The Hotwife

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I was 27, divorced, and looking when I met a beautiful woman who just took my breath away. Our blue eyes locked but I never thought I had a chance with her. Little did I know she was damaged goods but maybe that was a good thing because her ex-husband was a bastard who cheated on her and knocked her around. She was still recovering and we hit it off great. I was everything he wasn’t and a year and a half later we were married.

Not only was she beautiful but she also had an awesome body, great DD tits, a nice round ass on a five-foot ten-inch frame, and legs up to here. Her ex messed up big time because now she was mine. Her name is Ellen and she is the sexiest nicest woman you could ever meet. My name is Brock, six feet 3 inch, two hundred and thirty-five pounds. I always dated sluts and after dating a few weeks I knew inside she was a slut but never had a chance to be one.

She knew my first wife and I used to be swingers and she said she wanted no part of that but I thought I could break that barrier in time. We had a great sex life and I opened her up to new things like mouth/throat fucking and anal. At about 7-1/2 inches my cock wasn’t a big challenge but it was enough to get her started. She also had a great mouth and sucked cock like a pro taking it all the way to my balls and loved being mouth fucked.

While we talked about extra-marital sex from time to time she was still having none of it. She couldn’t separate the sting of being cheated on from mutual recreational sex. I had quite a collection of adult videotapes, (yes porn movies used to be on tape); behind closed cabinet doors that I knew she had known what was in there but said nothing about them. One night, two years into our marriage she had the doors open and asked about them, what they were about.

Curiosity began to thaw the cat and we put one on, a fairly tame one. She wasn’t very impressed so I put on an interracial one with a white wife whom a black debtor used to satisfy the cuckold husbands’ debt. I could tell it was turning her on so I mentioned that I would like to see her with the black debtor, (who owned about ten inches of cock). She looked at me slowly and asked, “Really?” I began to rub her inner thigh and moved up to her cunt through her jeans.

Ellen has a very sensitive cunt, many is the time I came up behind her and began molesting her cunt and kissing her neck and she was ready to drop right there and go for it. I began to rub her cunt through her jeans and as she lay back I undid her pants and slipped my hand inside her pants to her warm smooth cunt now so wet and sensitive.

“Look at that big black cock baby, doesn’t it look good going in and out of her mouth?”


“Have you ever fucked a black man before?”

“No.” The guy on the video began fucking the woman hard and she was screaming in ecstasy!

“Can you just imagine that big cock in your cunt baby, fucking you hard like that? I bet you would really like that.” I whispered in her ear.

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

I let it simmer there as we watched the rest of the video and when we went to bed I got to take care of her screaming hornies. A couple of evenings later I asked if she wanted to watch another video and she said she did so I asked her to pick one. She picked another interracial video and watched intently as it played. Afterward, she asked somewhat tentatively how “those people” meet each other.

I showed her some ads on a couple of sites including Craig’s List and told her about the swingers club in town. This kind of interested her and I told her all I could and showed her their ads online. I even told her that I didn’t need to mess with other women, at least for now until and if she got comfortable. After a few weeks and more videos, I finally convinced her to go to the swingers club with me.

We first went to an orientation about the club and rules and the next Saturday we went to the club to play. There is no requirement to be nude but we got naked anyway and each wrapped a large towel around us. We wandered around, saw some rooms with people fucking, the dance floor, all three hot tubs, glory holes, and more. We stopped at an open area with a bed and sat on a bench watching two couples on the bed. Soon we were joined by another couple.

They stood there watching the same couples we were and the guy next to Ellen was sporting a big tent in his towel. He opened his towel and stroked his cock as he watched the couples on the bed and Ellen was eyeballing his cock.

“Would you like some help with that?” she asked him.

He didn’t say anything but turned and stuck his cock in her waiting mouth. She cupped his balls as she sucked his big cock taking him all the way in her throat much to my surprise. She paused now and then to suck his balls, lick the head and suck some more. It was beautiful watching his big cock go deep in her mouth and seeing her throat bulge and she only gagged a couple of times. It dawned on me, that she was going to suck him dry.

She Kolej Escort knew she was going to take his cum before she asked to take care of him, she wanted him to cum in her mouth…she wanted his cum, for me to watch her take it. This all went through my brain like a bullet and then he was cuming, filling her mouth with his cum and she was taking it all, loving it. I knew she loved cum, at least mine but she was also enjoying his cum too! She milked his cock and sucked and licked up the final droplets.

His wife and Ellen both had to hold him up as he came. She kept sucking and licking until he was flaccid and he told her ‘thank you.’

“Oh no, the pleasure was mine!” my wife said as they walked off.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Yes, I did, very much.” She said matter of fact.

“I never knew you could take a cock that deep.”

“My first husband was long so I had to learn.”

I was excited thinking that the ice was broken and she was having fun at last. We went to a hot tub and got in and chatted with two other couples who soon got out together presumably to go find a room. We hadn’t seen any black men at the club until one came and got in the tub as we sat there. My wife smiled as she saw his cock swinging back and forth and his hanging balls.

“Where were you hiding?” she asked him.

He smiled back, “I wasn’t hiding, I just got here.”

“I see, is this your first time?”

“No, I come here maybe once, sometimes twice a month.”

“It’s our first time,” Ellen confessed.

“I thought as much when I saw you, that’s why I got in, to meet you. My name is Jarred.” He said shaking my wife’s hand and then mine. He slid over the last foot or so closer to her as we talked. I could tell by the position of her arm and the movement that she was stroking his cock and it wasn’t long before he asked us if we wanted to find a room. We all dried off and went to find a room. It was a little cramped beside the bed but the bed was big enough.

As Jarred stood beside the bed Ellen began to suck his cock and balls passionately taking him deep in her throat. His black cock looked so hot disappearing in her mouth and bulging her throat.

“Your wife has a very hot mouth and I love how she takes it so easily in her throat.”

“Ya and she loves doing it too.”

He laid her back on the bed and began eating her cunt making her writhe and moan in ecstasy. I guessed he was getting the right spot and then he made her cum, not once but three times in succession. He moved up on top of her, slipped his cock in, and began to fuck her going deeper and deeper until he was fucking her balls deep. She came a few more times before he came up and shot his load in her mouth.

She kept her mouth open so I could see the big puddle of cum and then she closed her mouth and was washing his cum around her mouth like mouthwash before swallowing it all. After exchanging numbers I decided to take her to the glory hole stalls where she happily sucked off five guys and swallowed their cum. It was one AM by this time so we drove home.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” I asked.

“Yes I did, it was fun.” Did those guys’ cum taste good? That first guy you surprised me, I didn’t know you could take a cock that deep in your throat.”

“Well my first husband was nine inches long so I got used to it, I do rather like it. You don’t mind that I like men with bigger cocks?

“No why would I? This isn’t just for me, it’s for you and you should have what you enjoy. You do look beautiful with a big black cock in your mouth.” She looked at me and smiled.

We met a few men from online but they were frustratingly far between because she kept saying no and I didn’t understand it because she did enjoy herself. We lived in the suburbs and we met a man online in a small town about ten miles from us so we went to meet him. He had told us that his ex-wife had never let him cum in her mouth and this seemed to entice Ellen to want to meet. John was a nice-looking black man and I could see Ellen liked him right away.

He invited us in when we rang the bell and offered us something to drink. He had a shop downstairs where he designed women’s clothes including sexy wear. Ellen was looking at this black and red lace body stocking, such as it was and John offered to have her try it on so she did. She came out from behind the screen with her tits bare and poking through the top but she said it gave her tits some support.

It had an open midriff and open pubic area that framed her beautiful smooth, bare cunt. He stepped close and asked how she liked it as he fondled her tits and cunt. She also reached down and began to fondle his cock through his pants as they began making out with deep lips and tongue kisses. It always turned me on to watch her get into a guy she really wanted to fuck. As he fondled her cunt I could see her ass cheeks tighten up and her hips push forward.

John guided her over to a large divan and Kuzey Ankara Escort she sat on it and undid his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor. She took his now hard eight-inch thick cock in her mouth and began sucking it and slobbering on his big balls. Again his black cock looked so sexy in her mouth as she sucked. After a time they were in a 69 position with her on the bottom, and the next I knew her face was in his ass licking and kissing for all she was worth.

“Come here and watch baby, see what a slut I am.” She had spread his ass cheeks and I could see her tongue licking on his asshole and her puckered lips massaging it too. I nearly creamed myself, I never knew she knew what rimming was, I had never seen her do it before. I could tell John liked it though. He flipped her over and began to fuck her hard and deep and when he was ready to cum he came up and filled her mouth. She milked his cock to get every last drop before savoring his taste and swallowing it.

A week later I asked if she would like to go see John alone, fuck and suck him good and come home looking well used. That idea went back and forth until finally, she agreed. That

Friday night she left the house at about 7 PM and just before going out the door she got my attention and slipped her panties off from under her skirt and tossed them at me. “Just so you know, I will be fucking John and his friend.” And she left.

It was just before midnight when she came home looking like she had been fucked by a biker gang.

“When I got there John said since I was so anxious did I want two more friends of his to come over so I said the more the merrier.”

“So four men fucked you?”

“Yes and not just that, John told them all to cum in my mouth, it was so nice!”

“You liked it huh, you nasty slut?”

“Ya I did, I loved it, and their cum tasted so good!”

Weeks went by and when men called she just wasn’t interested no matter what I said or tried to find out what the problem was. She just kept saying it’s about how she was raised. And I kept trying to tell her how society was controlling women for centuries by controlling their sex. Nothing, she wouldn’t budge although our sex life together was fine and she would still watch porn with me sometimes.

It became deer season and I always went hunting for two weeks spanning three weekends and Ellen would come out on the middle weekend and we had some good sex until this time. At day’s end in our trailer, we cuddled and I tried to have sex but she acted like I was a stranger or something and kept me at bay. By the time we went to bed I was so put off, I couldn’t even get hard when she tried to blow me.

I was perplexed the whole of next week and when I got home things hadn’t changed. It was only a tiny march of days before we got in an argument about it, about what was going on with her and sex and she blurted out that she cheated. Ron was a very dark-skinned black man who bought the house next door about a year ago. Like I was when I was younger he was pretty much of a rake and while he was rather non-descript looking he had beautiful girls coming over quite a lot.

“You cheated? What do you mean you cheated? How could you cheat, you had permission to fuck other men so how could you cheat?”

“I thought that was over since I stopped doing anything.”

“No, nothing changed; I was going to begin talking with you again because I love watching you having sex with other men. So what happened?”

She began to tell me what happened and halfway through I told her I wanted to see it all. I told her to tell him I want them to re-enact it. She thought I was crazy at first but no, I want to see you cheat. I had her go talk with Ron and it must have taken some convincing because she was gone for about 20 minutes or so. When they came over I asked Ron, ‘So you forced her’? No, I didn’t force her, she is always just flirty so I thought she wanted me to seduce her.

“Really. She wasn’t flirting, it’s just how she is, how she talks.”

“OK, well I’m sorry but I really didn’t force her.”

“That’s OK, but now I would like to see what you two did.”

“You want me to seduce her again, in front of you, while you watch?”

“Now you got the idea.”

After some more discussion, he agreed.

“When I came in I asked about where you were and she said you were hunting and I said something about that leaves us time to play and then I began rubbing her pussy like this.” He demonstrated as he began kissing her neck and lips. Her hips pushed forward and her back arched.

I said, “Little girls have pussies, she has a cunt, but we’ll discuss that later. Now I see what happened, look at her, rubbing and massaging her cunt is like catnip to a cat. See how she pushes against your hand? Her cunt is super sensitive.”

“Yes, I see now. Then I undid the button on her jeans and unzipped them and put my hand down inside.”

Before he could do that I went behind and reached Maltepe Escort around and undid the button and unzipped her pants. I watched as he slid his hand down inside to her bare cunt and felt Ellen push against him some more.

“Is that good baby, do you like that, do you like how he plays with your cunt?”

“Oh yes she said softly, it’s very nice.”

I proceeded to unbutton her blouse and take it off then I unhooked her bra and slipped it off as Ron sucked her nipples.

Sometime about now I led her to the couch, or she led me and sat her down so she could suck my dick. He led her over to the couch as he spoke and sat her down. Ron’s cock was visibly hard in his pants and she undid his pants and took them off followed by his shorts. His balls were hairy and his cock was nine inches or close to it and Ellen slid her mouth down over it until it was down her throat. She sucked it passionately and lovingly stopping now and then to lick and suck his balls.

Now and then Ron took her head and fucked her mouth saying, “Suck that black cock you slut, take it deep like a good slut. Show your husband how much you like my dick.” And she did too!

“She took me to your bedroom and fucked me for a couple of hours, can we?”

“Yes by all mean fuck her all you want.”

They went down the hall with Ellen holding his hand in the lead and got on the bed. She had him lay on his back and got on top and began to ride him good. I went to the foot of the bed and watched his cock keep disappearing up inside her as she fucked him. She looked back at me.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like watching me fuck him?”

“Ya I do, fuck him good, fuck him like a wild slut!”

In a few positions, she fucked him and he fucked her until he was ready to cum and filled her mouth. She had already cum five or six times and now milked the last cum from his cock and sucked it up.

“That was fun, she’s wild isn’t she?”

“Ya she is, her mouth is ridicules and her cunt is just crazy hot.”

“Good so why don’t you come over and get a blow job whenever you want or fuck her if you like?”

“Really? Are you serious now?”

“Sure, I can tell she enjoys your cock and loves your cum so why not? I looked at her. How about it baby does that sound good?”

“Yes, that sounds fun.” She said dreamily.

Ron got dressed thanking us and saying he would definitely be over when he needs to.

The next day Ellen sat on the couch with me. “Do you really think a man needs to play with my cunt to turn me on, to get me ready?”

“It does seem so, I mean after fucking those other guys you acted guilty.”

“Not guilty, ashamed of myself for my lack of control. All my life I have been a slut and it seemed like my first husband could handle it but he couldn’t so I promised myself I would be a good girl and be monogamous. Instead, I let you talk me into starting things all over again.”

“But I initiated things, took you to the club, and saw a side of you I was excited to see. I really do get off on your sex.”

‘I think I’m seeing that now but I want us to work and I would rather be celibate than to ruin our marriage.”

“I don’t want you to be celibate, I want to experience your sex with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of guys and women too.”

She showered me with kisses telling me she loved me and how free and happy she feels right now.

“So it’s OK if I call someone to come fuck me tonight?”

“Of course, it is baby but whom? Ron?”

“No, Jarred, the guy from the club. I would love to suck his cock and balls and fuck him senseless.”

“Cool, he seemed to like you and I like how he fucked you like a demon.”

She called Jarred and he was available so Ellen gave him our address and agreed on a time to come over.

“Jarred is coming over but I have one provision.” She said.

“Good, what provision?”

“When he gets here and we start making out and go to the bedroom I want you to undress me for him, like a gift.”

“OK, I’ll do it, it should be fun.”

When Jarred arrived we talked a bit and he told us he was really glad we called because a lot of people he exchanged numbers with either blow him off or give him a fake number. Ellen kissed him as she fondled his package and they began making out hot and heavy until she began leading him toward our bedroom.

“She wants me to undress her for you like unwrapping a present because she truly is a gift.”

“Yes, she is.” He agreed.

I got behind her so he could see everything and began to unbutton her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. I ran my hands across her stomach and over her tits with her bra still on. The clasp was in the front so I undid that and slowly opened it up to expose her beautiful tits. Ellen noticed his growing appreciation and invited him to come closer so she could fondle his cock through his pants.

“Look at this sweetie,” she said to me, “I’m going to suck him so good it will drive you crazy.”

I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor and she stepped out of it. I caressed her cunt through her panties using my finger to run up her slit as she nearly collapsed. I slowly slipped her panties off to expose her bare swollen cunt eager for attention. I handed her hand to him and said, “She is your gift my friend, use her well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32