The Gym Ch. 02

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Alexa hadn’t seen Big Joe since the day at the gym. She couldn’t believe that she had a sexual encounter with a stranger and she wasn’t sure if it would happen again. There was something there between the two of them that had been missing in her marriage for a very long time. She thought about Big Joe, had very erotic dreams about him and just plain wanted him.

Soon she thought she would see him again and then they would see if it was meant for just that one time or if there was something real there. Giving herself enough time to get out of the office and on the road before the five o’clock traffic jams, Alexa decided she was going to go to the gym and then head home early. There were things she needed to discuss with her husband and knew that it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Heading down the freeway she thought about Big Joe, the rippling muscles and tight ass he had were enough to make any woman beg for more. That one time, that extremely unforgettable tantalizing one time, she knew that she made an impression on him. She knew that she had to have his oversized cock in her ass again and hoped that he was there today.

Pulling into the gyms parking lot she decided to park over onto the right hand side of the building that way when she was ready to leave she could just go out that sides exit door. Walking into the lobby she scanned her membership card, was asked if she wanted a towel and then she got a locker key.

Looking around she didn’t see Big Joe but was not all that bothered about it. She just figured he was working or something. Heading into the women’s shower/changing room she took stock of who was there and what machines they were on. She wasn’t sure where she was going to start today but knew that she had ignored the gym for the last week and there was work to be done.

Getting herself ready and heading out into the gym she decided to do a little cycling and then perhaps the rowing machine. After half an hour on the bicycle she stopped and started to get onto the rowing machine. Leaning over to strap down her sneakers she felt like she was being watched. Looking over her left shoulder she didn’t see anyone, then turning to the right, she saw Big Joe and some dark looking hunk of a man. They were two of the most blessed things she had ever seen. The muscles were over flowing and their eyes were penetrating. She gave them both a little smile and started her workout.

Rowing the machine worked her arms, legs, back and ass muscles. She knew that Big Joe and his friend were watching her progress but she didn’t care, that just made her work all that harder. By the time she was done, there was sweat running down her face and dripping onto her chest. Wiping herself off she went walking by the two men into the women’s changing room, she was going in to take a shower.

Pulling her things out of the locker she went in to start the shower so it would be nice in warm when she entered. Looking up from untying her sneakers she saw Big Joe smiling at her and she asked him how he Antalya Escort was. He told her that he was doing good and asked her if she would mind if his friend joined her. She asked him if he would introduce them and he said of course. For some reason she knew that she could trust him and so she let him lead.

The mans name was Ernie and god was he a looker. She thought Big Joe was awesome to look at but this guy was different, he was dark with bright green eyes. She had never seen that eye color on a black man before but he was something to look at. His hair was shoulder length and dark as ebony. He was big like Big Joe and she was sure he could last a bit if he really wanted to. She asked him if he liked what he saw and at first he didn’t answer. She told him that it was okay if he wanted to join her and that’s when he smiled. He had the most beautiful set of teeth in the world. They were so straight and white she couldn’t believe it.

Getting into the shower she lathered up her body with the soap from the dispenser and that’s when Ernie joined her. She could remember what Big Joe looked like but this man was solid, even his cock, she noticed was shooting straight up, huge and all. He had muscles on top of muscles and the more she looked at him the hornier she got. Telling her that he wasn’t going to hurt her put Alexa at ease some. He told her that when Big Joe came to his place bragging about her he knew he just had to meet her. She laughed at that and told him that she was just a married lonely girl in need of some side play.

Grabbing her by her shoulders he turned her around so that he could wash her hair for her. In doing so she leaned back on him and could feel his cock pushing against her ass. She told him that it felt good, him washing her hair, noone had done that in a long time. After he shampooed her hair and rinsed it for her he began to lather his own body and she watched in amazement at each muscle that twitched.

After he rinsed off all of the excess soap she got down on the shower floor, grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around the head. It was then that she looked up at him. He told her that she didn’t have to do it, he didn’t expect it from her. He told her that he just wanted to fuck her and she laughed. She told him that if that was the case then she wanted to suck him off first. She told him that it would give them both a great amount of pleasure and she dropped to her knees again.

Sucking his cock into her mouth wasn’t very hard to do, she learned from Big Joe how to make room. She began a rhythmic tempo on this beast and could tell Ernie was enjoying himself immensely from the groans escaping his mouth. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and started to jerk him off while blowing him. After a while she knew that things were changing cause Ernie’s breathing was getting faster and deeper.

He grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat as far as he could and that’s when she could taste the cum. Faster and faster she sucked Antalya Escort Bayan him and deeper and deeper his cock went down her throat. She could feel his huge balls slap against her chin. She knew that she was taking all of him but she did not choke up once. Tasting his cum she looked up into his face and he was watching her work on his cock. He told her that she was the best, better than his wife of ten years. He told her while bashing her face with his cock that if she didn’t mind he would like to meet up some other time.

Slowly, so slowly the tempo started to die down but she kept his cock in her mouth until he was completely limp again. Standing up while letting go of his cock Alexa kissed Ernie on his nicely shaped lips. She told him she was sorry they didn’t get to fuck and that he could have her cell phone number so that he would be able to reach her anytime he needed to. She was going to give the number to Big Joe also. Ernie told her that it had been better than nice but he had to get back to work, he only had an hour lunch break and needed to return. She said goodbye to him, giving him another kiss and he turned walking out of the shower.

She knew that they would meet again and she couldn’t wait. His cock was enormous and she could just imagine having it shoved in her extremely wet pussy. The next thing Alexa knew Big Joe was in the shower with her and asked her if she wanted a fuck now. Leaning into him she asked him if he missed her and quite by surprise he said he had. He reached down and picked her up off her feet holding her against him. He kissed her full on the mouth, slipping his tongue inside to taste the sweetness of her. Tongues thrashing about he pulled her legs around his waste, lifted her up and entered her with a groan.

Moving herself up and down gave Alexa the feeling of being in control but that wasn’t the case after a few minutes. She began to feel the control slipping and Big Joe told her to let it go, let him pleasure her until she was satisfied. As Alexa started to relax against him, Big Joe lifted her up and down on his enormous cock faster and faster. He loved fucking this girl, she was so tight and so virgin to things. He couldn’t understand how her husband could just let her slip through his hands. He knew that there was something between him and Alexa but he wasn’t sure how to deal with it, especially with her being married.

Putting her against the wall Big Joe steadied them so he could play with her huge tits while he fucked her. Alexa was writhing with the pleasure that had taken over and began to help him. She was going faster on his cock, she could feel him fill her completely and knew that she was falling for him.

Big Joe told Alexa that he was going to cum and asked her “Where do you want it?” and she said “In my ass of course.” He just smiled at her, nipped her pink swollen tit and let her slide down the front of him. Turning around Alexa leaned over like she was picking something up off the shower floor, that’s Escort Antalya when Big Joe spread her ass and inched his cock in. She couldn’t take it anymore, leaning back against him she shoved her ass onto his cock.

Big Joe was going to have a big load of cum to give her and if he remembered correctly she was going to suck his cock when he got close enough so he knew he had to time it just right. God even her asshole was tight he thought. She would make a great fucking partner and he knew that she was bored at home. Thinking about this he realized that he really liked her and he didn’t mind the fact that she had sucked Ernie off earlier. Telling her that he was ready, he asked her if she wanted to suck his cum and she told him yes but it felt so good in her ass.

Pulling his cock out Alexa spun around and kneeling on the cold floor took his cock into her awaiting mouth. Big Joe gave a moan, pulling her hair. Yanking her head back and forth he could feel that desire building to no return. He said “Yeah baby you know it, you got it, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum….yeah girl, yeah girl there you go you got it girl. Take that, taste it do yah??? yeah you like it don’t yah??? me fucking your mouth. Suck it, that’s it Alexa you know it. AAALLLEEEXXXAAAAA.”

Big Joe came with a force he had never known. Perhaps it was the fact of who he was with, perhaps it was the idea that a few minutes prior Alexa had blown Ernie, perhaps it was the thought that he was falling for her and knew that she was great at what she did. He pulled her up and wrapping her legs around him once more, he told her that it was her turn now. Still having a hard on he entered her full force and she loved it, giving a little squeal. Ramming his cock into her tight pussy with the warm water running over them, he fucked her faster and harder.

She began to quiver all over and he knew that it was time. He told her how she was his dirty bitch, how he would fuck her every night. He told her how he would let his friends come over so she could suck their cocks and they could fuck her ass. With every word he told her, she could feel the pinnacle coming closer and closer.

She knew that he was the best she had ever had including her husband. What a thought to have at the minute she started to cum. She clenched her legs around his waist, raised herself so high the head of his cock was just at the lips of her pussy. She then lowered herself so fast and so hard that was all it took. She climaxed over and over while they stood fucking in that shower stall with the now cold water running over them.

In the end she slowly returned to the present and asked Big Joe what he wanted from her. Standing there with his cock still in her tight pussy he told her that all he wanted was her. She told him, with a great amount of effort, that she wanted him too. There had to be a way for them to be together.

They told each other how they knew that the other was put in their life for a reason. She asked him if he would mind waiting until she could talk to her husband, there were things that needed to be settled between them before things got totally out of hand. Big Joe, being the man that he was, told her to take as much time as she needed that he would be here for her if and when she decided to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32