The Holiday Ch. 03

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This is part 3 of series that may perhaps be better enjoyed from the start.


Dinner was in full swing by the time Sarah threw on her beach cover and made her way back up to camp. Ted and Astrid had cooked up a big pot of spaghetti and the children were tackling it with gusto. Ted poured her a big glass of wine as she took her place beside him, still damp from her swim.

Sarah took a big gulp of wine – using it an opportunity to buy herself some time to compose herself. Everyone was behaving normally – she doubted Astrid had seen anything or that Bill had said anything to Ted. And why would he, she thought. Nothing had happened. Nothing but a few dirty (but totally forgivable thoughts) and a little naughty me-time at the beach. Everyone has their own private fantasies, she reckoned. Why shouldn’t she?

The adults chatted amiably over dinner as the children squabbled and ate. Even though it was the first time they’d camped together, it wasn’t the first night and everyone had almost settled into a friendly, comfortable groove. Bill and Ted worked together, but the families hadn’t socialized together all that much. As the wine flowed and the conversation mellowed, Sarah wondered why they hadn’t seen more of Bill and Astrid before this week. She risked occasional glances over at Bill but he avoided her gaze throughout the meal, even though he remained his charming, easygoing self.

Soon, Sarah was on her fourth glass of wine and Ted was playfully pretending to snap a dishtowel at her. “Earth to Sarah! Astrid and I cooked so it’s only fair you do the dishes,” he teased. “You’ve been laying around on the beach all afternoon getting absolutely nothing done. Bill’s gone off to get more wood for the fire, so it’s all on you.”

It was dark as Sarah headed off to the washing up block – they’d eaten late and dawdled over the last glass of wine – and the facility was deserted, save for the sound of a lone camper taking a shower in one of the stalls. The washing up area was pretty basic – all it had was one sink tucked away at the end, dimly lit with a lone incandescent bulb.

A little tipsy from the wine, Sarah set about her task. It was hard to see what she was doing but she figured that with enough hot water and soap everything would come clean. After today, she felt dirty enough as it is – maybe she’d take a shower too after all this.

She could still feel a tingle between her legs, and her mind soon wandered back to the events of the afternoon. She was so horny from thinking Van Escort about Bill all evening – even though she had come twice today. Trying to pretend everything was normal had been difficult, her mind kept flipping to how slick she had been on the beach and how erotic it had felt, touching herself in the ocean within sight of all the beach goers, trying to not give away the fact that she had her fingers crammed in her pussy.

She was still swamped down there, she realized. Her bikini bottoms stuck to her crotch uncomfortably. All her mind could think about was how much she needed a cock. Preferably Bill’s big boner, buried up to its hilt in her. Coming just didn’t feel right without a cock, she thought. Orgasms with her fingers felt like tasty little snacks – delightful in their own way, but not filling. She needed a long, thick cock, and she needed it soon.

Suddenly, she felt a warm presence behind her. It was Bill, fresh from the shower. She could smell the fresh scent of his shampoo, and a muskier, sensual note beneath – or was that just the aroma of her desire? She caught her breath – all he had on was a towel around his waist, giving her a good view of his tanned broad chest, his light scattering of chest hair that led in a golden brown trail down to his trim stomach, before becoming darker and curlier as it disappeared under the towel. And then there was an unmistakable bulge. Her groin lurched in response.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a warm hand on her ass. Bill had stepped behind her and was gently caressing her. He leaned forward and whispered, “I’ve been wanting to do this all evening. I bet you want me to do it too.”

Even though his touch sent shivers down her spine, Sarah pulled away. “They’ll see us,” she hissed.

“It’s dark now. There’s hardly anyone here. I was the only one in the showers. The campsite is minutes away and Ted and Astrid have their hands full. No one needs to know.” Bill stepped closer and lifted her beach cover up and slipped a hand into her bikini bottoms. His palms were rough, but pleasurably so, and Sarah sighed in response.

“Just keep washing those dishes,” he whispered. “Someone’s gotta get the work done.”

and still feeling a little awkward, Sarah busied herself washing up.

Bill fondled her ass briefly then slid both palms around until he was cupping her breasts. Sarah noticed his hands were large and hairy, and his fingers were big and thick. In a quick movement he loosened the ties of her bikini top Van Escort Bayan so he could slide his rough palms under the fabric, grazing her sensitive nipples.

She felt him take a step closer, pressing his body against hers; she felt the prickle of his stubble as he nuzzled her neck. Her body automatically arched back in response, rolling her ass against his erection, thrusting her nipples towards his grasping hands.

While her body was busy betraying her, Sarah’s mind was in a whirl. She thought of Ted, good, kind Ted, responsible Ted, who was probably putting the kids to bed right at this moment. Her high school sweetheart, who didn’t deserve a wife so wanton she was letting his friend hump her over a filthy camping sink.

But … Ted never touched her this way. He never even paid any attention to her breasts. And definitely not like the way Bill was pawing them now, in a manner both rough enough but not painful. Just right. Her nipples were rock hard, and her breath was coming faster and faster. Bill sensed her need and began brusquely pinching them, first one, then the other. Than back again. Harder and harder. Sarah moaned and ground her ass back into his cock, rolling her hips back and forth. Consequences be damned, all she needed was a cock and here one was.

“Oh Sarah,” rasped Bill. “I need you now. I’ve wanted this -” He roughly yanked her bikini bottoms to one side, exposing her tanned, firm cheeks. “-since we got here. You have been driving me crazy all damn week.”

In one swift movement, he parted his towel and savagely thrust his cock between her legs. Sarah braced herself, arching her back, letting him in. Despite being so aroused and slick, there was a pause as Bill struggled to force the mushroom head of his cock past her sticky, slippery lips. As he finally slid his full length in, Sarah yelped in pleasure and pain. He was so big, so much bigger than Ted.

“Goddamn Sarah, you’re so tight,” Bill groaned. He pulled back and slammed his cock back in. He paused briefly, buried up to the hilt – Sarah could feel the pressure of his head on her cervix, and her vagina twitched in response. Or was it in anticipation of the stimulation that was to come?

He continued this slow fucking. A rough thrust all the way in, a pause, then a rapid withdrawal – Sarah ached with the loss – and then with another brutal slam he was back in, even deeper. Again and again he moved against her, Sarah bracing herself against the sink, not caring who saw them – two people Escort Van intent on only one thing. Pleasure.

As he thrust in and out of her sopping pussy, Sarah could feel the length of his penis rub against her sensitive G spot, sending spasms up and down the length of her cunt. She had never fucked Ted standing up – these sensations were all new to her. Was it the angle? Or was it the fact that Bill’s huge member was touching her, pressing on every side of her sex, bottoming out and filling her in ways she had never been filled?

Bill slammed into her again, picking up the pace. He began thrusting into her more rapidly, breathing hard against her neck, his meaty hands grabbing her hips for better leverage. She pushed back, eager to feel him go deep, deeper. “Harder,” she grunted. And he responded with a renewed force, gripping her hips painfully and pushing in again. And again.

Sarah could feel their juices coursing down her thighs. All the wetness was making it easier for his huge cock to slide in and out but the sensation of the head of his cock deliciously rubbing against her special spot continued to urge her on. She was mewing now, her breath coming in quick gasps.

Faster. She wasn’t sure if she said that or thought that, but Bill was now slamming into her with a fury and pace that sent waves of pleasure through her body, grunting each time he bottomed out. Sarah bucked her hips against him, again and again, her pussy twitching and spasming with the tell-tale signs of her imminent orgasm.

“That’s right,” moaned Bill as they moved together, again and again. “Come for me. Come for me now. Come for me just like you did this afternoon. I saw what were you doing on the beach. You thought no one saw, you little slut, but I did. Come for me, Sarah.”

And she did. With one deep thrust, her cunt pulsed violently. “Oh god I’m coming too,” Bill grunted, continuing to pound against her and Sarah could feel his cock, buried deeply in her, twitching and spurting in response. She felt jet after jet of hot cum erupting deep within her, and that sensation was enough to make her come again, arching her back and moaning Bill’s name.

Suddenly, they heard the faint noise of footsteps coming down the gravel path that led to the washing up block. Bill sprang back and gathered up his towel, which had fallen off while they were fucking.

“Astrid!” Sarah heard Bill’s surprised voice and looked up, her thoughts still fuzzy with desire and pleasure.

To be continued …


Author’s note: We have a week of camping to go. Is Astrid going to find out? What now? Send your thoughts and feedback. This is my first attempt (see Ch 1 and 2 for the earlier bits) and I want to hear from you. I’m a big girl, I can take it.

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