The Halloween Angel

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This was Amber’s first time away from home. She was excited to be out of town going to college. At the ripe young age of 18 she was just beginning her life. She would see many things.

Amber was living in a townhouse complex inhabited by a range of different people. There were other college students as well as professionals and the odd family. She had one roommate who was out.

Amber was on the third and top floor of the complex. This gave her a view of everything below. She could see balconies and the garden/lawn areas of all the other units. Amber could also see into other townhouse units at night. She had developed the nasty habit of turning her lights off and viewing other people. Most of the time it was just observing people watching tv or cleaning their rooms. On occasion though she saw some pretty hot and nasty things. People often forgot to close their curtains. The townhouses on the third floor were built with floor to ceiling windows. Like a fishbowl. She kept a diary of what she observed. She had videoed the odd sex romp. When she saw these free sex shows she would finger herself to orgasm or use one of her many toys while sitting out on her balcony.

Amber was well aware people probably watched her also. She imagined she was on a television show with many people viewing her from all the other residences. She knew it was the best time to observe people at night. Sometimes she would turn on all her lights around 10 pm. Her clothing would range from skimpy little panties and bras to plaid skirts….short ones and white button up dress shirts. She even had the body to walk around naked. People could see her shaved pussy and round bitable ass. The tits she possessed were perfect. Firm with nice pointy nipples. She would wander around her rooms, sometimes dusting and wiggling her ass towards the window or even lay on her bed stimulating herself. Sometimes manually or other times with toys. She possessed a wide variety of toys. She needed to make some new friends so she could utilize her favourite thing. Her sex swing.

As she pleasured herself she wondered who was watching her. Was it another girl, a horny man or a group of guys that wanted to come over to her apartment and ravage her for being such a tease. She was unaware as she would later find out the neighborhood pervert routinely watched her and masturbated to her. He was slowly hatching a plan to have his way with her. Coincidently a group of horny girls, three of them also were aware of her nightly tv show. They were going to knock on the door one day and make her scream with delight.

This night happened to be Halloween night. It fell on a Saturday this year. Amber loved Halloween. It was an excuse for girls to wear slutty costumes and that was acceptable this time of year. Amber did not go out tonight though as she was exhausted from drinking the three nights previous. She needed a break. Her plan was to masturbate and then go to bed. Amber scanned the townhouses and residences from her living room balcony. She had a large soft leather lazy boy chair she would roll out onto the balcony Escort that could swivel and recline. It was the perfect chair to sit in while observing and playing with herself. If it was an extremely messy session the leather wiped off nicely. If this chair could talk it would tell you it had seen some very nasty things.

Heather found what she was looking for right away. Relatively close by on another 3rd floor townhouse unit was a group of people. They were all dressed up having a Halloween party. In the room were a variety of costumes ranging from masked robbers, vampires, devils to hot sexy girl costumes. One in particular she saw and liked was a little angel.

Amber started her video camera and zoomed in on the action. She positioned it between her legs while reclining back on the chair. She wanted to get a really close up look at the angel.

As she zoomed in she knew the little angel was gorgeous. She wore the sexiest and skimpiest angel costume Amber had ever seen. After all it was Halloween. Amber knew this girl. She had a face and body you never forget. Amber remembered thinking that she would fuck her she thought if she had a cock the first tie she saw her. Amber started at her feet and slowly panned the camera upwards. The girl wore sexy white shiny boots. These boots had pointy 3 inch heels. The rest of the boot wrapped tightly up her calves and legs as if her own skin. Her legs were firm and long. She must exercise a lot Amber thought as she could see muscle definition. Not too much, just enough. Firmness, tightness. The boots ended just above her knees. They were wide and flared out at this point. They were laced all the way up just to below the flare area. Above the boots were about 4 inches of skin. It was tanned. It was stopped by a pleated white short skirt. Amber could see it covered a hot tight ass from how it sat. As Amber continued to scan up with the video camera she could see a bare sexy mid drift showing. A piercing in her navel. Definition on her abs. From the side her stomach was thin. Amber wanted to lick and bite it. The tight t-shirt she wore showed her c cup breasts. Firm and perky. Standing at attention. She had blond curly hair, long, to her ass. A halo was somehow affixed to her head. The wings she wore were long and sexy. Many white soft feathers and probably 4 feet long. Almost her height, from head to toe. A mechanism she wore allowed them to flap slowly. She was beautiful.

Throughout the night people in costumes walked by the angel. They would cop a feel, grab her ass or flip up her skirt. The angel received a lot of attention. Another girl at the party was not receiving as much attention. She was tall and thin and wore a full black cat suit. By about ten Amber guessed the angel had had about 10 drinks. She was wobbly on her feet. The angel stumbled into another room. It looked like a bedroom. She fell onto the bed and lay there on her back in the dark.

The party spilled in there. The lights came on. Many people came in, Amber could not tell if it as men or women. They all Escort Bayan wore masks and costumes. A few people in costumes walked around the fallen angel on the bed. Their hands touched and groped the angel. The angel would whack at the hands or try and wiggle away. Amber did not know if she was a willing participant or about to get it against her will. Amber could not tell. This intrigued her. Amber could see her occasionally struggle. Her feet kicked and wiggled. Her hips bucked. Two masked people eventually held her arms stretched above her head. Two other people in full costumes grabbed the angel by her boots. They spread her legs wide. Yet another costumed person appeared. They had some sort of ties in their hands. It appeared to be nylons. In about a minute the angel was tied to the wrought iron bed frame by her ankles and wrists. She was spread out as far as she could stretch in an X pattern. She could only move her hips and mid body. She was excited, her mid drift moved in and out quickly, excited breaths. The nylons were soft and stretchy but they did their job. Her head also was able to move up and down and around. She looked at the crowd almost smiling.

The costumed people surrounded her and took turns. The cat started first. The cat straddled the angel between her legs and messaged her breasts through the tight t-shirt. The angels nipples became hard. The cat then slowly traced the edge of her torso with her hands from her breasts down to her skirt. As the cat did this it licked and nibbled on her stomach. The cat then flicked the light pleated skirt up above her waist. The angel lifted her hips as if almost to assist in this. Thin white cotton panties with feathers on them protected the angels small, shaved moist pussy from the crowd. The cat dove down as if attacking and took a large mouthful of panties. The cat was careful not to bite skin yet. A turn of the head ripped the panties off. Feathers from them filled the air, like a chicken being plucked.

Amber could tell the crowd was cheering as people in costumes had their hands in the air clapping and waving. They were excited and so was Amber.

The cat all in black had a nice long pointy red tongue. It started by licking the inner thighs of the angel, then going towards her slit. The long tongue went from her asshole all the way up her pussy. Darting in and out of any holes. When her clit was attacked by the tongue her pussy got wet. Amber could tell she was coming to orgasm as her muscles in her arms and legs were tensing. The angel was trying to get out of the restraints but to no avail. As she opened her mouth wide to scream a pirate straddled her above her head. He whipped out a cock that was as long as a small sword. He jammed it in her mouth and undoubtedly deep down her throat. This quieted her. He face fucked her as if in a stabbing motion. When he came her plugged her nose to make her swallow. A cheer again came over the crowd. He pulled out and shook his cock off over her face. Some of the crowd assisted by rubbing her bare breasts. Her t-shirt had been Bayan Escort pulled up above them.

The cat by this time had stimulated the poor girl enough to orgasm. As the pirate removed his cock the angels head raised and looked at the cat. The cat looked up at her as she was eating her out. The angel possessed a look that said finish me off. A few more deep tongue thrusts made the angel explode. As she did the cat rammed her three middle fingers up the angels ass. The angel needed the abuse. Her body arched upwards.

The angel was untied and carried by two costume clad figures to the balcony. She was put on her knees and six men surrounded her. She looked up like a poor little puppy dog. The men whipped out their cocks. She grabbed two large 9 inchers and jerked them. The other men jerked themselves all over her. Cum hit her hair, face, legs and wings. It drizzled down into her boots. She was then strung up with her hands tied above her head and secured to the overhang. Anyone outside could see this angel hanging there. Her wings by now hadlost feathers. They were broken and wet. Amber could hear the angel ask who is next? A group of guys lined up. The first one took her from behind. Her little skirt still on was lifted and her asshole entered by a rather large male. Amber could hear a slight whimper of pain as the large cock went inside her. The male thrust inside her hard for about 3 minutes and screamed as he blew loads of cum up her ass.

Next to guys decided to double her. They were huge, cock wise and height. They dwarfed the poor angel. One in the front and the other in her rear. She disappeared between them. Like little meat in a sandwich. They picked her up easily and mounted their cocks in her tight little holes. The front man guided her up and down by her waist. His large hands fit right around. Up and down he bounced her. The rear guy had had enough of the wings in the way. He tore then off and threw then off the balcony. They drifted to the ground. The man in the rear had nothing to grab. With his right hand he grasped her by the throat and left he wrapped around and squeezed her tits. This fucking and fondling made the poor angel scream. She was loud moaning and groaning. The men made sure she was fucked well. Really well. They both blew their loads in unison and cum gushed inside her. The men snared as if animals and choked and bounced her harder as they came.

When done they carried her to the couch and threw her down.

Amber went to bed and was awoken about an hour later. It was her roommate, the angel. Amber couldn”t believe the show she had seen. Her roommate April was a mess. She asked her how she was. April said she thought the costume would get attention but not that much. Her halo was bent and looked like an old broken tv antennae. Her makeup was smeared, hair sticky and cum covered. The t-shirt was still intact but stained. Her skirt was torn in one place and wet, panties gone. The boots she lent her had cum everywhere, especially inside. April’s inner legs had cum dripping down them. Amber told her it was lucky she was on the pill. April agreed. As Amber cuddled and stroked April’s hair in their king sized bed the girls pressed play on the movie to watch her ordeal again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32