The Grand Strategy Ch. 12

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With Dad home now, the opportunities for Mom and I to be together were limited. I visited her almost every day, and we would sit, drink coffee, and talk. Occasionally, she would sense my need and give me a quick blowjob in the den, but I knew she didn’t like taking the risk. At least once each week, though, she would devise an excuse to come to my apartment and, after locking and bolting the doors, we would be free to do what we wanted.

I expected my desire for her to cool after awhile. You know it always does, doesn’t it? You’re hot for a woman at first, can’t get enough of her, and then after a period, the excitement wanes. But it was not that way with Mom. Each time we made love, it was like the first time. I couldn’t get enough of seeing her take me in her mouth, looking into her eyes as she guided my dick into her, and watching her as she put her ass up for me to take it.

The gang finally assembled, and we all got together at the brewpub where we could get a private room. After a lot of friendly banter, arm punching, hugging, and general craziness, we got down to business. I went around the room.

“Jim? How’s it going with Carol?”

“Man, I don’t know why I didn’t do this before! When I arrived at the airport she was there without Dad to pick me up. She kissed me right on the mouth, and I’ll swear I think there was a little tongue. When we walked out to her car, she hugged my arm and pushed her tits right against it. Since then, we’ve been pretty affectionate when Dad’s not around. I thought I’d push it a little bit, and last night when she kissed me goodnight, I used a little tongue. I think she liked it. She looked surprised, but I think she liked it. She sure got into it, I’ve gotta tell you.”

“Good job, Jim! You’re there. Just don’t push too hard. Okay, Robbie, how about you and Aunt Ellie?”

“Well, you know Aunt Ellie. She is full of love. I’ve been hugging her tightly, and if she’s not feeling my hard dick, then I don’t know. I’m going to have to go slow with her, because I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but I think I can get there.”

To my credit, I didn’t laugh. “…think I can get there,” indeed. “Okay, Robbie. Just go slow. You don’t want to scare her. Lars? What about the beautiful Bridget?”

“I’m being the perfect loving son. I hold her hand, kiss her whenever Dad’s not around, and remark at how beautiful she still is. Sometimes she looks at me as if she knows something’s up, and is waiting for me to do something. I’ve kind of hit a roadblock, though. I mean, you guys know how intimidating she is.”

“Oh, yeah, Lars. I know. Look, have you thought about being open with her? A woman as beautiful as Bridget is used to men hitting on her and begging her. She’s not so used to a guy who knows what he wants and takes charge. Give that a try.”

“Hmmm,” Lars said. “You’re right. I’ll try that.”

“And Roger? Any progress with Mary?”

“She touches me all the time. You know, just touching my arm, or when we’re sitting down, putting her hand on my leg. I’ve noticed, too, and you’re not going to believe this, but when Dad isn’t there she doesn’t wear a bra around the house. Guys, her nipples are beautiful.”

“Great, Roger. She’s sending you signals, for sure. Ramp it up a bit. When the time seems right, ask if she ataşehir escort would be offended if you tried to kiss her. Then go for it, and make it a good one.”

Robbie jumped in. “What about you, Bill? Any luck with the ice queen?”

I laughed. “I’ve been going gradually, letting her decide at each step if it was okay. I have her kissing me now when Dad’s not there, and she calls me her ‘Mad Kisser.’ She always meets me in the foyer when I visit, and Dad’s usually in the den, so we have time for some kissing. Tonight, I’m going to visit and the kisses are going to the next level. I think we’re ready for it.”

Every dick in that room was hard, I’m sure, even the statue over in the corner. Each of us was thinking about his own Mother, and I’ll bet each of us was thinking about every other guy’s Mother, too.

In a couple of days we met again. We went through the round robin, and everyone had made tremendous progress.

Jim had advanced, he reported, beyond his expectations with Carol. He said they were frequently making out like teen-agers, and he had gotten her blouse and bra off the previous night. Everyone applauded. I could see in every one of my friends’ faces, “So, it can be done.”

Lars jumped right in. “Same with me. She’s been taking an hour to get her makeup on and look good every morning after Dad leaves, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I finally told her she had been teasing me for years and I was not going to take it anymore. I took her in my arms and whispered in her ear, ‘Mom. It’s time you gave me what I’ve wanted my entire life.’ She said she was afraid because she had so much to lose, but she didn’t say no. You would not believe how passionately she kissed me after that. I had my hands all over her butt, and she was moaning like crazy.”

Robbie, rather shyly, confessed that he had convinced Aunt Ellie to consider making love with him. He said he told her how much he loved her, wanted her, and needed her. He said Aunt Ellie hardly objected to the idea, saying she knew what he had always wanted. I suspected that was pretty much how it had gone when Robbie first got with her, because he had a wistful look on his face.

When Robbie recounted his success, there was a general “aaaah” from everyone. Everyone of us had loved Aunt Ellie in such an innocent way that I’m sure no one could imagine her in bed. No one but me, of course. Or, maybe I was wrong if they had seen her lately and realized how pretty a woman she was.

That left Roger. I knew how much Mary wanted Roger, and I knew she was going to fuck his socks off when he got there, if he played his cards right.

“Roger?” I asked. “You going to break the sweep we’re on?”

“I would never have thought it of Mom, but she is one sexy woman. She’s always so prim and proper, but lately we’ve been having some pretty hot sessions when Dad’s not there. I tried that idea you had of asking if I could kiss her, and she was all over me. She is a hot kisser, I’ll tell you. Who would ever have thought it?,” he repeated.

I told them I thought I was making progress, too. “I have Mom kissing me passionately anytime we are alone, and she gives me free rein with her breasts and butt, but nothing undressed yet. I would not have believed it, either, but I think it’s in kadıköy escort the realm of possibility. I can tell you, the ice queen is melting fast.”

I looked around the room and there was nothing but smiles.

I cleared my throat to get their attention. “I’ll say this right now, I think everyone is on the short track to success. You just have to keep loving her. Let her know it and keep moving forward, and always give her the decision if what you’re doing is okay with her.”

I continued, “But that’s it, guys. You’re on your own now, for one primary reason. You have to show your Mom that you love her, you respect her, and that she can trust you. Trust means that you will always keep the secret between you two. So that means none of us will ever know if you get there. We might suspect, but we won’t know. When we were teen-agers, we wouldn’t have been able to keep from bragging. Now we’re men, and men don’t brag. Especially, men protect their Mothers. So, good luck. You might get there, and you might not, but you still have greatly improved your relationship with the woman who loves you the most.”

I don’t know if I expected an argument from that, but no one did. Everyone agreed. We were on our own, and no one could ever know how it played out.

We ended our session then, and everyone started filing out, high fixing each other. I hung back because it was my turn to pick up the bar tab, and Robbie stayed with me. Standing at the deserted end of the bar, Robbie cleared his throat.

“Uh, Dude. There’s something I need to talk to you about. You’re my best friend, Bill, and I can’t stand lying to you.”

Damn. I thought this might come up some day. Mom had made several comments that had made me wonder, and I remembered distinctly when Aunt Ellie said Robbie told her that Mom seemed to like it when Robbie rubbed her butt. “Robbie, don’t say another word. You’re my bud, and I love you. She’s my Mom, and I love her. What happened is between you two. Mom has never mentioned it, and I doubt she ever will. So, let’s respect her and not mention it. Besides,” I laughed, “I guess that kind of makes us even, huh?”

Robbie sighed in relief. “Thanks, Bill. I didn’t know how you would react, but I had to tell you. It only happened a couple of times, because Tammie was terrified you might find out. Just so you know, though, one time she told me she wished it was you, and not me.”

“Now, that I can work with!,” I said, and we hugged. Robbie and I had always been close, and I think that moment made us closer.

That night after I got home I texted Mom to tell her good night, and that I loved her.

“Thanks, Honey. I was wondering if you were back from your bar klatch yet. Have fun?”

“Oh, yeah,” I replied. “Just like old times.”

“So, does that mean you were plotting on how to rub our butts? LOL. Can I come see you tomorrow? I need to look at your bathroom to decide what shower curtain we need to buy.”

I sent a couple of laughing emoticons, and then, “You bet. I need time with my Mom, even if it’s looking at shower curtains.”

I laid in bed thinking about it. I can’t say I wasn’t upset. My strict Mom, always making me tread the narrow path, and she had been sucking Robbie’s dick. The look she had given me when I slid in her, bostancı escort bayan she had given Robbie. Robbie got what I wanted, long before I did.

But the more I thought, the less it bothered me. I mean, I had fucked Aunt Ellie, hadn’t I? When I did that, I didn’t consider Robbie’s feelings. Mom was a beautiful woman, and as she told me once, she needed excitement sometimes. What she gave Robbie in no way lessened what she had given me. The truth is, pussy is a renewable asset. Giving it to one person does not diminish how much there is left to give to another. I knew she loved me without reservation. Plus, based on what she had told Robbie, maybe he was a surrogate for me. She knew I wanted her, thought she could never do it with me, and used Robbie instead. I felt much better.

Then I had a revelation. I had made a point with each of the Mothers to emphasize how much her son wanted her, just to plant the seed and see if my friends could make them sprout. What if Robbie had done that for me? As I thought about it, I became more and more sure that he had. That made me feel even better. You could say, as I thought about it, that I wouldn’t be where I was now if not for Robbie.

Good old Robbie. But what a damned sandbagger.

I couldn’t help but wonder. If Robbie had gotten my Mom, the Ice Princess, in bed, who else had he fucked? Carol? Bridget? Mary? I’d have to talk with Robbie someday, and find out. I wondered if any of my other buds had gotten Mom in bed. My ice queen Mother had a side that I had never suspected. She always had a soft spot for Roger. Hmmm.

The next weekend was the Valley Festival and most of the town turned out. Dad didn’t want to go, so I picked Mom up late Saturday morning. We walked through all the exhibits, hand in hand, just a Mother and her loving Son. Nothing to see here, folks. As we were eating our hotdogs for lunch, we heard a voice behind us. “What are you two doing? Hotdogs aren’t on the diet,” and we turned around to see Carol and Jim. They were holding hands and, as we chatted with them, Carol repeatedly hugged Jim’s arm – that patented Carol move. I didn’t even have to wonder how Jim was doing – it was written all over his face.

We walked and talked for awhile, agreeing to get together, and then went our different ways. Mom remarked, “Carol seemed happy. She’s always bubbly, but that was over the top.” She snickered. “I wonder what has gotten into her?” I almost spewed my soda. I squeezed Mom’s hand, and she squeezed back. Mom knew, too.

Later we bumped into Mary and Roger. They both looked as if they had won the lottery. Mary said Roger’s dad was away on a golf trip and, when I looked at her, I knew. I had seen the special look on Mary’s face after a lusty bout of fucking. I’ll bet they were at it no more than an hour ago.

Roger went to Mom and gave her a big hug, kissing her cheek and whispering in her ear. Mom nodded in response to whatever Roger had whispered to her. Mary came to me, hugged me, kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “Thank you, Bill. I love you even more now. Call me next week, OK?”

Mary invited us all to a cookout the following weekend, to celebrate Roger’s sister, Laura, having passed her CPA exam. Laura was four years older than Roger and I, and had already left for college when we entered high school. I remembered her as studious and boring, but then, she was a CPA now, so I guessed she hadn’t changed much. (Apologies to all the CPAs out there.)

And I did call Mary the next week. As much as I loved Mom, I loved Mary, too.

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