The girls who had to obey me

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Chapter 1

when i got on the bus, i was in a bad mood because the uniphorm we all had to weare was embarasing. it consisted of thin light blue shirts, long navy blue pants, navy blue rank slides, navy blue brasades (on the top part of our right arms) and polished black shoes. it didnt matter that i didnt know anyones name because we were all wearing name badges. the only thing good about the uniphorms was the girls on the bus wearing them. the puffy light blue shirts alowed their brests to stick out as much as they could. their hair was in a bun on the back of their heads giving a perfect view of their faces. the girls all had to wear flat circle hats that made them look like hot flight stewards. although the other boys didnt show it i could tell they were thinking the same thing. when we arrived at the base we all went to our own rooms. the rooms wernt too flash but they were ok. the beds were old and not sturdy. the sheets were clean but looked very used. there was a knock on my door and a man said that everyone had to be out of their room and get to know each other. i was still depressed and moved slowly outside to meet the others. there wernt many people there and according to the roll there were only 12 teens and a few instructors. i was shy so i stood near a group of boys and waited for this boring camp to end. i looked towards the area where our private rooms were and saw a door open. a girl came out from the door. she was beautiful and the sexiest girl i had ever seen. she had long light brown hair in a bun because we still had to weare uniphorm, massive boobs that went straight 5 inches of her chest, inocent light brown eyes, a pretty face and a lightly freckeled nose.

although her most striking feature was her boobs her second best feature was her big hot bum that looked very cramped in her pants. she walked over to some other girls and they started chatting. every now and then i would sneek a glance at her and admire her boobs. at dinner i sat on a table next to hers and listened to her chatting to her friends. they were talking about which boys were the hottest out of a small choice of boys. it was interesting to know which ones they liked. my name didnt come up very often but when it did i didnt do too bad. my name came up once when the girl i liked had her turn. she was shy and only answered because she thought no boys were listening. she said my name and that gave me an instant boner. the other choices wernt very hard to compete with but it was still a good achievement. when dinner was over we all went back to our rooms and i found i was in the room next to the hot girl. as she went past me i read her name tag. her name was Christina. that night i couldent sleep. i keept thinking about Christina. she was soooo hot. i thought whether i should masterbate or not. what if someone heard me? the walls are really thin and i had heared Christina put her lamp off in the other room. fuck it i thought, i have a massive boner and needed to get rid of it. i took out a tissue from my bag and started stroking my dick. it was the best feeling i had ever had while masterbating. i imagined her bouncing on my dick and moaning. i started muttering her name softly. i knew that she might hear me through the thin wall but thats what made it so erotic. in a way i wanted her to hear me moaning her name so she would know i liked her. i was close to comming so i held the tissue over my dick and came. i had to pull out another tissue to collect all my cum. i lay on my bed swetting and panting softly. i threw the tissues in the bin and fell asleep.
Chapter 2 (day 2)

the next morning we had to wake up early and weare civilian clothes for ab sailing. i put on my adidas track pants and t-shirt. i waited in my room until i heared christina leave her room, i then followed her. im not a stalker i just wanted to get a better look at her. christina was wearing a lose grey shirt and very short, very tight, dark green jenes. the jenes framed her ass perfectly and showed you every curve on her ass. i instantly got a massive bonner. all i wanted to do was make her bend over and dry hump her ass till she couldnt walk. i walked closer behind her to get a better look. her hair was down. her straight tuzla escort brown hair looked so sexy. the good thing was she was a bit shorter than me so if she looked back i could pretend to be trying to look over her. when we reached the climbing corce ( a 2 min walk from the base) we all had to put on our harneses. i discovered that if i pulled the harness up, my dick would be massaged. i keeped looking at christina and pulling the harness up. i went right up behind her and pulled it harder and faster. suddenly i came. i moaned softly. Christina turned around with a puzzled look on her pretty face. “are you ok” she asked.” oh um……. ya just trouble tightening my harness” i replyed in a slightly nervous voice. she told me she would do the harness harness for me. she got on her knees and looked at my harness while she checked the straps. i was scared that at any moment she would see my cum soaking through my pants. she dident. as she did up my harness i got a little view of the top of her boobs( only where the boobs met her chest).5 mins later, i had gone to the bathroom to clean of all my cum and when i got back it was Christinas turn as she came down the wall i got an amazing view of her ass. i noticed some of the boys looking at her but they too were pretending to look at the ab sailing. after Christina had removed her harness i went over to her and said the only thing i could. i told her she in the room next to mine. she replyed by saying thats cool, you can hang out in my room with me and my friends tommorrow if you want. (1 hour later ) as i walked back to my room i thought about how nice she was. i thought that she might even be so nice that if told her how i feel about her, she would probely help me. im not saying she is slutty at all but she would might be nice enough to give me a hand job in the toilate. na that would never happen but it was a nice thought. that night i masterbated about Christina giving me a blow job as i grab her sexy long brown hair.
Chapter 3 ( day three)

the next morning i heard some noise comming from Christinas room. her friends were going to meet in her room later so it couldent be them. i put on some clothes ( not uniphorm) and went to
her room door. i knocked on the door but no one answered. i decided to open the door and was shocked at what i saw inside. Christina was on her bed crying. she looked terrible. her hair was in a mess and she had chocolate all over her mouth. her cheeks were red and she had tears in her eyes. in a way she looked hot and i couldent help being turned on. i ignored my growing penis and sat next to her on the bed. i asked her what was wrong. she told me that a whole bunch of oil companies had gone bankrupt and now her and some other people at the camp were in alot of debt. it turned out her dad was in the oil business. christina looked so sad. the government will soon take everything i own unless i can come up with $25 million. my whole life is runed. i knew i could easly pay off her debt but i wanted something in return. christina sobed some more and said that after this camp was over she would be in so much debt for the rest of her life. i felt sorry for her but happy at the same time. i had something this beautiful girl needed. i had money and alot of it. i was tyred of being shy this whole camp, it was time i got something for myself. she dident asked me for money so i took my time thinking of a plan. suddenly i decided what i wanted. “Christina” i said “i will help you but first you have to do something for me”. “your going to give me the money?” she asked. “yes ” i replyed. ” thank you and ill do what ever you want” she said. she huged me, her warm boobs gently touching my chest. i then remebered to assert my athority. i told Christina that i would give her the money after the camp but first she has to do something for me. she agreed and said she would do anything because she was needy. i looked into her cute watery eyes and told her she has to be my slave for the whole camp. she looked unsure for a while then realising she was needy she agreed. i told her if there was one thing she dident do for me or any complaning, i wouldent give here the money. i could tell how shocked she was at my boldness and strictness. i tuzla escort bayan wanted to test this girls obedience so i told her to stand up and wipe the tears of her face. she did it quickly and stood absolutaly still. i walked behind her admiring her body and her messy hair. i stood infront of her and told her that from now she would belong to me until the end of the camp. i then told her to wipe the chocolate of her face and straighten her hair. while she did this i looked at the boxes of chocolate on her bed. there were eight big boxes and all of them were empty. if im going to eventually ues this girl for sex, i want her body to stay hot. i decided that i would start running this girls diet. it would be fun to make this chick lose weight and make her body hotter. i watched her while she used her hair straightner and brush. when she was done i made her stand infront of me with her sholders back and chest forward, this made her boobs look even bigger. i told her that because she ate so many chocolates she would have to lose weight. i said that she would only eat and drink what i told her too. she would also be exercising. .i decided i would make her do some more stuff before i got to what i really wanted. Sex, hot sex
Chapter 4 (day 3)

i told christina to put on a tight red shirt and tiny blue shorts that bairly covered her ass. i alowed her to change in privacy but it took a while because the clothes were so tight. when she came out of the room the shirt only went halfway down her stomach and looked like it would tare at any moment because of her boobs. she looked at me in a way that said i cant wear this now can i. i just stared at her big boobs . i wasant shy any more and i think she noticed my staring. i told her it was ok and to walk next to me. it was so erotic, i felt like she was my hot girlfriend. today we were going to have a inside leason. Christina was the most popular girl at the camp. she would usually sit in the center of all the popular girls with a few popular guys trying to get her to like them. but today i told her to sit at the back row next to me. before we went in we all had to put on our uniphorm. it was nice to see christina with her hair pulled back into a bun and her cute stewerdes hat. at the back if the class it was easy to talk without being heard. the class was boring so i spent my time looking at christinas body. christina turned and asked why i was looking at her. this was the moment i decided to tell her. i told her it was because shes sexy. she was only abit shocked because she already knew boys thought she was sexy. i pul my hand around her waste. she dident push it away because she knew she needed my money. the table had a front part that prevented any one seeing under it. i had a massive erection so i unziped my pants. i pulled christinas hand from the desk and wraped it around my dick. her hand was so soft and warm. i told her in a seductive voice to pump it. she did it imediatly. i told her to make me come in 30 seconds or no money. she then went into a rythem and pushed her chest out towards me. i was close to comming so i told her that if even one drop of cum lands on me there would be no money. christina took off her hat and held it under the table to collect my cum. i made no attempt to direct my cum it was all up to christina . i let out a soft moan as i came into her hat. i made more cum than ever in her hat. even christina was shocked. some time later an instructor came into the room and told all the girls to put their hats back on. it felt good to know my cum was all in christinas hair. after class Christina had a shower and we dident have to wear uniphorm. i told christina to meet me in my room and if i dident get an erection no money. half an hour Christina came into my room clean and looking hot. her hair was down and had been brushed. she was wearing a tight red tank top and blue shorts. i got an errection. i took off my pants and started stroking it. as i did i told Christina to dance secuctivaly. she was a bit shy at first but after a while she was really good.
i then told her she had 10 mins to find a condom, if she dident i would still have sex with her possibly getting her pregnant. she told me she saw a guy at the camp who escort tuzla had condoms. i then came up with an idea. Christina i want you to seduce the guy and make out with him. you have half an hour. then ask him for a condom and bring it here. oh and another thing when ever you see me i want you to look like your in love with me. now go and get that condom. i decided to follow her and check what she did. she saw the guy in the corridoor.and walked up to him. she looked straight into his eyes and bit her botyom lip. the guy pretended not to be turned on. no one else was in the corridoor so she slid her hand into his pants and stroked his dick. the guy picked her up and she wraped her legs around his waste. they made out for 5 mins. christina said she wanted more so the guy turned her around and dry humped her ass through her shorts. Christina had to hold on to the wall for support. she pretended to mone and this was enough to make the guy cum in his pants. as he moved away a wet patch started to form on his pants. Christina acted like nothing had happened and asked if she could have a condom. the guy was so excited he ran into his room and gave her a whole box. as Christina entered my room i walked up behind her and patted her bum. i locked the door and told her to get un dressed. i took off my clothes and we both looked at each others bodies. she was way out of my league. i put on one of the condoms and told her to lye on the bed. i then lay on top of her and lined up my penis with her vagina. i put one hand on her boob and the other on her bum. she asked me to be gentil because this was her first time. i ignored her and entered her slowly. i felt the resistance and pushed. christina grunted in pain. i pushed harder then with one big thrust i broke through. she screamed in pain. i stayed in her for a while to let her adjust. she was sobbing so i wiped her tears with a tissue. when she had adjusted i slowly pumped in and out of her. it fealt so good. her body was warm and my dick felt amazing. i picked up the pase. i moaned loudly and i heard little moans comming from Christinas closed mouth. i thrusted faster and kissed her mouth. i bouldly forced my tongue inside her mouth. i was thrusting so fast she had to hold on to my sholder. i was close to comming so i pounded into her with massive thrusts. Christina finally broke and moaned loudly. i pounded harder and faster. her moans grew louder. her face was red and swetting. i went even faster. the whole bed was shaking and i didnt think it would last much longer. i squeezed her boob and bum hard as i came. that wasent all, Christina came too. we both came for about 5 seconds. in the end we lay on the bed huffing and puffing. we then fell asleep still inside each other. three hours later i woke up. Christina was still asleep and my condom was full of come. Christina had one hand around my waste and the other on my bum. this turned me on. my penis swelled and because it was still inside Christina she felt it and woke up. her hair was in a total mess and she was still sleepy. i got up and put on a new condom. i sat on the bed and told christina to sit on my lap facing me with her legs wraped around me. her vagina was still moist from when she came before. this made it easy for her to boumce up and down on my lap. i wraped my arms around her and gave her a ride. it was nice watching her boobs and hair bounce. we both gently panted and soon we both came. it would soon be dinner time so i told Christina to go back to her room and clean up.
chapter 5 (day 3)

at the dining hall i told christina to sit next to me. there were different types of food and you could take what ever you wanted. i told Christina that she wasent alowed to eat anything other than salid. i told her there were a few bits of unwanted fat on her body. i only wanted her to lose a little bit of fat so she would look more sexy. i then told her to tell her friends she was feeling sick and that she wouldent be at the gettogether. that night we had amazing sex. i grabed her hair while i fucked her ass. i didnt weare a condom and her ass was so tight i could hardly enter her. after i came in her ass i told her to keep the cum in there for the rest of the day.

the next part to this story will involve Christina and a hot girl with long blonde hair. the name of the story is The new pretty blonde girl. this story will have more sex

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