The Halloween Party Ch. 01

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Jared’s eyes were transfixed on the woman across the room. He couldn’t stop staring at her. He sipped his beer without realizing it, his cock swelling in his tight black jeans. She wasn’t as gorgeous as some of the other women at the party. The sorority girls that were present all looked like they had walked out of the pages of a fashion magazine. She was different.

She was short and plump, but not at all overweight. He imagined that she had probably been teased in elementary school and the image of that made him tighten his fists. Her blonde hair was curly and she had a hair band with little seashells. She looked like a sexy little mermaid with her low-cut top and flowing shiny dress.

“Did you hear anything I just said?”

Jared blinked and turned to his friend. Jonathan was one of his best friends and knew that he was distracted.

“Yeah.” Jared answered innocently, trying to pretend he had indeed been listening.

“No you haven’t. You’ve been staring at the red headed cheerleader the whole time.”

Jared sighed. Now that he noticed there was a big-breasted redhead wearing a tiny cheerleading outfit. He hated how his friend assumed he would go for that type of girl.

“Actually, I’ve been staring at the little mermaid. She’s cute.” Jared looked up and his eyes were met with hers. He smiled and mouthed the words ‘Hi’. He waited for a reaction and was shocked when she glared at him, gave him the finger, and stormed out of the room.

“I got to go. Lock the door when you get home.” Jared and Jonathan were roommates and Jonathan was sometimes so distracted by the girl du jour that he would often keep their front door unlocked. Not a smart thing to do in the rundown area of town they lived in.

Jared pushed past the people, trying to follow her. She rushed out the front door just as he got to the foyer. Grabbing his brown leather jacket, he rushed outside.

“Hey!” Jared was running now and was thankful that his long stride caught him Maltepe Escort up to her. “What did I do wrong? I just said Hi.”

Jared was standing on the sidewalk facing her. She was even more beautiful close up. Her eyes were green and her lips were a light pink color. She was almost a whole foot shorter than him and he tried not to glance down her shirt. From his vantage point, he could see a green satin bra that was barely containing her soft mounds.

“Don’t fucking tease me. I’m sick of it. Go back with your jock friends and pretend you never saw me.”

“I… I’m not a jock. I’m an engineer. I’m not… What?” Jared was so confused that he knew he wasn’t making any sense.

“Fine. You’re an engineer then. I’m sick of being a pawn in pledges and little boy pranks. Good night.”

Jared shook his head and watched as she spun around, her blonde hair bouncing gently on her shoulders as she stormed down the street. He wondered if she didn’t think he was actually attracted to her. He also questioned whether in the two months since school had started had she had been teased and tortured by handsome guys. He was nowhere near to being handsome, but he wasn’t bad looking. He was trying to figure out what to do.

“Can I walk you home at least?”

“Fine. I live in the next building over, the graduate dorm.”

He looked straight ahead because the moment he looked into her eyes, she blushed so red that her hair looked almost white. He walked into the building and was standing outside Amber’s dorm room.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

“Just wanted to let you know that although my jerk off friend thought I was staring at the redhead next to you, I was staring a you.”

Amber’s eyes lit up. “Thanks.” She turned to go into her room. She then turned back and kissed Jared softly on the lips. It was a soft hesitant kiss, but Jared reacted strongly. He pushed her against the door of her room and kissed her back. Amber whimpered.

“Do İstanbul Escort you want to come in?”

Jared looked at Amber stunned. Her tone of voice was so hesitant and nervous. He knew that his hard throbbing cock was pushed against her thigh and he knew that she was aroused. Her nipples were pressed against the thin top. He sighed.

“Do you really think I’m going to say no?” Jared pushed open the door and entered the small room. He closed the door and turned Amber to face him. “You are an amazing kisser. If you don’t watch out I might be here in the morning.”

Amber blushed bright red. She was beyond nervous. She knew exactly what she wanted to happen and she wanted it so desperately it hurt. She stepped back and undid the back of her dress. It slid to the floor revealing her green satin bra and matching panties.

Their eyes met as she continued to undress, first her panties, and then her bra. She had forgotten her shoes, but Jared had noticed. There she was. His little mermaid, standing naked except for the green high heels.

“Wow.” Jared fumbled with his clothes while taking big steps towards her. She had opened her mouth to protest to his reaction, but he didn’t let her. He kissed her then pushed her onto her bed, getting between her legs.

“You are gorgeous.” Jared ran his hands up and down her body then found her clit with his thumb. He pushed gently then wiggled it back and forth. His other hand stroked his hard cock. He tried to slow down, but he couldn’t. Precum was oozing from his cock, soaking his hand. His other hand was just as wet from her juices.

“Jared. Inside me please. You’re driving me crazy!” Amber clung to him for dear life. She was trying to pull him closer. “Now. That feels so good.”

Jared leaned forward and guided his cock inside her wet pussy. He was grinning so wide it lit up his whole face. She was showing a confidence that he loved about her. He pushed in deep then sat up Anadolu Yakası Escort on his knees. His hands held her legs, first holding them into her chest then holding them straight up. Each position made her pussy feel tighter and wetter.

“You feel amazing baby. Can I cum in you?” Jared had just realized the whole birth control discussion had been skipped. He continued thrusting, watching as her soft breasts swayed back and forth.

“Yes.” Amber was whimpering now. Her legs were shaking and she felt a surge of heat cover her body. She shut her eyes tight and began to cry out. She grabbed the sheets and pulled as she lifted her whole body off the bed. Her orgasm was violent as she thrashed around. Jared held on, making sure that his member was still deep inside her.

“Wow.” Amber opened her eyes. The fullness of his cock was still driving her crazy and she was giddy from her orgasm. She didn’t have time to think of anything else before Jared banged into her harder and faster. He was fucking her so hard that the bed was banging against the wall. Amber watched in awe as he went faster and harder until he thrust one last time and held his cock inside her.

“Oh.” Amber cried out as she felt his cock expand and a hot wetness flood her pussy. She loved this feeling and whimpered as Jared collapsed next to her. He lay on his side, but pulled her against him, his softening cock still inside her.

“That was amazing Amber. Can I stay over tonight?”

“Of course.” Amber was still in awe of what had just happened to her.

“Good. Then tomorrow morning I will take you out for breakfast and we can have our first of many dates.” Jared had been trying to formulate the best way to hint to her that although they had rushed into sex this was not at all a one-night stand.


Jared sighed as Amber cuddled up against his chest. She closed her eyes. Amber tried to imagine the two of them dating, but at the same time wondered if it was going to be a one night stand. The morning would tell.

Jared closed his eyes and thought about her. He had never had sex on the first date. He was very attracted to her, but at some point, his intentions had gone from innocent to sexual. He hoped that he had not made the wrong decision.

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