The Guest Room Ch. 04

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

The four friends arrived at the beach in the early afternoon. Michèle was wearing the same thong bikini as the day before, and wanted to check with Axelle to see if she was okay with her going topless:

“Axelle, do you mind me taking off my top?” She asked. “I mean: do you mind Henri seeing me topless?”

Axelle responded: “I don’t mind. It’s not like you’re the only woman in monokini around here.”

“I know, but still.” She untied her bikini top.

“You never go topless?” Corentin asked Axelle.

“No, not really.” Axelle said. “I don’t feel comfortable like that in public. And I’m not sure Henri would approve.”

“I wouldn’t mind!” Henri said. “You have great boobs!”

“Yes, but don’t you want to keep that private?” Axelle asked.

“Maybe. I don’t know. You can keep your top on. I’ll see your beautiful twins tonight anyway.” He winked at Corentin. He was thinking of his girlfriend’s C-cup tits that he had put his dick between last night. At the same, he was also checking out Michèle’s sexy little body. Her boobs weren’t big enough for titty fucking, but he would sure like to take her small, pink nipples into his mouth.

Axelle caught him glancing at her best friend. She continued the conversation:

“So Michèle, I’ve seen you like this on the beach in Marseille, but when we used to go to Paris-Plage together, you didn’t go topless. And you wore bottoms with a proper back to them.”

“Yeah I don’t have a problem with people seeing my body… in certain settings. I still go to Paris-Plage, and I still wear normal bikinis there. Some people there wear thongs or sunbathe topless, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that in the city, you know.”

“That makes sense.” Henri said.

“Also,” Michèle continued, “I don’t parade around your house only wearing this. It’s just a different setting.”

When she said that, both Corentin and Henri were thinking the same thing: “Solid argument, but too bad she doesn’t.”

“Right,” Axelle said. “And I don’t consider this a setting to take my top off.”

Michèle smiled at her.

That night, they went out to dinner. The girls dressed up, did their hair and put on make-up. Both of them were wearing dresses that tightly wrapped around their bodies: Axelle’s was plain navy blue with a gold necklace, and Michèle’s had black and white stripes. When they came downstairs and put on their high heels, they got whistles from their boys. They were flattered.

After dinner they went back to the house and watched the second Lord of the Rings movie. Henri, Axelle and Corentin were big fans, and they would even quote certain sentences along with the actors. Michèle had never seen the movies before and was taking everything in for the first time. They were sitting on the couch together, which was large enough to fit all four of them and which had extendable parts so they were lying down rather than sitting up. The two girls lay in the middle, with their respective guy on their outside.

When the movie was over gaziantep escort ilanları they stayed on the couch. During the movie they had all assumed a comfortable position, with the guys’ arms around their girls. The girls started cuddling, something they sometimes had done when they lived together in college. This time it was more fun because they also had the guys there. They felt totally loosened up and didn’t keep to just their own partner; Michèle sometimes felt Henri’s fingers stroke her thighs and arms, and Corentin wasn’t afraid of playing with Axelle’s hands and fingers either. This calm atmosphere of innocent stroking and touching continued until it was interrupted by Axelle:

“I think I’m gonna go to sleep,” Axelle said.

“But honey, we’re having such a good time here,” her boyfriend protested.

“You can stay, but I feel tired and wanna go to bed.”

“Are you just saying that or can I really stay?” Henri asked.

“It’s fine honey. Michèle can take care of you. Good night.”

Axelle kissed him goodnight and went upstairs. She wondered how the cuddling would continue without her.

Michèle, Henri and Corentin stayed on the couch and continued their cuddling fun. This was Michèle’s first time cuddling with her best friend’s boyfriend, but neither of them found it weird, as they had been good friends for a while. She was facing him and Corentin lay behind her.

The guys began talking about sports and Michèle’s eyelids started to feel heavy. Corentin and Henri’s voices were talking about one subject, but their hands were clearly addressing another one. While Michèle lay innocently in between her two friends, Corentin’s hand went down from her thigh, over her dress, onto her bare knee. His fingers gradually disappeared under the hem of her dress and explored her upper leg. Henri’s hand had been stroking Michèle’s arm, but was now getting off track to her sensitive neck. Then his hand drifted down, approaching her chest, but he didn’t go all the way so he wouldn’t raise her suspicion too soon.

Corentin loved how her soft skin felt under his touch. The higher up her leg he moved his hand, the more he got turned on. He had gotten to the bottom of her butt. He moved further up until his hand was all over her bare butt cheeks. As he was caressing them, his cock was growing in his pants.

In the meantime Henri had convinced himself to touch Michèle’s breast… and found no resistance. She seemed passive, and her passivity encouraged him to be more daring. He squeezed her boob, massaged it. He and Corentin had kept talking over all their naughty touching, but had by facial expressions confirmed that this was not innocent cuddling anymore.

Michèle, seeming to be passed out, was boiling with pleasure inside. The hand underneath her dress was starting to touch some sensitive spots, and she loved how Henri was massaging her tits. She couldn’t help but drop her hand onto Henri’s crotch. It was very clear where his hard-on was, and with one finger she started softly stroking its length through the fabric of his pants. Behind her, Corentin was seeing how much she would allow. Rather than just moving his hand underneath her dress, he started pushing the entire thing up, completely exposing her butt to his and Henri’s eyes.

Henri, closely observing Corentin’s actions, could not take his eyes off Michèle’s butt. He had seen it this afternoon but it was so much sexier in this forbidden setting. Her allowing all that was his green light to take the next step. He pulled the top of her dress down and removed her bra. Her breasts felt terrific. Smaller than his girlfriend’s, but round and firm.

Michèle’s finger touching Henri’s cock was so soft that it was just teasing, but deliberate enough to make it clear that she was intentionally driving him nuts. While he kept talking, Corentin was kissing her neck. He saw Corentin’s fingers slide her panties to the side, and one finger disappeared into her pussy. At this time he realized he was about to engage in sexual activities outside his relationship, and while this was his last chance to step out, something told him it was ok.

The talking stopped and clothes started coming off. From behind her Corentin’s hand was pleasing her pussy while she was focusing on jerking off the cock in front of her. There was a special kind of synergy between their three bodies, and Michèle was the center of all excitement. By this time she was kissing and being kissed, and had lost track of whose hands where whose, caressing her naked skin, playing with her boobs, fingering her wet pussy.

While Michèle kept stroking Henri’s dick, Corentin finally positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and started pushing in. He thrust in at once. “Fuck,” she moaned loudly. He pulled out and thrust in again. She moaned again, louder: “Fucckkk.” He laid his hand on her hip and started fucking her at a steady pace.

Michèle was completely fired up. With every thrust of Corentin’s hard cock inside her, she gained new energy – new energy which she translated onto Henri’s cock. However, she would rather give Henri a blow job than a hand job:

“Hold on,” she told Corentin.

She got on her hands and knees and positioned herself so that her mouth was straight above Henri’s stiff pole. While she lowered her head and kissed the mushroom head of Henri’s cock, Corentin got on his knees behind her. He grabbed her waist and pressed his dick into her again. He loved watching this sex animal’s ass and bare back, and her head bobbing up and down his best friend’s cock.

After a couple of minutes of fucking and sucking like this, the guys told Michèle to turn around. It was now Henri’s turn to fuck her pussy. Michèle took Corentin’s 7-inch hard-on in her mouth and tasted her own juices. She licked circles around the tip, then sucked the shaft in as much as she could. Giving head while getting her pussy pounded was a new experience for her and she was absolutely loving it, pleasing one cock while getting pleased by another.

Then the boys really started working her: underneath her, Corentin grabbed her boobs, massaged them, pinched her nipples; Henri reached around from behind her and rubbed her clit. Michèle groaned over the dick in her mouth. This carnal trinity was heaven. The feelings racing through her body grew more intense every second and her lips and tongue had established a rhythm that was driving Corentin nuts.

When Michèle’s cheeks were getting tired, she pulled Corentin’s dick out of her mouth and told Henri to stop:

“Sit next to each other, you two. I’ll be right back,” she ordered.

They obeyed and Michèle went upstairs. She returned to her boys with the baby oil, and spread it over their cocks. She kneeled between them and jerked them off simultaneously. Then she straddled Corentin’s cock. She used one hand to jerk off Henri, the other to put around Corentin’s neck. She gave him a long kiss, after which she came off of Corentin and mounted Henri. With all the lube she easily slid down on him and started fucking him in the exact same manner she had been fucking Corentin. She reapplied lube to the free dick and jerked him off softly to evenly spread the lube.

“Come stand behind me, Corentin.”

Corentin obeyed and stood between Henri’s spread legs, right behind Michèle.

“Now lube up my butt.”

Corentin applied some of the baby oil to her back entrance as she was riding Henri’s cock. Michèle leaned forward and sat still so he could work in his dick. Once the tip was all the way in, she started grinding her pelvis again. She was rocking up and down Henri’s pole while she felt her ass getting more and more stretched, and finally she felt Corentin had completely impaled her. Both her pussy and asshole were filled with cock, and she had never felt so full, never so euphoric. “I’m a dirty slut,” she thought, “a euphoric, dirty slut, full of raw energy.” And she screamed:

“Fuck my ass, Corentin!”

For Henri, it was an extra turn-on that the first time he fucked another girl in three years, it was his threesome fantasy coming true. Michèle’s slit felt great on his cock and through her vaginal walls he could feel Corentin plunging in and out of her ass. “Mmmgh”, he moaned. He was grabbing her hips and lifting her up higher so she would come down harder on his dick.

Michèle’s tight ass and the excitement of having another guy fucking her at the same time were driving Corentin crazy. He had never felt feelings intense like these in his cock, his legs, and his entire body. He was ramming her back entrance harder and faster than was probably healthy for her, but Michèle didn’t seem to be in any kind of pain: she was squealing with pleasure. Being double penetrated was going to drive her over the edge soon.

Finally she felt the guys coming. They came at the same time which triggered her climax too – the most overwhelming orgasm she had ever experienced. “Aaaaahhhh oouuuii!” she screamed. Warm jizz was filling up both her pussy and her ass.

Both Corentin and Henri had shot a huge load. When they pulled out, cum dripped out of both of Michèle’s holes. She stood up and got a towel to clean up. In the meantime Henri got dressed and left the room to join Axelle, who had slept through the naughtiest adventure in her boyfriend’s life.

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