The green-eyed bridesmaid

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This story is fictional any resemblance to real places or people is completely coincidental.

” O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on” Iago, Othello Act 3 Scene III by William Shakespeare.

It was the perfect day for a wedding, the sun was shining brightly in the baby blue sky. There was not even a cloud on the horizon. The old medieval church stood proudly and defiantly on top of the hill. People flocked to its doors in an array of fancy hats, frilly frocks and morning suits.

Lisa was the chief bridesmaid and was riding in the wedding car with her sister, whom being the bride was in a state of panic. Lisa on the other hand was serenely calm and inwardly smiling at the distress of her sister, but this was nothing compared to what Lisa had in store for her.

Lisa and her sister Wendy were typical siblings who both loved and hated each other at the same time. Both of them desperately sort the approval of their parents, but only one, Wendy, ever received it. Over the years Lisa had begun to harbour a deep resentment towards Wendy. Lisa seethed with envy at the way her sister coasted through life, while she had to struggle just to survive.

The final straw came when Wendy’s moron of a boyfriend proposed to her, of course Wendy said yes, but Lisa was screaming no in her head. Something snapped inside of Lisa that day. Lisa felt inferior because Wendy was going to get married which is every little girls dream, while Lisa couldn’t even get a date with a guy. It’s not like Lisa was hideous, in fact it was just the opposite, men were often intimidated by her beauty. She was the living embodiment of the lady from the song Jolene. ‘Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair, with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green’. It was ironic in a way because Wendy bore an uncanny likeness to a young Dolly Parton. In fact on a number of occasions they had gone to fancy dress parties as Dolly Parton and Jolene.

The rented silver phantom Rolls Royce pulled up to the bottom of the driveway which lead to the church. The chauffer got out and helped Wendy in her big meringue dress get out of the car. As per usual Lisa played second fiddle, but she just smiled because Lisa knew that today she would have the last laugh.

Lisa thought it was ironic that her sister was walking down the aisle to the tune ‘the Queen of Sheba’, a pompous tune for pompous woman. It was a standard wedding service but the church had been decked out to the nines with the help of daddy’s money. Lisa sneered and thought that her parents would never go to such expense for her wedding.

The first hymn was a less than rousing rendition of all things bright and beautiful. Most escort portalı of the congregation hadn’t set foot inside a church for most of their adult life and so were not keen to join in with the singing. Lisa could here sniggering coming from some of the little nephews and nieces dotted around the place, keeping themselves amused by tiggybatting each other.

Then came the time in service that every bride dreads but Lisa had been waiting for ever since Wendy’s engagement. A rather senile old Vicar croaked “if anyone knows any legal or just impediment why these two persons should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

There was a pregnant pause while everyone looked at each other. Just as the vicar was about to move on, Lisa stood up and said “I object”. There was a stunned silence in the room and the air was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

Wendy looked across at her sister, shooting daggers from her eyes for daring to ruin her big day. “Don’t look at me like that sis, you must have known that this has been a long time coming” Lisa said defiantly, “you see ladies and gentleman my dear sister and I have a secret we would like to share with you.”

Lisa walked slowly and seductively over to the lectern, the forest green silk dress clinging to the perfect hourglass curves of her body. Lisa lent over the lectern so everyone in the front couple of rows got a good eyeful of her cleavage, she whispered gently into the microphone “Mr Churchwarden would you be kind enough to run the DVD I gave you earlier.”

After a couple of seconds the television screens on the pillars went from a PowerPoint presentation to a rather strange looking home video. “Dear family and friends I want to welcome you to a rather impromptu premier of a film I like to call ‘the hen night’.” Lisa said continuing with her grand plan.

The film started and Wendy recognised the setting was Lisa’s living room, then she recognised herself and Lisa entering the room. Looking at the clothes she had on, she knew that this was indeed the night of her hen party. Her face turned as white as a sheet, as memories of that night came flooding back and the taboo that she and her sister had broken.

The film started off innocently enough with two sisters discussing the hen party they had just been out on, and the upcoming wedding. The conversation started to turn a little blue and they talked in detail about the things that Wendy had planned for the wedding night. Wendy’s cheeks went red with embarrassment and the congregation just stared transfixed at the screens. Wendy’s husband to be, started to feel a bulge in his trousers that was also clearly evident to the escort gaziantep portalı congregation as well.

Back on the film the conversation turned again from the wedding night to sex in general, then to sex with other women. Wendy admitted that though she always fantasised about it, she had never had sex with another woman. Wendy went further, helped by her inhibitions being lowered with the alcohol she had consumed that night; she admitted that she had even fantasised about fucking her own sister, Lisa.

It was that moment that Wendy’s admissions were ended by Lisa shoving her tongue down Wendy’s throat. Though Wendy resisted to start with she soon got caught up in the moment. Lisa shoved Wendy back onto the sofa then mounted her straddling Wendy’s waist. Lisa kissed Wendy’s mouth repeatedly then worked her way down Wendy’s neck to her cleavage.

Wendy took off her top and bra, allowing Lisa access to her impressive mammary mounds. Lisa sucked and tweaked Wendy’s nipples while Wendy squirmed and arched her back in ecstasy of pleasure. Lisa continued her journey south kissing Wendy’s navel and the top of her panty line.

Lisa got off Wendy and stripped down to her birthday suit. Lisa then pulled Wendy up off the sofa, striped off Wendy’s hot pants and high heels, leaving her also butt naked. Wendy swiped everything off the coffee table sending magazines flying. Then got on all fours over the coffee table, spreading her legs and spreading her ass cheeks with her hands.

Wendy begged Lisa to lick her pussy and her ass. She said “I will never touch another cock as long as live, if you will just eat me out now!” Lisa chuckled inside at this new found power over her sister and the fact that Wendy had no idea she was being recorded.

Lisa was happy to oblige Wendy’s request, she had had many girlfriends in the past and loved the taste of their holes. Lisa didn’t really stop to think that this was her sister and what they were doing was wrong. She was obsessed with finding a way to get one up on her sister.

Lisa felt the sticky juices of Wendy’s pussy running down her tongue and to the back of her throat, which caused a gag reflex which in turn meant that Lisa swallowed her own sister’s cum. She had to admit though it was delicious. She even buried her face deeper in her sister’s pussy for second helpings.

Lisa then flipped her sister over on the coffee table. Her energy spent, Wendy’s arms and legs dangled to the ground. Lisa squatted over her sister’s face and fingered herself until she came. Lisa fished out her juices and spooned them into Wendy’s open mouth, Wendy’s reciprocated Lisa’s earlier action by swallowing Lisa’s cum. Which she ruminated tasted sweeter than that of her fiancés, but she wasn’t going to make a regular habit of tasting it. This was purely a onetime only deal and could never, ever happen again.

As Wendy drifted off into a deep sleep having crawled to the couch, Lisa came closer to the screen, whispered “gotcha” and turned off the camera ending the film.

There was just complete and utter stunned silence before Lisa broke the tension by saying, “well I think that proves that my sister is unfaithful, homosexual, incestuous and took a vow of chastity. Well I guess the wedding’s off.” Nobody could quite believe what their senses had just witnessed. The room was completely still, you could hear a pin drop.

Lisa walked from the lectern to where her sister was stood, then planted a kiss squarely on her lips. Lisa’s tongue snaked in between Wendy’s lips and into her mouth. All this was too much to bare for Wendy, she collapsed into a catatonic state.

From that point on everything seemed to go in slow motion. The other bridesmaids rushed to Wendy’s side. Crowding round so that Lisa was pushed out of the way. The groom and the groomsmen were stood as hard as iron, fixed in place by their disbelief at the unfolding situation. The vicar cried out for the Churchwardens to remove this evil doer from the house of God, outstretching his finger at Lisa and screwing his face up in rage.

The Churchwardens rushed towards Lisa dragging her kicking and screaming from the chancel arch, down the aisle to the North door of the church; from which the devil traditionally went out.

As Lisa was being led away down the aisle. She heard a loud sobbing and wailing, she turned to look and saw her mother in inconsolable grief. Her father was stood next to her mother, his face was a deep shade of red flush with anger. He screamed at Lisa “You’re going to hell for this, you are dead to this family, do you hear me!”

There was a surge in the noise levels, growing from a groan to a roar of people jeering and screaming at Lisa to get out. However Uncle Mike; who was the black sheep of the family up until this point, winked at her.

As Lisa neared the door the magnitude of what she had done suddenly hit her. Lisa had destroyed her sister’s wedding and her life. She had exposed herself as an incestuous lesbian. She had broken the hearts of her parents, who in all likelihood will never speak to her again. Lastly everyone that she knew now hated her guts, just because Lisa wanted to embarrass her sister. Remorse set in, but it was much too late for that.

At last Lisa was at the north door. She felt the blistering heat against the skin on her back. The churchwardens gave her one last heave and she was cast out of the church. The door was shut in her face, both metaphorically and physically. Lisa had lost everything because of her petty jealousy of her sister. Realising this, she just sat there outside the church sobbing, wishing somehow that she could rewind time and all the hurt she had caused in the last half an hour.

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