing me.” Requiem nodded and moved as he said, looking back to the door, smiling.

As she made it onto the bed, the man grabbed her and pushed her face down into the bed, her ass in air. He pulled her legs a part and went face first into her wet slit. She moaned out loud as his tongue flicked her clit. He moved up and began licking her ass hole. She began to moan louder. Her juices dripping onto the bed.

Her face was burning with enjoyment. She wished she could see Val’s reaction to this. She knew how much he loved watching her get fucked. She moved her head to the side, just able to see the door. She could just make out the side of his face peering into the room.

She moaned again as he continued to lick around her ass and down into her wet slit. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take before she needed something inside her, to fill her up.

Requiem began to move, trying to make it onto her hands. She looked back, only seeing the mans shoulders, but feeling so much more. “I want more then your tongue in my pussy!” She said, hoping he would hear her. He leaned up and moved over, standing beside her. “Let me get something and ill be back. While you wait, lay on the bed and keep your self busy.” And with a grin, he made his way into the connecting bathroom and shut the door.

As soon as the door shut, she jump off the bed and went to the bedroom door. She dropped to her knees and pushed her head out the door and into the hall. Her eyes meet with Val. He leans in and kisses her passionately on the lips, tasting the other guy in her mouth. She pulls back from him and looks into his eyes. “I don’t have to much time love, but do you want to..join in soon?”She grins a bit as she watches his face. “Just let me know when. Now hurry back.” He smiles and kisses her again.

She leaps up from the kiss and makes it back into the bed in no time at all. She smiles back to the door and lays her head down onto a pillow. She takes a deep breath and lets her hands explore her almost naked body.

Requiem’s hands start off slowly making there way around her body. Beginning above her chest, rubbing around her neck and shoulders. From there they make there way on to her breast, cupping them softly. Her hands not quite large enough to fit them all in her palm. Her finger and thumb begin to pinch and pull at her nipple. One hand stays working on tunalı escort her breast, while the other keeps exploring the lower half of her. Just as her hand makes under her skirt, her guest emerges from the bathroom.

His cock just as hard as when he went in, nothing changed other then he was wearing a condom now. He stops and watches her for a moment, as she tugs at her nipple. She looks over at him. “You could be doing this, if you come here.” She smiles and give her nipple one last tug before she put both hands under her skirt.

The guy makes his way over, reaching down to feel how perky her nipples were. She lets out a low moan as he pulls and tugs on her. Her hands find her slit and start to rub slightly. Her fingers already getting damp again. She looks up at her guest, her eyes as lust filled as you could ever imagine. “I want you to fuck me right now! But first, let me ask you this. Have you ever had a three-some?” She grins and continues to rub herself, making sure she stays as wet as she can for him and his cock.

The guy looks down at her, slightly confused. “I haven’t, but I would like too. Why do you ask?” He pulls on her nipple and lets his hand slid down her chest onto her thigh, squeezing tightly.

She lets out another moan and slowly looks up at him again. “I ask because I have a friend who has been outside the door since we started who is going to join us. He has been watching and waiting to come in. Don’t worry, he wont try anything on you.” She smiles and grabs his hand off her thigh and pulls it up her skirt onto her slit, letting him feel how wet she is.

He is taken back for a moment at everything, but shakes it off and goes along with it. “Im game as long as you are. Now..let me use something other then my hand.” He pushes in on her before pulling his hand out find under her skirt, dripping wet with her juices.

Requiem lets out one last moan and grins up at him. She reaches down and takes the skirt off. “No use getting it all messy.” She things to her self. As she throws it over to the pill of clothes, she motions for Val to come in. As he enters the room, she pulls the guy closer to her and grabs ahold of his cock and finds her wet slit and slides it in.

As he enters her, she lets out a loud moan. He know she has been waiting for this. He turns and looks behind him and see Val enter the room. He slowly makes his way over to the bed, still just watching her get fucked.

Val stands there, a few feet away from the bed. Her guest holding onto her legs, thrusting into her. With every thrust, she lets out another moan, each getting louder then the last. Requiem’s eyes open for a moment and notice he is standing there. She reaches over to him, wanting him closer to her. Not wanting to disappoint her, he moves closer and she grabs his belt and pulls him next to the bed. Her hand, barely working right, try and undo his belt to get into his pants. Val pushes her hands away and leans down close to her face. “I’ll take care of my pants, you enjoy your new friend.” He smiles and kisses her lips.

As they kiss, her new friend thrust hard into her. Her moans are muffled for the first time tonight, but wont be the last. Val leans away from her, freeing her mouth, and letting her moan out loud again. As soon as he moves, her guest thrust into her again, making her yelp.

Taking just a small step back from the bed, Val reaches down and works on removing his belt and pants. As her does, he continues to watch the guy thrust in and out of Requiem, her moans getting louder.

His pants fall to the floor and moves back to the side of the bed. She looks over, eyes focused on his cock. Her head moves over, mouth opening, inviting his member to enter her mouth. Not wanting to let her down, he moves closer and she begins sucking on him.

Watching her suck on his cock made her friend even more excited. He began to thrust türbanlı escort faster and harder into her. He watched her struggle to moan with Val’s member in her mouth.

After this went on for about five minutes, her friend pulled out causing Requiem to stop and look up at him. “Why did you stop Lucan..” He looked over at her, grinning. “Its hard to move you if I’m still in you.” He motions to for her to move over and he gets onto the bed and lays down.

She gets on her knees and gets in front of him, reaching down, removing the condom over his cock. Once removed, she leans down, slowly sucking his hard member. Val moves behind her and stats to lick her dripping wet slit. Her head comes up, and she lets out a loud moan. His attention moves from her slit up to her ass hole.

Val begins to lick around the hole, letting his tongue find its way over and inside it. With each pass, she lets out a soft moan of intense pleasure. Val stops for a moment and walks over the side table and opens one of drawers and removes a small bottle of lube. Before returning behind her, he stops and watches Requiem move up and down on Lucan’s cock.

Lucan places his hands on top of her head, pushing her head down, making her take in more of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. Val motions to him to move his hands from her head and replaces them with one of his. Val pushes her head down on his cock, quickly, grabbing her hair, pulling it back up. He repeats this a few times, then pulls her up off his cock. She gasp, with saliva dripping from her mouth down onto his member. Val leans down and kisses her forehead and pushes her back down on his cock and makes his way back behind her.

Val finds his way back behind her, watching as her head bobs up and down on Lucan’s cock. He opens the small bottle and pours a small bit onto his finger tips. He works it in for a moment before placing them onto her ass hole.Feeling his fingers slip in and out with ease, she lifts her head up and moans as he moves. He continues with his fingers while he put a generous amount of the lube onto his hard member, preparing it for Requiem’s tight hole.

With his member slick and ready to go, he pushed the head of his cock to her hole. As she felt the pressure of him, her eyes rolled back and let out a loud moan. She reached back, grabbed his side and pulled him into her. As he entered, she moaned again, louder then before.

The tightness and warmth of her ass felt amazing as he moved back and forth. Starting off slow, working his way to match the speed of her mouth, still around Lucan’s cock. As he picked up speed, her mouth left Lucan’s member, her breaths became rapid and the moans came faster, not stoping for anything.

Lucan sit up, to get a better view of her body. Her breast bounced with each thrust from behind. Her moans echoed through out the room, getting louder by the minute. The juices from her excitement drip from her slit, pooling between her legs.

Requiem tried to speak. “…” Having to take a break between each word. She pushed herself up, not letting Val remove himself from her tight hole. She looked at Lucan and let her hands trace her curves, down her sides, over her hips, and down to her slit. Her fingers had no trouble making there way inside herself. “Fuck me..Lucan..” She said as her fingers worked.

Val grinned at the words as she spoke them. He took ahold of her hips and lifted her off the bed, keeping himself deep inside. Val made his way to where she was no on top of him. Requiem spread her legs wide for Lucan to see her dripping pussy. Val pushed up hard, making sure she knew he was still inside.

Lucan moved in closer, making his way between her legs. He could feel the heat emitting from her. Before pushing his member inside her, he leaned in to her neck, kissing and biting softly. “Do I need to put something on again?” He said, holding onto his own cock.

*Requiem grinned hearing his words. “Not as long as you cum all over me.” With that, she reached down and took ahold of his cock, pulling him closer, the rip of him member brushing her opening.

Lucan took a deep breath and began to thrust inside her. He could feel her excitement running down his cock and the pressure of Val’s member inside her ass.

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