The Holiday Party

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Jim took another gulp of the holiday punch as he looked at his drunken office colleagues making fools of themselves. It was 7 p.m. on the Friday night before Christmas and the annual company holiday party was in full swing. But Jim wasn’t in much of a mood to party. His girlfriend had broken up with him just a few weeks earlier, and he had come to the party unattached. Of course, a lot of his coworkers were single, and it didn’t stop them from having fun at the party, or from hooking up. Office fraternization was discouraged as a matter of firm policy, but everyone knew the annual office party was an excuse for hooking up. So far, though, no one showed an interest in hooking up with Jim.

This year someone had the great idea of making it a costume party. Jim looked around and had to admit that many of the costumes were elaborate and creative. Jim, on the other hand, had been too busy to think much about a costume. So, he just came as himself. He seemed to be the only one without a costume, so he felt awkward, and he was looking for a ripe opportunity to leave.

He decided he would make a show of mingling and reveling to whoever might be watching by circling once more around the party. He would try the punch bowl and cookies in the conference room down the hallway. Then he would make a discreet exit, trying to avoid any of his bosses. He didn’t think anyone would miss him.

When he got to the conference room, it was jammed full of people. Christmas lights — no, “holiday” lights, per the recently circulated company memo — were strung around the otherwise darkened room and pop versions of well-known Christmas carols were blasting from an unseen speaker. Jim pushed his way through the crowd of costumed office workers toward the punch bowl. One more drink and that would be enough party for him, he thought.

Finally, he made it to the table with the bowl. The punch was mostly gone but there was enough for at least one good drink or more.

As he picked up the ladle an unfamiliar voice sounded next to him.

“Would you get some for me, please?” the voice asked.

Jim was struck by the sound of the voice. It was feminine, and high-pitched, with a lyrical, musical quality. It bore the trace of an accent he could not place. He turned around to see who the owner of the voice was.

He didn’t see her at first. He had to look down just a bit. She was quite short — under five feet tall. She was dressed in a startlingly short, form-fitting green dress gathered at the waist by a thick black belt and trimmed in white at the collar, sleeves, and hem. Her legs were bare, which to Jim seemed odd to see in such a short dress this time of year, and she wore black shoes with gold-colored buckles and very high but chunky heels. She wore a green fuzzy cap with white trim and a white tassel. Her hair was straight, medium-length, and raven-black. She had a slightly upturned nose and high, apple cheeks. Even in the dim light he could see that the eyes staring up at him were an arresting dark, bold blue. She grinned at him with the most dazzlingly white and perfectly straight teeth he had ever seen.

And her ears were pointed.

Jim nodded at her in appreciation.

“That’s a great costume.”

“Thank you so much! But it’s not really a costume,” she replied in a manner than struck Jim as unusually animated, even at a party where everyone was drunk.

It was a big company, with a lot of employees, and Jim didn’t know everyone who worked at it, but he was still surprised that he had never seen this woman before. She was strikingly pretty, and he would have thought he would have noticed her. It felt good to have such a hot coworker paying attention to him.

“I don’t think we’ve met,” Jim said. “I’m Jim.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Jim,” she said. The tone and lilt of her voice were unlike anything Jim had heard. It seemed to make her words dance. “I’m Alyasa.”

He didn’t think he had heard that right. “Eliza?” he asked.

“No, silly boy, Alyasa.”

“Alyasa,” Jim repeated slowly to make sure he got it right. “That’s an unusual name. But it’s nice. So, what division do you work in?”

She smiled at him and he could swear her eyes sparkled.

“Oh, I don’t work here,” she said with the slightest emphasis on the last word.

That did not make any sense to Jim. She did not seem to be attached to anyone at the party, and only employees and significant others were invited to it. Jim had the feeling he was being played with, but he was buzzed and she was gorgeous and he did not mind.

“I see,” he said. “So where do you work?”

“The North Pole,” she said to him without pausing.

“Well, sure, of course,” he said. “That explains the, ah, costume. I’m guessing you must be an, um, elf.”

“I am an elf. You are right about that,” Alyasa replied. “But I already told you, this isn’t a costume.”

“Oh, oh, I see. Yes,” said Jim. “That would be your, uh, working outfit.”

“Now you’ve got it,” Alyasa replied. “By the way, aren’t you going to get me that drink?”

“I’m sorry! güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri How rude of me,” Jim replied. He ladled punch into two cups, one for each of them, and handed a cup to her.

He raised his cup to her.

“Here’s to chance meetings with pretty elves at holiday parties,” he said, feeling emboldened.

“You are as courteous as you are handsome, Jim,” she replied and flashed her brilliant smile at him again.

“You are too kind, Alyasa,” Jim said. “I have to say; those ears are really impressive.” They were. Jim could see no evidence of where the costume ear tips joined the real flesh of her ear. It was a professionally done job, and it must have taken a long time. He couldn’t imagine how she could have done it herself.

“Well, I wouldn’t be much of an elf without them, would I?” she said in her lilting, sing-songy voice.

“So, what do you do at the North Pole?” he asked her.

“How thoughtful of you to ask me, Jim,” she said. “Mostly, I make toys. But some years I help Santa deliver presents, too. I like that part best. It feels good to travel. We elves don’t get out that much. It’s a busy life. And to tell you the truth, elvish men are a little dull. Not like you, Jim.”

Jim noticed that each time she said his name it seemed to pierce him all the way through. It might just have been the punch but it almost seemed like he was getting drunk on her presence and the enchanting tone and timbre of her voice.

“What about you, Jim? Do you like your work? You seem very smart. You must be very good at what you do.”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” he replied. “I like what I do, I guess. I just won a pin for being the employee of the quarter in my division. So, that’s something.”

He thought her eyes would burst they opened so wide.

“May I see your pin, Jim?” she said. “It’s so dark in here. How about if you show it to me in the hallway?”

That seemed like a fine idea to Jim. He wouldn’t mind escaping the crush of the crowd in the conference room, and the brighter hallway light would give him a better chance to see his lissome elvish companion more clearly. He pushed his way through the throng of people and Alyasa followed behind him.

Out in the hallway he could see her more plainly, and she was as hot under the fluorescent light of the hallway as she was in the dark conference room. Hotter, even. The green elf costume perfectly molded the curves of a petite but voluptuous figure. And she moved with indescribable grace. She didn’t walk down the hallway so much as glide.

He remembered why they had left the conference room. His hands reached in his pocket and pulled out the pin. It was a little, cheap, unimpressive thing, made of plastic and metal, nominally meant to be worn on one’s lapel and to show off the company logo with pride, but really meant to be tucked away in a drawer and never looked at again.

Alyasa, nonetheless, seemed impressed. She oohed and ahhed in a way that was more musical than Jim imagined possible.

“Jim, that’s so impressive.”

“Well, not really, but thanks. I had a good quarter, I suppose,” he said.

He held it up between his thumb and forefinger to display it better under the light. Suddenly the point of the pin stuck into his finger. He jerked his hand up and the pin went flying.

In a flash Alyasa stepped forward and reached out for it. Jim’s jaw dropped at speed and grace of her movement. In a fraction of a second she had crossed several feet across the floor and now she was standing, motionless, on one foot, with her other leg stretched behind her in a straight line parallel to the floor, and her opposite arm stretched forward in a straight line in the opposite direction. At the tips of her outstretched fingers lay the pin.

In that position, the green minidress rode up her backside, and Jim noticed that her pert, rounded ass was almost left uncovered. Holding that pose, with what seemed to Jim impossible poise and stillness, she looked back at him, somehow retaining her balance. She grinned at him again, and this time Jim could have sworn there was an impish quality to the gleam in her eye. She straightened up. She stood in front of him once again.

“You should be more careful with your things, Jim,” she chided him, shaking her head slightly.

“Do you mind if I hold on to this for a bit? I don’t want you to drop it again or lose it.”

“Sure, that’s no problem,” he said. Screw the pin, he thought. If she wanted to hold it he was more than happy to let her do that.

They walked down the hallway further until they came to a part of the office with no partygoers. They were alone, it seemed.

Alyasa looked up and down the hallway.

“Jim, I have a confession to make,” she said. “It’s not an accident that I met you here tonight. I saw your name on Santa’s list. It’s a special list. He keeps it for those that he can’t quite decide are naughty or nice. It seems that this year you were nice, but a little naughty too. That’s what I was looking for. A guy who’s nice, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and a little naughty too. You looked like just the right guy. So, I came here to find you.”

He had no idea what to say to that. She went on.

“You see, Jim, elves have to follow a very strict code of conduct at the North Pole. It can be . . . stifling. Elvish men are not much fun. And I’m, well, I’m a little naughtier than most elves. You don’t mind that, do you, Jim? That I can be a naughty elf?” She looked up at him with wide eyes and batting eyelashes.

“No, no, I don’t mind that at all,” Jim said. None of this made any sense, but the sound of her voice and the depth of her blue eyes were intoxicating, so it didn’t matter. What was it with this girl? he thought. He was going to have to find out from his coworkers who she really was and what division she worked in. “That’s no problem. I’m sure it’s hard being an elf.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Jim,” she said. “You see, I got away tonight without telling anybody. I had to. There’s something I’ve never done and I really want to do it. But I must get back soon. I don’t have much time. So, Jim, if you really don’t mind, can you do me a really big favor and let me suck your cock right now?”

She said it in the sweetest, most musical tone that had ever struck Jim’s ears.

He looked at her, agog.

“What?” was the only reply he could muster.

“Your cock, can I suck it? Elvish men have such little cocks, and they’re always cold and limp, and their cum doesn’t taste very good. I’ve heard man cum is much tastier but I’ve never tasted it. I want to feel a big, thick man cock between my lips and down deep in my throat. I want to feel a man’s cum fill my mouth. I want to slurp it down after I drain him dry. Please, Jim?”

“What?” Jim said again.

She just looked at him with her big eyes and slightly open mouth.

Jim finally found his words.

“Uh, uh, yeah. Sure. Do you . . . do you want to go to my place?” he asked.

“No, I don’t have time for that. I must get back, as I said. There are more toys to make.”

She looked around quickly. She pointed at a dark, empty office with its door ajar a few feet away.

“Let’s go in there,” she said.

And with that she grabbed his hand and led him into the office. Jim followed. He knew he wasn’t running this show.

She shut the door, and then turned around toward him.

“I’m really looking forward to sucking your cock, Jim,” she said, a hint of lust mixing with the sweet lilt of her voice. “Can I see it first? Can you take it out and show it to me?”

“Yeah. Yeah, of course,” he said. He unzipped his pants. It took an effort to get out his cock because it was hard and he couldn’t pull it out easily. But at last he got it out, and he was pleased to see it was hard, erect, and pointing straight at her.

“Oh, Jim, it’s beautiful,” she cried. “It’s so much bigger than any cock I’ve ever seen. Bigger and thicker too. I can’t wait to have it inside my mouth.”

That makes two of us, Jim thought.

She took her eyes off his erect member and looked back up at him.

“Jim, you’d probably like to see something too. It might be more fun for you if I take off this tight, short dress. Would you like that? Elves don’t wear underwear, so I’ll be naked if I take it off. Is that O.K., Jim? Can I take off my dress and show you my naked elf body?”

“Alyasa, I think that, uh, would be great. Please, please make yourself naked and be comfortable. I mean make yourself comfortable and be naked. Please. That would be nice. Yes. Definitely, yes.” Jim knew he sounded like a little boy who’s just been told he has a free pass to sneak into the cookie jar for a full year. He didn’t care. He couldn’t think of anything but the extraordinarily hot woman in front of him and the unbelievable words that had just escaped her lips.

As he looked at her she moved her hands behind her back.

He didn’t know how, but she must have unclasped some part of her dress in back that he hadn’t seen. The dress quickly fell away from her. She was naked. The full bounty of her body was revealed to him.

She looked at him saucily. She put her finger up to her lip and bit it and walked toward him, bringing each lean leg forward and across her body in an exaggerated manner. Her skin was pale but seemed to cast a rosy glow about it. Her breasts were full and improbably firm and perky, with pink erect nipples. The delicious cleft between her legs was uncovered by hair. She was by far the most perfect-looking woman Jim had ever seen, in clothes or out.

She walked up to him and dropped to her knees. Without delay she grabbed his throbbing cock in her small hands and took it in her mouth.

Jim had no illusions about his cock size. He knew he was just average. But he would have thought, because of Alyasa’s diminutive figure, and what looked like a small mouth, that she might have needed to warm up before taking him all the way in. But no. She literally sucked the full length of güvenilir bahis şirketleri his cock all the way into her mouth instantly like a vacuum. Jim gasped with pleasure and surprise.

She started moving her mouth back and forth along the length of his cock in a fast, steady rhythm. Evidently, she had no problem with her gag reflex, because on every stroke she took him all the way in, and he could feel the head of his cock far back in her mouth, entering her throat. She somehow managed to moan at the same time her mouth was fully engorged with his stiff shaft.

She spread her legs apart and reached down with one hand to touch herself between her legs. Jim couldn’t quite see what she was doing down there but it was obvious she was giving herself pleasure. She was looking up at him with her wide, clear, fathomless blue eyes, the lips of her small mouth stretched to their utmost to take in his girth.

Jim knew he wasn’t going to last long. But before he could come she took him out of her mouth. She began stroking him steadily and firmly with her hand while her tongue licked up and down his shaft, then all around the head and tip. Then, as her hand kept stroking up and down the whole length of his cock, she turned her mouth to his balls. She licked and sucked them while still stroking him.

At last she put him back in her mouth. She sucked him harder and faster than before. Jim could see her hand moving quickly down between her legs.

Before he even knew it was coming Jim felt the cum erupting from his cock into her mouth. She kept sucking and swallowing and he could hear her as she gulped down the thick gusher of cum. When she was done and he could take no more she stopped, and then she meticulously licked his cock until the residue of his cum was gone. The only trace of his cum left was a small drop at the corner of her mouth. She seemed to know what he was looking at as she stared back at him. She scooped the drop up gracefully with her finger and popped it in her mouth, her lips smacking.

“Mm mmm. Yummy. I like the taste of man cum. And I like your cock, Jim. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

Jim could think of no words that were suitable to the occasion, so he stayed silent for a minute. Then he managed a weak “You’re welcome, Alyasa. And thank you, too.”

“That was amazing,” he added.

“You are so sweet,” she said. “I’m just your friendly neighborhood elf. Now I have to go.”

“What?” he said. They had been in the office for under ten minutes.

“I told you, I have to go,” she said. “There’s lots of work to do at the North Pole. It is almost Christmas, after all. And I am an elf. An elf has her responsibilities. Even a naughty one.”

Already she was up and putting on her elf dress. It took just a few seconds. She smoothed it out over her body and upper thighs.

“I’m sorry to suck and run, Jim. I had a great time with you but I really must go. I strongly recommend that you put your cock away before getting back to the party. It is quite magnificent, but your coworkers might not appreciate it the way I do.”

Before Jim could say anything, she exited the office and closed the door behind her.

Jim quickly put his cock back in his pants and zipped up. He bounded out of the office and looked in both directions but didn’t see her. Alyasa was gone.

Jim searched the entire floor of the building twice but didn’t find her.

He would have to find out who she was. But how to describe her to his colleagues? Guys, I’m looking for a girl who works at this company but I don’t know where. Drop-dead gorgeous. Dark hair. Favors green. Looks like an elf. Sound familiar?

Before he left the party, Jim reached into his pocket to get his car keys. He felt a piece of paper he hadn’t felt before. He took it out.

It was a note. On perfectly white paper was written a short message in graceful, flowing script letters:

“Thank you for a lovely adventure, Jim. I am terribly sorry to say I took your pin. It was shiny and I liked it and, well, I’m a bit of thief. I told you I was naughtier than the usual elf. I hope you don’t mind. See you later. Alyasa”

Jim searched his pockets. Sure enough, his pin was gone. Alyasa had taken it. He didn’t really care about the pin, but he felt irked at her having taken it. It added a touch of insult to her sudden disappearance. And how in the world did she put a note in his pocket?

Over the next few days Jim asked his coworkers about her. But no one seemed to know any girl that worked at the company that fit her description. Jim couldn’t understand it. Security was tight in the building, and he couldn’t think how a strange girl could get past the guards into the company’s holiday party if she wasn’t an employee or guest of one.

After a few days of asking around, he had no answers. Jim resigned himself to the fact that he would never see her again, and that he would never know who she was.

Christmas came. Jim had to work on Christmas Eve, so he didn’t have time to fly across the country where his family lived. He would spend this Christmas alone. Well, maybe not completely alone. He thought later on Christmas day he might call Jake, a coworker and friend that he thought was going to be alone on Christmas like he was. Maybe they would have a drink together and commiserate over strange women and lost opportunities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32