The Hairley Street Doctor Ch. 3

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When I came back Becky was being fucked by Jeff her arms were stretched out wet and inviting and I rejoined by pressing my unfulfilled monster dick into her armpit forests. Becky spread her legs, inviting Jeff in, and he positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her gaping hole. As he slid his cock into her tight tunnel they both sighed deeply. She was so hot and slick and her pussy gripped his cock with such delicious pressure that he almost couldn’t keep from cumming on the first stroke. The thickness of his cock stretched her walls like she was a virgin. As he began to move inside her, she clenched her muscles around his cock, squeezing him and then relaxing and then squeezing again. She wanted his cum inside her as he felt her shudder and then tense. He thrust deep into her again and she clamped her legs around his waist tightly. She began to rock violently as she screamed to him to fill her with his cum. She sat up suddenly on his cock and grabbed his shoulders fiercely, her nails biting into his skin as she clawed at him. His body yielded to the intensity of the moment and his balls convulsed sending copious volumes of his hot sperm deep into her womb. The two lovers clung to one another until the moment had passed and then climbed farther onto the bed and laid beside each other in exhaustion.

I was still ploughing my cock through her armpit treasures. It felt like never before. My wife would never allow me to fuck her hairy armpits and while I could lick and kiss her hairy thicket in her unshaven pits I could never press my cock into her armpits. I needed to press on as this was my first time in a woman’s underarms and I vowed it wouldn’t be the last time not with two beauties like Liz and Becky before me.

Suddenly there was a noise and I saw another man walk in. He was Brad Becky husband. What was happening here? bahçelievler escort Liz leaned over to Brad and felt his crotch. He was hard, too! She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid down his zipper. He was wearing cotton briefs, which could barely contain the bigness of him. He sprang up, a nice cock. Not as big as mine. It was about 7 inches long, hard and thick. He was so hot he already had a clear drop on the top of his head. She licked it off and then licked the front of his cock, from the base to the head. He leaned back and closed his eyes. She took his head in my mouth, soft and gentle. She sucked, stroked and licked and got into the rhythm. She continued to suck as she worked his huge cock into her mouth he came explosively.

Brad was not alone as I spotted he had come with Jane. She pulled her top up over her large melons and unclasped the front hook bra. Two well-rounded grapefruits capped with large dark brown nipples bounced freely right in front of my eyes. Then I saw her bushy armpits. In this all night long orgy I had first seen Liz then Becky and now the enormously furry Jane. If Tarzan was the Jungle Kid Jane was divine she was hairy all over. Starting from her thickly bushy eyebrows to her bushy armpits and her hairy pussy. I slid a hand up between her thighs my fingers spread her hairy cunt lips and two fingers slipped inside her. Jane began to gyrate her ass against them.

My very stiff and throbbing fuck pole was ready for action again watched by a motley crowd. Becky and Jeff were naked and having a drink and she was slowly wanking his cock while Brad and Liz were petting each other his mouth lost in her underarm forest.

I rubbed my cock across her juicy hairy gash until it slipped inside. Jane pushed down balgat escort against me until her hot cunt was fully impaled. Then she started riding me hard, grinding her pussy and rotating her ass as she lifted up and slammed down on my engorged cock. I sucked her nipple back in my mouth and nibbled on it with my teeth and felt the long heavy pelt in her bushy armpits. She was gasping and moaning and screaming obscenities.

Brad moved in behind her and slowly worked his cock into her ass. This caused her to tighten her pussy around my cock. The pressure felt incredible. I wasn’t going to last much longer. He started fucking her asshole hard and fast causing her pussy to squeeze against me as it slid up and down my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore. My balls uncorked and I started spraying hot sticky cum into her hairy belly.

Jane was thrashing about as her orgasm consumed her. A mixture of cum and cunt juice seeped past her stretched cunt lips and drooled down my cock. Just as I was finishing, Brad pulled out of her ass.

“Jane baby, why don’t you finish me with your mouth. I want to cum all over your face and titties and your hairy armpits, sweetheart.” He climbed up on the couch and dangled his cock in her face. She didn’t hesitate to gobble it into her mouth and down her throat. She wrapped her hand around the base and attacked it aggressively with her mouth and tongue. She pulled his cock from her lips and aimed it at her face. Gobs of thick white cum splattered her eyes, nose and hair. She pointed him at her tits where he dumped the rest of his cum. And then she raised her arms as the last of his jism settled into the thick nest of her bushy armpits.

I was still in her cunt and had slowly deflated while she was getting splattered. But all that I saw batıkent escort made me hard again. I bent my knees to position my throbbing cock at the entrance to her steamy treasures. I heard a deep grunt as Jeff took over and shoved his huge prick into her vacant mouth. Her underarms very wet and moist and Brad was pushing his limp dick into her unshaven matted pits.

I chose this moment to shove my cock up her cunt. I buried myself in three quick strokes and I was already thrusting my cock in and out of her wet and wide pussy. Jeff was stuffing more and more of his dick into her mouth while Brad’s now growing dick was hidden in her armpit treasures. As I continued to fuck her, she began pinching her nipples and squirming against me. I finally pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach, then lifted her ass and slipped my cock back into her steamy cunt. I reached around and cupped her tits while I hammered her from behind. She started to gasp and moan in a way that told me she was nearing orgasm. I glanced at her previous partner and saw a look of panic on his face as he watched us fuck. I also noticed that his cock was still hard.

As I started slamming into her she had the first of a series of intense orgasms. She kept losing the cock in her mouth as she screamed out. I told him to grab her head and shove it deep. She gagged at first but finally figured out how to open her throat and hold him there. I felt my balls shrink and my cock swell. I barely cleared her pussy when the first burst of cum sprayed along her cunt lips and up the crack of her ass. I proceeded to dump several more gobs of goo all over her pussy, asshole, thighs and cheeks. When I was finished, beads of cum were streaming down the inside of her legs.

Jeff in her mouth didn’t last much longer. He was buried deep in her throat when he started cumming. This time she didn’t gag and proceeded to drain his cock and lick him clean. She finally collapsed onto the bed and looked back at me. Brad was still poised over her wet and sweaty armpits. The matted hair in her underarms was slick with cum as he thundered to another climax.

I got a call on my mobile it was another patient Jenny who wanted me back at “HAIRLEY STREET”.

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