The Hotel Mo’tell

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The Hotel Mo’tell

Sexual congress and cuddling at the Hotel Chat Noir

Every character portrayed here is over 18.


There are two unrelated stories for your reading pleasure here within this tome: One featuring a realized mutual attraction between coworkers, and the other of a surprising multitude of love and lust. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Chapter 1: The Object of My Affections

I’m working late in the office. It’s no wonder my dating life is naught. Who’s willing to wait till almost 10p on a Wednesday night to START a date night with me? Same answer. Naught. Why do I do this to myself? Because Julie works here late, too. She’s my singular respite from abject singledom is watching her after hours. That’s when no other office snoops are around to see me gawk uninhibitedly.

9:16 P.M. Who routinely stays working past 9 pm, 4 days every week? Na’me! (Correction: No, it IS me.) Oh, but it’s so worth it just to have serious face time with my obsession – Julie, Julie, Julie, even if only for a brief glance of her curvaceous, almost cartoonish perfection. (I’m thinking Roger Rabbit Jessica cartoonish.) Brilliant blue and long lashed eyes. Got some legs, but not skinny model’s toothpicks. Julie’s breasts are shapely moderate. Prob C+/D-. It’s not the size, it’s the presentation. As always, they’re partially revealed behind her wardrobe of near plunging necklines.

Not, not, not fair!

“Endless streams of handsome silver haired sugar daddies must be perpetually waiting their pick. Odds are that any of those guys has a 1 in 25 chance at her, given the proper location and circumstance. I’ve got, maybe 1 in 10,000, even with my gym sculpted body and quick wit. OK, so maybe I have a sensitive side, too. Being fated to a never ending life of ‘Friend Zone,’ such that i am is the most I can hope for.

Matters not in the end. She’s not married, but that won’t last. An infectious broad smile, wavy dirty blondes in the front flipped back in a determined curl, framed by bookend body waves at the sides, and all tailed by a bob, Business in the front, black tie soirée in the back. Think a combo of Donna Mills, Michelle Pfeiffer, Reese Witherspoon, Amanda Seyfried, with a dash of Diaz.

Incredible fortune, or torture, depending on your perspective, befell me on Thursday. The semiannual trade show was happening this weekend in Downtown Savannah, GA at the Chat Noir Hotel. And Julie chose me as her display booth assistant! I could easily be furiously yanking myself tonight from the anticipation, but I’ll hold off, JIC.

On Friday I helped set up the displays. Every so often Julie would bump into my side brandishing a “sorry, not sorry” suggestive grin. I played dumb, which is quite natural to me when I’m in this proximity close to her. I return to her a barely disguised smirk. When attendees started to pour into the vendor section I was thankfully too engrossed in schmoozing with prospective customers to be distracted by Julie’s full and firm boobs threatening to escape confinement from her lacy black brazier. It’s a complete match with the slinky black dress. Every once in a chance my eyes furtively drift to the back of her stretchy one-piece scandalously hugging her pert buns.

TGIH(-appyHour!) Julie suggests a drink before dinner. How can I refuse? We approach the bar. I give her the lead, so I can clandestinely covet the sight of her plump rump a swayin’ left and right. When we score a pair of highchairs the drinks and innuendos begin to immediately flow. By Bud
I’m so horny for this woman that resisting jumping her bones is becoming harder and harder. Just like I’m getting! I swear she snuck several peaks at my tenting slacks, seemingly more frequent the more of her downed glasses of Chablis.

We’ve mutually reached the point where the flirting between us is undeniable. I nearly lose it when her beaming smiling eyes surveys my face and body, and I take liberties to return the favor. My beer goggles are getting steamed.

She’s opening up to me and unveils personal details of her recent romantic woes. She laments her last two relationships being so without sexual passion. The love making of both were very measured tokens of affections, only spark, no fire. I open up and admit that I lament that I didn’t meet a gorgeous smarty like her. She displays a rare expression of bashfulness by averting her eyes upon mine and looks down. Then she raises her head and stares unmistakably at me. Then…

Oh! no! Did she just put her empty flute on the bar after giving me a lingering peck on the cheek goodbye for the evening? It was the biggest cock block ever. I have the presence of mind to firmly grab hold of her arms and reciprocate cheek pecking. She locks her vision deep within my soul with a pleading solicitation. Sadly, she takes her leave and sways her hips on the way back to her room. Time to down a shot of Jack and pass out on the hotel bed, so I don’t stay awake all night staring at the ceiling in regret. Better make it a double.

A half-hour Burdur Escort later I’m staggering to my room, fiddle with the cell-app activated door “key”, sloppily disrobe and lay motionless on my back on the mattress for the next hour.

Then I hear a knock, sounds like someone is rapping their knuckles to an unrecognizable tune. Prob just hotel staff bugging me to praise them on their r website. I abruptly swing the door open with an annoyed sneer, not remembering my nudity. I see Julie looking kind of drunk and leaning at a severe angle lazily against the door jamb, like she spontaneously tipped to the side. She’s grasping an open bottle of champagne. She opens her blurry eyes wide.

“Well! Here I thought I’d surprise you by bringing the party to you. And look at you, already engaging in your own,” she points her chin at my mortifying burgeoning boner.

I’m way past embarrassment. Time to go bold, and I pull her into the room. She yelps playfully as she stumbles in. I waste no time in forcefully freeing her of the bottle. By the time I blindly put it on the table and turn around, she’s already topless with a blinding beam gawk pointed directly at my ever stiffening cock.

Without any warning Julie takes a step towards me and leaps into my arms. She holds herself up on me by clamping her arms around my neck and legs circling around my waist. I grab a hold of the bottom of her bottom and give a stupid happy smile. Julie responds by grinding her crotch against the most sensitive undersides of my raging freebird.

I say, “I’ve been wanting to make love to you from day one of my hiring,” as I give her a genuine look of affection.

She declares. “I don’t want you to make love to me. I’ve been waiting since day one of seeing you in the office to fuck me!,” sporting an uber gaze of lust, “Fuck me, Sam, make me a slave to your wondrous cock.”

We embrace our lips and tongues fervently as I walk her to the bed. I suspend her over the mattress, and she releases her grips on me and plops her beautiful butt on it with a bounce. I dropped to a kneel and slowly relieved her of her black lace panties with my teeth. She’s squealing with delight as I kiss the insides of her legs from her toes on up.

She leans slightly upright, staring a plea with her eyes into mine. I spread her legs, then her labia apart and dive into her manicured bushy muff. I only get a couple of licks and exactly one kiss upon her pearl before she pushes me away by my forehead and leans back holding her own legs wide.

“Stop that and give me dick. I want that cock inside me now.”

I wantonly mount her and plunge my tool right inside of her in a single stab. Again she squeals when our pelvises meet.

“Ah huh, hump me real good, Sam Daddy. I’ve dreamed of you bending me over my desk when we work late together. Now you’re doing me here. Take my pussy with your swelling cock, baby,” Julie lies on her back as I pump her like a jig saw.

“And I’ve dreamed of you coming over to my desk, leaning over my shoulder at what I’m doing, and then spinning my office chair towards you, lifting your miniskirt and sitting on my dick. Yeah, baby, squeeze your cunt around my cock.”

She blows first, “Yea, I’m cumming baby. You’re making me cum,” a pool of her excitement is emitted from her pussy as it spasms tight with orgasm. The orgasm I gave her. Her shut eyes and raised hips is a beautiful and satisfying sight on its own, let alone the feeling of my impending peak.

Just as I almost reach the point of no return, she senses it and rotates onto her hands and knees, keeping me still buried in her warm wet love box.

“Pound me Sam. Make me your woman,” she arches her back to facilitate doggy fucking.

I’m wholeheartedly complicit in obliging our mutual rut. I place my hands firmly on her hips and tighten my grip in time with my inward plunges.

She gasps at every collision of our thighs, “you’re doing it, Sam, making me cum again,” and Julie buries her face down into a pillow while announcing her second with a muffled scream.

That’s more than enough to send me over the edge, and she knows that, “Sam! Cum in my pussy. PLEASE, deposit it in me deep,” she rocks again at the anticipation of my pending imminent blast off.

And here it, and me, comes. I’m arching my back as my scrunched mug points to the ceiling. Then feel my liquid love splashing her insides, further luring her tunnel for even smoother and faster see-sawing. I barely hear J’s next peak through the fog of my ecstasy.

At conclusion, I removed my spent tool. She slumps face down on the soaked mattress and I slump on top of her prone body. Julie wiggles her tush against my deflating love stick.

She exasperates, “That. Was. The. Most. Fulfilling of a fantasy. EVER!”

Windlessly I reply, “Yeah, I would second that.”

Julie, “Good thing tomorrow’s the last day of our ‘dog and pony show’ so you can date me proper when we get back.”

Half joking I say, “But what will the Burdur Escort Bayan snoops at the office say? We’re bound to field dirty looks.”

“Don’t think that’s an issue. I’ve been hearing water cooler talk about us for weeks now. Some have even placed bets on when we’d hook up. All bets off when they know about this conference.”

I chide once more, “But what about that ‘supervisor-subordinate’ policy?”

“We’ll just say that you’re my supervisor Daddy and that rule isn’t applicable,” she returns chiding while bouncing her eyebrows.

“I’m likin’ that scenario,” and my dick twitches to life again, Julie giggles at what I said, “you’re mine now, who cares about office politics?,” and she hums her affirmation.

Julie emphasizes her butt wiggles. I got the hint…


Chapter 2: Maid is Made in Manhattan

Carmelita nonchalently fiddles with her master key to clean room 702. Unlike her usual self she does not notice the “Still Sleeping, DND” sign that’s fallen to the floor. As she enters she’s greeted with a sight that stops her in her tracks. The door behind her closes itself, and she stands like a stone, looking towards the room’s king bed, the same one she is supposed to change linens on.

There are two perfect male completely nude bodies quietly wrestling on their sides upon the bed, one seen and the other hidden behind him. The one that is visible but facing away from Carmelita is sculpted like an Ancient Greek statue – exposed taut buns, top-heavy triangular upper muscles, thick muscular thighs, and dark as night short cropped hair. His shoulders and arms are sleek, bulging like shotguns. He’s on his side facing away from her and his head is mysteriously bobbing back and forth in apparent oral servicing of his unrevealed lover. Her mesmerizing is interrupted by his hidden lover raising his head up above him to smile at her!

“Hellllowww, pretty lady,” the one facing her says seductively.

The other Zeus turns his head to face Carma and smiles brightly at her, “Yeah, hello is right.”

Both men pivot off the bed and onto their feet, in ALL their glory. She’s impressed by their well-endowed, thick penises dangling in front of their six-pack, washboard abs. “Why is it that all the gay guys look so good?,” she asks herself. But, if they appear so enamored of her, they can’t be ALL that into just each other.

They approach her together with their impressive cocks swinging left and right with each step closer. Miss Carmelita still frozen in place, but getting wet and slick with excitement. The “Boyz” stop on either side of her and look down at her lovingly. They’re both quite tall, and she’s quite the plump mamacita. She returns their glance with her own. Carma alternates her amazed gaze between the two, not being able to tell which amongst them is the more handsome or sexy.

The Adonis to Carma’s right crooks his neck downward softly to kiss her on the lips. Left Adonis kisses up and down the right side of her neck. Carmelita closes her eyes in bliss as the two men lavish her with gentle passion. Every fibre in Carm tells her that this is so wrong: two guys at the same time, bisexual at that and when she’s still on the clock! Gran Momma would be spiraling in her interment if she could witness this! But there are no matriarchs here to stop her now!

She fully surrenders to the moment. Her head tilts back, neck fully exposed for their nibbling. The “Boyz” wasted no time and honored her offer. (Maybe they’ll also be on her and off her tonight!) Wow, did she want that badly. Almost on cue they each take an arm and guide her to the bed. Right Adonis takes a second to thoughtfully smooth the bedding before Carmelita is gently laid down upon the mattress. Lefty attends to her top while Righty works at her bottom garb.

She begins to be disrobed ever so gently, piece by piece. First to be freed is her footings. Right Twix applies a subtle peck on each denuded foot. Left Twix then pulls the clasp of her uniform’s long zipper that spans the upper half of the jumpsuit. He peels away the cloth, exposing the white bra covering her full breasts. Then he unclasps the front to reveal her smooth caramel colored beauties, highlighted by saucer sized dark areolas, and even darker excitement engorged nipples.

“We’re Titus and Augustus, what’s yours my lovely?’,” enquires one.

“Car-C-C-armelita,” she answers them with a nervous shiver.

“That’s a pretty name for a pretty lady,” says Augustus in a hushed tone.

Titus issues his approving sigh at her intimate unveiling. She suddenly becomes aware of her exposure – her dark full bush, delicately hanging breasts and plump cheeky behind laid bare. The “Boyz” take a moment to admire their catch. They lick her slowly from top to bottom, and back again, humming their lust for her as they do.

“We both find you quite irresistible, my sweet,” says Titus as he lowers his lips to Carmelita and turns her left. Augustus puckers his lips on the small Escort Burdur of her back and proceeds downward along her curvaceous schism.

She coos in bewilderment at the taboo of it all. They casually escort her to their bed, an Adonis flanking either side, their eyes focused on hers and as they progress. Augustus and Titus hold out their hands palms up, and she tentatively put hers in theirs. Both hunks assist her to lay flat on the mattress.

Augustus grasps her suit by the pant cuffs and slowly slides them off. Titus helps by first extracting her arms from the confines of the sleeves. Aug pinches the waistband of the pink lacy panty between his fingers and slides the intimate feminine cloth down her smooth legs. Carma closes her eyes signifying her trust in her twin lovers, then issues a delighted quiver when she feels the panty removed past her feet.

She has reached bereft of clothing parity with both lovers. She’s now truly as nude as they are but feels no shame in her complete undoing, as they had successfully convinced her of her natural glory.

Titus begins to suckle upon her ample left mammary, and soon Augustus joins him in the endeavor upon the right breast. With “T” on her left and “A” at her right breast, they begin to caress their respective treasures with a light touch of their fingers. Not to neglect the left nipple, Titus applies his lips to grasp it and twirl it like a radio dial, his tongue simultaneously dancing all around the tip of her nub.

Carma raises her right breast with her right hand, placing her nipple at the forefront. Augustus takes her goose bumped nub between his teeth. He gently closes his mouth around it and flicks it with his tongue. He swirls his tongue around the pink protrusion, making her again shiver from the “tit-illation.” She’s never had even anything close to the devotion that these two strangers have bestowed on her. The dual tease is incredible.

Augustus then moves to the inside of her thighs and begins kissing his way up. His lips reach her feminine essence. Carmelita issues a deep inhale of surprise. His mouth glides along her inner labia up and down, pausing at her excited pearl to wrap his lips around its hardness. Much to her delight he continues his oral maneuvers. Her previous boyfriends were cunnilingus adverse, so this was a rare treat indeed. Augustus takes the liberty of surveying her nether gape with his tongue. It’s a first for her, and she wonders why she had not insisted on this naughty treatment from her ex’es. These two gorgeous specimens of manliness have already done more for her in less than an hour than her ex’es combined couldn’t scrape together in a lifetime.

Her sensitive anus is now being subtly breached by Titus’s tongue. She can feel the electricity. Augustus raises her to be on her knees. She takes the hint and bends forward to reach his cock and attacks it with her mouth. Carmelita hums as her mouth lavishes his tip and shaft. She finds it long, smooth, and fills her mouth entirely with its deliciousness.

Meanwhile, Titus continues to cherish her rear portal with his lips and tongue. She knows that he’s preparing her to be entered by him through that same portal. Carma has never done that kind of thing, but she’s comforted by his expertise and considerate attention enough to not protest.

After a time, Titus backs off so that his now saliva shined cock leaves her mouth. Carmelita tries to suck it back into her warm oral cavity, and whimpers her disappointment when that fails. Aug then bends his puckered lips forward and captures her chin with his left hand to deeply French her. Her humming returns with a greater sense of urgency. Urgency that she must be filled lower down. Titus takes that same left-hand, now behind her head, and gently pulls her towards him as he lays back upon the mattress.

The bliss is reminiscent of a dance of newly found lovers – tender, lustful, nervous, exciting, longing for deeper intimate touch. Carma straddles “Aug” With great anticipation. It seems so eerily inevitable, yet she willingly casts all trepidation into a gush of love.

As Titus looks up at her rosy cheeks, Augustus assists in the pending coitus by grasping “T’s” cock. After gliding it a few times, he aligns it up into her neatly trimmed pussy. Carmelita looks closed eyed at the ceiling as she sinks down on his love stick. The conjoined couple both echo their mewls of ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Augustus is sidling up behind her, pressing his chest and stomach on her slowly pistoning back and butt. He latches his bear paw sized hands on her hips and helps her ride Titus up and down. Faster and faster she goes as the blissful friction of Titus’s cock against her womanly tunnel increases. Titus reciprocates her intensity by flexing his pelvis up to meet hers.

Carmelita’s pleasure builds up to a peak, and with it, she squeezes “T’s” cock like a vice. She slumps slightly forward attempting to register and recover from the crashing O. Were it not for the two handsome gentlemen holding her upright, she would have gone limp on Titus’s chest. “T” flashes a contented smile to her. She takes note through her slotted eyes of the perspiration condensing on his forehead from the exertion. The two remain physically connected with Titus still embedded within her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32