The Girls of Club Aphrodite Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Fatima had a booking, so we were unable to extend our time. I was relieved, to be honest — the extra hour would have stretched my finances — but Fatima was upset. She kept apologising as I got dressed, even though I kept saying it was fine. I was puzzled. I knew Fatima liked me, but I never thought she found me sexually attractive. Now she had the best of both worlds: money from a satisfied customer without having to go through the whole sex part. But Fatima was disconsolate and our goodbye to each other was awkward.

It was shame. I had felt so close to her, yet the moment I stepped out onto the street, my nasty inner voice started up again. It whispered that this was all part of Fatima’s ‘game’: To keep me talking so I would pay for extra hours. I hated these thoughts and wanted to believe that Fatima and I had a genuine connection. The problem was, I wanted to believe it so badly that I was afraid to trust my own judgement.

On top of that, I was still chronically horny. As soon as I got home, I jerked off to a fantasy of Fatima and ejaculated without a problem. But the male sex drive is relentless, even for a man in his fifties. When I awoke the following morning, my hard-on was back, as welcome as the bloodstain in a haunted house. Going about my day-to-day business, I could hardly look at women’s legs in the street or see the shape of breasts under a tight sweater without feeling the urge to rush home and masturbate. The problem was not so much that I wanted sex, but that the lack of it was driving me mad.

Finally, I woke up on Saturday with yet another stubborn hard-on and decided: to hell with the expense! I needed to fuck a woman. I checked the Club Aphrodite website and saw that Fatima wasn’t working. Well, too bad, I thought. I’ll just have to fuck someone else. I arrived at the club shortly after it opened at eleven in the morning, hoping to get a decent selection of girls. The hostess showed me to the private room and told me there were three girls available. The first two who came in to shake my hand were not my type at all, and I was all but resigned to go home and jerk off after all.

But then Carla walked in.

Carla was slim, of above average height and had pale skin, dyed black hair and red lipstick. She told me her fake name without a smile, gave a limp-handed handshake, and walked out of the room as though I had just interrupted her breakfast. But her elegant black lingerie and high heels showed off a beautiful back and long, slender legs, and the thought of seeing those legs open for me was already stiffening my cock.

I paid for an hour and Carla took me to an upstairs bedroom which had a jacuzzi tub as well as a sink. I frowned because I knew the club charged extra for jacuzzies.

‘Is it okay to be here?’ I said, nodding at the tub.

‘There are three other rooms with jacuzzies,’ said Carla. ‘And who wants a jacuzzi before lunch anyway? I asked for an upstairs room because they only switch on the heating at eleven, and these warm up faster than the ones downstairs.’


Carla shrugged. She sat on the bed and started undoing her high heels.

‘So, where are you from?’ she said.

‘England,’ I said. ‘And you?’

‘Spain,’ she said, with a thick Russian accent.

I was tempted to ask, ‘Where in Spain?’ and decided to let it go. Carla tossed her shoes out of the way and I noticed that her toenails were painted the same red as her lips. Carla looked up at me as she began undoing her top.

‘Aren’t you getting undressed?’ she said.

‘Yes, of course,’ I said.

I took off my clothes and laid them on a designer chair shaped like a giant high heel. Carla was already naked, and I watched her lay out a large towel on the bed and line up the condoms, lubricant and box of tissues on the bedside table. She had a lovely body, with shapely buttocks and long-fingered hands. When I was naked, I got onto the bed next to her and we regarded Escort Beylikdüzü each other. Her arched eyebrows and black eyeliner gave her a slightly stern expression, and I hoped it was part of her character rather than any disapproval of me.

‘Right, Englishman, here’s the deal,’ she said. ‘You get a massage, a blowjob and a fuck. You can fuck me in different positions if you like, but once you come, that’s it. If you want anything more, we have to negotiate.’

‘Fair enough.’

‘So … is there anything special you want?’

I was half-lying on the bed, propped up on my elbows, and I look upwards to think. That was when I saw the mirror on the ceiling. It was strange to see my naked body full-length from above, lying on a bed with black sheets. I was thinking that I looked in better shape than I expected, when Carla clicked her fingers at me.

‘Hey, Englishman!’ she said. ‘Do you want something extra or not? You have to tell me now because I need the money up-front.’

‘Okay,’ I said, trying not to sound rattled. ‘In that case, the usual service, please.’

‘No extras?’

‘No extras.’

Carla shrugged as if to say ‘Your loss’ and gestured for me to turn over and lie on my front. When I was ready, she squirted some lotion onto my back and began the massage. It was better than I expected — way better than Fatima’s massages — and I could feel my body relax under Carla’s firm, confident hands. But, unlike Fatima, Carla didn’t talk, and my mind started worrying that I had offended her. Did she think I was being miserly by not wanting extras? Or did she simply prefer to concentrate on the job in hand? It was hard to tell.

When my back was done, Carla told me to turn over and she started to massage my chest. Despite her good looks, her unsmiling sternness began to trouble me and I found myself watching her reflection in the ceiling mirror. Her long, elegant back was on full display up there and watching her attend to my tall, naked body felt wonderfully decadent. The more her hands worked on me, the more relaxed I felt, and I began to appreciate her silence.

The hands travelled slowly down my body and I closed my eyes. I felt like I was sinking into the bed. One of her hands slid along to my inner thigh, pressed itself into the muscle, and then gently cupped my balls. I let out a gasp. Her other hand went to my already growing cock and I felt it stiffen as she wrapped her fingers around it. They were slippery from the lotion and the woman slowly massaged my cock, her other hand still gently cradling my balls. I was groaning now, my hands clutching the sides of the mattress. Up and down went her hand, slow but firm, as though milking my cock. In my mind, I saw Carla in the private room after shaking my hand, displaying her slender legs and beautiful back. I imagined her lying on that beautiful back, opening those slender legs, and revealing a perfect cunt as red as her lips. I pictured myself pushing my cock into that beautiful tight cunt, just as Carla gave my real cock a sudden squeeze.

I cried out, grabbed her wrist and jerked. A stream of thick semen burst from my cock and arced across my body. The end of the stream hit my chin and Carla gave a shout of surprise. I jerked again and a second stream shot out, this one only getting as far as my chest. Carla let go my cock and I took it in hand, careful to aim it over myself. The main event was over, but there were a few more jerks and spasms. Milky semen seeped out of my now shiny penis-head and ran over my fingers. Carla looked down at me with an expression of barely concealed revulsion.

‘Sorry,’ I said.

Carla shook her head, irritated, and grabbed for the tissues.

‘Here!’ she said, handing me a wad. ‘I need to wash my hands.’

I watched Carla walk over to the sink, still somehow managing to marvel at how beautiful her back, bottom and legs were. Once she got Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to the mirror, I knew she could see me in the reflection, so I turned my attention to wiping myself clean. All those days of sexual frustration had produced quite a harvest.

‘There’s a shower-thing in the jacuzzi,’ said Carla, looking at me via the mirror. ‘You can use that if you like.’

‘Is it allowed?’ I asked.

Carla waved a hand impatiently, as though I were being stupid. It occurred to me that she found my semen disgusting and wanted every trace of it gone. Part of me totally understood, but another part felt miserable, even hurt. Still … her house, her rules. After throwing the tissues in the bin, I knelt inside the jacuzzi tub and washed myself down using the shower extension. When I was finished, Carla was already standing ready with a towel. I took it and dried myself off while standing in the tub. I was half expecting Carla to put her underwear back on, but she stood naked before me, arms folded, watching me with a frown. For the first time, I noticed that her pubis was shaved smooth.

‘What do you want to do?’ she said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Look, we still have time for a blowjob and fuck, but I need an extra fifty euros if you want to come inside me.’

‘In cash?’

‘Yes, of course.’

‘I don’t think I have that much on me.’

‘What do you have?’

I dried the soles of my feet as I stepped out of the tub, standing on the hand towel Carla had put on the floor. I checked the clock — more than half an hour to go. Then I looked over at the bed. Now that I had come, I felt curiously detached. Carla seemed neither to like me nor dislike me, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I experienced a pang for Fatima.

‘Listen,’ I said. ‘You made it pretty clear that once I’d come, that was it.’

‘Yes, after a blowjob and fuck,’ said Carla.

‘Well, what if I said we could just forget that?’

I expected Carla to be relieved, perhaps even glad. I mean, apart from the money, I was pretty sure she didn’t want my cock in her vagina. But, like Fatima, she wasn’t happy. In fact, Carla’s expression was downright grim and she turned her back on me. I wondered why and was struck by a thought.

‘Are you going to get into trouble?’ I asked.

‘What do you mean?’ said Carla. Then the meaning came to her and she turned to face me. ‘You think I have some pimp slapping me around?’ she said indignantly. ‘I’m an independent woman! Nobody owns me!’

‘Sorry. Of course not.’

She glared at me, then her expression softened as she realised something.

‘But it’s sweet you ask,’ she said, touching my arm.

My throat tightened. It was the first time I felt a real emotion from Carla and it moved me. She must have seen something in my expression, because she stepped up to me, took my hand and placed it on one of her small breasts. I felt my cock stir.

‘Listen, Englishman,’ she said, maintaining the same soft tone of voice. ‘You are a nice guy. So if you don’t have fifty euros in your wallet, just give me what you have.’

‘You don’t have to do that.’

Carla was visibly annoyed.

‘It’s not a question of “have to”!’ she said. ‘It’s business! I mean, if you pay someone to fix your computer, you’d be pissed if they don’t fix it, right?’

‘That’s not quite the same thing.’

‘It’s exactly the same thing! That’s what you don’t understand! You think you’re being a nice guy by not fucking me and letting me keep the money. But I don’t need your consideration. I know what happens when a man puts his cock into a woman’s pussy and if I had a problem with it, I wouldn’t be doing this job!’

My memory of Carla’s reaction to my semen made me doubt she was as okay with it as she claimed. Still, I saw her point and nodded to show that I understood. Carla reached down and took my semi-erect cock in her hand. Beylikdüzü Escort It stiffened automatically and I let out a sigh of pleasure. Having my cock in a woman’s hand never failed to be the best feeling in the world, regardless of whether I liked her or not.

‘Your cock wants my pussy,’ said Carla in a kind of imitation seductive voice.

‘Let me check my wallet,’ I said. ‘I want to make sure I have something to give you.’

Carla gave a nod and stepped away, letting go of my now fully erect cock. I went over to my clothes on the high-heel chair and took the wallet from my jacket pocket. I had two twenty-euro notes.

‘Forty euros?’ I said, showing her the notes.

‘It’s fine,’ said Carla. ‘Just put them on the shelf there.’

I did as instructed while Carla straightened out the towel on the bed. When she was done, she climbed onto the bed and beckoned me over. I joined her, kneeling on the bed before her, my cock pointing in her direction. She took it in her hand and glanced at the clock.

‘We skip the blowjob, okay?’ she said.


‘How would you like to fuck me?’

‘Um … missionary, please.’

Carla gave a nod and proceeded to put a condom onto me. Once done, she squirted some lubricant onto her hand and oiled my now rubberised cock. When she was satisfied I was ready, she lay on her back and reached for a spare pillow. ‘A trick one of the other girls showed me,’ she said, making eye contact for the first time. With her feet flat on the mattress, she lifted her hips and placed the pillow under her buttocks. When she lowered herself down, her hips were tilted slightly towards me and I got my first clear view of her pussy.

I stared at the vision before me. Carla was a long-limbed, black-haired beauty who was going to let me fuck her. Whether she felt anything for me was entirely beside the point. I was going to push my cock into that gorgeous woman’s cunt and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. As a young man, I had spent many a night longing to experience sex with a woman like her.

Carla used some leftover lubricant to oil her pussy with her fingers, then she motioned me to come forwards. I positioned myself carefully, placing my elbows so as not to lean on her long hair, and she reached down to take hold of my cock. I moved slowly, letting her guide me into her opening, feeling my penis-head slowly enter the warm, slippery cunt. Finally, she was ready, and I pushed.

She was right about the pillow. My cock went all the way in on its first thrust, right up to the base. Carla gasped loudly. Her arms went around me, moving up and down my back, and my forehead went into the pillow next to her head.

‘Do it,’ she said.

I fucked Carla with long, slow strokes. It was wonderful to fuck a taller woman, to feel the length of her arms on my body as my cock pushed deep into her soft-yet-firm vagina. My orgasm was fast approaching and, as my strokes became thrusts, Carla lifted her feet and pressed her legs against my thighs. It felt like another trick, as though one of the other girls had said, ‘Listen, the more skin-on-skin contact, the faster he comes’, but my body didn’t care. It bought the feeling that the woman wanted me to come inside her and I felt the sensation reach its pitch.

I cried out and pushed. My body jerked and I felt the close-to-pain sensation of semen shooting through my cock. I pushed again as the second wave hit, grunting in primal satisfaction as another load of sperm shot into her body. I pushed again, feeling another wave—

‘Okay, enough!’

It was Carla’s voice breaking into the moment. I felt her hand pinch where the condom rim dug into the base of my cock, making sure it stayed on as she shunted herself backwards. My cock popped out of her vagina, still spasming, the orgasm unfinished. Leaning up on my elbows, I saw Carla look down at my cock still depositing semen into the transparent rubber. Her look of revulsion was back.

We stayed like that for a few moments — she lying beneath me, not moving; me propped up on my elbows, being careful not to touch her as the spasming died down. Eventually, we both sensed it was over.

‘Okay, we’re done,’ said Carla. ‘Could you let me out? I need to go wash my hands.’

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