The Group 3

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Ryann spoke up, “Sorry girls you heard him, I don’t want to end up like Mary and Kaitlyn and to be honest this thing is killing me. Right Alex?”

She could hardly muster up any words since she was in so much pain but she nodded her head in agreement. To be honest all I wanted to happen was to be fucked. The days events aroused me so much that I wouldn’t mind having orgasms right now like Mary and Kaitlyn, who were out of sight. All I could hear was their vibrators and some light moaning coming from them.

“Wake up ladies time for a new day.” He turned on the lights and dumped a bucket of water on Mary and Kaitlyn.

“How was everyone’s night?”

“Good. Good,” answered Ryann and Alex.

“First I have some things that should have been handled last night then we’ll get to Jordan and Janelle.”

He went over and uncuffed Kaitlyn. He then dragged her wet, limp body over to tie up her hands over her head and her feet, while leaving in the butt plug and vibrator. I could see she had a black eye from the punch. He then took out Mary’s vibrator, uncuffed her and ordered to get on all fours on the couch. He then predictably started to fuck her roughly in the ass. She had a blank look on her face but I could hear her moaning through her duct tape. He pulled out rather quickly, I guess this was just to break her in. He then ripped off her duct tape and she didn’t make a peep.

“Now I’m going to give your pussy a little break while Kaitlyn is still getting punished. Is it Ok if I set you up like Alex and Ryann over there?”


He handed her another butt plug and she sat down on it in Kaitlyn’s old chair. He then started with Jordan by uncuffing her and by now she knew the drill. She lifted her dress over her head and took off her bra and panties and went over to the couch. She had such a beautiful face and such a long, skinny body it was like a model’s. On the other hand her boobs were no bigger than Ryann’s and her butt was flat.

He then proceeded to fuck her rather gently and she was quietly moaning. She was of course a virgin so her shaved pussy was dripping with blood as well. He then ordered her to sit back down and watch. He walked over to Janelle and ripped off her duct tape.

“Has your boyfriend fucked you before?”


“Has he fucked you in the ass?”


“Oh Janelle you naughty girl, get over on the couch on all fours.”

He uncuffed her and she got undressed. He was right her body was not good at all. While she was skinny and of medium height, her boobs were smaller than Alex’s and her butt while not flat, was barely their.

He came up behind her and instead of sticking it in her ass he stuck it in her vagina and started fucking her doggy style. He leaned over and began fondling her small boobs as he was fucking her. Of course she had no pain with this since she’s been fucked many times before. Also instead of being fucked like the rest of them she was actually fucking and contributing to the experience. She was letting out loud and moans and even asking for it harder. It was clear she knew what she was doing and he could also tell. He stepped up his pace and began fucking harder and faster until finally he came.

“Good job Janelle, that was unexpected now go kneel down and Jordan you join her. As I told you yesterday you will be my blowjob twins so let’s see what you got.”

Janelle began by getting him erect and once she did she inserted his cock into her mouth and began blowing him. She was able to take his whole cock in her rokettube mouth and was giving a pretty decent blowjob but probably wasn’t working it fast enough. Jordan got her turn next and she was struggling with getting the whole thing in. Once she did she was terrible, she had no rhythm and basically didn’t know what she was doing. I then saw a look in his eye that I did not like. He grabbed her head and began ramming his cock into her mouth repeatedly. He kept on shoving it in and Jordan began gagging and coughing but there was nothing she could do about it. Finally he relented.

“That was punishment for the shoddy job, you have to get better. Janelle finish me off and you better swallow.”

After a few seconds he began cumming and Janelle was swallowing it but when right when he was finishing up he pulled out of her mouth and shot some on Jordan’s face.

“You better have learned from Janelle and you better not wipe that off.”

He ordered them to both go sit down but not before taking out two ball gags and Mary’s vibrator. He attached the ball gags to the two of them and then rehandcuffed and retied Jordan’s arms and legs. Then with one motion he plunged the vibrator into Jordan.

“You need the stimulation and both of you must get use to your mouths being open, Janelle that gag does not come out.”

He walked over to Nadia and Jocelyn and asked them the same questions he did with Janelle to start. Both replied in the affirmative.

“Alright I know I told you girls you were my boob twins basically what that means is that while the other girls have specialties since they are deficient in certain areas you two girls I’m keeping together because of the natural assets you already possess. What I have decided is that one of you will have a specialty in assfucking while the other will be specializing in using her pussy. So now which one of you wants it in the ass?”

Jocelyn replied, “I’ll be fucked in the ass.”

He uncuffed her and while she undressed he told her to again get on all fours on the couch. I underrated how big Jocelyn’s boobs were, they were much bigger than mine probably just as big Nadia’s. I guess I was thrown off since they are not that perky. I did however, describe her ass perfectly. It was huge and bouncy, she had some fat on her but a lot of went to her ass. Although she had a bit of a butterface, there was no denying her body was excellent and her brown hair accented her well.

Instead of getting on all fours himself to fuck her, he instead was only bent at the knees, practically standing up. He then rammed his cock in her ass with a downward motion and a lot of force. She yelped in pain while grabbed her by her hips and lifted them up so he can get a better angle. Repeatedly he kept on ramming his cock with such ferocity that I couldn’t help but get wet thinking about getting it done to me. Slowly but surely I could even tell Jocelyn begin to enjoy it. I could tell she didn’t really know what she was doing at first but she caught on quickly and pretty soon they were humping like monkeys. She couldn’t contain herself, like Janelle, from asking to be fucked and I could see her pussy dripping. He also couldn’t contain himself and within a minute or two he shot his wad.

“That’s the effort I’m looking for girls. As a reward you can grab some water bottles for you, Alex, Ryann, Janelle, and Mary that I put in the cabinet this morning. Janelle you may only take out the gag to drink and then reinsert immediately.”

She pulled out 5 water bottles for them and each of asyalı porno them began scarfing down the water while she sat down, Janelle even took it down in one sip. Jordan and Kaitlyn each looked longingly at them but they were being punished for their misdeeds. I always also thirsty, not just for water but also cock.

“Nadia you will fuck me in the cowgirl position, understood?”


“Ok I will be waiting.”

He uncuffed her and she got undressed. She really was a beautiful girl with her luscious lips and short brown hair. Her tits while marginally bigger than Jocelyn’s, were far more perkier. However, I was surprised to note that her ass was no better than Janelle’s. She walked over to the couch and climbed on top of him. She positioned herself above his cock and, with one thrust, got his whole cock inside of her. She clearly knew what she was doing, bobbing on top of him rapidly. Her tits are so perfect, I knew they weren’t implants but they were hardly moving they were so perky and perfect. Periodically, when he wasn’t in shock over his good fortune, he would reach up and grab her tits and each time he did she would let a loud moan. Clearly this pleasured her. He shot his wad again rather quickly, guess he had a good time.

“Alright how about some fun with the three of us together. Nadia you lay down and Jocelyn why don’t you come over here.”

He stood up and swung Nadia’s body around so only her top half were on the couch and then brought her legs up to rest on his shoulders. Jocelyn came over and sat herself on top of Nadia’s mouth who began eating her out. Finally once he inserted his dick into Nadia he grabbed her tits and began fondling them while also being able to suck on Jocelyn’s tits. At this point all you could hear was fucking and moaning, everyone was being pleasured. I wanted to rip off my handcuffs and join in on the fun. Jocelyn was moaning rather loudly, this was probably the most pleasure she’s ever gotten from not fucking. After a couple of minutes he again busted his load and stopped the fun.

“Alright, well done. Nadia grab some water and both of you sit back down, it’s finally time to get to Kerry.”

He walked over to and uncuffed my wrists and untied my legs, I did not move. He ripped off my duct tape and stuck his tongue down my throat. This was quite surprising since he had not made out with any of the other girls but I could not help from responding by kissing back. Pretty soon he was unbuttoning my jeans and I was helping him take them off. As soon as that came off I took off my shirt and put my arms around his neck and jumped up in his arms, I could not help myself. He put my back against a wall, and since I was not wearing panties, began fucking my shaved pussy. He was ramming his cock in me while my back was getting pressed against the wall. My pussy was streaming cum, it had been pent up so long it finally got its release. To my surprise, I was having one of my best orgasms even though I’ve been with guys with much bigger cocks. I guess since I was craving it, when I finally got it my body could not contain itself.

Finally after I had already had my orgasm and my pussy was dripping, he blew his load and let me down. I walked over to the couch and took off my bra to reveal my perky breasts, I wanted more. After getting his cock back up rather quickly he followed me to the couch.

I got an all fours and asked him to fuck me like he did Jocelyn, and he obliged. He was pounding me in my ass and now my ass was getting the fulfillment azeri porno it so desperately needed. He was getting into it and slapped my ass a few times but it only added to my pleasure. We were humping like monkeys when he blew his load inside my ass, I must’ve been doing something right.

“You see girls that is way Kerry does not have a partner, she is my partner or my right hand man. Since she is so well skilled in all of these areas she will assist me in teaching you. Like of all you she will do anything she is told but most of the time thes orders will be different than yours. Tomorrow you will all be assigned rooms with each of you staying with your partner. Kerry will stay with me while Mary and Kaitlyn will be staying down here, understood?”


Before he left he decided to handcuffed each of the pairs like he did with Mary and Kaitlyn the night before. Jocelyn and Nadia were left without any toys, Jordan had a vibrator, and Alex and Ryann still had butt plugs. He left Mary on her chair with her butt plug and Kaitlyn still tied up with her toys. He ordered me to lie on the couch and told me not to move even though I had no toys. I could not lie, I was excited at the propositon of being his right hand man it could lead to some good experiences. While I was dozing off I noticed that Mary had walked over and took out Kaitlyn’s vibrator. This was obviously a no-no but I was too tired to do anything about it.

“Wake up ladies, wake up.”

Again I had awoken to light and noise. He began unhandcuffed all the ladies and putting them back in their chairs.

“Last night we had a little troublemaker, Mary decided to help out her poor friend Kaitlyn. She probably thought I wouldn’t notice but again I have videocameras down here so I saw it all.” Mary had a very scared look on her face and could not speak. “Now as you girls can tell my penis was not built to punish women but there are ways around that, Kerry why don’t you come up here.”

He pulled out a strap on dildo that had to be at least 14 inches in length and large in girth. “This is the three strikes your out dildo, once you’ve committed three crimes this will be used against you. I have two smaller ones for your first two strikes but since Mary is Mary we will be going straight to this one. Any area that I have not deemed special will be subject to these so this is bad news for Alex’s pussy or Jordan’s pussy and ass. Kerry put this on for me please.”

I did what I was told. To be honest I don’t think this thing can fit in any hole, it was so large. I was not excited about the proposition of me tearing Mary’s pussy apart but I had to do what I was told.

“Instead of forcing Kerry to put this thing in you, you are going to do it to yourself. Kerry go lie down on the couch.”

He ordered Mary to impale herself with the dildo. She walked over and positioned herself above the dildo. Slowly she brought herself down and was able to get the first 6 inches in rather easily but every inch after that was a struggle. Mary’s face was full of anguish by the time she got to 10 inches and she could not go any further. He saw this and walked up behind her, then with full force pushed her all the way down the shaft. She let out a loud scream and started tearing.

“Don’t just sit there, work it.” With that she began thrusting up and down on the dildo. It was a weird experience for me, I didn’t really feel much but I was getting turned on a bit. With every thrust I could see her pussy tearing and widening. It also started dripping with cum and the screaming was replaced with moaning. Finally she orgasmed and immediately went limp. He came over and threw her off of me.

“Now that was fun wasn’t it, time to show you your rooms.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32