The Gym Janitor Ch. 04

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NOTICE: All characters in this story are above the age of 18. Do not part-take in foreplay of this kind hnless there is formal consent by all parties involved.


“Sit your ass down right there!”

“Yes sir!”

“Open up,”he held my chin up.


Some innate desire in me fully succumbed to his will. Any command he gave instantly felt like my brain was hardwired to accept it.

“Swallow that shit boy.”

With pleasure, I gulped. The warm fluid coated the depths of my throat, tasting of pure testosterone.

The essence now flowing through my body, sending jitters down my spine.

“Let me see,”he gestured his mouth open,”ahhhh?”

I showed him his property.

“Goooooood boyyyyy,”he laughed, “goooood fucking boy!”

Music to my ears.

Validation from an alpha.

“You like that shit don’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“And you only wish to want more don’t you?”

“Absolutely sir.”

“You want more of me in you right faggot?”

“Yes sir.”

“On your knees!”

I did so.

“Look at me,”he said.

I did so.

I fixed me eyes and before me he stooped down. A very serious face looked back.

Suddenly, crossed his arms and grabbed the bottom of his wife beater.

Like any hot man, they take their shirt off this same manner. Unlike any hot man, this alpha stuff has the “criteria” in all the right places.

Off came the shirt that hugged ever so tightly his voluminous muscles. Piece by piece, more and more, I got to witness the tight fibers of his skin.


His muscles doused in a layer of sweat and hair. Almost like a fucking muscled lion.

Only I’m sure no wild beast would compare to his strength.

“That’s right,”he smirked,”be mesmerized by it. Enjoy it. En-fucking-joy it faggot. You like this shit?!”

“Yes sir!”

“You like this fucking Adonis standing before you?”

“Most definitely sir!”

“What do you like most about Kartal Escort me faggot?”

“Your pecs sir!”

“Yeah? What do you like about them?”

He begins bouncing his pecs, droplets of sweat sliding off of his suckable nipples.

“They’re huge! Absolutely filled, almost buttering your skin with their tension!”

“What else boy?”

“Your sweat, glistening over your physique, makes you look even more beastly sir.”

“Oh yeah,”he began to raise his arm as if he was flexing,”this sweat?”


What the fuck. I will faint.

“This sweat boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“The same sweat you sucked out of my jock last night?”

“Yes sir,”I blushed.

“You think it tasted good from there don’t ya?”

“Yes sir.”

“You know where it’s even better?”

“Where sir?”I asked.

“Right up here,”he points,”right up my alpha pit.”

My mouth began to water, just the crevice filled with his delectable sweat. The sight of it causing me to reminisce that very first night my addiction and craving for him grew.

“You want some of that shit faggot,”he asked,”some of that alpha scent right at the tip of your tongue?”

“Yes sir, so badly!”

“Why don’t you get close to this pit,”he grabs the back of my head,”go ahead SMELL IT!”

I inhaled the very musk of this muscle king. The smell intoxicating, my body inebriated just by his aura alone. This shit is stronger than any recreational drug you could ever try and it sends you to pure ecstasy.

My jaw clenched in as I inhaled through my mouth the scent. Heavy breathes began to exude form me, he has me panting like a dehydrated dog.

“You like it faggot?”

“Hell,”I painted,”yes…sir!”

“I bet you do,”he cackled.

My tongue flapped out of my mouth as if it was instinct somehow, I began to lick his pit and savoring his sweat. Then he drew my head away from his by pulling by hair.

He slapped Tuzla Escort my fucking face!

“Did I say you can take a lick faggot?!”

“No,”I hooted,”no sir!”

“Did I tell you you could get a taste without my say so,”he yelled,”DID I?!”

“No sir!”

“Turn the fuck around faggot!”

I did so.

In one quick motion this alpha yanked my pants down to the floor. I jumped out of fright.

“Remember what I said about disobeying me faggot? I said I’d do some disrespectful shit right back to you didn’t I?”

I simply grunted in response.


“Yes sir!”

He gripped the elastic waistline of my underwear and pulled my body weight up.

Was he giving me a wedgie?!

Holy shot, my feet began levitating off of the floor!

“GRAGHHHH,”he clenched,”FUCK YEAH!”

The fabric of my underwear straining my nutsack and ass crack right down the middle, as if some one was playing tug-o-war vertically with my underwear. Little by little, pieces of my underwear began to tear loudly. The pressure on my balls made me lose breathe and I couldn’t have anyone to lift myself off of since I was facing forward…he’s smart, he knew my rebellious side would kick in and try to prevent him from establishing his dominance.

My underwear finally caved in and ripped at the seams leaving my dock and balls to flop out and the underwear to be held by a thread which my asshole was clinging to.

“FUCK YEAH,”he screamed,”with one arm bitch!”

He release me from his grasp and I fell flat on my face.

A resonant cackle echoed through the room as he leaned forward and pulled my hair back.

I felt his hot breathe surround my ear.

“Let me repeat it for your puny little ears one more time,”he whispered,”anytime you lick, touch, squeeze, kiss my body without my permission I will fucking degrade the shit out of you until you lack sense of self. Better yet, from this point forward Anadolu Yakası Escort repeat after me: I…”


“as a faggot…”

“as a faggot…”

“will not do anything…”

“will not do anything…”

“without my alpha’s permission.”

“without my alpha’s permission.”

“That includes breathing you faggot,”I’m saying this he wrapped his arms around my neck and…squeezed.

I felt my breathe escape my body with each second. His rock hard football sized bicep pressing against my throat. Why the fuck was I getting hard?

“You like this shit huh,”he laughed,”having me show how fucking strong I am by showing you how weak you are?”

I nodded the best of my ability. But everything was going gray, I needed to breathe. So I tapped twice. He released me from his grasp.

There was such relief to where I was gasping deep breathes.

He flipped me over so I was facing him and he leaned forward.

“I still didn’t say you could breathe you pig!”

He wrapped his hand around my hair again and pulled my face towards his chest, plummeting my nose to the crevice of his bulging pecs.

With both hands he pulled me further and further into him and then…he began to bounce his pecs rapidly sending my head to shake side to side at full throttle just experiencing how articulate his strength is.

“Fuuuuckk yeah,”he said,”it’s your dream isn’t it, to be succumbed to the arms of an alpha that is practically letting you worship his pecs!”

I was in pure bliss, feeling his mounds of muscle against my skin felt better than being able to breathe.

“Not many receive this privilege of being up close to this muscle,”he grunted,”so you better fucking appreciate the muscle king that’s in front of you!”

He released me from his grasp and I took on the perfume of his sweat so intoxicating practically in every surface of the room.

“Now,”he began,”you’ve tasted my sweat, you’ve swallowed my spit, what do you say faggot?”

“Thank you sir!”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t really hear you!”


“Good,”he turned around and opened his locker. After seconds of rummaging he tossed me his towel and toiletries.

“Get up and follow me to the showers pig!”

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