The Hitchhiker

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The day was just a youngster, but the heat already made the air vibrate above the land. After his previous ride, Joshua was clearly dropped at the wrong place. At Coopers Crossing there was hardly traffic and no shadow at all. The road sign Melbourne 107 miles did not raise Joshua’s spirits either. Since early this morning he had only advanced 40 miles. Three rides, three times local traffic. Joshua decided to take off his blouse to turn it into a bandanna. Once again he put his water bottle against his lips, but he changed his mind. Better save some. He did not know how long he would have to be out in the open.

A dust cloud on the way to the North announced traffic. Joshua raised this thumb as soon as the car appeared. His enthusiasm lowered when he noticed how old the vehicle was, how loud the humming of the engine, how dense the plume of smoke out of the exhaust pipe. The car stopped. At the passenger side the window opened, creaking and groaning. The wrinkled face of a red-haired lady appeared.

“Where you have to go, young man?” she asked.

“Melbourne,” Joshua said, his eyes half-closed because of the dust.

“Sorry, but we’re not going there. We can take you to Barstow. That’s another 15 miles closer.”

Joshua started making evasive gestures, but the lady said there was a bus stop close to their home, surrounded by two big eucalyptus trees.

“That means shadow. And if you are still not picked up at one thirty, you may take the bus to Kensington. At the expressway hitching is easy.”

Her arguments convinced Joshua. This place was a disaster anyway, the next one no doubt should be better. So, Joshua opened the backdoor of the car and slided behind the lady onto the leather, crackled and torn. It burnt his skin where his legs were bare. The chauffeur, no doubt the spouse of the lady, gave him a benevolent look via the rear view mirror. His convex face was already red, his forehead wet with sweat. He was almost bald, only at the side of his head there were remainders of hair.

“Hi mate,” he said. “My name is Ben. I’ll be your driver.”

The lady looked back. She could be somewhat younger than Joshua thought at first glance. Old instead of very old.

“My name is Carole,” she spoke, offering Joshua a weak, bony hand.

“Joshua,” he replied. “Very nice to meet you.”

Carole smiled at him before turning back.

“Ben, you take this boy to Barstow,” she said, emphatically articulating the name of the village. The car, that had kept snoring gently while Joshua entered, started to roar. Shaking, the car gained speed. As soon as it drove 35 miles, both the sound and the shaking lowered. Joshua doubted if the car was able to go much faster. He looked out of the window.

The couple lived just outside Barstow. The bus stop turned out to be about next to the driveway to the house, and the eucalyptus trees were there as well. A much better place to hitch.

“You may want to come in for a cool drink? Actually, you look like you could use some moisture. I may as well make you a sandwich, if you like…”

Joshua hesitated, but was persuaded by the perspective of the cool drink. And he was starving. So, he remained in the car while it crawled coughingly up a sandy path. It shaked its way through the holes. The motor started to make all kinds of distress sounds.

“Does the car never break down?” Joshua shouted in the lady’s ears.

“The car breaks down all the time,” she replied, “But then Ben fixes it again, don’t you Ben?”

Ben giggled in a way that gave Joshua the impression that he may be mentally impaired. He parked the car. Carole got off immediately, being faster at the door than Joshua managed to open it. She opened the door for him. After he had gotten off, Ben appeared in front of him, smiling. As soon as Joshua got the impression Ben was standing there to block his way, he heard a noise, looked around, to see Carole standing behind him, wielding a cattle prod.

“Joshua, I want you to put your wrists forward so that Ben can cuff them,” she spoke. Heedless, as if her request was mundane and perfectly innocent.

“W… What does this mean?” Joshua stuttered. “What’re you guys up to?”

He yelled when Carole touched his leg with the cattle prod, just below the pipe of his shorts, just above his knee. He reached for his leg, felt that it refused to carry him. He tripped and almost fell. Ben helped him back onto his legs. Carole embraced his waist. With force, she held his body against hers and pushed him towards Ben.

“Be a good boy,” she whispered in his ear, while her long, slim fingers started to wander his bare upper body. Ben grabbed his wrists, to cuff them one by one. The notion he was captured made Joshua lower his eyes. With a twisted face he felt Caroles nails tripping over the edge of his pants. Polished purple they were. The paint was crackled and old, not applied today. He felt the nails pinching his skin, in such a mean way that he moaned.

“The only choice you have, is to do as you’re told, Joshua,” she Alanya escort whispered in his ear. “If you resist, it only makes things worse.”

Ben started pulling his wrists. Carole kept embracing his waist while Joshua walked the way in which Ben wanted him to walk. At the side of the house was a small door. Inside, Joshua became virtually blind, so dark it was compared to the outside. The couple used the time Joshua needed to adjust his eyes, by pulling and pushing him up the stairs as fast as they could. Through the first door at the landing Joshua saw a large crib bed with a richly coloured linen. The marital spound, Joshua thought, just before he was pushed into a chamber with a guest bed under a heavily curtained window. In the darkest corner a few chairs were erratically arranged. At the front, close to the wall, there was a kneeling bench, all wood, somewhat crooked, maybe because Ben had put it together all by himself.

Joshua ended up opposite the kneeling bench. The cattle prod threatened him while Ben undid his wrists. The cattle prod pointed to the low bar of the kneeling bench.

“Kneel down,” Joshua heard Carole say. “After that, put your wrists into the small curves at the upper bar. Place your neck gently into the big curve in the middle.”

Joshua was too scared, and felt too heavily intimidated, to do anything else than obey.

“W… What are you going to do to me?” he whispered, after following Caroles orders. He saw her opposite him, in her hands a broad bar, with opposite curves than the bar on which his neck and wrists were resting.

“Ben is standing behind you,” she replied, while she placed the bar over his head and over his wrists. “He is watching your behind. From his eyes I can tell that he wants you.”

With metal bolts Carole adjusted the bar. Joshua pulled his wrists, being unable to free them. He pried his neck, but it was stuck.

“Are you gonna watch how your husband rapes me?” Joshua asked, in his voice a mixture of contempt and despair. “Is that what you like? Is that how your sex life is?”

“Ben and I have an agreement,” Carole spoke, while Ben had started taking off Joshua’s shoes. She stretched out her hands, to caress Joshua’s fingertips. She obviously enjoyed his prying wrists, the look on his face after he found out how defenceless he was. Beyond redemption. Ben took off his socks.

“He’ll be the first to have his way with you,” she said. “But after that, it’s my turn.”

The look she gave him, forced him to lower his eyes, wet with tears as soon as he felt Bens hands, first on his back, subsequently roaming his chest. He was smooth, Joshua knew, barely any hair. No excess fat anywhere. Something that could not be said of Ben. In the meantime, Joshua kind of allowed Ben to caress his body. He moaned softly when Ben started to squeeze his bottom, with increasing lust.

“You can say something if you want to,” Carole told him, as she started to unbutton his bandanna. Ben, in the meantime, pushed his fingers against the edge of his shorts. He pushed beyond, touching his skin and the rim of his underpants.

“Do you only catch boys, or do you like girls as well?”

“Ben is bisexual,” Carole answered. “I like boys better than girls. Girls often make such a fuss.”

Now that Joshua knew that making a fuss would spoil the pleasure of this deranged couple, he sat quieter than ever. His shorts were unbuttoned now. His shorts were dragged down.

“What’s in it for me,” he asked himself in despair, clenching his fists, because his shorts were lying at his ankles, the contents of his underpants were scrutinised. They were full, he knew.

“Joshua has a hard-on,” Ben reported dutifully.

“Does this happen more often?” Joshua whispered, just before he no longer managed to stand tall. Occasional tears rolled down his cheeks. Carole watched them. Seeing them relaxed her. Entertained her.

“Oh yes dear,” she spoke. “You are really not the only boy who conceals rape fantasies”.

How did she know? How did she sense that? Meanwhile his underpants were dragged down, his behind revealed for Ben, his genitals for Carole. She looked at his prick with an expression that seemed to hesitate between mild contempt and reserved enthusiasm.

“Nice round ass,” reviewed Ben. “Peachy. Well trained, by the way. When I look at this boy’s thighs, he must be cycling or something.”

“Is that true?” Carole asked.

“Yes that’s true,” Joshua spoke, while contemplating why he did not keep silent, why he gave this wicked couple so much more than they could take from him.

“Fifty to sixty-five miles in the weekend. During the week another forty, because I usually go to school by bike. As fast as I can.”

Did he in fact want this to happen to him? His hard-on persisted, also when Bens callous hands encapsulated it. Ben rubbed it. He pulled at it. He was testing how responsive it was.

“I think I can make him come,” he reported. Slowly his hands put more and more pressure. Joshua’s eyes started Alanya escort bayan to roll, while his mouth opened a bit. He kind of drooled when at the moment he realised Ben was now jerking him off. For a short while, though. The moment he stopped, Joshua felt his body long for Bens hands to continue.

“If you come, my dear Joshua,” Carole spoke with serious eyes, “With your beautiful pale blue eyes, with your stiff blonde hair, then I’ll promise I will torture you. I will make you pay for all your sins, Joshua.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then we’ll release you,” the woman replied. Joshua watched her cracked lips as she spoke the words. “Then you can go to the bus stop and go on hitching.”

“I don’t believe you,” Joshua whispered, on the verge of tears when considering the possibility that she may be talking the truth. That all of this was some sort of wicked game to her.

“You cannot afford to release us,” he spoke. “Through the things you do to us, so young we are, almost still kids really, because I am only nineteen, and I guess the others too. You simply cannot set us free. We would go to the police. You would go to jail.”

“If it is true what you say,” Carole replied. “There should be kids missing. There should be news stories about them. You know that kind of stories Joshua?”

“I don’t think so,” Joshua murmured. His body stiffened when he felt Bens hands grabbing his loins. He felt a dick bump to his buttocks. The top of the dick poked his anus. It seemed like a friendly approach at first, but then the dick attacked, with the aim of penetrating. Bens hands held Joshua’s body in place while his dick found a way inside him. Joshua grunted once, feeling pain. But then Ben had overcome the physical resistance. He was inside him. Filling him up.

“Don’t come,” Joshua thought. “Don’t enjoy this.” He closed his eyes to not see Caroles eyes anymore, watching how his body struggled to accommodate Ben.

As soon as Joshua resisted, trying to block his body, trying to hinder Ben in going back and forth inside him, he felt pain. Ben was strong and basically just carried on. After a few shrieks of pain, his body shaking heavily, Joshua ceased to resist. He allowed that his body swung back and forth because of Ben fucking him. He knew that Carole watched him, studying him intently. The more Joshua let go, the more he became aware of feelings of excitement in his body. He liked being fucked, he realised. He liked being raped.

“Don’t come,” Joshua thought once again. “Don’t enjoy this.” But the urgency of obeying his inner voice, left his muscles as soon as he allowed feelings of lust. Despite his belief he was attracted to girls, he always had fantasies about strong, strict men forcing him to serve them sexually. Now that these fantasies actually happened to him, it felt as much a traumatic experience, as a horny, delicious adventure. Ben sniffed and snored heavily by now. He grabbed Joshua’s dick and clenched it between his fist. He squeezed it forcefully. He rubbed it to make it harder, then started jerking him off. He kept on doing that until he came. Hot sperm disappeared between Joshua’s buttocks, filled him up with filth. Next thing Joshua know, his body started rocking and he came himself, spilling his cum on his belly, the top of his dick and onto the floor. Compared to Ben, who kept moaning and groaning, Joshua was silent. He waited, feeling all filthy, all depraved, no longer pure and immaculate, as he had felt before in his life, without actually knowing. Finally, Ben withdrew. Joshua flicked his wrists to find out he was still captive. His neck hurt because of the ride. His kneecaps hurt and felt bruised. He looked up and met the eyes of the woman that frightened him, sparkling in anticipation. What words had she been using?

“Now it’s my turn,” she told him. He felt guilty. He felt the weakest boy in the world, having given in to his lust, even when facing torture.

Ben immediately started to disengage the upper bar of the kneeling bench. As soon as Joshua’s head and wrists were released, he tried to get up, straight onto his knees. He felt a rush of adrenalin going through his body. “Give me one chance and I will escape,” he thought.

Then he watched the cattle prod, felt Ben grabbing his body, felt that he was unable to move away from the cattle prod touching his knee. He shouted. He was released and collapsed onto the floor.

“Who told you to get up?” Caroles voice thundered, high above him.

“Nobody, ma’am,” Joshua finally admitted, with his voice drenched in submissiveness. He felt fear, lying on the floor with one leg limb.

“You must clean up first,” she said. With the cattle prod she pointed to drops of cum scattered across the bar of the kneeling bench, as well as the old, wrinkled, wooden floor. Joshua managed to get up on all fours. He crawled towards his cum. He lowered his head towards the ground and felt his ass rise up into the air. He felt that Carole watched his ass while his tongue tasted his cum, the dust Escort Alanya and dirt around it. The cattle prod kept on pointing until he licked up every drop of cum he had spilled.

“Now you can get up,” Carole told him. His muscles obeyed. However, when standing up, his legs were shaking, of fatigue as well as fear. Any desire to try and escape, had left him, as well as any belief that such an attempt would succeed.

“Put your hands in your neck,” she ordered. After Joshua obeyed, Ben approached him to clean his genitals and his belly with tissues.

“They have done this before,” Joshua thought, “They may have done this many times.”

He asked himself if the boys before him, were standing the same way as he was standing now. He had always considered himself to be the uncool one, the weak one, the not bold one. He might be the only boy that stood like a lamb to the slaughter.

“He is ready for the next round of entertainment,” Ben spoke.

“Offer your wrists to Ben,” Joshua heard Carole say to him. “Do it slowly. Do not make any unexpected move.”

As soon as Joshua’s wrist were inside Bens hand, he walked backwards, out of the room. Joshua was taken back to the stairs and back down. Back to the side entrance, and back into the heat, falling on him like a heavy blanket. Although you couldn’t say that we has overdressed. His feet hurt on the cobble stones of the garden path. The garden was surrounded by trees, making the grass feel cool, even a bit moist. At the door of the garden shed Joshua once again was ordered to put his hands into his neck, so that Ben could unlock the door. With a gesture he pointed Joshua into the darkness, onto a relatively cool, concrete floor. Joshua blinked his eyes to get them adjusted, while Ben came behind him to steer him to the right. Directly next to the dark corner under the pitched roof, the wall was made up of horizontal wooden bars. Leather belts where attached to bars at various heights. Ben jerked his hand to made Joshua turn around. He saw Carole coming towards him.

“I want your back against the wall,” she spoke. She forced herself onto him. Before Joshua could guess what she was up to, she grabbed his neck, making him feel her strength, the bold venom in her hands. His throat was blocked. Joshua, feeling unsettled and intimidated, did not resist when Carole pushed him backwards, until his back and buttocks felt the wooden bars. By kicking his shins with her blunt shoe tips, she forced his ankles next to each other, forced his legs straight, his heels in close contact with a bar. Only then she finally released the grip on his neck. She grabbed his hands, lifted them up, and pushed them, on either side of his head, against the wall, into a leather belt.

“I think you know as well as I do, that when you and me are supposed to be together, you must be powerless,” she said. With sparkling eyes she waited for Joshua to react. He did not say anything, only looked at her for one second, to look away the next, his cheeks hot because he felt his dick grow. She released him and backed off. He kept standing. He did not resist in any way when Ben came up to him to buckle up the belts. Ben squatted, reached out to Joshua’s ankles, to catch them into belts. He stood up, walked away, returned with two wide belts. With the first one, his waist was secured, his ass glued to the wall. The second one immobilised his neck, forcing his shoulder blades and rear head to feel the wall. Meanwhile, Carole had come close to him again, now holding a roll of duct tape, tearing off a strip.

“With you we don’t commit a felony,” she said, looking at his hard-on, growing to his maximum size. “We fulfil a fantasy.”

Before Joshua could reply, she pressed the strip to his lips. Her fingertips pressed the tape onto his skin. She tore a second strip and stuck it crosswise onto Joshua’s mouth. Joshua was speechless. His tear-filled eyes told Carole he knew perfectly well how vulnerable and powerless he had become.

“I’ll be back,” she said. She turned around. With swaying hips she left him alone.

Joshua had been standing against the wall for so long, that hopeful thoughts of his parents calling the police so that they would come looking for him and find him, had faded away. He told his parents he probably would not call or Whatsapp during hitchhiking. Which easily might take two days or so. His mother nodded, mmm-hhh’ing behind her smartphone screen, watching showbiz news. His father hardly heard what he said, since he grabbed his suitcase and left. Only at the door he remembered his son would be gone. With an absent remark he wished him a nice holiday. In a hurry, he left, for another 12 or 14 hours of workaholic labour for some financially beneficial cause.

Kevin and Brad probably were in Melbourne now. After the boys had been standing along the busy exit road of the provincial town they lived in, a superfast Audi had stopped with screeching tires. The good news had been that the driver was heading for Melbourne, the bad news had been that he only had room for two. The boys negotiated for a little while, but the driver was adamant. He either took two or no-one. Kevin and Brad were fast in persuading Joshua that they would board this supercar, and they would meet each other in Melbourne, at Continental Square, to go on together.

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