The Heart Won’t Lie

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It was a hot summer day and the forecast was calling for a light shower of rain. The couple met at the cabin in the woods that only they knew of. No one knew where they were and they had left all the ties of home behind. They had waited for this day for so long that neither of them could speak and really neither one had to.

Their eyes met and they gazed at one another. Their hearts did all the talking. As she watched him build a fire in the fireplace she ran a nice hot bubble bath for them to share. She then lit some candles and poured them each a glass of wine. As the bath sits and the candles burned, they heard the rain start to fall.

She took him by the hand and led him to the outside where a soft warm gentle rain came down. They walked through the woods for awhile and then ventured back to the cabin. They were very wet and chilled. The bath sat there awaiting them.

At first she just looked at him and undressed him with her eyes and then she moved close to him he could feel her hot breath on his neck as she removed his shirt. He too began to undress her feeling the softness of her body as he caressed it softly.

He then tilted her Van Escort chin towards him and kissed her deeply and passionately. Their tongues intertwined. Then he removed her blouse and kissed her bare breasts. He was so gentle but u could still feel the passion burning as his mouth sucked her bosoms and his tongue teased her erect nipples. He then moved down to unfasten her jeans as she allowed him to explore her body.

She shuddered with excitement as he roamed his hand to the hot moist area between her thighs. He let his fingers do a small dance in her as he watched her squirm with excitement. He picked her up into his arms, took her to the tub, and lifted her into the now warm water. The water ran over her and made her skin glisten. Her nipples had little droplets hanging from them as though she had been in the rain nude. He knelt down and kissed her softly on the lips before moving to lick the droplets from her chest. She moaned with excitement.

She asked him to stand so that she could remove his wet clothing. He did so and as she took off his jeans, she could see his manhood stand erect. She took it with her hands and stroked him gently then placed the hard rod into Van Escort Bayan her mouth. As she sucked it and caressed it he laid his head back and closed his eyes enjoying the pleasure of her mouth upon his stock. He could feel his knees getting weak and he begged her to stop only for a moment.

He then joined her in the bath and they kissed passionately with tongues all a blaze. She caressed his chest and he hers she moved down to find his manhood so that she could stroke him some more. He too took her lead and placed his fingers inside her.

They enjoyed this until they were both overflowing with such ecstasy they could no longer stand it. He stepped out of the tub and helped her to her feet and whisked her in his arms and took her to the rug in front of the fire.

He dried her from behind kissing and licking her back as he did so. She reached behind to feel his still erect staff and traced the edges with her fingers. He turned her around to face him and then held her so tightly and kissed her with fury and eagerness.

She could feel the passion and the heat in him. Her vagina was hot, wet, and throbbing aching for him to enter her. He laid her onto Escort Van the rug and lay down beside her. He kissed her mouth and moved down to her womanhood. He then began to lick her juices and drove his tongue inside her. She moaned with pleasure so loud and long he knew he could not hold off much longer. He then placed his fingers inside her and moved them in and out and stopped only to tickle her clitoris with his fingers as he watched her squirm and her body shake as though she were in convulsions he knew it was time.

He moved himself on top of her and entered her with a soft gentle stroke. The rhythm was soft and slow at first then began to get faster as the excitement grew inside them. She took his buttocks into her hands and held them pulling him into her faster and harder as she moaned and moaned louder begging him not to stop and to give her more. She told him how good this felt for him to be inside her. He agreed that this was a wonderful feeling. He moved faster and moaned with her. She could not control the orgasm any longer she felt the heat and the tightness of her vagina as it exploded with fury and with a few more driving thrusts he too soon followed. She could feel the warmth of his cum inside her. It was such a wondrous feeling. As he removed himself from on top and lay beside her holding onto her and snuggling into her their hearts knew that this could not be the only time they were ever together. The heart won’t lie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32